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    I Love this Series! it is come with so much Features! sadly...i heard from this Thread : http://community.coolermaster.com/index.php/topic/12695-so-sad-cooler-master-690-iii-case-discontinued/ when i heard this...omg im so disappointed...cuz i want to build new PC! this case brings so many features! it's almost Perfect tho...well some other Ppl say it's ugly case...for me? NO! "Don't Judge a CASE just by external look" Please Cooler Master...i want this case back! or just make the new ONE like 690 IV or something Thank you CoolerMaster~!
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    you got my pm
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    For Belgium we are VERY limited in what we offer in the local Belgium keyboard layout actually. If you are looking for a Pro S in BE layout that I am sorry but I have to dissapoint you, we dont carry that. But, if you want a US International layout then I suggest you contact our cmstore.eu, they can likely hook you up. Since our EU HQ is located in NL the shipping is quite realistic and the warranty is directly with us so thats a plus too.
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    hehe , Update just finish talked with HQ team . Finally 280mm long graphic card will or can fit into CM 590 without removing the HDD cage . And now Up to you man and if you still concerned please contact customer services , they will give you more detail regarding this issue .
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    I've been waiting awhile for Cooler Master to support the GeminII for AM4. I wanted to buy GeminII S524 Ver.2 for my Ryzen build. As I still use a older GeminII in my current system as it's been my favorite. Doesn't seem like it's going to happen though. I am not interested in any of the tower coolers. Looks like I will probably have to end up going with another brand.
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    Guess this explains why this keyboard was on sale. and also why I will be taking it back to the store tomorrow. I'll look for an alternative from another vendor out of spite for the headache that you've caused me with this rediculous design.
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    Received this bundle today and had the same input problem. After watching a few youtube reviews I came across one video where the girl mentioned the repeat rate, F9 and F10. Once I loaded up a game I confirmed that THAT was the problem. The 8x repeat rate messes with the directional inputs. Setting it back to the standard 1x (FN+F9) fixed it right there. I could even switch between the two to make sure that it was the culprit. I hope this helps anyone who is having this problem! =)
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    Same here guy, what a BS design flaw.
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    Hi N2O, Thanks for the 690 love! The case is very popular, so I guess new versions will be released in the future. Cheers, Pim
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    Hello Everyone, Unfortunately there is no way to remap the LED on/off so you will have to use the scroll lock key. Our Mechanical keyboard do not function this way and have a separate key to control the LED's. This may be a better option for you since you are using excel. I apologize for any inconvenience and please let us know if you have any other questions. Patrick CMUSA Support