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    Sounds exactly like my situation (MWE Gold 750). Nothing on my RMA for over a week either. If any Coolermaster employee sees this - please consider at least letting people know up front that their RMA may be slow due to Coronavirus issues. It's a lot better to receive that information from the outset and be able to plan accordingly.
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    I submitted a support request for a RMA for my PSU almost a week ago and I haven't received a response yet? Is it normal for CM to take this long to reply to requests? How long should I expect to wait for a response? Thanks.
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    I submitted an RMA request for a power supply on 5/23. I have not received an email that it has even been acknowledged much less any info on where to send the power supply. Status page still says verification. I would PREFER to set up an advance return so I'm not waiting forever to use my PC again. At this point, I'm ready to kiss my $80 goodbye and vow never to buy another Cooler Master product. My RMA number is CUSUS2005191. I would very much appreciate someone from Cooler Master replying and explaining why there has been no response for over a week and half. Based on the other messages I've seen regarding RMAs in this forum alone, I don't have a lot of faith, but I'm willing to be proven wrong. Thank you!
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    Update. I finally received an acknowledgment of my RMA last week and shipped it today. I'm wondering how many months before I get it back. And since I already replaced it, what papers to hold down with it.
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    Hello everyone! I purchased this power supply less than a year ago. The PSU will power the computer, at times, at least to the desktop or Chrome -- but instantly upon opening a game or anything demanding extra power, the PC simply shuts down. When I swap the PSU with my Platinum 800W Corsair, it easily resolves the issue. The PSU worked fine for quite some time and now appears to have completely bit the dust. It often now powers down before even booting into Windows, or sometimes it might boot into Windows but shut down upon opening Chrome, or opening a website or two. I submitted an RMA over two weeks ago and they have yet to reply -- when I check RMA status it simply says "Verification" -- I submitted all of the needed information during my request, and I haven't been contacted for any further information. Any idea what I need to do so I can actually get my item replaced? If it matters or anyone is concerned, my build is: Asus TUF x570 Ryzen 3700x Red Dragon 5700XT 32gb 3600mhz Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB MWE Gold 550W PSU My RMA # is: CUSUS2005199
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    Same here, RMA was created 3 weks ago (I just need a replacement screw+bolt for faulty parts on a 212EVO) and I've had no response. I know they mentioned increased delays due to covid, and I want to be understanding, but this is getting somewhat absurd.
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    I think coolermaster is going under I cant get the parts I need!
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    Yeah... The most ridiculus thing that even spare parts does not solve the issue completely... Not to mention that making a 500$ chassis with so serious and constant issues is just a crime. What a Terrible Failure... Indignation and frustration just overwhelms me...
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    I have submitted RMA CUSUS2006143 on 06/20/2020, and I have received no response. I did the same with an EVGA power supply and their response was immediate. I hope you guys respond to my RMA soon or otherwise I will start buying EVGA only from now on.
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    Ive been waiting for my RMA for 2 months!!
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    Yea, I have been waiting for my RMA to process for weeks. I have to use my PC from home for work. Coolermaster 650 Gold would randomly shut off and now wont power on at all. I am unable to purchase a new PSU anywhere because of virus. Nightmare!!!...
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    Twitter is not an acceptable method of communication for RMA messsages. I have a problem with any company that uses twitter for support actually. And as much as they want everything to return to normal they're gonna have to be realistic. This is the new normal, until a widespread vaccine is available in 1-2 years. Of course, then the next virus will hit. They are going to have to adjust their business practices, or be ready to close up shop.
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    So does this mean that there won't be any new PSUs that will go on sale as well? :( I feel you @Frankie3521, I also have the same PSU and the same issue. I sent out my motherboard just to make sure it wasn't the issue, and it wasn't. Let's just hope that the stock levels for PC components start getting back to normal. Pretty difficult especially when our PCs do help us through these difficult times.
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    I'm in the same boat from 5/24 -- RMA # is CUSUS2005199 Simply inexcusable.