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    Wrapping up the back panel! Going from the cardboard template to metal, making a few adjustments along the way.. Getting the panel mounts to fit.. Now to mount the whole thing into the back panel. 3 L brackets and a few pop rivets later.. I did the same for the top piece, transferring the shape to metal and cutting it out. Some filing and sanding, but instead of pop rivets, I just used some 3M double-stick tape for a nice clean finish. Back panel is finished! Now just one last piece to make.. maybe.
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    I admire white or silver in a case as much as the next person, but preferably when the whole outer chassis is that way, as with the COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition. For the COSMOS C700P, therefore, I would like two modding components in particular to be made available: 1) Feet/carry handles in brushed black aluminium, and; 2) A "DarkMirror" front panel, with frosting at its sides and in the logo, to allow enthusiasts to show off any RGB fans. It would also be helpful for there to a rear panel for Chimney layouts with an integrated dust filter.
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    Yeah you are looking for 'new' ideas. But what good are those if you cannot support them once available? The C700P case is beautiful but you cannot get the accessories for it. Looking over some of the other cases, there are similar stories. The lack of support is troubling. So new idea? Stand by what you are selling now. Make sure parts and accessories are available.
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    Yep - you can remove the front door and you'll have a fully meshed front.
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    I agree, I am against closed front panels, but I think is possible to detach and remove the front panel of the C700P