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    Hi guys! Sorry I'm already so late, it has done so a lot but everything i can not post this time. So I'll start with the most beautiful. Last week I ordered the CPU and thus could finally assemble all water cooler. The Alibi Photo! and now the water cooler After I finally received the last parts of EK, I could set the bracket for the radiator. Is to see the images badly but I have behind the 3 fan openings set again 2 angles which carry the Radiator. front bottom rear top then I have set all the necessary holes in the MB-tray Here I have the ultrasonic sensor mounted, did not think that I can do that right away but it fits perfectly. How do I fix or him from below fasten I do not know. The holes at the edge of the sensor are less than one Millimeter. from the front I had to cut out a little more so that I can shove the sensor from the bottom. And here still equal to a small test video to More updates coming soon, I have still a lot :thumbsup: