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    FINAL SUBMISSIONS PHOTOS CoolerMaster World Series 2019 Final Mod >> DESERT RAT Inspired by the human struggle against the heat of the desert which is identical to the struggle of the PC against the heat from within itself, I tried to package it in the theme of this modification. The reason I chose the Desert Yellow and German Gray colors, aside from the fact that this color was rarely used in the coloring of PC casings, also caused a historical bonding with the fragments of the Deutch Afrikan Corps in northern Africa in 1942. For details and mainframe skin, I deliberately took the style of "Military Sci -Fi "to reduce the element of historical analysis for a layman's perspective. 80% acrylic cutting as the main material is done by laser cutting considering the accuracy, time, and character of the model to be made. Acrylik that I use are variations in thickness of 2mm and 3mm, cylinders of 3mm and 5mm, and PETG tubbing diameter of 16mm - 12mm. Selection of varying thicknesses is needed to strengthen the depth of fields accent. The software used in designing also varies in order to reach the required level of accuracy. (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Solidworks, InkScape). Manual work is only done for the needs of finishing and final fitting. to be continued...
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    The Finals is here for #CMWS19 Follow this link and complete steps 1 - 4 (Complete before 10/10) CLICK HERE - https://landing.coolermaster.com/cmws19/submit/ Make sure you have completed all 4 steps to ensure your entry is submitted in full, and entered into the public voting contest. Recap on important dates Judges will carefully browse through every entry & worklog (Between 10/20 - 11/04) Public Voting (Opens between 10/23 - 11/04) Winner announcement (Announced on 11/14) Good luck and if you have any questions, comment below.
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    only include scattered photos
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    this project is still being completed, but here is s first glance at where its going
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    Up until now, everything came out as designed. It may not be a hi-end pc because the hardware I received was donated form my friends but i hope you like the overview of the work. If you like it, I'm happy too.
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    hi guys and here is another little update, i have clad a lot of the frame with worbla andmust get some more tomorrow.i can only start placing everything inside when i know which cage holes will be open and which closed so lets get this done first. its gonna be tight getting this all ready for the CMWS2019 deadline.
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    the workmanship that was late I posted. photos lost in the crowd. I did a basic painting. I forgot what date, but it was definitely done by the end of July the process of working 120mm fan grill that I forgot to document. and I only remembered to take a picture after it was done
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    I made a hinge for the side panel cover. still from acrylic material
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    I like the exposed light tubes!
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    Just wanted to add one more picture, so you can see the scale a little better.
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    CaseMod Ayrton Senna ( Case Mod World Series 2019) #CMWS19Finals
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    Project Aquarium is finally finished. It took so many months learning how to apply robotics to this case and to an already complete water cooling system. From first day I received the C700M, I refused to remove its beautiful front door to get few important degrees down on an extremely overclocked machine (CPU running around 5 GHz, 2x 2080TI GPU and a 5K2K monitor). SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: LG 5K2K hdr monitor Cooler Master C700m I9-9900K CPU GigaByte Aorus Z390 Xtreme Waterforce Samsung SSD NVMe M.2 1TB drives Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB ram Razer Huntsman keyboard Razer Naga Trinity mouse Gigabyte Aorus RTX 2080TI Xtreme Waterforce GPUs Aquacomputer Aquaero 6XT Aquacomputer D5 Next pumps Aquacomputer Aqualis reservoirs Aquacomputer Flow sensors Aquacomputer Farbwerk led controllers Aquacomputer Farbwerk 360 Aquacomputer RGBpx strips CableMod Hybrid strips EK Vardar Evo 120ER rgb fans Irrobot MightyZap linear servos Crumbuino 2560 controllers MODDING OPERATIONS MADE: 1) Complete water cooling system, from motherboard to ram and gpus using Aquacomputer components (reservoirs, pumps, Aquaero, Quadro, hubs, Farbwerk, Farbwerk 360, flow sensors, temperature sensors), XSPC connectors and EK radiators. 2) Development of a motor controller unit capable of reading values from temperature sensors (hot water in loop and ambient temperature), evaluating the difference from this delta temperature from above and the delta temperature programmed in Arduino sketch. Based on that and based on the pwm signal sent by Aquacomputer electronics to the fans, motor controller units send instruction via RS485 bus to MightyZap motors for opening front and top panels of the C700M (panels are exponentially opened or closed based on increasing / decreasing of those values). Motors send a feedback to Motor Control Unit: if any issue (obstacle blocking the movement, motor not working) a missing rpm signal is sent to Aquacomputer Quadro, which generates an alarm to the motherboard and eventually turn off the computer. 3) Modification of top cover (cutting of the aluminum mesh panel) with new fume plexiglass doors and aluminum hinges. 4) Modification in front panel (cutting of the aluminum cover to install lcd screen and placement of hinges). 5) LCD installed on front cover for reading system parameters (temperature, usage etc in form of histograms or gauges etc) even when pc is in full screen and so not allowing to read those values from software. 6) Lighting setup with hybrid UV/RGB strips installed on custom 45 degrees plates to get direct lights to the pc internal components. EK Vardar rgb fans with color changing based on delta temperature read by Aquaero Quadro fan controller. 7) Custom led panel lighting a CMWS logo 8)Right aluminum panel removed and installed original double tempered glass panel from Cooler Master C700M on both sides. Here are final pics: And here’s the video:
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    Just me and my ....
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    Thank you very much Per, I appreciate it! Yeah it was very free style as a mod. It was impossible to predict how the resin panels and especially the crystals would've come out, and that added to a sort of next-level uniqueness of the final build. It was also fun and playful as you said because I really spaced out from traditional modding, with it usually being measure-cut-paint-bend-done. With this, it was all that plus mix-pour-boil-grow and other weird stuff hahah
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    MOAR pictures!!
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    Part19--Let's to play CHESS
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    Yes you will be contactd if we need more information, we won't be disqualifying anyone without trying to resolve any issues first.
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    Etching Final detail, after the copper plate is etched, the franc paint is colored, black and purple.
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    greats build great idea and great mod gl bro
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    - Rivet time !! - Was finally time to put the rivets for the top handle in, which also would be one of my integrity points. Because cutting the midplate lip of the case, and not having handle in it wasn’t the strongest.
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    FINISHED - SL600Mi Please go to first post for full specification and final pictures! Fast link below:
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    Sewing The original stitching method results are not very satisfactory, so I have changed from another way to another stitching method. Use original leather, subsequent dyeing.
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    After the spot putty was dry, I wet sanded the entire body and masked all areas to prepare it for priming. And the primer. Followed up with a first layer of paint. The color is called German Panzer Grey After a thin layer of clear coat it really looks nice, and it is not too dark. So I have enough room for a weathering later. While the paint and clear coat on the body dried, I started working on the weapon part. I started also with a layer of primer, and dabbed on some silber paitnt. After a quick masking, those parts also got some Panzer Grey. Then, I started with a first quick weathering. Don´t worry, I will add more layers later. But, I want sp see all parts, before going further. The front got also some attention already.
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    A fantastic mix of greatness and experiences. Also feel that it's a really nice mix of build styles and mod styles. A full coverage to help judge all the talent that enters CMWS19. Super excited and a really nice lineup. Well done!
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    please combine your entire worklog in ONE post. You dont need to make a new post for every update!
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    The final assembly continues. For the hidden areas of the loops, I often like to use soft tubing, because it makes maintenance and cable management way easier (since the hidden tubes are always in the cable management areas) Next, I made a simple yet effective mod to the two VPP755's: I took the metal cover off and drill a hole on the side, then sticked the cables through it and now I don't have anything coming out of the bottom of the pumps, a much cleaner result For the little panels that I had made for top and bottom, I also shaped the front end so that I didn't have a straight line (since it appears straight lines are enemies in this project ), but I didn't like how I could see what was behind, so I made two little red pieces and put them there to close the hole. I really like the contrast there I gave the GPU a stone look as well. I didn't paint anything red because this GPU has load of RGB lights that will be set to red And to continue with the crystal treatment, a mod that's been pretty controversial on social media in the last days. Everyone seemed to care a bit too much about VRM thermals in a show build, or let alone in a H370 motherboard that can't even use overclock. Painting VRM is something I've been doing for years and never once it gave me an issue. As for the red crystals, I glued them in and painted, just like I did for the external piece. Everyone seemed to compare it to jam, ketchup, candy and stuff like that, but I think it will look as it should once in the finished build.
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    Hi guys. Today, I started crafting the base for the head. Its has to be stabily fixed but still must be able to be removed. I got the first coat of black on the encagement too. Thyes are very much subject to change though.
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    Last work log video
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    Let the painting process begin.. the basic paint I use is white, and let the mix match colors begin
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    hey amir i know check out this link from riot games riot game .
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    thx mate, and more details are on the way. am running outa time though anyway, Hi guys, here is a little of what I have been upto today. making the cages was hard enough but this cladding is really tough work, 100s of pieces all cut to size and stuck on in a 10 finger blisterfull week. all my fingers are burnt and hurting now. THE IRON MAIDEN NOW HAS A FACE! :-)
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    After spraying the foundation To check the integrity of the skin before painting The storm also attacked my country. Flooding in some provinces. Last week, my house was raining every day . However, I will find a way to finish it. I'll update the work again once it's done.
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    The main color scheme for my case would be both polished and brushed silver, walnut wood, and black. To achieve what I wanted with Walnut, I would have to attach it to aluminum panels before it could me machined. The best way I could think of to accomplish this was with contact cement. To do this, I layed out all the panels and began covering the IMG_6447 by greensabbath911, on Flickr The walnut veneer took many coats since the veneer kept soaking up the glue but eventually it looked glossy, meaning there was enough glue on the surface to bond: IMG_6448 by greensabbath911, on Flickr Once the glue was dry I could carefully set the veneer over the aluminum and use a roller to squeeze out all of the air pockets and make a good bond: IMG_6449 by greensabbath911, on Flickr Once the glue was dry, I could finally start cutting panels for the case. I started with the back panel along with the motherboard try which would remain bare aluminum. I attached the panels together with square aliuminum bar stock and screws: IMG_6452 by greensabbath911, on Flickr IMG_6453 by greensabbath911, on Flickr From there, I could dial in the other panels with more test pieces: IMG_6460 by greensabbath911, on Flickr IMG_6450 by greensabbath911, on Flickr _9082723 by greensabbath911, on Flickr I decided to extend the "floor" fan grill into the front res/pump room to support the pump. Of course, this required another test piece: IMG_6469 by greensabbath911, on Flickr IMG_6470 by greensabbath911, on Flickr After a few tweaks I layed out the design on the final piece: IMG_6472 by greensabbath911, on Flickr And started cutting: IMG_6474 by greensabbath911, on Flickr IMG_6478 by greensabbath911, on FlickrIMG_6478 by greensabbath911, on Flickr About three hours later it was done. I had to stop the machine after each cutout to clean the tape goo off of the bit. I was worried the walnut veneer would chip but it turned out pretty clean: IMG_6479 by greensabbath911, on Flickr _9082727 by greensabbath911, on Flickr IMG_6486 by greensabbath911, on Flickr I repeated the same steps above for the top fan grill design. Its a good thing I made practice pieces because I messed up on a few parts that I wouldnt have caught otherwise: IMG_6484 by greensabbath911, on Flickr IMG_6483 by greensabbath911, on Flickr I machined some cutouts in the above piece to enable removal of the top section of the case. I also put some finish on the panel to see how the grain would pop against the silver aluminum: IMG_6508 by greensabbath911, on Flickr The walnut burl veneer's grain pops beautifully with a little finish on it: Before: _9092729 by greensabbath911, on Flickr After: IMG_6485 by greensabbath911, on Flickr And with the fans which will be mounted to the grill. I had them upside down in this photo though: _9142759 by greensabbath911, on Flickr Here's a couple of closeup shots of the bottom grille: _9142753 by greensabbath911, on Flickr _9142754 by greensabbath911, on Flickr
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    and here are the first fan covers. trilobytes of course.
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    Hi guys, here is another little update..
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    have you changed the size of the case? It looks smaller. That is your style I remember the one we brought to computex that year too! Looks great! Glad to have you back on this year.
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    body coloring with primer and top coat paint. Do not forget to include weathering and battle damage effects. the finishing process is still not done until now
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    Work is almost done. Running test has been done. One of them is adjusting the lighting and color of the lights that will be used. Thanks God, everything went smoothly.
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    A quick look at the first tubing mock-up. I thought I would do something less intricate with the loop this time but I just can't help it, I love parallel runs Made the bracket for the PSU mounting in the top section I reshaped the two back panels with this characteristic cut I'm bringing along this whole project, to make it smoother and more geometric Also began working on the front and top panels cutouts, I made this simple design in Silhouette Studio, cut the stencil and went over it with a pen once I applied it to the panel, this way all the sections in both panels will be exactly the same. It would've been hard doing it by hand since they're very irregular shapes. Obviously cut with my trusty scrollsaw And as anticipated in the previous post, I swapped the red LEDs of the lightbox with WRGB strips
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    printing more needed stuff... spacers psu mounting the whole lower hardware-slider mainboard plate fan holders (although i changed them to 2x 80mm with a slot for ssd) wheels and of course as you might have noticed, the frames got painted (lots of times, making the best of many mistakes...haha) also was able to put it all together for a nice preview.
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    I found the solution here: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=54011.0 basically you need to switch the keyboard to another mode called 6KRO you can only do that in windows by pressing fn+6+esc. it the keyboard will turn off for a second and then turn back on again. after that all the keys should work fine in macos (atleast it did for me)