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    Thank you very much Per, I appreciate it! Yeah it was very free style as a mod. It was impossible to predict how the resin panels and especially the crystals would've come out, and that added to a sort of next-level uniqueness of the final build. It was also fun and playful as you said because I really spaced out from traditional modding, with it usually being measure-cut-paint-bend-done. With this, it was all that plus mix-pour-boil-grow and other weird stuff hahah
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    I'm crossing fingers for you! I was in the same situation less then two weeks ago, had to finish it up for a show and if any component leaked it would've been bad for the two deadlines
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    Followed this here and on Instagram. Super craftsmanship and an ace mod. Cudos Fun and playful, but still managed to keep it clean. ACE. Love it <3
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    Damn you went full throttle buddy! I would've given up if I had that much to do two days before the deadline
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    MOAR pictures!!
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    hi guys, so now its official. I wont be ready in time. But as usual, My conecpt and theme is more important than doing it in a hurry and not having thes result i want. So good luck to you all and Long live 100 percent handmade mods.