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    So i bought a new Masterkeys M 2 days ago...worked almost great...(unknown device issues) after 2 days...every time i close/restart my pc i have to re-plug the keyboard to work...and im also getting the unknown device bla bla bla....I installed the latest firmware but no luck... I have also format my system with windows 10 x64...done bios defaults...no luck at all...nothing works. ASUS P7P55-M is the motherboard... I have also opened a ticket...waiting for response...probably i will go for RMA and buy something else...but nevermind.
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    Hello. This is my 1st time. I hope LUCK with me.
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    i decided to make model to my Adromeda bones. Not bad ah. Hahaha im using acrylic becz i don have pro software 3D. Sad
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    My idea based on these robot. Ty google