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  2. I recently bought a MasterLiquid ML240R RGB and it all installed perfectly. I have no problems with the cooling or noises. I installed the controller and it worked for like 2 min the turned off. I didn't short it or anything. When i plug it back in after disconnecting it, it turns off then goes to one light mode then completely shuts off again. Idk what to do weather I claim it on warranty or if i can get a replacement part. Any help would be amazing. Thanks
  3. If i want to set 360mm liquid cooler, then should i remove the stock front fans forever? or they can work together?
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  5. Thats weird. When my old controller broke they've sent me the old version again so probably it's got something to do with the new controller PCB layout.
  6. Press fn and the mode button at the top of the keyboard
  7. sub

    line out

    Hi, this seems like a pretty basic question but.. I've been using the line out (green 3.5mm) on the top of my cooler master. Now I want to use the one on the back (ie, off the mother board) but it has no signal on it. Maybe I jumped something inside when I set it up, but I don't remember doing that. The only other sound options on the mixer app are S/PDIF and HDMI. Anybody? Cheers, Sub
  8. Last week
  9. I have a QuickFire XT keyboard. For a long time, I had noticed that when pressing some keys together may cause the computer to restart(macOS) or sleep(Windows 10). After a series of tests, I find out it's caused by the left CTRL+WIN keys. When I press CTRL+WIN together, the computer will halt. That's SO WEIRED? Is it a bug of the keyboard hardware or firmware? Need help.
  10. snehal

    mwe old vs v2

    Was just wondering the difference between old gen and v2 for cooler master 650w. Is it the noise and life of fan running? (v2 uses HDB and older uses LDB) or are there better quality components?
  11. I've had some issues using the Portal to change my keyboard, and I somehow appear to have deleted some files. I was wondering if someone can upload the file "uninsSK650.exe", so that I can uninstall and reinstall in the Portal app.
  12. I apologize for the English. I am writing from Google translator. I have a problem, the CoolerMaster MasterSet MS120 Combo has broken. 1/3 of the keys on the keyboard do not work. 1/3 prints 3 characters per keystroke, 1/3 works fine! And the LED backlight does not turn on. What could be the reason? I have been using the keyboard for only 3 months.
  13. In my case I wasnt able to fully screw in all the 3 fans without the making sounds like they are hitting something and I ended up removing a couple of screws and loosing up another 1 or 2 of them in order for them to stop bumping into the plastic and allowing them to run 100% freely. After finding that this is an issue now I also submitted a ticket, hopefully I can get replacement aswell without having to pay in the end for aftermarket solutions.
  14. Hi, Can I install Cooler Master Master Liquid ML240L (RGB1.0) CPU Liquid Cooler in Cooler Master FOR-500-KKN1 cabinet? Regards Vikas
  15. Was watching YouTube video with Matteo regarding C700M layout possibility's... About half way (EDIT: 8:20) through he mentions if you get a second Mpole Bracket MB... You can move your motherboard to the middle of the case. It was a great idea for me because I chose the chimney layout and with two MPole Brackets MB... 1. Would place a gap between the rear of the case and the motherboard tray to pass all the cables behind the tray. 2. Place my add-in cards right in the middle of the bottom to top airflow setup. 3. Make easier access to the NVMe dual adapter I placed in the last PCIE slot (have Windows 7 on one and Windows 10 on a another that I can swap out quickly. ) I got the second Mpole Bracket MB and replaced the default MB Locking Bracket in the rear. So now was using the four rubber pegs and four screws to mount the MB tray. Attached the two screws on the front Mpole Bracket MB to chassis. Then went to put the two screws in the rear MPole Bracket MB to the chassis... ...It was only then I discovered the holes DON'T LINE UP The holes are off about 7mm. I hope Cooler Master is aware of this because the brackets will need to be SLOTTED where they attach to the chassis to fit.
  16. I have the same here with the ML240, submited a ticket today, only one week using and i can't stand beside, the sound is too much annoying.
  17. Tomas


    Hello all! I want to ask you where i can find and buy these screws and how they are named ? thank you!
  18. I've moved from other case to H500M and moved the mobo to the new case without removing the CPU and the fan. As I turn on the PSU the mobo LEDs lights are on, but I can't start the system from the mobo button "Start". Just can't start the system. Reattached all the cables and it didn't helped. What can I do?
  19. I only saw the cables pre connected to my MB511 RGB, that was already managed in the back. I did not plug in the reset SW in the small control box, but instead straight into the motherboard. Is this by any chance the reason the front 2 fans do not spin/run but the RGB still works?
  20. So I’m about to install my new PC, all of the parts are in and now I am very scared Becasue there are two 4 four pin CPU conmectors, I have no clue which one I should install and I don’t want to cry everything for my first computer, and my mother board is a ROG Maximus XI (WIFI) which has both an 8 pin CPU plug and a 4 pin... any thoughts?
  21. sorry mate, could you fix the problem? I have one question, I bought one yesterday, but I don't know how to connect to my motherboard, my Asus have 4 pins and in the fan one is blocked, just like yours. I'm really sorry but you can help me? BTW, my fan doesn't come with the extension too, I think this model doesn't have one, but they said the opposite. Excuse my bad English, Spanish is my mother tongue.
  22. I am having a hard time figuring out how to use the GPU support arm that comes with the H500M case for my asus 2080 gpu. Assuming the arm goes under the gpu, then the rubber arm part (marked by red) is positioned right under the fan, which stops it from spinning.
  23. I would like to know if the warranty covers this fault on the side LEDs. I think it's a dead LED. Thanks.
  24. Hi, what kind of air coolers can I put in this house for a 775 motherboard? I look forward to comments from people, who the air coolers actually put in, not the specifications provided by the manufacturer (157mm). Best regards: Gabor
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