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    I have been procrastinating long enough lol I have posted the final pics on my flickr as my pics have as large resolution. I am not by any means a profession photographer so these pics are the best I could do. Good luck to everyone out there competing...Oh and I have few additions and subtractions I did because it looks a little better with or without them. I did however add a Corsair H100i as a CPU cooler (caught it on sale lol). Thanks
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    Well, I wasn't able to get the Cruizer case running in time due to leaky fittings. But I still wanted to show it, so I temporarily rigged it up with lights and fans.. Now that I have some time, I will address the issues that arose as I was assembling it... Electrical - re-route wiring under floor so rear fans don't arbitrarily change modes - Fix grounding issue with front LCD screen - Add lighting to motherboard area Cooling - Fix leaks & refill - Mix up correct color fluid Cabling - Clean up rear IO panel - Reroute USB/DVI cables and cover General - Address panel alignment and fitment - Finish and assemble hinged fuel door - Finish and assemble Razer keyboard - Add door popper feature with touch sensitive button Should only be a couple more weeks and I'll have all the gremlins worked out and I can call it done.