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    Thanks + please touch our customer services too , they will assist you .
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    Hi can you share some picture regarding your installation ? want to see the error part .
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    Here's my question about the panel, considering how long usb 3.1 has been out, why aren't two of these 3.1 and two of them 3.0??? Most really good mobo's today have one usb 2.0, one usb 3.0 and one usb 3.1 jumper on the board. So trying to hookup four usb 3.0 faceplate ports is problematic. But if two of them were 3.1 it would be very easy. Considering that this is the top of your line, it should be updated to the current tech. Even two usb 3.0 ports, a usb 3.1 and a type C would be a much better choice than four 3.0 ports.
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    Update: Was informed by the Cooler Master case specialists, the MasterCase Maker 7 will be available in 2018. This is to ensure the case is perfect upon release.
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    I've been looking to buy the CM Mastercase maker 7 for a long long time as it is made for xl-atx motherboards and much larger radiators. I've been using a cosmos 2 since they first released and own 2. But the Mastercase maker 7 has a lot of features I've been craving. 1. Tinted tempered glass side panel 2. Black interior (not red) 3. Xl-atx full tower 4. Lower shelf (psu) cover with customized panels 5. Its big! All that is available in stores is the tiny CM Mastercase 5 and 5t (with red), it's beautiful but it's too small. Where is my dream case the maker 7? been wanting to buy this for sooooo long, why won't you take my money?
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    First, where is the MasterCase Maker 7? We have been waiting for this case for over a year due to the fact it is an XL-ATX case. Case Idea • 2 versions to be available 1) Metal parts and upgrades 2) Plastic parts and upgrade (current). • Front IO to be a non-gloss finish • Have available different colored interior versions available, much like the 5T (black, Red, Green, Blue, White etc) • RBG lit fans to be standard with all builds with an RGB controller on the front IO (RGB fans can also be integrated into supporting Motherboards for customization) • Top cooler rack to fit up to a 3x120 or 3x140 radiator. • More rear SSD hold racks • PSU lower shelf cover to be standard (no one wants to see messy cables) • Motherboard bay side to have the tinted tempered glass side panel • Cable management side to have a metal side panel (can order another glass panel if you want this option) • New upgrade mod front fan cover to be flush with the IO (opening for airflow at the bottom of the cover instead of the top) Reason: the open hole looks like an opening to a garbage basket. • Disc drive shelf to be customizable to face forward, or sideways (looks amazing to have a fan controller or LED screen on the inside faced towards the tempered glass)
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    I GOT IT!!!! FINALLY!! The support didn't help, just told me to return it (as always) which was not an option as I bought it in Bangkok and live in Australia. Anyway, there was another thread on this and the guy said he just waited. Well I have waited 2 months at least with nothing, when randomly, when my PC was turned off, the lights went red. I turned on my PC in hope but the lights turned off. I pressed right click and DPI but nothing happened. Then, in a last shot of desperation I pressed the DPI and the scroll wheel when the lights finally turned on to pulse mode. I then followed the instructions in the manual to change it to static cyan just how I like it. Now, for the red lights to appear I had to plug the mouse into the 'always getting power USB port' on my motherboard, so that when the PC was off the mouse was receiving power but no data. Most laptops and decent desktops have this port. It can usually be identified by a Lightning bolt next to the usb port. Hopefully this helps someone.
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    I would like to see removable motherboard trays become a thing, Especially with your new modular philosophy with the mastercase 5. I would also like to see a larger version of the mastercase 5 and pro 5.
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    +1 for removable motherboard try (see my signature..) Larger versions will be released in the future, but no schedule as far as I know.
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    Hi! I was wondering if you could work in a bottom radiator mount pref 240/280 for cpu cooling and a 360 for the gpus in the top because that would be absolutley perfect for watercooling and enthusiast sli/crossfire while still be able to use the front for storage with your genius harddrive positioning(i have been waiting for far to long for someone to make that design) and this might be a far stretch but could you make one in white, then you would have atleast one guaranteed buyer Yours truly Gabriel