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    the workmanship that was late I posted. photos lost in the crowd. I did a basic painting. I forgot what date, but it was definitely done by the end of July the process of working 120mm fan grill that I forgot to document. and I only remembered to take a picture after it was done
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    I made a hinge for the side panel cover. still from acrylic material
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    Oy! This mod is something that I've been wanting to build for some time. It is a tribute to the cooler master ammo 533 case. The project is going to be an evolution from the Ammo series, both from an engineering and design standpoint. Personally I have been part of the Mekatronix Works (mktrx) case-mod team. We've previously participated in a number of regional events, in the last couple of years. Before that it was mostly custom watercooling and jerry-rigging our cases to fit the components. I am going to be using a similar HW monitor display system, in-build into the case as one of our previous projects "Tek'tonic III" (link below) The previous builds I have worked at were more of an abstract design and served no purpose in utility. With this competition I have the chance to build my system into something that will feed the nostalgia of my lanparty days. The materials I will be using: Aluminium, Plexi, Dibond and Carbon fiber reinforced ABS. previous builds: Tek'tonic Tek'tonic III Rog COOPER
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    Thank you. There are still a lot of work to be done, many mistakes I make for the first time. I hope everything will work out. If you have any questions, please contact me. I will be glad to share my experience.
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    FINAL SUBMISSIONS PHOTOS CoolerMaster World Series 2019 Final Mod >> DESERT RAT Inspired by the human struggle against the heat of the desert which is identical to the struggle of the PC against the heat from within itself, I tried to package it in the theme of this modification. The reason I chose the Desert Yellow and German Gray colors, aside from the fact that this color was rarely used in the coloring of PC casings, also caused a historical bonding with the fragments of the Deutch Afrikan Corps in northern Africa in 1942. For details and mainframe skin, I deliberately took the style of "Military Sci -Fi "to reduce the element of historical analysis for a layman's perspective. 80% acrylic cutting as the main material is done by laser cutting considering the accuracy, time, and character of the model to be made. Acrylik that I use are variations in thickness of 2mm and 3mm, cylinders of 3mm and 5mm, and PETG tubbing diameter of 16mm - 12mm. Selection of varying thicknesses is needed to strengthen the depth of fields accent. The software used in designing also varies in order to reach the required level of accuracy. (Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Solidworks, InkScape). Manual work is only done for the needs of finishing and final fitting. to be continued...
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    This post was initially reserved for the final submission shots, that time has now come. I give you MKTRX Ammo 315, the ultimate lan-party rig:
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    The Finals is here for #CMWS19 Follow this link and complete steps 1 - 4 (Complete before 10/10) CLICK HERE - https://landing.coolermaster.com/cmws19/submit/ Make sure you have completed all 4 steps to ensure your entry is submitted in full, and entered into the public voting contest. Recap on important dates Judges will carefully browse through every entry & worklog (Between 10/20 - 11/04) Public Voting (Opens between 10/23 - 11/04) Winner announcement (Announced on 11/14) Good luck and if you have any questions, comment below.
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    Working with the head continues
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    I make fastening, from an aluminum corner, for Cooler Master Masterliquid 240.
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    Hello friends! Decided to make changes in the design and add ventilation windows, for blowing out warm air.
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    Testing servo sistem Progress after assembly of all parts listed above
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    January 2015. That's all I can say for now.
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    Keep it On Master!!!!!!!
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    Hey CM dudes, y u not listen to what customers says? Seriously, I said this before: why in the name of something, do you make your keyboards with TWO Windows keys? Why would anyone need two Windows keys? This is an useless redundancy at the expense of a useful key which is the context menu key. Get rid of the right Windows key and bring back the context menu key! I'm looking to buy another mech. keyboard and guess what - even though I enjoy my Rapid-i, it won't be a another CM, I won't make this mistake again. Fix this or you've forever lost me as a client and I'm guessing that whoever uses keyboards for other things than gaming (don't you know, people that make games use keyboards too and they need the context menu key) uses that key just as often and therefore will look somewhere else. Pay a little attention to the "power user" crowd too. Looking forward to the new CM keyboard with a context menu key.
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    I don't think getting a response is the issue, its the problem that some are being allowed to get the bracket, and others like myself are being flat out told that there is no bracket.
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    But a couple of photos of how I did small tailpieces and a power connector.
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    In the beginning I thought about the image of a Predator, but then I decided to create Alien
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    Hi all, The Hyper 212 EVO will support socket AM4 There will be an upgrade kit for the Hyper 212 EVO in the near future. We unfortunately do not have an exact date yet when these kits will be available. Info will come a.s.a.p. Let me know when you have any other question.
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    Hahaha...WTF. Mine started working on Thursday. I just spammed the buttons then it did some slow pulse and now I'm able to switch the lights on and off at will and switch between the modes. It's so funny that our mice started working round the same time, having the same problem and my internet has been off for a week now, changing ISP's. So very funny. Anyways, may our nights light up.
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    stay tuned? we always hear this. You introduced the series in the summer of 2015! one year later you still don't release the bigger version. You Tell everyone it will be in CES 2017. Now what? wait till computex just for the announcement? then actually sell the case in the summer?? 2 frikkin years
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    Here are some photos from build start, as promised Lets start with skeleton. Everything is made from steel, and stainless steel. Main frame is basically tripod, with stainless tube, and that frame will hold the case in "flying" position Here you can see the mount for PSU Base mount for HDD case, and HDD case Mount for coolers. Attached to main stainless steel pipe (backpack ) Breast plate skeleton. I will talk about this more in next post, when i upload more photos
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    Custom Built By Envious Mods: EMI Designs has made the first test sample of the dog tags and badge that will go on the Dark Matter scratch build. They are laser cut out of black coated aluminum. The dog tag version will go with me to PC and case modding shows. I am very thankful to EMI Designs for sponsoring this build. Working with them is a pleasure and I really appreciate it. 240 Grill: Inside Fan Grill I have seen the first 240mm grill prototype done by EMI Designs and I am very excited for the final version to be done. I gave them the design concept and they did a great job. This will go on the two side mounted 120mm fans that help circulate air for the 1,200 watt BeQuiet Dark Power Pro 11 PSU. The door that these fans are mounted on open downwards so I wanted them to look slick when that panel was opened. Custom Sleeved Cable Routes: I have the main cable routes pre-planned but there is a couple that I left until everything is in position. The SATA power cables have been my main focus recently. I have quite a few different options for these cables. More than likely I will run them in a similar way as pictured below. The large Lexan water path will be on the back side of the motherboard tray and it uses standoffs. This leaves a large gap behind it and some of the cables will run through there. Trying an Idea: Left Side Panel Ive been milling around an idea I has for the side panels of this build and I recently decided it was time to give it a shot. Everyday I have a flood of ideas and certain ones keep coming back. If they start to take up too much of my thought process; its time to build it. This is one of those. This idea took a little while to figure out how to do it well and mount everything. I didn't want to permanently mount it, just incase I decided it didn't look right. My solution for this was to make a very thin backer piece out of acrylic and paint it to match the panel so it wouldn't be seen. This would also help to align all of the detailed pieces of acrylic. Now that its painted and mocked up you can see the idea come to life.
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    Yes you Can! 1. Remove the botom antidust mesh 2. Turn the case upside down 3. Mound the Radiator Under the chassis with the hoses of the cooler towards the middle of the case. They have just enough clearance from the Rim. 4. Cut the antidust nesh to fit two openings for the hoses and drill 8 Holes to fit the Fan assembly holes (I used the Radiator as a basic frame of reference) 5. Mount the supplied Fans, encapsulating the antidust mesh between the Fans Chassis and Radiator (Install One and then turn the case on its feet again and then install the other) using Guards to blow air into the case. 6. I used the ATX B configuration for the MB with the rear Fan Blowing Air Into the case 7. With this configuration the Corsair LOGO is visible 8. Optional: you can cut a mesh the size of the radiator and fit underneath it to further prevent dust from entering the Case. Hope i helped You
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    They used a custom lens which has x0.85 magnification (500dpi x 0.85 = 425cpi). If you want 500 dpi buy a broken G100S and pop in the lens from that.
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    And I just got right about the USB UUID with a little modding I just fixed it. What I have done: -Download the latest driver and unpack it -open up "setup.ini" Why this file? the Setup checks for the device Class Guid. it won't install because it does not match.. So where can I find this? -right click speaker icon on desktop -select playback devices -double click your Speakers (Sirus Headset) -on General click on properties -once there you want to go to "Details" and select "Class Guid" This Class Guid is what is being used for the setup. Go ahead and right click it for copying and paste it without its { and } in your setup.ini and save Happy installing P.S: Can one tell me if the Guid {4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} is the same for them or not. If so, I can Zip a correct installation for people to download for windows 10 Now I feel like I should get paid by CM for doing their job.. (jk jk al in good fun) EDIT: I felt so free to just zip up the installation with the changed Class Guid and slammed it on my server for people to get around their issue. I don't know if this sorts out the issue for you, but once I got replies that it actually work for them I'm happy. http://teknocatron.com/software/cm%20storm/Sirus%20AP%20for%20Win10.zip
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    Hi guys, made special an account special for this issue and to help to sort this problem out to Coolermaster, its an driver issue and nothing else, since windows 10 the most issues i had as an it hardware technician was graphics drivers and sounds issues, on bootcamp and apple bluetooth driver issues, mostly you can delete the hardware and use the microsoft drivers, but in the case gaming vga cards its not possible now i have no issue to have sound or special surround effects in games like battlefield, assetto corsa ,etc... but the moment i try to use skype, the headset goes crazy, sometimes sounds work, sometimes not than you have to switch in sound setting to onboard and play music at same time switch back to headset to get the sound back,also the microphone works in the settinsgs, but not when you call someone teamspeak same issue, micro dont work tried different setups, as windows 8.1 drivers + software, 8.1 without software, win 7 driver without software, you cant install it the regulary way, gave an error not support, and a fix around is not the same as the correct software and drivers ! ---> this is the part that Coolermaster has to step in !!!! i read further on this case win 10 + sirius + skype = a lot off problems with another driver onboard, the audio realtek one, as above i said the fix is the microsoft driver.... the only fix i found to let teamspeak and skype to work is the following = go to playback devices - select the sirius and go to properties, select stereo, do the wizard and tried it with skype, no issue at all but in our case WE bought a true 5.1 gaming headset to enjoy our games trufully in sound and effects and to better in games that use the sound, now i play with friend thoose games and cant talk or i had to put the playback device back in stereo and can't use the 5.1 i really hope this will be fixed with a new driver , cause at this moment i had to get back to windows 7 as the moment im typing this down, and will follow this tread closely in the hope they fix OUR expensive headset first timer i bought a coolermaster product but if this will not be fixed , cant say their will be a next time, support is everything today, and if you lack to this as an company .... well regards Fulgore
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    Hello Sensen, The FX8320 is a hot CPU. If the idle temperatures do not come down after you reseat the cooler then I would suggest exchanging it for a Netpon 120XL or Nepton 240M. Respectfully, Patrick CMUSA Support
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    Speed ​​Racer GOGOGO First I would like to introduce myself. I'm Mario Viana, I live in Brazil and I am in love with this type of activity since 2009. I made this theme for my son Rafinha 15 years because he loves this anime, I hope you like our casemod. Process terminated. Each creation and a different pleasure, but I can say that this project was totally different,,,, surprised our expectations,,,,, Thanks to all. What we take into consideration when building the project: - After choosing the topic, which is of vital importance is the structural transformation execution and characterization of the project. - Attention to the organization and cable management with harmonic functionality and without forgetting the visual appeal, it is no use to do a project that does not have utility, - worrying about the presentation and outcome of the initial idea. PS : Many items were customized by Rafael ... He also and passionate about casemod , always accompanies me to the events since 09 years , today it is 15 years . CAMPUS PARTY BRASIL 2012 ABOUT THE THEME Speed ​​Racer, known as Mach Go Go Go (マ ッ ムGoGoGo, Mahha go go go?) In Japan, is a 1960 manga, Tatsuo Yoshida creator of the race. Speed ​​Racer (named North American anime adaptation, which never says the original name Go Mifune), a young and daring 18 years of racing driver, drive the car Mach 5, raised by his father (Pops Racer) and several lives and adventures out of the race. A typical product of the decade of 1960 is inspired by the film Viva Las Vegas, starring Elvis Presley and 007 Against Goldfinger5. The last name is a tribute to Mifune Toshiro Mifune Japanese actor, protagonist of the film The Seven Samurais6. The design is well known for its theme song and great soundtrack playing in the background and even made more exciting races in Speed ​​Racer participated, always full of spectacular crashes and "dirty tricks" of the participants, as his most famous rivals, "Team acrobatic "and" Mammoth Car ". The races were in unusual places, such as jungles, deserts and even a completed within a volcano. The film Speed ​​Racer - film was released on May 9, 2008 a live-action film (with real actors), based on the original story. It is directed by "Wachowski brothers". Origem: Wikipédia, a Enciclopédia Livre. Main changes in the Cosmos 2 cabinet. - Painting and airbrushing with the theme SPEED RACER. - Structural adjustment to reverse the Motherboard position to support all hardware including video cards, (this will be a trend because we have many Motherboard with PCI broken) - Adaptation 3x120mm radiator, as the second supports only 2x120 Cosmos at the bottom. - Storage of supply cables using the original cables with vinyl pintuta white. - Cooling on the back of putting a cooler directly on the PCB behind the CPU on Motherboard. (No one noticed doing this yet (improving air circulation behind the PCB) - PU plate installation covered with synthetic leather flame retardant to organize the inside and cabling. - Custom watercooler installation adding performance, lowering temperatures and beauty to casemod. Hardware: MonitorLG EA93 UltraWide 21: 9 IPS Monitor (2560x1080) Cooler Master Cosmos 2 (perolado pintar com aerografia e outro Plexiglass) Placa-mãe ASUS RAMPAGE X79 Processador Intel 3930K Fonte de alimentação Cooler Master V1000 Placa de vídeo: NVIDIA SLI Memória Geil 4x4GB DDR3 Ran Hot Rod Red EVO POTENZA Memória Refrigerador: 2xGeil Cyclone Personalizado Water Cooler: 12 Fans Cooler Master 120 milímetros Jetflo 2 ventiladores Enermax 140 milímetros 1 140 milímetros radiador 1 radiador 3x120 Swiftech bomba MCP655B Corpo Top EK Branco Tubos de acrílico rígido 2 VGA bloco de água Koolance Bloco CPU AquaComputer Cuplex Kryos Conexões Bitspower acessórios, EK. Líquido branco mais frio Predominante cores casemod, Pu (poliéster) com guarnição interior vermelho e branco em couro sintético. I'm sorry I'm using the English translator goolge
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    The Concept is / was thet the Power of the Gaming PC brings life in the Dragon But a "simple" head alone is not enough, so... And on the spot, I made a test fitting More painting (iner mouth + some dental plaque) And here is an other part what cals this dragon to Live: A mini fog machine. ( Ok, a Real fire would be better, BUT on the DCMM it is not allowed to use open flames ) And gere is the testing of my concept, thet the smoke CAN be directed somewhere else (so I dont have to fit it in the head ) Te end of the Silicone (high temp resistante tube !) goes in the mouth of the dragon. And to make the Magic 12 LED-s (8 Red, 2 Orange, 2 Yellow) directed on the outcoming smoke + a little shimering for beter effect. This "beam of light" was too focused (in daylight it can be seen for 3-6 meters away on the wall) Later on I added four little LED strips to have a better efect (only RED is vonnected) At the end 24 LED-s are macking the "fire" VIDEO
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    [/url]">http:// The parts begin to arrive
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    Hey guys, I'm starting a new build, so I thought I'd post some pictures of it and some commentary Here are some specs: Cosmos II case MSI Z87 MPower Motherboard Intel i5 4670k 3x AMD 280x GPU Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer CPU Cooler 2x 64 gb Toshiba OEM SSD Raid 0 EVGA SuperNOVA 1000G2 PSU I haven't figured out how much ram to get yet, so I'm just recycling some old ram in the meantime I'm also working on getting some harddrives The main point of this system was to do GPU computations, host a couple game servers and act as a file server, so I got a 4670k instead of a 4770k. I might upgrade later, but my budget is going towards more GPU power for now! I don't have access to a nice camera and lighting, so my pictures will be grainy (phone cameras are bad ). I've been busy today, so I haven't had time to work on the build much, but here are a couple pics to start off. As you can see, the box of the cosmos 2 is huge! I included a banana for scale Here's a quick look inside the box! Here's the cosmos compared to a small Lian Li case Inside the case. This thing is huge! Also, check out that bundle of cables Some impressions on this case: Wow, is it huge! I've typically only worked with mid-towers and mATX, so it's an even bigger jump up. The attention to detail on this case is staggering though. Everything seems to be thought out well and there are just so many features. I really like the sliding cover that goes over the power button and fan controller buttons: The sliding mechanism is very satisfying to move back and forth. It's fun just pushing it around to get the springy feeling! Similarly, the door that blocks the front bays has a sliding mechanism that feels really high class. It's held up magnetically, and once the magnets are disengaged, the door slides slowly downward. 13 harddrive bays is a ridiculous number, but being able to remove all of them by choice is what's great! All of the harddrive bays are removable with just a few screws, so depending on the type of cooling you have, you can use it for other things, like a radiator or pump or reservoir for water cooling. There were a few minor issues I had with my unit that's probably specific to my unit. For example, one of the bays on the hot-swappable front panel unit had a grindy sound when I opened it. Turns out, if I screw in one of the screws that hold the unit in the bay in all the way, the end of the screw gets in the way of the door mechanism. Not a big deal though, I just loosened it a bit. Even though I had expected the Cosmos II to be a heavy case, it was still way heavier than I expected. I even looked up the weight, but after picking up and holding the case, I got a realistic idea of how heavy it was. (almost 50 lbs!) I feel the weight is more or less required for a case this big and with this much stuff in it though, and with the handles at the top, it's really not that bad to pick up. If the case didn't have the handles, it would be impossible to carry anywhere More to come!
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    Someone should be fixing those links soon! In the meantime, the global site has the links working http://www.coolermaster.com/powersupply/v-sm-series/v650s/
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    Hi all, I think with the upcoming Nvidia GeForce 900 series, DDR 4 Memory kits and 5th gen Proccessors it's time Cooler Master to think of a new Gaming Power Supply unit. The GXII and GXII Pro series are above par PSUs for current gaming rigs, but when new hardware and technology arrives (which will be soon) these PSUs would be less efficient and at doing the job. and maybe power rating may also be too much to bear. Since new hardware're gonna be equipped with higher frequencies and smaller components they may need extra attention on power supply + they will consume less voltage and less power too. like GTX 780 which is replaced by 30% faster GTX 980, power requirment will go down from 200W to 170W DDR 4 RAM now only consume 1.2V instead of DDR 3 consuming 1.5V (1.65V max) etc. So thought of hearing what you think about on a new Gaming Power Supply unit, what do want it to be like, what specs do you expect and what faults Cooler Master should overcome from. Please Share your ideas Thank You.
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    Finally done the live vid, Please let me know what you think on here or YouTube comments, good or bad because i need to learn so i can hopefully improve before any future builds sorry this is the only final info i can post for now, please check my Facebook page for photos i cant post links to on the forum, https://www.facebook.com/megadeblow?ref=hl Thanks Rob
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    You absolutely killed it! If you dont take top 5... id be shocked
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    A quick look at the first tubing mock-up. I thought I would do something less intricate with the loop this time but I just can't help it, I love parallel runs Made the bracket for the PSU mounting in the top section I reshaped the two back panels with this characteristic cut I'm bringing along this whole project, to make it smoother and more geometric Also began working on the front and top panels cutouts, I made this simple design in Silhouette Studio, cut the stencil and went over it with a pen once I applied it to the panel, this way all the sections in both panels will be exactly the same. It would've been hard doing it by hand since they're very irregular shapes. Obviously cut with my trusty scrollsaw And as anticipated in the previous post, I swapped the red LEDs of the lightbox with WRGB strips
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    Open a Ticket (took 2 days for me to get a answer). Had the same Problem u need a new top, front and a new pcb. Seems u got two old models. They changed a lot
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    Robert, Here is a few links that might help you out a little more. https://pcpartpicker.com/ - This is great for making sure everything is compatible. This site also processes your build for wattage required by your PSU while you put it together. Never leave home without it. The following are a few youtubers who have helped me out alot with the info. https://www.youtube.com/jayztwocents - Informative, alot of DIY tutorials. youtube.com/paulshardware - Informative, alot of DIY tutorials. youtube.com/c/bitwit - Informative, alot of DIY tutorials. Those are the 3 main guys I watch. Like I said, I have found all 3 of them to be very helpful in planning and building. Hope this helps some. Have fun with your build. Take your time putting it together.
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    Very nice nighttime pictures - really suits the mod
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    Hello Wesley, Your replacement I/O panel has shipped via USPS. Please check your email or CM Fanzone for the tracking number. The other part request was closed because we do not have any stock of the 2.5" rails for the original XB. I apologize, a message should have been send to you that the item was out of stock. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Patrick CMUSA Support
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    It has been 3 months since CM has received my power supply (9/27/2015) and approaching 4. Approximately around 11/20 (about two months later) I ask about it, I was told my previous PS was out of stock due to it being discontinued so I will get upgraded (from silent pro gold 1200w to v1200). I said okay, thank you (even though it took me asking two months later why the delay, I should have at least been notified of the problem when the issue was discovered). Five days later, I get a response saying they should have it shipped out within the next week or so. I'm like cool, okay thank you. I then wait again until the end of December before reopening the ticket and ask 'Where is the PS you told me would be shipped out a few weeks ago?', the reply was that the v1200 is now out of stock and will be shipped out to me when it is back in stock. Now I find myself to be a decently patient person, but... seriously?
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    i like it!! are you planning to paint the metal sheet? Waiting for liquid fill too, that indicator looks nice
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    are your still working on the update? if so ill post my personal recomendations later
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    If you want quality CM is the way to go. My mate says the R4 is down on quality Also with that thick door the R4 is very poor in airflow.
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    Hi everybody, We are organizing an air-cooler survey and we would like to receive your input so we can create even better products for you! You can enter the survey over this link: http://goo.gl/BiMgN6 For people living in Europe, you will even have a chance to win great prices! We will raffle 3pcs of Silencio 652 and 3pcs of Centurion 6 among the participants. Many thanks for your help and input!!!! P.s. Feel free to share your opinion in this topic also Ron // PM Cooling - Cooler Master Europe
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    Hello, My name is Maikel and i am from the Support department. Is the PSU installed with the fan facing down or upwards in your case? If the fan is facing down, please turn the PSU with the fan facing up and let me know if the noise is gone. This is to verify what is wrong with your PSU. Thanks in advance, Best regards, Maikel