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    Hi all Here my final Worklog Hope u guys enjoy it !!! this is only i got as to finish it . will improve more soon , and i make sure i will deliver the best i can Thanks to Coolermaster for this event , without it i would not be here . Thanks to all sponsored company , those who are really trust newbie like me . I will appreciated it forever !! Thanks to all member who support me and those legendary mods who are willing to share knowledge !! .
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    Welcome to CM forum . Hi Carlos . Base what we know , Master Case Pro 6 able handle 280 radiator at the front , you can refer this link : MASTERCASE PRO 6 and below is picture ( Real picture pro 6 with master liquid pro 280 ) for your reference . i would like to say thanks to GCC team APAC ( Bro Tom and Jerry ) help me provide this picture . Ur the best man . Hope this can help .