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    Craig Tate

    Project: Sleeper

    Go big or go home. Seems to be the mantra of modding as of late. Dramatic, some bordering on flamboyant. I mean, this is still case modding! It's an art form, and everyone interprets art differently. Sometimes to beautiful and BRILLIANT effect. I have loved looking over the entries over the years. Masterful craftsmanship, and I applaud you all; past and present makers of the modding art. When I read about the 25th Anniversary case mod competition, and the special section regarding using/referencing past classic CM cases, I was immediately inspired. For, in my garage, I have held on to a pristine ATCS that I won at Quakecon man years ago. I recognized it then for it's classic beauty and simplicity. The perfect canvas for many modders. Straight lines, full side panels, and the inside frame of the case is almost as special. So... what better way for me to get back into the thick of it, then by using my prized prize, and bringing it into the 21st century! My goal of the build is to take the case and it's internals, and rework it to accommodate modern 120mm (maybe 140mm, but I wont know until I get into the box) and, just like a car that is a "sleeper", you won't know what is lurking under the hood! It will look nearly stock. Body work, metal work, etc to allow the beast within to breathe and groan... but maintain as much of the ATCS simplicity to keep you guessing! It will be a fun trip down memory lane, with reverence and respect that I will be channeling on one of my prized, untouched cases. Stay tuned, and (to shamelessly plagiarize the move "Dune") watch as "the Sleeper awakens!" PS: After re-reading my log this morning, I opted to just name the project "Sleeper", as I dont want to cause any confusion. Its not a "Dune" mod, it's theme going to be a ATCS time warp!
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    Project TRON

    Sound Card almost complete, just need to add something to the top plate.
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    Project: GoW4

    Laser cutting and dremel work to add texture before painting starts. The logo is only 80mm high so a lot of the fine detals like the lines in the teeth where lost so I had to add them back. and I had to make a " F " for the " OF " with the dremel as it got stuffed up in the vectors some how. I have also linished to text to add texture to it once painted. Teeth lines added back Gears of War logo completed
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    Project Voltron

    work on the top panel...
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    Project VEGA

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    Thoughts on the Masterkeys Pro S

    Due to the angled USB connector there are an unnecessary amount of strain applied on the connectors on the cable and the keyboard. I've got a tip that might save the life of a few connectors out there. Instead of letting the cable go straight out the back of the keyboard, you can run it underneath the keyboard and around the left flap. Obviously, this only works if you use the keyboard with the flaps extended. In my opinion, the angled connector is a stupid choice by CM and will probably cause a bunch of RMAs. A straight connector or some kind of locking mechanism to relieve from straining would have been the better choice. This seems very fragile. EDIT: It seems they got it right on the Masterkeys Pro L board at least.
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    Ale modder

    Project Scorpio

    Hi guys, this is my project for the competition scratch build. My project starts from a drawing (drawing ugly ) to see the shape to draw in 3d max The result after many hours of modeling with 3d max is this And here more details bye bye to next update
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    MT. Mods

    GOLD RUSH (24ct Gold)

    Hello, Welcome to the logs for GOLD RUSH. What is Gold Rush ? Gold rush is an exotic project with 24ct gold plated fittings, Backplate, and whatever else i can get my filthy paws on The case it's self will be, cut up, and resprayed in a white/gold flip paint. Featuring a parallel loop and a gold mine on the shroud, this project will be a show stopper. SPECS! We all love a good read at this part From Coolermaster Cooler Maser MasterCase Maker 5 Cooler Master V1000 PSU Cooler Master Masterfan airflow 140mm From Alphacool Alphacool Eisblock XPX CPU - Intel/AMD - silver matte Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 280mm radiator Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 280mm radiator Alphacool NexXxoS GPX - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 M02 Alphacool Eisbecher 250mm Acetal reservoir Alphacool VPP655 PWM - G1/4 inner thread including Eisdecke D5 - Acetal V.3 Alphacool Eisrohr 16/13mm PETG HardTube Alphacool Eiszapfen 16mm HardTube compression fitting G1/4 Alphacool Eiszapfen angled adaptor 45° rotatable G1/4 outer thread to G1/4 inner thread Alphacool GPX SLI Connector - Single - Plexi Alphacool double nipple G1/4 outer thread to G1/4 Alphacool angled adaptor 45° - G1/4 revolvable - 2x inner thread From ASUS ROG ASUS Maximus IX CODE Z270 Motherboard ASUS Strix GTX 1070 Graphics card From Cablemod Gold / White Custom sleeved cables RAM TBD Other parts Intel Core i7 7700K Design i've never been very good at 3D modeling software, so i do my best in words to describe the mess in the image lol. Now a few things to point out. The loop under the GPU will no longer be zig zagged, it will be a straight 45 degree angle from GPU to Shroud. Around the base of the reservoir and where the fittings meet the shroud, there will be pyrite fools gold set around them, like gold is forming around a hot chamber. The name ''gold Rush'' will be cut from the shroud, and filled with pyrite (Fools gold) for a more authentic look. Sponsor logo's on the front will be made from real 24ct gold leaf. The gold triangles you see on the case will be cut outs, and meshed for looks and ventilation. The mesh will be gold too. Time Frame I'm guessing at 4 weeks, as this is the biggest project i've undertaken yet and by all means the toughest work yet. Media Over the next 4 weeks i'll be doing a VLOG of the build progress, out on the road, at home, wherever i need to go, be sure it'll be on video. i expect 4 episodes 1 for each week. Don't fret, as pictures will be uploaded as i go for the project logs and social media. Teaser Now we can get this show on the road. PICTURES!!!! Fred is on hand to help me out! Cooler Master Masterfan Pro 140 - Air Flow fans https://imgflip.com/gif/1ikq7k][/url][url=https://imgflip.com/gifgenerator From ASUS, The mighty Maximus IX Code Strix 1070 OC Finally The Cooler Master Mastercase Maker 5 I got to work as soon as the case arrived. First i cut and fitted the front shroud (first of 2) You'll see what i mean later I then cut the rear I/o Cover thingy and fitted that Case / Motherboard / Fans and radiators are due into the auto shop on monday to get flip painted. So my next update before then will be the arrival of Alphacool products. Excited now it's all finally moving along. Will bring more updates as i continue.
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    Jaqueline Abrão

    Cyber Kitsune

    Thank you very much for following the post, without doubt all work is manual and soon I have many new photos to show you....
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    ADROMEDA 001

    17/2/2017 : Tired day. I change many small parts. HUHU.
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    Project: Half Life 2: Gordon Freeman edition

    Quick update!! A few minutes ago, my partner sent me an email with the end product, the game logo finally 3d printed and ready to be sent to me!! I am very happy and satisfied with the result!! I can't wait to take it into my hands!!
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    Project: Half Life 2: Gordon Freeman edition

    Here we are again! Today i thought i should paint the effect a bit to see how it would turn out later on after i apply the rusting effect on it. So, at first, i applied a thick layer of primer. Remember, nothing will remain like this! After it dried out, i took a paintbrush and sprayed the tip with ruby red and painted the effect. It turned out irrelevant to what i wanted, so next i cleaned the brush with nitro thinner and took an old spray cap and mixed some black matt and that color and it turned out like this! Next what i did, was take the paintbrush and gently apply it to the effect using the sponge/pinch technique. What happened next was this, the color appeared better than i thought! From now on, i thought i try the pinch/sponge technique the panel. Not bad result! Next i tried the paint splash using....my finger with that ruby red color! More effect will be applied later on today or maybe tomorrow!
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    Schwanz Munster

    Got mine!!

    Hey everyone, Well I got my own master air maker 8 installed and running. Pretty damn simple install. Hardest part was figuring out clearances but I got it done. I am seriously impressed with not only the size of this cooler but also the performance and lighting of it. I used the transparent top cover that comes with it as it matches my case ( CoolerMaster Trooper - Full tower) I do have to say one thing. I do not know how anyone who runs either mAtX or anything less than a full tower case runs this cooler. It makes my ASUS Strix GTX970 look small. On to performance. I run an AM3+ board with a FX-8350 Black Edition. Stock clock of 4Ghz with the 42.Ghz turbo clock option on. With my TX3 I ran around 25*C idling and 57*C gaming with current titles such as GTA V and Infinte warfare. With the MAM 8 I now run 4*C and 40*C gaming with the same titles. I should also mention the fans are idling at 850rpm to achieve that 4*C temperature. I manually control them with MSI Command Center when gaming. I run them at 1000rpm when I am gaming to achieve that 40*C temp while running all 8 cores at full turbo clock. So yea I'm seriously impressed. I'm giving my old TX3 to a friend of mine for her machine. This cooler surprised the crap outta me. I will also note that it cleared my chipset heatsinks, barely cleared the one next to the fan. Intel guys may be in trouble with this one. I did, however, have some issues with my RAM. Mushkin Blackline with Frostbyte heatsinks. DDR3. 2133Mhz. I had to move my RAM to the 2nd and 4th slots and move the cooler fan up one slot to the 120mm fan latch location to clear my ram. Not a big deal but just thought I should mention it. Here are some pictures. choose files... Click to choose files
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    Project: Half Life 2: Gordon Freeman edition

    So, here we are again, preping the surface of the panel so the effect will be applied better. Here are some images of the panel with roughed color using a decent sander. In some of them you might notice the beginning of the effect that i am making on it. So, with that done, i moved on the other side panel where i want to make the same effect so what i thought is make it mirrored. at first i took measures from the other side panel where the logo was cutted and applied them to the other one. So, what i did next, was write some points on the panel where the logo should be placed and then put the logo accordingly so i would paint the outline. I realized next that this was inaccurate and the points weren't right, so i thought to place the cutted panel inverted on the other one. So next i aligned them properly and afterwards i painted with primer what was cutted and then make the effect on that panel too. Here is ready to be painted. Paint's ready!! As you can see, there is still on the sticker of the operating system so what i did to remove it and sand a bit the area, was wet it with nitro thinner at first and as i was peeling it off, i re-did the area with thinner so the residue would vanish. Here is removed and sanded. So, now lets move on the main panel. What i want here is make the outline look scorched and like it's been melted. What i'm using is some fiberglass putty and hardener for the job. To make that effect i simply spreaded it with my finger along the outline. That way you will create that abstract/irregular effect. It is just some sample images i want to show you during the process and as it evolves. The spreader and its follower! The mixture ready to be made! (I tried another can of putty i have and i saw that it is almost its decay, so i won't be using it any further) Some more images with putty applied. (remember, this is just sample shots of how it looks and evolves)
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    Craig Tate

    Project: Sleeper

    Woot! Getting closer guys! Found a company here near my work that is a metal supermarket.... no really! https://www.metalsupermarkets.com/ No minimums, they cut to order, and they have a TON of stuff!!! (yeah, I nailed that pun!) So, I am picking up sheet alu, havin 2 of the strips cut to precisely 3" wide, and 290mm long, and then another 12"x24" sheet, and I picked up two of the 5"x16" 3mm castoffs that were left over from a previous sheet that was cut. My 3" wide strips and my 12x24 sheet will be ready tomorrow (it was lunch time, the guys in the shop were hungry, didn't want any accidents, ), so after I pick that up... I will be ready to start some fabrication!!! I also picked up a 4 1/2in angle grinder, and 3 flap head discs of various grits (30/60/120) to work that weld bead down flush... hopefully!!! Got my aluminium welding rods, and I need to go pick up ceramic tiles to put the work on to keep the heat from catching my work surface on fire when I start welding. The technique I will be using is a simple propane torch to heat the joint and the metal, then using an aluminium welding rod to create the weld. It's technically more "brazing" than "welding" This is a similar rod to what I will be using to attach my plates together. WOO HOO!!!
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    Master Maker ROG Edition

    Final photos.
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    Hi Andrey, It's indeed not in the official press release, we will update it a.s.a.p. The Hyper 212 PLUS is compatible with socket AM4 You can pre-order the AM4 upgrade kit on our CM store: EU: http://www.cmstore.eu/cooling/amd-am4-upgrade-kit-rr-accy-am4b-r1/ US: http://www.cmstore-usa.com/amd-am4-upgrade-kit-rr-accy-am4b-r1/ It is available free of charge, simply pay the shipping fees to receive it Let me know if you have any other question.
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    Modding Team

    Project "SL5t"

    We don't have you listed in our registration list. Please make sure to complete the official registration form by the deadline to be considered for prizes. http://makerhub.coolermaster.com/cmws-2017
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    Project: Half Life 2: Gordon Freeman edition

    What i plan to do, is rip off all the 5.25" covers and bond or just put an action figure of Gordon Freeman inside the bays and make him look like he is trying to brake the glass (which is going to be acrylic) with a slight crack on it. So what i did is buy this particular action figure from NECA. Too bad i have to wait until March....sigh....lets focus on the basics and proceed with getting the template and cut the side panel accordingly. Next update will be in the morning as it's quite late here! More will come shortly!
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    Project: Half Life 2: Gordon Freeman edition

    Here i took off the side panel where i'm thinking to cut as the half life 2 symbol and there will be applied acrylic beneath it. Today i will be getting a template and i will measure later on how much panel i will cut in order to achieve what i'm thinking. Next i quick measured where i imagine the symbol will be cut. Two of my main assistants in this are a ruler and a pen! I tought for the already existing grills as they are being cut, i thought to make it embossed as the outline is being processed using some some bondo fiberglass putty and make it look like scorched sand or plastic. Same pattern will be applied to the other side panel. I forgot to mention, that a metal lamda will be made in order to match the rest of the theme or maybe i'll make it out of plastic (3d printed) and bond with the rest acrylic window!
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    ADROMEDA 001

    i decided to make model to my Adromeda bones. Not bad ah. Hahaha im using acrylic becz i don have pro software 3D. Sad
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    Project: Half Life 2: Gordon Freeman edition

    The case is this dusty and decent Cooler Master Cavalier and it will be transformed!! Work Space is quite messy because i am working on a keyboard mod/painting simultaneously!! As for main components, there will be used old ones as i already have them and the only thing i will acquire is a cpu (AMD Phenom 2 1090t and one decent Cooler Master power supply). Motherboard will be an Asus crosshair IV formula (AM3 platform) For gpu i haven't picked any choice yet, i have some time available ahead to choose!!
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    Unknown Device

    So i bought a new Masterkeys M 2 days ago...worked almost great...(unknown device issues) after 2 days...every time i close/restart my pc i have to re-plug the keyboard to work...and im also getting the unknown device bla bla bla....I installed the latest firmware but no luck... I have also format my system with windows 10 x64...done bios defaults...no luck at all...nothing works. ASUS P7P55-M is the motherboard... I have also opened a ticket...waiting for response...probably i will go for RMA and buy something else...but nevermind.
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    ADROMEDA 001

    Sketch on acrylic
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    ADROMEDA 001

    My idea based on these robot. Ty google
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    Hello MasterKeys Pro S, We want to hear everything you like and don't like about this product along with any suggestions or Improvements. Regards, Xtian1
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    Nepton 120XL - No POST / No Boot

    Hey! I had the same problem, it is very strange but very, very frustrating and dangerous for your motherboard in the same time. If you tighten up the screw nuts too hard on your motherboard, they could make contact with some circuits that are passing right below the screw nut and that will stop your computer to POST. You will need to tight the screw nuts just a little and use an insulator there like a very thin plastic washer. You can as well turn the screw nuts with the rubber part to face the motherboard, but you NEED TO AVOID METAL - MB CONTACT. I couldn't believe this was the problem in my case but I had a hunch this could be it and I was right! OMG! I hope this helps, take care and never use excessive pressure when mounting those screw nuts!
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    Mohd Noh

    assembly direction

    HI Alessandro , Welcome to CM forum . Below is some picture for your reference If your ram low is profile mean you can save If you choose picture no2 also you can save
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    Project TRON

    It's been a bad couple of weeks Contracted Sepsis last week so was taken in to hospital, just in time they said. I was really looking forward to maybe getting this build done in time for i58, but the chances are very low now, I'm also still awaiting the GPU so that will hold me back. The setbacks are not all bad though, this means I can spend a bit more time on the build and try something that I was not going to attempt if the build was defiantly on track for completion in time for the show. Had done some more paint work before my trip to hospital so I will upload them photos for you in the next update along with some work I did yesterday. I've also setup the components I have to check there all working as intended, so I'm happy to report the CPU, DDR, MB, PSU and water pump are all running fine. The MB looks beautiful! But the red will need to go and I plan to make a cover/covers for the MB. I did get myself some white plexi, however I think I will now be using clear so the LEDs on the MB can still be seen, if I paint most of the cover white and leave the parts covering the LEDs clear it should workout fine.
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    Craig Tate

    Project Voltron

    Diggin where you got this going! Keep it up man! -=Tech-Daddy=-
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    Project: GoW4

    Hardware test fitting. Starting to flesh out the cooling, and getting all the hard lines set, As well as any mods that I need to do to the case before removing it all again to get ready to start painting the case.
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    Project: GoW4

    For the GOW build I wanted to show the front of the GPU, So I have designed a bracket that I can easily change it back to the way it was just as easy as removing two thumb screws from the bracket holding the bracket to the case and two more holding the GPU to the bracket So now I can have the GPU so to facing out.
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    Project "PV2" Pipeline 2.0 By Paulo Reis aka EVILPT

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    I love the way the MasterLiquid Pro looks but it is only available in Blue LED, I would buy a 280 if it was made with Red LED, if not RGB then at least have the choices of the individual colors.
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    Thoughts on the Masterkeys Pro S

    Bug: In the Masterkeys Pro S application you can change the LED Mode. There's a problem with the mode "Customize". Two keys can't be changed. The first key, tilde (on US ANSI, "§" on my Nordic board), doesn't light up and won't keep the setting after application restart. The second key, Enter, isn't available to be changed, at all. I've marked the keys with red rectangles in the image below. Feature request: On this keyboard, the Caps Lock and the Scroll Lock keys light up when the respective function is active, it's pretty neat! However, when you have all other keys shining, those two dark gaps looks pretty bad. And constantly having them active is not an option (FOR THE OBVIOUS REASON SHOWN WITHIN THESE PARENTHESES). I'd like to be able to customize so that those keys can be lit by default and when activated, they go dark. This would look much better and shouldn't be hard for you to implement. The keys are marked with yellow. Design flaws: The keys are unevenly lit. I've marked problem areas with orange rectangles. This problem is of course due to that the LED is placed under the upper part of the keys. It will hopefully be solved for the next generation of keyboards. Product request: I find the key caps to be pretty low quality for a premium priced keyboard, made me very sad actually. I would have wanted double-shot key caps. So as a new product, I wish those kind of key caps as replacements. Also, there's a little speck of dirt inside some of my keys (Q, PAGE DOWN, LEFT CM-logo, RIGHT CM-logo. It's not even between the plastic and the coating, it's actually INSIDE the plastic The area around the arrow keys gets somewhat warm, I guess your new über powerful 72 MHz CPU is placed there. I've only had the keyboard for a couple of hours but I wanted to get my initial thoughts out there to you so you can start working on fixing the software I'll post again if I find more things that can improve your product.
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    Hello, Just came across this information: http://www.eteknix.com/cooler-master-announces-amd-ryzen-am4-compatibility-list/ 2 Questions: 1. Is this taken from any oficial Cooler Master source? I cannot find it in the Cooler Master news section. 2. If is official how do we know if our version of the 212 EVO will be compatible or not? Update, Just found the official press release: http://www.coolermaster.com/company/press-release-M1701190001f278-20170119.html?page=1
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    Mohd Noh

    212X with MSI p67a-gd65

    Asalamualaikum Ahmet , Welcome to CM forum . Can we know what kind RAMs you have ? if possible can you drop your specs detail + picture ? Below is picture for your reference 1, If you just have 2 stick rams meant you will save . 2, If you had 4 stick rams and all is low profile i believe you can survive . 3, If you change the fan direction you also save for example put the fan on the back . If you're really concerned, I would recommend contacting support services and seeing what they say about it-- they should be able to tell you more definitively. you can contact at here : https://account.coolermaster.com/LogOn.aspx Hope this can help .
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    I also have a Corsair Strafe RGB. The keyboard itself is nowhere near as nice as the MasterKeys Pro S - but the lighting software is miles ahead. I'm quite underwhelmed with how limited the MasterKeys software is. In particular, the not being able to assign more than one lighting style to a key and the way that the colours snap back without being able to introduce a gradual fade. I noticed it said version 0.5 so that gives me hope, but then again the keyboards have been out for more than a year?
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    a video update today!
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    Mohd Noh

    Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5

    Hi Guys Finally received my Lovely Case , Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 I will share some picture installation with MasterLiquid 240
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    Mohd Noh

    Hyper 212X stock thermal grease

    Hi Bhai , I will using MasterGel Pro ... for more performance for sure .
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    CM Michiel

    2.5" SSD's

    Hi Walter, Which Silencio case do you have? You might be looking for the HDD rails, these are available on our CM store: CM store EU: http://www.cmstore.eu/spare-parts/hdd-rails-new-free-shipping/ CM Store US: http://www.cmstore-usa.com/drive-rails/ Let me know when you have any other question
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    Hi all, The Hyper 212 EVO will support socket AM4 There will be an upgrade kit for the Hyper 212 EVO in the near future. We unfortunately do not have an exact date yet when these kits will be available. Info will come a.s.a.p. Let me know when you have any other question.
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    Same thing Is happening to me, but it is on my favorite colour so I don't mind. I'm just glad the lights are working at all! I'll try to figure it out and put the fix on here for you if I ever manage to change the colours ( same problem after all haha) try pressing DPI and back, that is what it says on the CM website, hope it works for you! ( Didn't for me )
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    Storm Trigger - Windows Key Setup

    The picture is not showing up somehow.
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    MasterKeys Pro L and S - Mega Thread

    I just bought the Masterkeys Pro S and the F7 and F9 keys swap colors when I open the software. Whenever I open the software to change colors, it swaps the colors of the F7 key to the F9 key and vice versa. Latest FW and Software. German version of the keyboard. This happens if I have F5-F8 one color and F9-F12 a different one. If I have only F7 a different one it changes it to the color the other F keys have without transferring the color to F9.
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    I have the problem that when I load the MasterKeys software and it goes through all the profiles (probably loading it from the keyboard) the buttons F7 and F9 swap colors in all the profiles. I can edit the colors with the program for all profiles and save them and close the program. Everything is as it should be. But as soon as I load the program again, those keys swap their color. I tried resetting and all. I do believe it's a software error though since it just happens when the app loads the settings in. I also noticed that some LED colors make a slight buzzing sound coming from the area around F9 to F12. If I set the color to a dark white it is so loud that I can hear it from 5 feet away. I thought about using a different USB port and it worked. The noise was gone but when I turned the PC off and on again it was back. I can then make it go away again if I just unplug the USB cable and reconnect it. What could that be?
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    MasterKeys Pro L and S - Mega Thread

    Just got my MasterKeys Pro L with MX Browns today and am loving it so far. Coming from a Corsair Strafe RGB (I could not stand the weird spacing or key size, or whatever it was, I made errors all day long on it), the MasterKeys software leaves a lot to be desired. What REALLY irks me though is the inability to change the brightness with a key press. That should be absolutely necessary on a back-lit keyboard, and it is on almost every other back-lit keyboard I have ever owned. Please tell me this is being implemented in a future update. I hope the software gets more refined as well, Corsair really knocks it out of the park in that regard.
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    Storm Trigger - Windows Key Setup

    The picture is not showing up somehow.