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    Suffering from the same issues. In every restart the fan kicks back on even if I have already set it to silent. I HAVE TO DO THE SAME THING IN EVERY RESTART... I will first RETURN the FAILMAKER 1200 and then start a SPAMMING CAMPAIN in YouTube, blogs and social media in order to make this an issue for coolermaster... Its a pity they should come up with a solution, even in the form of a startup script to offer support to us fail-ridden folks. I suggest you to do the same if you value your investments and dislike being SUCKERS...
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    Hi there. I currently have the Cooler Master MS120 and the keys H and N don'g work, not sure if there is other keys not working but i'll sort these ones first. I get no response from them whatsoever. I have updated the software for the keyboard using the download files provided by Cooler Master. I have also cleaned under the keys. I am not sure what else I can do. Has anyone dealt with this before or have any solutions? thank you
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    There have been multiple posts on this forum regarding the controller for our AIO's. This company has neglected to comment on the problem, essentially spitting the faces of their customers. "Plug in your CM device to get started" I'm now going to spend a few hours leaving the worst reviews for their products across as many sites as possible. No one should buy coolmaster products with this level of neglect and contempt for their own customers. Garbage company. Garbage products. Garbage customer service. No clear stance on anything, it's always just "contact customer support"
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    First of all hello guys ! I don't know where to post this to be sure to get an answer. I don't see a Master Liquid ML360R RGB section : only 120 and 240...Maybe someone could help me with this ? Then i could delete that post and edit a new one in the appropriate section. Secondly here are my issues, any tips or advice are welcome because the Cooler Master support is unreachable to me and i need to be sure of what to do when i'll still able to resend that aio to my seller in the appropriate delay if i needed to. I'm sorry for my bad english too, i hope it will be readable to you. 3 detailed problems: 1. Radiator always cold the 2 pipes always cold Noise of water and air stuck in the pump cover which pours into a pipe when I tilt my pc tower. I installed it two weeks ago, i did not forget to remove the plastic on the copper surface, with a dab of thermal paste* on the proc (*wich was on the same plastic bag as the screws..) i installed it. Nb:(Even before opening the container of the paste I noticed that it had flowed on the tube and in the plastic, so I applied the dough after removing the first dry ends). 2. At each start-up this aio makes a sound of water (quite strong) for 10-15 minutes which trickles into the cache above the processor (ryzen 3600x) for afterwards to continue but in drop mode and come back randomly. The pump is connected to the aio pump on an asus tuf gaming wi-fi x570. With the 3-pin cable using the reporter on a 4-pin port on the motherboard. The 3 120mm fans are connected to the fan cpu. 3. I tried several times to turn my pc gently on itself… When I tilt it slightly so that the outlet pipes of the pump are directed downwards rather than to the right and this while my pump is doing a noise of water blocked, suddenly I hear all the water pouring out as if we were filling a glass from our sink. 4. In one of the pipes, the one at the top (outlet to the right of the pump) I can feel the water circulating until the first half which rises towards the radiator at the top and then nothing. 4.1 For the bottom pipe (outlet to the right of the pump) I do not feel the water circulating ... 5. Desktop mode with all programs closed. Process temperature (ryzen 3600x) Values cpu = between 32 and 47 degrees which fluctuates from 10 to 15 degrees every second). Cpu Package: between 38 and 50 that fluctuates every 5 seconds. Stake : By launching a little greedy game, for 30 minutes yesterday my processor rose to 72c peak with an average of 62c .So i quit gaming.. My questions : Is this normal: 1. That the radiator is always cold? Even when I run a stress test the radiator does not seem to dissipate heat. 2. Is it normal that I do not feel the water circulating in the pipes (or just in the first part of one of the two (the one at the top, pump to the right? 3.This sparkling water noise seems to me to be due to blocked air? In addition, the 3 fans that accompany it make quite a noise from 40% of their speed exceeded. They activate in a loop every 20 seconds for 5 seconds on the desktop without doing anything. They accelerate, decelerate, in a loop. In Ryzen power balanced non OC mode except the ram (trident z neo 3600 mhz). Speed that seems mandatory to keep temperatures in reasonable areas below 50 degrees without doing anything. Just look at my wallpaper: '( Do I have to return the product? Is it defective? Dangerous? Is it normal operation: /? Aio placed at the top pipes down and on the pipes proc to the right no other choice (except left but too short) given the fixings provided ... Thank you for you time, have a nice day all.
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    I too have this issue, and the firmware update did not work. Do I need to press any buttons on the controller to change from manual mode to USB control?
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    I just got my mf120r argb 3 in1 pack. I connected everything just according to this video: While I could control the colours thru as rock polychrome(i have asrock b450m pro4), but the master plus software won't recognize my fans. Then I used my own micro usb cable to connect the mini controller to a usb port on my pc, and then I could get the master+ to recognize the fans, but I still couldn't use the software to control the color. The software will recognize the fans, but can't control it. HELP!!!!!!! thanks
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    Suffering from the same issues. In every restart the fan kicks back on even if I have already set it to silent. I HAVE TO DO THE SAME THING IN EVERY RESTART... I will first RETURN the FAILMAKER 1200 and then start a SPAMMING CAMPAIN in YouTube, blogs and social media in order to make this an issue for coolermaster... Its a pity they should come up with a solution, even in the form of a startup script to offer support to us fail-ridden folks. I suggest you to do the same if you value your investments and dislike being SUCKERS...
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    Can you create one of these? I purchased a X570 ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero and a MasterAir Maker 8. The AM4 bracket doesn't fit and rests on the capacitors on the left side. I am 15 days out of my 30 day return window and there is nothing I can do. I want to use this cooler and I am not sure who is more to blame here. Asus or CM? I certainly didn't see this coming when I spec'd out the size and made sure it had the compatible AM4 bracket. Is this something you are aware of and working on a possible fix? I have submitted a ticket but this is more for public consumption so people don't make the same mistake I did by combining these two products. Please create one of these lists to prevent issues for other customers. At least some good can come from this possibly.
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    I purchased this cooler for a build a few weeks ago based on the fact that it was "Certified" to work with the asus aura software. Unfortunately my motherboard only has the RGB headers and not the ARGB headers. No matter I thought, I can use the software to sync them up. It has now been many months on and CM has not replied to any requests for updates. Until this is resolved, I will not purchase any CM products and will be telling everyone I know to do the same. Horrible experience.
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    Try to update the firmware of the controller. This method worked for me new firmare: https://www.coolermaster.com/downloads/#argb-led-small-controller-firmware
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    The fans on my ML360R are very loud and I’m not sure why. It’s correctly set up so I am really unsure, anyone know where or how I can make it quiet, as that is the only other fans except my gpu in my case. Which is a lot more distinctive as it’s a 1070ti oc edition and sounds like an rc helicopter not the loud pulsing sound my ML360R is making.
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    As title states. I can't find it anywhere online, but I've been told i can buy just the panel. I ask due to having some heating issues.
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    My masterkeys pro L loses its RGB profiles every time my computer is booted up, or resumed from a sleep/hibernation state. After windows loads the keyboard functions to a degree- it shows the red RGB channel and I'm able to type- however I cannot edit RGB using keyboard shortcuts, change profile etc. Ive been getting around the problem by loading the Cooler Master Portal to flash my profiles back to the keyboard, but this is irritating as I have to do it every time my computer resumes from sleep. I've tried hard reseting the keyboard, deleting and reloading keyboard profiles, updating keyboard firmware and reinstalling the latest version of coolermaster portal all to no avail. Any ideas?
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    I am entering this here because it would seem that I can't leave a comment after submitting a ticket because this website is poorly maintained. Or it was just something you didn't want to hear As I have also stated previously in the comment that didn't save for some reason. I have fixed the problem. And AMD stated that Cooler Master Hardware is Cooler Master's problem. You didn't even ask me what version I was trying to use or anything. Just passed me off to someone else. Why would AMD handle your company's business when they have their hands full with their own products? Your website is in need of revamping and updating. Every time you look for your software to run the cooler LED's it just brings up version 1.0 when clearly there is another updated version. I mean I already went through this with your leave a comment already, but surprise, it didn't save it and I'm not even sure you got it. It would seem that no one wants to work anymore. With all the people who are having trouble getting your cooler to work properly, as seen by just doing a little research on the web, you would think that you could help them since they bought your product and all. But after reading it's not our problem from you guys, it's no wonder why they can't get things to work properly. So do what you have to do, but don't e-mail me again unless I ask you for help. Which will be a cold day for sure. And just maybe your website will work just this once to let you know all I have said.
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    has anyone solved this problem? I think coolermaster should do something, we spent a lot for this case! it can happen that a product has a defect but the company has to do something to solve, I have done some research on google and there are so many people with this problem! the case coolermaster cosmos c700m has problems with the leds and the automatic speed of the fans ..
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    What if you put the software to keep the options when you press the "save" button? I choose the profile "Silent" and at each reboot of the system it returns to the profile "Default" ignoring my configuration.
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    i am in the same boat. i found another thread that says they still get aura to control their pumps/fans. they just open both lighting control and aura and it just kicks in. sadly i cant get aura to control my pumps rgb. i am not using the stock fans, so i have the fans argb header plugged directly into the argb header on my z390i. so far no luck with all kinds of different methods of trying to connect the aio to aura (with and without ext/splitters/controller)
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    Hi All, I've just purchased this, my Cooler Master Lighting control shows Aura Sync but I cant select it, this is exactly what you guys are talking about right? Is there a way to download the Aura sync plug in yet?
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    Same here. Purchased because of the Asus Aura logo. My Asus Motherboard is RGB only. Been waiting for the Asus Aura plugin for 6 months. If it's not released, will be very upset and never buy again.
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    Hey Philippe. I just discovered what was causing the issue on my computers: Google Play Music. The app on Google Chrome. Disabling or uninstalling the extension/app makes the problem go away and all media keys function as they should. If you don't have Google Play Music on Chrome (or if you don't use Google Chrome at all), try checking whether you have any other background apps that might be interfering. Let me know if you have any questions regarding my setup.