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    Hey guys! It's been a while since I participated here in this prestigious event every year. The last time I participate was 2014 (I think). But anyway, this will be my entry for this year's Case Mod World Series. I am calling it "HoloView". This is a sponsored project by Thermaltake and EVGA. I completely forgot about the World Series this year when I got the project approval. Wasn't intending to join in this year, but with some convincing from a few of my friends who are participating in too, well, why not. Anyway, this is the case that I will be modifying, the Thermaltake View 27. I will be chopping this case off a little bit to give way to some radiator mounts and fan mounts. I will be adding something special on this one and hopefully I could pull it off before the deadline. I will be using some CoolerMaster 120mm fans for this guy, I will be using a few CoolerMaster MasterFan Pro. But first, I need to free up some space in my "Work area" then do some measuring. This will be my post for now, but I will update the work log as soon as I get some more progress and chopping action. Ciao!
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    I could not get a when from their message. If I get additional info I will put it within this thread.
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    John, Just confirmed with our store and they said Yes!
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    Now thats commitment and dedication to the cause!
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    A modder never stops even if the clock shows 4am!! So, i decided to play with the fan grill and painting it. At first, i sanded it down a bit with 280 gritt sandpaper Then it's primer time! First try is to create crackles with the new spray cans that i bought and no result. Ruby red and black. To remove it "safely" i used the sponge method so it will be removed and create an effect at the same time! After numerous efforts and color sprayings using the sponge method, i finally used hammered blue color and on top of that i used a layer of clear coat. The color got messed up by spotting few holes and instantly used the method i described above and that's the result. Next i used the paint splatter method to create a "bloody exploded" look/effect and what i got is more than satisfying!! I think that's all for the little night-job!! Next update in the morning!! Peace!!
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    Hey guys! Okay, a little update. I was able to take some photos and tear the view 27 down to confirm some measurements. This will be the motherboard that I will be using. Did some test fitting yesterday to see the areas or the computer case that I could possibly cut off a little bit to make room for a 240mm radiator. My plan is to flip the case 90 degree so the front panel will be the bottom of the case and the top panel will be the front panel. Time to tear the case down to see some more fan or radiator mount. Okay. I was hoping that I could use the half part of the bottom of the case for a 240mm radiator, but since the power supply that I will be using was a bit longer than what I expected, that area will be cut off to make some room for a 140mm intake fan. Looks like the radiators will go either this way. Or this. Looks like I might opt with the last option since the view 27 already has a radiator mount for a 360mm in the front (now the bottom). Now that I have a few options confirmed, I will be working on cutting out some radiator and fan mounts this coming weekend. See you guys on the next update! Ciao!