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    Dear Joseph, We apologize, but the Hyper 212 LED can only be vertically mounted on AM4 motherboards. CM Support Yeah, that was a lot of help. No more CoolerMaster for me anymore. If they would have just gone about it the right way and make a proper backplate, this wouldnt be an issue.
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    Hello, I am having same issue here. Hyper 212 LED Turbo cannot be rotated and mounted such that the cooler fins align parallel to the DIMM slot on the motherboard. (See image attached) In the image, the blue shaded region is the cooler fins (or heat sink fin). The blue arrow is the air flow direction. The blue orientation is the only way how the cooler can be attached. This is very restrictive for small cases which do not have exit port on right (of this image) I am looking for mounting the cooler, as shown as red shaded orientation, where the direction of air flow is in red colored arrows. ( in this orientation the fins are parallel to the RAM or DIMM slots). Can CoolerMaster help with this. ( I own a Hyper 212 LED Turbo presently and all hardware is just sitting there to be used !)
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    So i finished my current gaming Rig and i love it very much, i have no problems with temps whatsoever its well known by now that H500P can get better with Mesh Front+Top panels, as shown in the new cases in CES, (H500M) CPU Max Temp on Ryzen 5 1600 @3.9ghz is 62c on max load after 30mins stress test with MA610P cpu cooler and when Gaming never goes above 52-53c. im here to ask if Cooler Master plans to sell Modded Panels to the people who bought the original H500P. (any clue if this is under plan?)
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    Buy me some times i will ask some one regarding this issue . will update to you once im get info from him .
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    Hi all, Recently I received all the components for my Ryzen 7 upgrade. One of the items is a Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Turbo which according to the website, packaging and instructions is fully compatible with AM4. Well, I'm afraid to say that is just not the case. I've been spending hours today trying to make this cooler fit on my ASUS board to no avail. It seems the retention clip provided with the kit will in absolutely no way clip close on the motherboard's bracket unless I bend it in such way that it defeats the purpose or worse still, damage the CPU or motherboard. I've also Google'd like crazy with no results. Unfortunately the platform and cooler's too new for there be any helpful tips out on the web. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. The motherboard in question: ASUS Prime X370-Pro
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    i submited my issue ticket but nobody has contacted me yet :/. I'm still waiting for a solution or at least an answer.
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    Awesome Chassis you have man ...... cant wait to see the next picture
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    Hi Baqari , i will forward you issue to HQ team So please pm me your ticket number and where you from ?
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    Please create a support ticket at the CM fanzone and request the LGA775 bracket. (Details are in my signature)
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    Hey Mohd thanks for the help, It's EXACTLY what happened to me!!! Coolermaster need to get onto Amazon to get them to change the listing on their site. They have the link in this post. Thanks again and I'll get this returned to Amazon asap! Again you have been great thanks so much. otto
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    i have the Exact same problem,on an am4(Asrock x370) board you can only have up/down airflow, and you can not use all Dimms(alu to close to dimm even on low profile rams)... i have contacted customer servive..CM needs to produce brackets, like the ones to am3/am3+/intel..(needs to be a longer one,) that will allow left/right airflow...like all other CPU fans... up/down will result in poor airflow in normal case without topfans.
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    This article is completely WRONG!!! Cooler Master sells the new AM4 mounting bracket for Hyper 212 LED in China, which is 100% compatible with both old and new version of Hyper 212 LED heat sink. I got this recently. You guys refuse to provide the new upgrading kit to west user, and LIED about it!!
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    thanks that is very helpful now only hoping i can get the cooler in india