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    Woot! Getting closer guys! Found a company here near my work that is a metal supermarket.... no really! https://www.metalsupermarkets.com/ No minimums, they cut to order, and they have a TON of stuff!!! (yeah, I nailed that pun!) So, I am picking up sheet alu, havin 2 of the strips cut to precisely 3" wide, and 290mm long, and then another 12"x24" sheet, and I picked up two of the 5"x16" 3mm castoffs that were left over from a previous sheet that was cut. My 3" wide strips and my 12x24 sheet will be ready tomorrow (it was lunch time, the guys in the shop were hungry, didn't want any accidents, ), so after I pick that up... I will be ready to start some fabrication!!! I also picked up a 4 1/2in angle grinder, and 3 flap head discs of various grits (30/60/120) to work that weld bead down flush... hopefully!!! Got my aluminium welding rods, and I need to go pick up ceramic tiles to put the work on to keep the heat from catching my work surface on fire when I start welding. The technique I will be using is a simple propane torch to heat the joint and the metal, then using an aluminium welding rod to create the weld. It's technically more "brazing" than "welding" This is a similar rod to what I will be using to attach my plates together. WOO HOO!!!
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    Rules say that "You must not have started your mod project before July 1st, 2016." I was thinking of entering a build i'm about to start but its using my old CM 830 Stacker case. I painted the chassis black in 2009 but case will be torn down and re-painted touched up as its pretty scratched. Does this disqualify me from entering ? case isn't modded in any other way other than a hole is drilled in motherboard tray. This will be a new build with new parts in an old case
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    Hi thanks I've already done it this morning, best regards!