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  4. Does the NR600 fit a 180mm psu? It's kinda weird. Officially in the site, it says only up to 160mm, but EU site says 180mm. Then multiple reviewers say up to 180mm but hardwarecanucks say 160mm. Tomshardware said they tested with 180mm psus and its fine, but they have no pics, so I dont wanna take their word for it. Guru3D built it with a Seasonic Prime Titatnium Ultra that has 170mm length, but has no image for it so I don't know what clearance it has. PCPartpicker has barely anyone with the NR600 for me to take a look at for reference. I have the ol' Corsair RM850x. It's from my last build that Im using in my current build and I'm currently on a P350x. I am wanting to switch to a more mesh'd case, kinda want something like the Meshify C, but a bit longer, but not as long as the basically something in-between. My reason for switching is primarily for airflow(and somewhat minimalistic design), and I want something a bit longer than the Meshify C to support a 300mm GPU and can still fit a 360 rad, and if possible a push-pull setup, but not too long like the S2 because I don't want so much wasted space. The dimensions of the NR600 seems to be near-perfect in dimensions, and it seems my only problem specs-wise is the PSU clearance. If you have any cases recommended that's similar to what I want, I would appreciate it. Right now, the only other thing that comes to mind is the P400A(which isn't available where I am yet, and Science Studio reviewed it had problems), and the Enthoo Pro M TG. Also, do you think they'd release something similar to the NR600 but with higher quality material? Apparently, the NR600 has some low quality build.
  5. Hi, I got my cooler 120 in May. I was happy with temperature (around 40-50) . Nowadays 80 degrees constantly. Do you have any suggestions?
  6. this is the second keyboard i have had with this issue (i rmaed the first one but i dont want to pay another 30$ to send this one back in). never had an issue with any keyboards before this so i dont know why this one has the same issue multiple times. anyone have the same thing happen?
  7. Let's cut the frame to create an opening like the hood of a car .
  8. we verify the spaces and continue the mod. We prepare the top case supports
  9. Now I changes the support for the power supply.
  10. I continue to reinforce the chassis to create new openings. I seem to install roll bars. lol
  11. To move the motherboard towards the center of the case, I insert reinforcements and cut the mobo tray
  12. I'm creating a PC inspired by the Porsche and by the racing world. There will be changes to the chassis, with custom loop, custom painting e custom part. Hardware Specs: Cpu: Intel I5 9600k Ram: XPG 32gb D41 SSD: Intel p600 512gb PSU: CoolerMaster V750 VGA: Msi Gaming Rtx 2080 ventus MB: MSI Z390 gaming pro carbon Custom Loop: WB: Masterliquid maker 240 Waterblock VGA: ekwb vga rad: 360 ekwb se Pump: ek xtop revo d5 pwm plexi Tank: ek res x3 150 rgb I started by disassembling the case and replacing some parts with the chassis
  13. Yesterday
  14. Does it come filled with liquid and iff not what do you folks recommend?
  15. Thanks for being patient! Max's Falcon XB seems to be stuck in the mud atm. 2019 has been overwhelming busy for us. So many new projects in the works,
  16. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    Rubber for window glass panel...
  17. Тогда круто. Я думал, что нельзя. По этому в своем проекте использовал заводскую систему охлаждения. Удачи бро
  18. I was wondering the same thing.
  19. "You can use either DIY liquid cooling, AIO or air coolers for your entry. Any AIO or air coolers used must be a Cooler Master cooler." is written in the rule and here I'm neither using AIO nor air cooler.
  20. Hi So the app not open at all < the strange things the the app work yesterday but now nothing i restart the PC , I remove the app ind install it , again and the show me this error ? so what the solution this problem ? my system win 10 last update
  21. weisss ada yutuber kahot. . nuhuun supportnyah yaaaaa
  22. Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2019 - New Frame Build Hello to all, Time for another case build for Cooler Master’s Case Mod World Series 2019. I am planning of a scratch dual system build of a small size supporting full ATX and ITX board and custom liquid cooling in an open frame type case. Basic idea and layout and build so fare. Started working on the build. Motherboard tray and front PSU mount done. Sponsor support from Cooler Master and ASUS Colouring of case under progress Paint job almost done. Trying test fit of PSU. Started hardware installation and cable routing. Waiting for some parts to arrive. Added analog ‘rpm’ meter for pump speed monitoring. Also started doing hard tubbing. ASUS STRIX H270I Gaming mini-ITX board arrived from ASUS India. Also purchased CPU and nvme storage for this ITX board. A CPU block and some memory installed. Tried some test fits. Update Cooler Master #CMWS2019 case mod. Late Saturday night working on the build. Waiting for some storage hardware to arrive.
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