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    Hey, So I have the ML240R. Been using it for a while now but I decided today to deepclean my PC. That included removing everything from the case and all that. Have been getting some high temp's on my CPU when gaming, to be fair it's an I9 9900k, supposedly runs on high temps. But still. I was looking through some installation guides for this cooler when I was putting everything back together. To be sure I hadn't done anything the wrong way the first time and since I've never really been able to control the lighting. Made the mistake of not buying an A/RGB motherboard so I don't have the 5v 3pin header for the ARGB. Mystic Lighting (I have a MSI motherboard) never recognized the cooler. Found Master+ though. Gives me at least some control. What I was looking for a question for though, to get to the point. The Cpu1 just shows 0rpm. Pump fan is running at 24xx rpm's though. I connected the fan y-splitter to the CPU header on the motherboard and those fans are definitely spinning. I connected the pump itself to Pump_Fan1 but that's the one showing rpm's. Anyone have any ideas why this is like this? And could this be reason for high temps?
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    I received my MasterAir MA410M today and I ran into the same problem as you. Searching the internet I found that there is a DeepCool RBG converter that works with the main light control programs. The bad thing is that it is an unexpected addition and it annoys me on the part of the manufacturers that they do not make a standard so as not to be going through this nonsense when buying or configuring a product.I received my MasterAir MA410M today and I ran into the same problem as you. Searching the internet I found that there is a DeepCool RBG converter that works with the main light control programs. The bad thing is that it is an unexpected addition and it annoys me on the part of the manufacturers that they do not make a standard so as not to be going through this nonsense when buying or configuring a product. I have the same mb so... let's see if anyone can help us with this annoying situation.
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    I spend a lot of money to buy a complete Cooler Master Cooling Solution to my PC and the SCREEN FOLLOWER, LIGHTING MAKER and LIGHTING CLOUD do not works ! I´d buy because I want the Screen Follower! There is not any way to dimm the LEDs (a just can flash my block with the ligths) and the volocity adjustment is a joke ! I´m feeling scammed by Cooler Master ! I should spend some few bucks more and installed everything from Corsair ICUE... It´s works ! This wath is promissed https://landing.coolermaster.com/pages/masterplus/ And this what I got !
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    Yes it's like the communication with the controller stop so they basically stay on the last color requested. I think it's what it does in my case.
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    I had the same issue. I returned the case and got refund.
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    Hi, from france. The same problem appear since last week for me. I just contacted cooler master support today but when i see the topic i don't really see how we gonna be able to solve that problem.
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    Hello my friend, you are not alone. I used to love the c700m, But then my love faded !
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    I had the same issuel last year I contacted CM support with pictures, and they were quick to respond and sent me a full replacement for all the top + front + bottom panels + the new version of the ARGB controller. However, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the features of the controler or the control with Asus aura. So, as a cheap (and awesome) workaround I bought an RGB header adapter on ebay to convert the RGB header plug to fit into a Corsair RGB controller, and control the case led strips via Corsair iCue the effects are so much better than what you get using the built in CM RGB controller https://imgur.com/a/BJCR9w1
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    The price of c700m increased in Australia recently. I don't recommend this case because the led strips are very easy to break. The issue happend to my c700m, even though I had a brand new replacement after the first one. Maybe they refreshed the case recently. But the one I used was about 2 months agao.
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    Alright thanks so much for the help! I guess I just needed to set my pump to 12v. also found out ryzen master was overclocking to 4ghz even when I set it to default clocks. I just uninstalled it since I don't really need to overclock anyway and set my power plan to balanced
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    I am loving my H500M case. I am running two 360mm radiators in a custom water cooling loop, one at the front and one in the top. The top mounted radiator is sitting in the top "outer" panel area rather than inside the main chamber with the motherboard. This means there is approx 15mm between the radiator and the top glass panel. I cant help thinking that the water cooling would benefit from a top mesh panel to assist the rapid removal of warm air from that radiator. Is there going to be such a panel made available? If not, where could I buy some mesh of the same style used in the front panel so as to modify the case myself? Thanks.
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    Which adaptor should I buy? Thanks for your information!
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    It's not a failed product, just the RGB/Fan controller sucks, that's it actually.
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    Initially, the fan RGB was working perfectly! I tried to change the color and the remote unplugged and when I plugged it back in, the RGB will not turn back on I checked all my wires and everything is plugged in perfectly fine. The fan itself is still working fine! Just the RGB is not working.
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    According to the below link it needs an extra adapter cable for Gigabyte. The details about this adapter cable are described in the product overview: https://www.newegg.com/cooler-master-r4-120r-20pc-r1-case-fan/p/1YF-0010-000K6
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    I hope This Video Will Help You! (if it did then please like & share this video it took 48h to make this video)
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    Agreed, looks like the TX3 doesn't cooling enough for the Ryzen 5 3600. It's just a lower end cooler with 92 mm fan. A heatsink with 120 mm fan should cool better and also being quieter.
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    Yeah, smart fan's enabled in the bios - which i guess is why the fan's spinning up and down as the cpu temp rises and falls. I installed the Open Hardware Monitor and this seems to be showing fan and core cpu data. So it seems the mobo and smart fan is doing it's work - increasing fan speed with cpu temp. Just that the fan's really noisy. Think i'm gonna have to swap it out for something (hopefully) quieter. Make sense?
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    Is that temperature under idle? I would expect better temps for the TX3 but it doesn't seem cooling well.. Actually that CPUTIN temperature is the CPU socket temperature. Socket temperature is a temperature of what your motherboard reports in the BIOS. The real cpu temperature inside the chip is described as Package. That temperature is the same as showed by the AMD Ryzen Master utility. Yeah that high rpm is non sense, just wrong reading values haha Is the Smart Fan Mode enabled? Check the fan control from the bios, it's look like the below print:
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    Are there any other people find it frustrating that tare is a lack of info about Addressable RGB Led Controller "MFP-ACBN-NNUNN-R1" How many ARGB fans can it control independent per port or total. How many leds can the controller do in total or fer port? what is the max currant per port or in total it can handle? no direct software link or firmware link, https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/rgb-accessories/argb-led-controller/
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    What's your board and cpu? Have you tried monitoring programs like HWMonitor? It shows the cpu temp and the fan speed. Can you post that screenshot? Hopefully you can adjust the fan speed from the bios making it quieter.
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    I just learned that the fan was faulty. Jackhammer/crackling/rattling sound. The customer support handled my ticket so poorly. They just shrug me off. I'm going to buy a decent radiator fan, but not from them anyway. My item has still warranty from coolermaster but it looks like they avoid the problem and told me it's just a fan noise even if I uploaded a video already. Shame on you cooler master.
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    I'm never buying a mastercooler poduct ever again. This is Microsoft levels of terrible service.
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    I just got my H500M and I was wondering if there is a mesh option for the top panel like there is on the front panel?
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    Can't tell if the Hyper 212 Black edition (https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/cpu-air-coolers/hyper-212-black-edition/) needs an AM4 conversion bracket. The store page lists AM4 as a compatible socket but the compatibility chart doesn't list it as working out of box OR needed a kit. The only 212 thats listed as out of box is the 212 turbo but only the 212 EVO and 212X are listed as needing kits so which one is it? Appreciate the help.
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    Hi This is the 2nd time writing a post about the same issue. CoolerMaster, we as customers who have always bought your products and have been loyal towards you for many years are asking that you NEED to design a MESH TOP PANEL for H500P. The plastic top panel is not great it scratches and restricts airflow and doesn't look very nice. Thanks
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    Could you please create a new peripheral category or add to existing forum for the new controlpad https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/peripheral/keyboards/controlpad/
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    i have the same problem here, someone help please!!!