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    Hello, Does anybody know how i could purchase a replacement side panel for the q300l, I’ve tried creating a support ticket but this just gives an error and i can’t see the part in the store, Any help appreciated, Thanks
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    Hola, en la ultima vez que yo hice el RMA, ellos tomaron más de 2 semanas para responderme
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    Hello guys, I bought a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler a couple years ago and it came with just the one 120mm PWM fan. I'm now trying to find just the other fan so I can have dual cooling fans for my CPU. Does anyone know where to find just the one for purchase?
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    hi guys, here are some more developments on THE IRON MAIDEN. without commenting.
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    Thank you for all the comments. I'm glad many people like my work . And apologize to the persons who asked to share the work file I can't give it to you. Because the design is the only thing Which tells of who I am This job is a prototype, I think it is strong to a certain extent. But still not good enough for what I intended. In order not to break the rules in the contest. I will wait until the end of the contest decision and announce the results. In red color, I will strengthen the main structure that must support the weight with iron. According to my intention that I was unable to do so within the contest time. It is the final version that is stronger in a gentle overview of the original.