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    Sounds exactly like my situation (MWE Gold 750). Nothing on my RMA for over a week either. If any Coolermaster employee sees this - please consider at least letting people know up front that their RMA may be slow due to Coronavirus issues. It's a lot better to receive that information from the outset and be able to plan accordingly.
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    Ive been waiting for my RMA for 2 months!!
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    Yea, I have been waiting for my RMA to process for weeks. I have to use my PC from home for work. Coolermaster 650 Gold would randomly shut off and now wont power on at all. I am unable to purchase a new PSU anywhere because of virus. Nightmare!!!...
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    I submitted a support request for a RMA for my PSU almost a week ago and I haven't received a response yet? Is it normal for CM to take this long to reply to requests? How long should I expect to wait for a response? Thanks.
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    I submitted an RMA request for a power supply on 5/23. I have not received an email that it has even been acknowledged much less any info on where to send the power supply. Status page still says verification. I would PREFER to set up an advance return so I'm not waiting forever to use my PC again. At this point, I'm ready to kiss my $80 goodbye and vow never to buy another Cooler Master product. My RMA number is CUSUS2005191. I would very much appreciate someone from Cooler Master replying and explaining why there has been no response for over a week and half. Based on the other messages I've seen regarding RMAs in this forum alone, I don't have a lot of faith, but I'm willing to be proven wrong. Thank you!
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    Update. I finally received an acknowledgment of my RMA last week and shipped it today. I'm wondering how many months before I get it back. And since I already replaced it, what papers to hold down with it.
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    Same here, RMA was created 3 weks ago (I just need a replacement screw+bolt for faulty parts on a 212EVO) and I've had no response. I know they mentioned increased delays due to covid, and I want to be understanding, but this is getting somewhat absurd.
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    Hello everyone! I purchased this power supply less than a year ago. The PSU will power the computer, at times, at least to the desktop or Chrome -- but instantly upon opening a game or anything demanding extra power, the PC simply shuts down. When I swap the PSU with my Platinum 800W Corsair, it easily resolves the issue. The PSU worked fine for quite some time and now appears to have completely bit the dust. It often now powers down before even booting into Windows, or sometimes it might boot into Windows but shut down upon opening Chrome, or opening a website or two. I submitted an RMA over two weeks ago and they have yet to reply -- when I check RMA status it simply says "Verification" -- I submitted all of the needed information during my request, and I haven't been contacted for any further information. Any idea what I need to do so I can actually get my item replaced? If it matters or anyone is concerned, my build is: Asus TUF x570 Ryzen 3700x Red Dragon 5700XT 32gb 3600mhz Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB MWE Gold 550W PSU My RMA # is: CUSUS2005199
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    I think coolermaster is going under I cant get the parts I need!
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    I sent in my water cooler for an RMA and have yet to hear anything after you guys received my package and its been almost 2 months! why haven't I received any status updates. At first I attributed it to the COVID situation but this is excessive. I was told that upon receiving the package a replacement would be sent a few days later. Ive also created a few tickets about the topic but have gotten no responses. Every other company Ive had to RMA with, have handled the situation orderly and professionally. Im honestly disspointed having used your products for years in my builds.
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    Yeah... The most ridiculus thing that even spare parts does not solve the issue completely... Not to mention that making a 500$ chassis with so serious and constant issues is just a crime. What a Terrible Failure... Indignation and frustration just overwhelms me...
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    I have submitted RMA CUSUS2006143 on 06/20/2020, and I have received no response. I did the same with an EVGA power supply and their response was immediate. I hope you guys respond to my RMA soon or otherwise I will start buying EVGA only from now on.
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    Same problem. The software to update the firmware FAILS. Actually it will offer to update the firmware over and over and over, with the same result every time -- no update happens. Also when I run the Cooler Master software I'm told the current FW version V1.01.00 and the Firmware Update Version is 1.00.02. Most people I know would think that V1.01.00 would be newer than a V1.00.02, but maybe Cooler Master uses a counter-intuitive versioning scheme. But the thing that bugs me the most is the completely unresponsive technical support I've received for my ticket on this issue. The silence is deafening. Cooler Master can only hide their lack of customer care behind the excuse of a "global pandemic has workers at home" for so long. Eventually it becomes evident that as long as they get the original sale $ for their products, that's all they care about. There is no real desire to support the end user -- not even to respond to a support ticket with a acknowledgement that their is an issue.
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    I purchased Silencio S600 ATX Mid-Tower case. Case doesn't look bad and would function for my needs. Now, if I wasn't in situation that I can't use any other case due to the size this would go back to Newegg. Reason it's not a product but more Cooler Master as a brand and their not responding RMA system when people has a problem. 1. Problem number one , case came with missing top filter cover. It should come with both hard cover and filter cover if you install fans on top. File RMA for this - no answer for 2 week. 2. Problem with serial number not recognized by CM system. You will get also auto response on this matter and autoresponder email ask you to submit labels. I did that again 2 weeks no response. So my product is not under warranty according to this. 3. Misleading advertising. On Newegg site show that Hard Drive case is removable or can be moved. No that is not true. Only right side bracket can be removed and moved but since left side riveted in you can't move the left side so you will lose 3.5in drive capability. This is a major flaw of this case also major flaw is almost no room for wire management. I wish my desk allow dipper case I would when with a real case manufacturer, not this joke brand with total ignorance of customers, no phone support (sorry I try to call, leave messages - say call later we are busy helping other fellow. No email to contact.) My advise if you are searching for any hardware for your computer just avoid Cooler Master all together. Cooler Master is not even be on my brand list any longer. If I could copy and paste this on every site they sell product I would just do so, so people stay away from them.
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    Well, well, well now I realize how bad this company is, not even look at forum WOW. But my friend building his system now, no cooler master parts in his system will be. The more people I speak the less people will buy this brand. Customer service well done.
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    Hello, i get a b450 tomahawk + a cooler master ML240R +3 Fan coolermast MF140R + 1 Antec PRIZM 120 RGB. My cable are all linked to the remote management with the ML240R and she is connected to the motherboard . I can control all of this with the Cooler Master plus system . But Mystic Light didn't detect anything. How can i change that. All copponent have the compatibility with Mystic light. I can change the motherboard colors with mystic light. So the system work. Could you help me? I need to control all of them with mystic light cause i want to buy the corsair vengeance rgb PRO . They have the mystic light feature too My explication could be better but my english are low ^^ I can send picture of my setup too
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    Twitter is not an acceptable method of communication for RMA messsages. I have a problem with any company that uses twitter for support actually. And as much as they want everything to return to normal they're gonna have to be realistic. This is the new normal, until a widespread vaccine is available in 1-2 years. Of course, then the next virus will hit. They are going to have to adjust their business practices, or be ready to close up shop.
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    I've already purchased a new PSU from a different, much more reliable PSU mfgr., which I should have done in the first place. Still nothing from CM.
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    So does this mean that there won't be any new PSUs that will go on sale as well? :( I feel you @Frankie3521, I also have the same PSU and the same issue. I sent out my motherboard just to make sure it wasn't the issue, and it wasn't. Let's just hope that the stock levels for PC components start getting back to normal. Pretty difficult especially when our PCs do help us through these difficult times.
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    I'm trying to get my chassis fans to work with my BIOS controls and it works normally until my PC wakes from sleep. I have set the fan speed selector on the case to Motherboard Sync (PWM) input and can control and monitor the fans normally through the BIOS settings. When the PC wakes from sleep the fans run at a much higher than normal speed until I press down on the fan selector switch on the case. It's as though the case defaults to high speed when it wakes from sleep although the LED indicator on the case says that it is in M/B Sync mode. According to the BIOS settings the fans should be at 20% until the temperature reaches 40C. Here are the details of my setup: Asus Strix X570-E MB Case fans hooked up to 4 pin Chassis 2 connector BIOS set to PWM (also tried auto) on chassis 2 with manual profile set to 20% fan speed up to 40C on internal temp sensor Typical case temperature 25C I had Asus AI Suite 3 with Fan Xpert 4 installed but removed it in case it was causing a conflict. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Hi i have an MH751 and i cant seem to be able to connect the microphone ive tried everything but it wont work
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    Just one important tip: the pump header must provide full 12V. You may need to disable fan control on the pump header in your motherboard’s BIOS. Agreed that 55 C under load is really nice. I'm sharing my findings about the 1700X temperatures with the Masterliquid: https://imgur.com/a/phnwwP9
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    Ok, well, Brea businesses were allowed to reopen on May 28, according to the City's website. And there is really no excuse for not communicating with the customers. That can be accomplished remotely. They could have updated their webpage to indicate something other than 7-10 business day shipping time. If you tell people they can expect service in 7-10 business days, is it any wonder people get upset when those expectations aren't met? They received my RMA on 5/19, and, since then, I've heard nothing. No response on their ticketing system. Nobody answers the phone and you can't leave a message. Why shouldn't we share our rotten CM experience in every retailer's review forum, or on the boards?
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    I'm in the same boat from 5/24 -- RMA # is CUSUS2005199 Simply inexcusable.
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    Thanks for the info. I'm glad you got something from them. However... I have yet to receive even a brief email acknowledging that I've even put an RMA ticket in. Email responses can be done remotely. There is no need to go into the office. When I communicate with a company I expect at least an automated response to say, hey we got your ticket, here's how to give us more information, here's how the process works, etc. Maybe even, it's gonna take longer and here's why. Especially in the case of an important system component like a power supply. I need my system working, so now I have to buy a new PSU or let it collect dust while waiting x weeks or months just to be told it will take x many more weeks or months for a replacement. I'm not unreasonable and I know these are extraordinary times. But there is no excuse for lack of communication in our world either. And looking at other messages on this forum, it's been going on a lot longer than the pandemic.
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    I guess if you look at how they respond to this forum..
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    Mine also failed after 11 months, a good bet is to get a different brand to replace it. Use the RMA'd psu for something else or sell it, that's what I'm gonna do. That is if I feel like waiting. Mine only had a bad bearing in the fan, which I could just replace myself with a 20$ part. Too bad you can't just get your money back, RMA's seem like a nightmare through this company. Short answer, go Corsair or Seasonic. Never had an issue with either of them. Only bought this because it was on sale for 75$ at the time, I needed more power for a GPU and it had good specs for the price. Best or luck to ya!
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    Newegg is now owned by china and has been for a few years, the primary reason the customer service, like coolermaster, is so bad. When either newegg or coolermaster tries to remove my posts or not reply I have the luxury of good lawyers to cost them some funds in legal fees as punishment. They get in contact with me very quickly after that. I suggest you utilize the BBB, the FTC or the consumeraffairs.com site if you cannot afford friends to help you. Since newegg is no longer an accredited business the only way to get their attention is to hurt their already damaged image further and cost them lots in legal fees. Now unless you can spend the money I do on lawyers you will not get the results I do but you can leave some strongly worded complaints (que laughter). On the sites mentioned above do not include your own passion or use vulgarity or appear childish in that you cannot control your anger or you will look foolish and not be taken seriously. This is not legal advice, just what I do to "clear things up" when a business decides after the purchase I am no longer worth their time. Be precise, leave bullet comments and then a solution that is in keeping with the EULA or TOS you had to click through to purchase or use your product when contacting these consumer help companies. With china being the owners of both newegg and coolermaster you have a problem, the chinese communist party controls everything. While the communist party does not interfere in the day to day workings of small companies like newegg and coolermaster, those owners do have guidelines they must follow, this is the primary reason the customer support and service in both companies is so abysmal, these companies know other countries can rarely pressure their sovereign nature legally and just generally blow off threats or bad publicity unless you can show them you can hurt them financially or provide bad, high visibility press. To any moderator reading this, no part of the current TOS has been violated, no legal advice has been given, I just reference my procedures and some suggestions. Removal of this post will result in action from my company regarding international obligation and law regarding product warranties and communications. These posts and replies or removals will be forwarded to my lawyers. Have a nice day folks. I will even make a post regarding a product and show you what happens if it does not get answered by executive customer care in it's response. Note that with the current viral pandemic caused by china, help timelines will be much longer. But then chinese business authorities have informed me that businesses are starting back up in china, so it should not be too bad.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mupr9DrnYU I explain the issue here - basically, because the mouse buttons wrap around the sides of the mouse, I have nowhere comfortable to rest or pick up the mouse by - my finger is always touching the gap between the rightmouse button and the base of the side. My finger is right where the right mouse button clamps down when pressed. I also pick up the mouse using my ring finger, which means that I'm essentially forced to pick up the MM710 by pressing and lifting on the right-mouse button - in combat, this feels terrible! I can't pick up the mouse and Aim-down sight (hold RMB) comfortably at all! Please, for next revision please fix this design and make the button flush, like most mice do (Zowies, GPW, etc.)
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    Regarding: https://store.coolermaster.com/us/mm710 Hey, simple comment. I'm concerned about the comfort of the MM710, I think that the side buttons protrude far too much and would not suit everyone's fingers, especially not people with skinny hands who would vastly prefer low profile buttons. Otherwise, I like what I see in the MM710. Good luck. I hope that you can make your MM710 be among the very best without users needing to make DIY modifications for comfort! Here are some of your competitors on the product. https://www.pcgamingrace.com/products/glorious-model-o-minus-matte-black https://shop.x-raypad.com/product/g-wolves-skoll-gaming-mouse-rgb-lighting/ https://ninox.co/products/astrum
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    You offer 5 years warranty on your PSUs. This was one of the reasons I chose Cooler Master. Mine went bad and I requested a replacement which was approved. Now I have to send the old part back and you won't send the replacement until after about 2-3 weeks from when I ship my part. How am I going to use my media server without a power supply. It can't be offline for 2 or 3 weeks. I was willing to pay now for a replacement power supply and get credited back when you receive and approve the defective return. Your customer rep, on chat, said it is not possible and the new PSU won't ship until 7-14 days after it gets received in the warehouse. I had a few computer components over the years that I had to RMA under warranty and never had this issue before. Your warranty is useless now. I have to buy another power supply. Very disappointing. Why can't you offer to have the customer charged and the item shipped right away? And then when you receive the old part to issue credit? Every company that I dealt with does this... RMA: CUSUS1605046
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