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    Hi there, Many people experiencing expeirencing same problem on their mouse from Masterkeys Lite L combo set so i decided to make main thread about this trouble. So, the static mode with option to change colours not working after some time after purchase. The light stay at cyan colour (for me) and nothing happens when clicking DPI button + back button on the side. This command (dpi button + back button) isnt totally broken because im able to change effect speed ONLY in color cycle mode - in other modes like static, static breathing nothing happens too. Tried every button combo and nothing change color in static mode. It's really annoying because mouse static light mode stuck on one colour (last user setting). It's looks like internal memory bug or something related to mouse firmware. I think best way to solve this will be make a software where we can change light via pc. Cooler Master please fix it but remember - return is not an option for some people becasue they got this mouse in set with keyboard and returns/warranty servicing must took whole set with keyboard... If someone know how to fix it please reply in this topic - let's fix that worldwide problem ! Kudos for any tips/infos/solution/answers
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    [same problem].I bought this set two months ago,after like three days i noticed the mouse was acting weird and thought it was nothing.But now two months passed and nothing changed.The problem iss that i cant change the color in static mode it just says the last colour i set it on and when i change the modest there are several breathing option exept for just one and they are all in sthe same colour [red] and the thing is i didnt even have the breathing mode when i bought it just the colour sycleing one and static colo.If you know the fix it would be very appreciated. Thank you.
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    Some more done and some new changes made. Thinner with a theme. More soon!