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    Top things to know before final submission opens on Sept 30 As the contest is almost coming to its final leg, final submissions will be the last thing we will need you to do and it will open on Sept 30 and kept open until the final deadline of Oct 10. If you have more than 1 entry this year, make sure you complete the process for each of your entries. 1. Complete your worklog Your worklog on the forum needs to be complete, showing the entire mod process from start to finish. This is really important as our judges will be looking at the entire process and give points according to each section. If something is unclear, it will be very hard to give you the full credit you deserve. 2. Take good quality photos or videos of your mod Take at least 5 - 10 good quality photos of your mod, keep a batch of clean photos without the watermark and publish online the set with the watermark. 3. Get Social You will need to share 1 main photo of your finished mod on social media without watermark, with the name of the mod, with a short description of the mod. Use the #CMWS19FINALS 4. Jury panel will be thorough This year the judges may ask you some questions about your mod in the forum, so be sure to check your messages during the judging phase so you answer all the jury's questions. 5. Public voting is still happening It is happening but there isn't a people's choice award this year. Your votes from the public will count towards 10% of your final score. 6. The judges this year will be revealed soon A lot of you guys helped with some suggestions, the judges this year we tried to be as neutral, and respectable as possible. Bringing in a range of judges from a various parts of the PC community. Who will they be...dundundun Got questions? Just message below, lets try to make this as easy as possible Ann Ann
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    I even forgot to document the process of making a 70mm fan grill. The painting process has been done, even though I haven't yet smoothed every piece I have to repeat the process to make it look smoother. The fan intake that I used was taken from AMD cpu stock cooling fan some revisions must be made to the construction of the support, because there is a difference in the heavy fulcrum between the front and back of the casing. note: in the background there is a sliding window for the side panel that is too focused on it so I forgot to document it
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    " DESERT RAT " This is the first time I am seriously participating in an international competition. Have also participated in competitions in several forums, but not done as seriously as this CMWS. The theme I use in the "Desert Rat" case is "Military Scifi". but you are free to translate it according to your own perspective. In each work that I make, I try a lot of ideas, and try to use many kinds of materials. For some circumstances, I am very interested in using acrylic or PVC sheet material in making PC modifications. One of my characteristics in PC modification is to manipulate 2D material into a 3D shape. Maybe there are still many shortcomings and require a lot of effort and criticism to improve my work. But it's ok, I accept it gracefully. Behind all this, I want to motivate many talented PC modders in my country. because, "There is never a competency that is not tested in a competition". Thank you in advance to many who have helped me in many ways. Thank you to CoolerMaster for giving me the opportunity in this prestigious competition Take the theme of the human struggle against heat in the desert. just as a PC fights heat from itself. The CoolerMaster product that I use: 1. MasterBox Lite 3.1 | MCW-L3B3-KANN-01 2. Tempered Glass for MasterBox Lite 3.1 | MCA-B300C-TGSP00-LGT 3. MasterFan MF120R ARGB | R4-120R-20PC-R1 x2 4. MasterLiquid ML120R ARGB | MLX-D12M-A20PC-R1 5. V650 | RS650-AFBAG1-EU 6. ARGB Splitter Cable | MFX-AWHN-3NNN1-R1 The hardware that I use in this project are: > MSI A320 PRO2-M2 > AMD Athlon 200GE > Transcend 4gb DDR4 > Samsung 256gb V-NAND NVME SSD > MSI GTX 1050 gaming X 2GB MasterBox Lite 3.1 | MCW-L3B3-KANN-01 Begin to release accessories on the casing I just took the frame as additional information, I don't use a 3D printer in this project. All the details that I made, using acrylic sheet materials with varying thicknesses, acrylic cylinders, and PETG tubing remaining pieces collect some details and match the size of the initial stages for the next worklog can be seen in the next column
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    Work is almost done. Running test has been done. One of them is adjusting the lighting and color of the lights that will be used. Thanks God, everything went smoothly.
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    a lot of work is not documented in detail. Maybe because I was too busy doing. I attach work whose details are not documented
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    the workmanship that was late I posted. photos lost in the crowd. I did a basic painting. I forgot what date, but it was definitely done by the end of July the process of working 120mm fan grill that I forgot to document. and I only remembered to take a picture after it was done
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    make a fake shockbreaker from waste petg pipe material and acrylik laser pieces to hold expansion bay covers etc merging process pathway after painted
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    body coloring with primer and top coat paint. Do not forget to include weathering and battle damage effects. the finishing process is still not done until now
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    Why is not in Scratch!!! This is effing wild. Master class grade build right here FOR SURE!
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    Finally got started with the paintjob! I had a very specific idea for this: balancing a stone colour/effect with shiny red details that resembled the minerals inside the stone. For that purpose, I chose two colours for the stone, an avory white and a golden grey, and helped myself with two different stone effects from Rustoleum. They're simply clear coats with chunks of paint in it, that will simulate a stone-ish look after having dried. I started with the main frame of the chassis, giving it the golden grey Then I moved on to the two panels from the lightbox, as well as the two back panels (how cool to they look when clear? ). This time I went with the avory white And the internal top and bottom panels are done as well I also gave a stone look to the radiator, and now it's a true monolith with crystal fins! Some will have doubts about painting the fins, but to be honest, for what I want to achieve with this project, I won't need those 2-3 degrees, but I really needed to get rid of most of the black in the build It's external panels' turn now. I mainly used avory white for these, except for the plastic part of the front panel, for which I used the golden grey
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    Looks great Nick! Love the custom paint job, PSU shroud and everything about this build, can't wait to see more pics!!
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    hi guys and here is another little update, i have clad a lot of the frame with worbla andmust get some more tomorrow.i can only start placing everything inside when i know which cage holes will be open and which closed so lets get this done first. its gonna be tight getting this all ready for the CMWS2019 deadline.
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    great ornaments, especially the gears... awesome
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    Ohhh so gliterry!! Can't wait to see the final cm logo distro :):)
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    Looking good bro! Keep up the good work
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    Mantap kang... nice detailing
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    provide mild rust and weathering effects.
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    Hello! My name is Drew, I'm a case modding hobbyist. For this build I wanted to do something more simple and clean, I decided on a monochromatic theme with no RGB. I decided on using chrome tubing for the first time and I designed a custom sl600m distro plate for the case as well. The distro plate was created by 3D scanning the case and then modeling around it. i wanted minimal tubing runs hense the secondary chamber in the plate. The goal of this build is to be able to easily swap out coolant colors and for it to stay just as clean as with just black. The build features the following specs: Cooler Master SL600M Ryzen R9 3900x 32gb DDR4 Corsair Dominator Platinum Ram Nvidia GTX 1080 ti MSI x470 Gaming AC Motherboard Watercooling parts include: EKWB Alphacool My own custom work If you have any questions on the build please let me know! Initial product Shot Vinyl Wrapped CPU Block The custom distro plate that i had designed. Picture of the plate getting milled. After getting it made by Clockwork Industries. Picture of the plate installed and some tubing ran. Loop Complete Started loop filling with purple fluid. Going to be changed to black. New Cables from Mainframe Customs Build should be done the weekend of the 21st, stay tuned!
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    17: QUICK OVERVIEW / PREPARATIONS FOR MAKING CABLES Pretty much done planning the entire water cooling loop and it's time to make some cables. But first an overview showing parts and angles that will be harder to view when fully assembled. With a small case packed with jummy hardware, custom parts and details it's good to have a proper breakdown showing everything. Monoblock and parallell acrylic hard tubes viewed from above with the top radiator not in place. And yes, tubes will be cleaned, fittings perfectly aligned etc. before final assembly A good view of the tubes and my rear mounted fill port. This will allow me to top up the system without taking side panels off. Majestic Corsair Dominator RGB! Getting ready to start measuring for cables and choosing the best paths. I love how rough everything looks with the protective film still on. Makes the moment of reveal so much better when it's finally ready to be removed. The last time I'll see it this empty! It looks kind of roomy on the inside but with everything in there will be approx 10 mm spacing between parts
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    Next up, I was working on the wings. Started by sanding down all the flat surfaces. To recreate the sharp edges on the lines, I used a needle file. This step was necessary to make all gaps the same size. Then all parts of the wings were glued together. Again, I used short steel rods to make the connection really strong. This will be needed later for the moving mechanism, cause I am not trusting glue alone. In addition, I included a ribbon cable for the LEDs. Better to do it now, cause later would be a bit tricky to get the cable all the way through. After I filled some smaller gaps, all 4 wings got one quick wet sanding. And then dry before the next step. A layer of spray filler was applied to see were some more spots needs additional attention.
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    a modder doesn't think about the warranty of an item, so do it if it can make it better. upgrade 120mm radiator to 280mm for better performance and appearance.
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    Также были вырезаны наклейки для второго кожуха
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    dadaekanan copas ih. foto barutut kitu
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    A quick look at the first tubing mock-up. I thought I would do something less intricate with the loop this time but I just can't help it, I love parallel runs Made the bracket for the PSU mounting in the top section I reshaped the two back panels with this characteristic cut I'm bringing along this whole project, to make it smoother and more geometric Also began working on the front and top panels cutouts, I made this simple design in Silhouette Studio, cut the stencil and went over it with a pen once I applied it to the panel, this way all the sections in both panels will be exactly the same. It would've been hard doing it by hand since they're very irregular shapes. Obviously cut with my trusty scrollsaw And as anticipated in the previous post, I swapped the red LEDs of the lightbox with WRGB strips
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    Keep up the good work kaka.... Minta ijin copas fotonya ya kaka......lop yu deh... hahahha
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    front panel minor touch, moving from old case & old cooler to new case & new cooler
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    SO, the cage main structure is done, while the glue was hardening, i mounted the gpu waterblaock and the bracket. not sure i will use the bracket yet though. once again, in addition to coolermaster, thanks also to asus and thermaltake for the great hardware...
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    I just tried and tried my best in limitations ... Because there are no rules to change the max 20% from its original form in the apprentice league. But whatever the comments, I still really appreciate your attention to my work. note: I also greatly admire your neatness and speed in modifying. The combination of ideas and good quality hardware has made your PC modification a significant competitor for other participants. Good luck
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    This may very well become classified as scratch due to the nature of the build. But my goodness man, you have absolutely killed it with this build! I cant wait to see the end results
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    10: CUSTOM WATER COOLING PARTS Custom CM logo shaped acrylic pump top in the making! I designed this to fit D5 pumps and with the flexibility to use different mounting brackets and orientations. Custom CM logo shaped acrylic reservoir to go with the D5 pump top. Features 3 ports and the same mounting abilities as the pump top. One of many tributes to 10th CMWS that's going into this project!
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    And the hole-ing process was begin, because my concern is the airflow.. the most negative things that being a discussion everywhere Pardon me, it's my first time use that things so if you all looking me holding those inappropriate way, sorry
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    thank you for the appreciation. to be honest, I don't have enough confidence to take part in the "scratch" especially in the master league. this is my first time participating in an international competition. Maybe in the next year, I will consider your suggestions
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    I made a hinge for the side panel cover. still from acrylic material
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    aamiin insyaalloh
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    It's just to awesome.... jangan lupa kopi nya master... #Sungkem
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    Keep it The Good Work Master..
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    push the limit
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    printing more needed stuff... spacers psu mounting the whole lower hardware-slider mainboard plate fan holders (although i changed them to 2x 80mm with a slot for ssd) wheels and of course as you might have noticed, the frames got painted (lots of times, making the best of many mistakes...haha) also was able to put it all together for a nice preview.
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    Keep it On Master!!!!!!!
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    Hi Installed ML240l rgb on Asus ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard. The pump connector cable has 3 pins, Trying to determine where to connect it on the motherboard. All fan connections on motherboard are 4 pin. The only 3 pin is a water in and out, 3-Pin W_Flow. Thanks in advance for the help. Ron