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    Here we are again! Today i thought i should paint the effect a bit to see how it would turn out later on after i apply the rusting effect on it. So, at first, i applied a thick layer of primer. Remember, nothing will remain like this! After it dried out, i took a paintbrush and sprayed the tip with ruby red and painted the effect. It turned out irrelevant to what i wanted, so next i cleaned the brush with nitro thinner and took an old spray cap and mixed some black matt and that color and it turned out like this! Next what i did, was take the paintbrush and gently apply it to the effect using the sponge/pinch technique. What happened next was this, the color appeared better than i thought! From now on, i thought i try the pinch/sponge technique the panel. Not bad result! Next i tried the paint splash using....my finger with that ruby red color! More effect will be applied later on today or maybe tomorrow!
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    Hey everyone, Well I got my own master air maker 8 installed and running. Pretty damn simple install. Hardest part was figuring out clearances but I got it done. I am seriously impressed with not only the size of this cooler but also the performance and lighting of it. I used the transparent top cover that comes with it as it matches my case ( CoolerMaster Trooper - Full tower) I do have to say one thing. I do not know how anyone who runs either mAtX or anything less than a full tower case runs this cooler. It makes my ASUS Strix GTX970 look small. On to performance. I run an AM3+ board with a FX-8350 Black Edition. Stock clock of 4Ghz with the 42.Ghz turbo clock option on. With my TX3 I ran around 25*C idling and 57*C gaming with current titles such as GTA V and Infinte warfare. With the MAM 8 I now run 4*C and 40*C gaming with the same titles. I should also mention the fans are idling at 850rpm to achieve that 4*C temperature. I manually control them with MSI Command Center when gaming. I run them at 1000rpm when I am gaming to achieve that 40*C temp while running all 8 cores at full turbo clock. So yea I'm seriously impressed. I'm giving my old TX3 to a friend of mine for her machine. This cooler surprised the crap outta me. I will also note that it cleared my chipset heatsinks, barely cleared the one next to the fan. Intel guys may be in trouble with this one. I did, however, have some issues with my RAM. Mushkin Blackline with Frostbyte heatsinks. DDR3. 2133Mhz. I had to move my RAM to the 2nd and 4th slots and move the cooler fan up one slot to the 120mm fan latch location to clear my ram. Not a big deal but just thought I should mention it. Here are some pictures. choose files... Click to choose files
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    It is getting along really nice for a 1st pass!! More will be applied later on today!! Here are the leftovers of the putty than went through the grill. Before assembly they will be trimmed.
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    So, here we are again, preping the surface of the panel so the effect will be applied better. Here are some images of the panel with roughed color using a decent sander. In some of them you might notice the beginning of the effect that i am making on it. So, with that done, i moved on the other side panel where i want to make the same effect so what i thought is make it mirrored. at first i took measures from the other side panel where the logo was cutted and applied them to the other one. So, what i did next, was write some points on the panel where the logo should be placed and then put the logo accordingly so i would paint the outline. I realized next that this was inaccurate and the points weren't right, so i thought to place the cutted panel inverted on the other one. So next i aligned them properly and afterwards i painted with primer what was cutted and then make the effect on that panel too. Here is ready to be painted. Paint's ready!! As you can see, there is still on the sticker of the operating system so what i did to remove it and sand a bit the area, was wet it with nitro thinner at first and as i was peeling it off, i re-did the area with thinner so the residue would vanish. Here is removed and sanded. So, now lets move on the main panel. What i want here is make the outline look scorched and like it's been melted. What i'm using is some fiberglass putty and hardener for the job. To make that effect i simply spreaded it with my finger along the outline. That way you will create that abstract/irregular effect. It is just some sample images i want to show you during the process and as it evolves. The spreader and its follower! The mixture ready to be made! (I tried another can of putty i have and i saw that it is almost its decay, so i won't be using it any further) Some more images with putty applied. (remember, this is just sample shots of how it looks and evolves)
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    Hi Andrey, It's indeed not in the official press release, we will update it a.s.a.p. The Hyper 212 PLUS is compatible with socket AM4 You can pre-order the AM4 upgrade kit on our CM store: EU: http://www.cmstore.eu/cooling/amd-am4-upgrade-kit-rr-accy-am4b-r1/ US: http://www.cmstore-usa.com/amd-am4-upgrade-kit-rr-accy-am4b-r1/ It is available free of charge, simply pay the shipping fees to receive it Let me know if you have any other question.
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    Hello! What about Hyper 212 Plus? I dont see that in the official press releas.
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    What i plan to do, is rip off all the 5.25" covers and bond or just put an action figure of Gordon Freeman inside the bays and make him look like he is trying to brake the glass (which is going to be acrylic) with a slight crack on it. So what i did is buy this particular action figure from NECA. Too bad i have to wait until March....sigh....lets focus on the basics and proceed with getting the template and cut the side panel accordingly. Next update will be in the morning as it's quite late here! More will come shortly!
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    Here i took off the side panel where i'm thinking to cut as the half life 2 symbol and there will be applied acrylic beneath it. Today i will be getting a template and i will measure later on how much panel i will cut in order to achieve what i'm thinking. Next i quick measured where i imagine the symbol will be cut. Two of my main assistants in this are a ruler and a pen! I tought for the already existing grills as they are being cut, i thought to make it embossed as the outline is being processed using some some bondo fiberglass putty and make it look like scorched sand or plastic. Same pattern will be applied to the other side panel. I forgot to mention, that a metal lamda will be made in order to match the rest of the theme or maybe i'll make it out of plastic (3d printed) and bond with the rest acrylic window!
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    The case is this dusty and decent Cooler Master Cavalier and it will be transformed!! Work Space is quite messy because i am working on a keyboard mod/painting simultaneously!! As for main components, there will be used old ones as i already have them and the only thing i will acquire is a cpu (AMD Phenom 2 1090t and one decent Cooler Master power supply). Motherboard will be an Asus crosshair IV formula (AM3 platform) For gpu i haven't picked any choice yet, i have some time available ahead to choose!!