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    I make fastening, from an aluminum corner, for Cooler Master Masterliquid 240.
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    Preparatory work, fine-tuning the form to the ideal.
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    Almost there, welded the pipes together. I decided to alter the design a little bit because of the size of the mobo. But the chassis frame is still the skeletal base of the body as you can see. Drilled some holes to fit everything . And here it is, finished the chassis frame. Now it's time to assemble everything from the wings and to the other details I will use rivets to attach the mobo tray and the bracket of the parts to have a rigid and sturdy build.
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    Hey guys! Time for some update! Wew, it's been a while. Last time, after printing the pump mount, I ended up printing a few more parts that I will be using in this project. I printed a hinge, And some custom case feet, And I was finally able to get my hands on these! Been waiting for them for a month, and they were selling like hot pancakes! So when I saw a couple of these are available on a online store, didnt hesitate to grab them. Test fit on the front panel. Changed the pop rivets of the case to hex screws. After that, I then proceeded to make the side panels. First attempt was a failure. I was using a heat gun to heat up the part of the acrylic sheet that I want to bend. It did bend although the sheet ended up warping. It kinda looks good on this photo but that was because it was clamped in the case. The next morning when I removed the clamps, the acrylic sheet was basically warping. I tried it again, but it was almost the same result. So I decided to make a DIY sheet bender using some wood, aluminium U channel and nichrome wire. So instead of doing a curved edge, I ended going for 45 degree bends. And earlier this morning, the weather here was a bit nice, cold and a little gust of wind but it was sunny. So I dismantled the case and decided to jump in to the paint part of the project. After 3 layers of metalcast from Duplicolor, I ended up with the front panel looking like this. And for anyone who might be reading and following this log, some of you might be wondering why my side panel looks empty since the other half of it is hollow in the middle, well, here's a little hint. If you still have no clue, you will need to wait for the final photos. That's all for this update! Next update will be the final update since the deadline is just around the corner. Hopefully I could make it in time! Thanks for reading my work log and see you next time! Ciao!
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    Working with the head continues
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    Hello everybody !!! I continue to work on the language of someone else's, many options have been tried to make it protrude out of the mouth. It does not yet have texture, but I will work it out in the near future.
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    Thanks a friend !, Your project also deserves respect. One of these days I postorayus lay out new details of the project.
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    awesome parts man, keep it up.
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    And will also be used lcd matrix LG with a diagonal of 15 inches with video, audio controller.
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    SSD Kingston 120 GB. HDD SEAGATE 1TB. Memory Module HYPER 8GB DDR3.
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    Video card GIGABYTE GEFORCE GTX 1050Ti for 4 GB.
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    Hey Guys! Update time! And yes, I am still alive! Did some work for the past weeks for the project after finishing up some important commitments. Shall we begin? Did some more measuring on the view 27 chassis to confirm if the radiators will fit in without having clearances issues, which it had. I tried to fit x2 slim 360mm radiators from Thermaltake, and it looks like the radiator for the front will have one issue. I won't be able to connect the 8 pin power connector for the CPU on the motherboard. I did not noticed the issue at first so I trimmed the front panel (was the top side of the case before) to fit the 360mm radiator without having any interference issues with the side panel. After trimming the chassis, I found a scrap acrylic sheet that was laying around the basement for probably 3 years now, I took that to make it as a "front panel template" for mounting the fans on the chassis. But then, that was the time when I noticed the issue with the radiator and the 8 pin power connector of the motherboard. I could plug the cable in, but it is going to be TIGHT to the point wherein the connector on the motherboard is being forced down to some scary degree. So instead of forcing the dual slim 360mm radiator, I decided to just use one thick 360mm radiator and just have 3 fans as intake on the front panel. After that, I went ahead and draw some random lines and circles as the design for the front panel. And then after that, I went ahead and tried throw an aluminum sheet on my cnc (SO3) just to see if it's going to crap on me. If it did, I will mostly end up making a new design that is not too complicated to do by hand. But my CNC was on a somewhat good mood that day, aaaaaaaand...... I said "somewhat" on a good mood because........ Sometimes my CNC will decide to not follow the .gcode instructions and just do some random lines around the material that I am cutting. In this case, I was on the 95% before completion of the job, but then the CNC decided to go deeper on the cut instead of following the gcode, aaaaaaaaaaand..... I ended up having a broken cutting bit and an unfinished job. So I went ahead and did the cutting the old fashion way.. After a few minutes of filing, I ended up with this front panel. Grabbed a Coolermaster Jetflo 120mm fan that I had laying around and it on the front panel. I just wanted to see what the cut out will look like once there's an LED fan attached to it. Kinda looks cool but I need the MasterFan Pro RGB version. I am hoping that it will become available here before the end of this month. The front panel was a bit long, but that was quickly fixed with a jigsaw and a hand file. After that, I went back to the drawing board (CAD) to try and come up with a mount for the Pump/Reservoir combo that Thermaltake provided. I recently purchased a small 3D printer before the end of last year and threw in my cad design to the 3D printer. I came up with this. I ended up with this kind of mount since the most logical (for me at least) place to put the pump/res combo is on the back side close to the power supply. This way, it'll be much easier to run tubing around. That's all for me for this update. Side panel mount, sliding rods for the side panel, the side panel itself. Hopefully I could get those done for the coming next 2 weeks. See you on the next update! Ciao!
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    so will the mastercase 7 be shown as promised months ago?