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    " DESERT RAT " This is the first time I am seriously participating in an international competition. Have also participated in competitions in several forums, but not done as seriously as this CMWS. The theme I use in the "Desert Rat" case is "Military Scifi". but you are free to translate it according to your own perspective. In each work that I make, I try a lot of ideas, and try to use many kinds of materials. For some circumstances, I am very interested in using acrylic or PVC sheet material in making PC modifications. One of my characteristics in PC modification is to manipulate 2D material into a 3D shape. Maybe there are still many shortcomings and require a lot of effort and criticism to improve my work. But it's ok, I accept it gracefully. Behind all this, I want to motivate many talented PC modders in my country. because, "There is never a competency that is not tested in a competition". Thank you in advance to many who have helped me in many ways. Thank you to CoolerMaster for giving me the opportunity in this prestigious competition Take the theme of the human struggle against heat in the desert. just as a PC fights heat from itself. The CoolerMaster product that I use: 1. MasterBox Lite 3.1 | MCW-L3B3-KANN-01 2. Tempered Glass for MasterBox Lite 3.1 | MCA-B300C-TGSP00-LGT 3. MasterFan MF120R ARGB | R4-120R-20PC-R1 x2 4. MasterLiquid ML120R ARGB | MLX-D12M-A20PC-R1 5. V650 | RS650-AFBAG1-EU 6. ARGB Splitter Cable | MFX-AWHN-3NNN1-R1 The hardware that I use in this project are: > MSI A320 PRO2-M2 > AMD Athlon 200GE > Transcend 4gb DDR4 > Samsung 256gb V-NAND NVME SSD > MSI GTX 1050 gaming X 2GB MasterBox Lite 3.1 | MCW-L3B3-KANN-01 Begin to release accessories on the casing I just took the frame as additional information, I don't use a 3D printer in this project. All the details that I made, using acrylic sheet materials with varying thicknesses, acrylic cylinders, and PETG tubing remaining pieces collect some details and match the size of the initial stages for the next worklog can be seen in the next column
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    I even forgot to document the process of making a 70mm fan grill. The painting process has been done, even though I haven't yet smoothed every piece I have to repeat the process to make it look smoother. The fan intake that I used was taken from AMD cpu stock cooling fan some revisions must be made to the construction of the support, because there is a difference in the heavy fulcrum between the front and back of the casing. note: in the background there is a sliding window for the side panel that is too focused on it so I forgot to document it
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    Work is almost done. Running test has been done. One of them is adjusting the lighting and color of the lights that will be used. Thanks God, everything went smoothly.
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    a lot of work is not documented in detail. Maybe because I was too busy doing. I attach work whose details are not documented
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    the workmanship that was late I posted. photos lost in the crowd. I did a basic painting. I forgot what date, but it was definitely done by the end of July the process of working 120mm fan grill that I forgot to document. and I only remembered to take a picture after it was done
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    Why is not in Scratch!!! This is effing wild. Master class grade build right here FOR SURE!
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    I made a hinge for the side panel cover. still from acrylic material
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    hi guys and here is another little update, i have clad a lot of the frame with worbla andmust get some more tomorrow.i can only start placing everything inside when i know which cage holes will be open and which closed so lets get this done first. its gonna be tight getting this all ready for the CMWS2019 deadline.
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    provide mild rust and weathering effects.
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    body coloring with primer and top coat paint. Do not forget to include weathering and battle damage effects. the finishing process is still not done until now
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    front panel minor touch, moving from old case & old cooler to new case & new cooler
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    Keep it On Master!!!!!!!
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    Time to giving a paste using high quality acrylic glue such a clean result, time to cover up with some pattern to continue
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    Let the painting process begin.. the basic paint I use is white, and let the mix match colors begin
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    hey amir i know check out this link from riot games riot game .
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    thx mate, and more details are on the way. am running outa time though anyway, Hi guys, here is a little of what I have been upto today. making the cages was hard enough but this cladding is really tough work, 100s of pieces all cut to size and stuck on in a 10 finger blisterfull week. all my fingers are burnt and hurting now. THE IRON MAIDEN NOW HAS A FACE! :-)
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    After spraying the foundation To check the integrity of the skin before painting The storm also attacked my country. Flooding in some provinces. Last week, my house was raining every day . However, I will find a way to finish it. I'll update the work again once it's done.
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    The main color scheme for my case would be both polished and brushed silver, walnut wood, and black. To achieve what I wanted with Walnut, I would have to attach it to aluminum panels before it could me machined. The best way I could think of to accomplish this was with contact cement. To do this, I layed out all the panels and began covering the The walnut veneer took many coats since the veneer kept soaking up the glue but eventually it looked glossy, meaning there was enough glue on the surface to bond: Once the glue was dry I could carefully set the veneer over the aluminum and use a roller to squeeze out all of the air pockets and make a good bond: Once the glue was dry, I could finally start cutting panels for the case. I started with the back panel along with the motherboard try which would remain bare aluminum. I attached the panels together with square aliuminum bar stock and screws: From there, I could dial in the other panels with more test pieces: I decided to extend the "floor" fan grill into the front res/pump room to support the pump. Of course, this required another test piece: After a few tweaks I layed out the design on the final piece: And started cutting: IMG_6478 by greensabbath911, on Flickr About three hours later it was done. I had to stop the machine after each cutout to clean the tape goo off of the bit. I was worried the walnut veneer would chip but it turned out pretty clean: I repeated the same steps above for the top fan grill design. Its a good thing I made practice pieces because I messed up on a few parts that I wouldnt have caught otherwise: I machined some cutouts in the above piece to enable removal of the top section of the case. I also put some finish on the panel to see how the grain would pop against the silver aluminum: The walnut burl veneer's grain pops beautifully with a little finish on it: Before: After: And with the fans which will be mounted to the grill. I had them upside down in this photo though: Here's a couple of closeup shots of the bottom grille:
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    and here are the first fan covers. trilobytes of course.
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    Hi guys, here is another little update..
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    Finally got started with the paintjob! I had a very specific idea for this: balancing a stone colour/effect with shiny red details that resembled the minerals inside the stone. For that purpose, I chose two colours for the stone, an avory white and a golden grey, and helped myself with two different stone effects from Rustoleum. They're simply clear coats with chunks of paint in it, that will simulate a stone-ish look after having dried. I started with the main frame of the chassis, giving it the golden grey Then I moved on to the two panels from the lightbox, as well as the two back panels (how cool to they look when clear? ). This time I went with the avory white And the internal top and bottom panels are done as well I also gave a stone look to the radiator, and now it's a true monolith with crystal fins! Some will have doubts about painting the fins, but to be honest, for what I want to achieve with this project, I won't need those 2-3 degrees, but I really needed to get rid of most of the black in the build It's external panels' turn now. I mainly used avory white for these, except for the plastic part of the front panel, for which I used the golden grey
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    have you changed the size of the case? It looks smaller. That is your style I remember the one we brought to computex that year too! Looks great! Glad to have you back on this year.
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    Также были вырезаны наклейки для второго кожуха
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    dadaekanan copas ih. foto barutut kitu
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    A quick look at the first tubing mock-up. I thought I would do something less intricate with the loop this time but I just can't help it, I love parallel runs Made the bracket for the PSU mounting in the top section I reshaped the two back panels with this characteristic cut I'm bringing along this whole project, to make it smoother and more geometric Also began working on the front and top panels cutouts, I made this simple design in Silhouette Studio, cut the stencil and went over it with a pen once I applied it to the panel, this way all the sections in both panels will be exactly the same. It would've been hard doing it by hand since they're very irregular shapes. Obviously cut with my trusty scrollsaw And as anticipated in the previous post, I swapped the red LEDs of the lightbox with WRGB strips
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    14: RADIATOR GRILLS - DESIGN I've been working with a couple of designs for my radiator grills and finished off with these two. One dedicated to tribute CMWS19, will be mounted to top radiator. The other one is my signature design that I modify and use for all sizes of radiators. This time a full cover including mounting and the parts sorrunding in/outlet ports. They will both be laser cut from 2 mm transparent acrylic and then get a very special treatment!
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    Thanks Zeuligan!
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    I have a hyper 212 evo that i purchased in 2017 and i recently bought a b450 motherboard and now i cant use this cooler because i dont have a bracket . i have looked everywhere online and no one sells the AM4 Kit anywhere. Where can i get the AM4 kit to mount the cooler ? i dont want to buy another cooler .
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    This was the most challenging build I have ever done in my life. From surgeries to burns, working with glass tubing really put me in my place. There were countless times where I felt I was in over my head, however, I kept challenging myself to continue the project - and most importantly, to never give up; especially after I stabbed myself with a melted rod that broke inside my finger (which I had to leave in there for a week until I could see the surgeon). When I first started Torch, I thought I had the technique in the bag due to my comfort level with plastic tubing, but, little did I know I was in for a massive surprise. There is absolutely no margin of error when working with this type of tubing, and I cannot even count on my hands the amount of times I broke a pipe when installing the fittings. I will never forget the very clear crunch you would hear when the tube didn't line up perfectly, which ultimately meant the bend was no longer usable because the tip would chip off. Working with this material was an entirely new animal that didn't just require the bend at hand, but instead hours of practice on top of the build to understand the manipulation properties. From simple 90s to welds, working with glass brought me to a whole new horizon of possibilities in tubing, and in turn, bettered me as an artist. In the end, I came up with a machine that was both organic in nature, and a product of an art form that has always amazed me. I was incredibly proud of the results because, at the end of the day, the machine didn't defeat me, and I was able to achieve one of the most compelling builds I feel I have done to date. As far as my favorite feature of the machine outside of the glass work, I would argue that the epoxy resin back panel is almost as captivating. The pattern has such depth in person, that it almost looked like a blue patterned stone pulled right from the Earth. I certainly held my breath during the process because you don't really get a second chance when working with epoxy - and I am beyond thrilled I took the risk. Watch the resin pour here: Reservoir Delete Cooling System Intel i5 8600k @ 5.0GHz Samsung 500GB 970 EVO NVMe GTX 1070 Seahawk MSI Z390 Godlike Zadak Shield 16GB @ 4266MHz EKWB Supremacy Full Nickel EKWB VARDAR 120mm FANS EKWB 360 CE Radiator Thanks for viewing. I hope you enjoyed. Big thanks to EK for helping us on the cooling hardware too. Mod on
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    SO, the cage main structure is done, while the glue was hardening, i mounted the gpu waterblaock and the bracket. not sure i will use the bracket yet though. once again, in addition to coolermaster, thanks also to asus and thermaltake for the great hardware...
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    Thank you for your support!!! This is make me happy. I'm doing my best for success this project!
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    10: CUSTOM WATER COOLING PARTS Custom CM logo shaped acrylic pump top in the making! I designed this to fit D5 pumps and with the flexibility to use different mounting brackets and orientations. Custom CM logo shaped acrylic reservoir to go with the D5 pump top. Features 3 ports and the same mounting abilities as the pump top. One of many tributes to 10th CMWS that's going into this project!
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    thank you for the appreciation. to be honest, I don't have enough confidence to take part in the "scratch" especially in the master league. this is my first time participating in an international competition. Maybe in the next year, I will consider your suggestions
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    06: FRONT COVER The front cover is a bit more tricky regarding its shape. This means I'll have to cut it and remove a section from the middle to keep the design. As I can't weld aluminium I had to go with a different method using chemical metal for the joint. With edges sanded down to a sharp angle I could get as much chemical metal as possible in the joint. This possible to be sanded down to a smooth surface. It will probably be strong enough on its own but attached to the plastic frame it will be solid. I put chemical metal on both sides to fill the gap. When dried out, this is easy to sand down to a smooth surface before painting. I haven't yet decided which color use for the aluminium covers but do like the CM black version of SL600M. Will probably have to try and see what it looks like But lets jump back to the frame and finish that one shall we!
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    aamiin insyaalloh
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    Mantapp.. lanjutkan master...
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    printing more needed stuff... spacers psu mounting the whole lower hardware-slider mainboard plate fan holders (although i changed them to 2x 80mm with a slot for ssd) wheels and of course as you might have noticed, the frames got painted (lots of times, making the best of many mistakes...haha) also was able to put it all together for a nice preview.
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    Hi, I just bought an MK850 and I was wondering if there was a way to assign a specific light to a reactive fade for each keys foreground and background. For example, if I want a keys N I A O S B R Z to have a different background and foreground color than the other keys. Would that be possible? If yes how do I do it? Thank you.
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    I'm having the exact same issue. The ASUS/MSI/ASROCK 4 pin plug is a 3 pin plug.
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    Hi Installed ML240l rgb on Asus ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard. The pump connector cable has 3 pins, Trying to determine where to connect it on the motherboard. All fan connections on motherboard are 4 pin. The only 3 pin is a water in and out, 3-Pin W_Flow. Thanks in advance for the help. Ron