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  3. Hi all, I am using the master plus software to customize my MM710, i came across something called mouse combo, when i click on it, it gives some different buttons that are programmable, i don't know how to use it though. Does anyone know how to use this functionality?
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  5. FRONT COVER AND DETAILING Assembly of front cover,and detailing of the Beargguy. For the cover, I want to expose the power supply inside so I made a "battle damaged hole" and planning to add some weathered painting theme on it.
  6. AIO ASSEMBLY In here I used 3/8 5/8 soft tubes connecting to the AIO block,radiator,reservoir and PSU. The pump of this MASTERLIQIUD ML240L RGB is so strong,it easily manages to watercool this Beargguy project.
  7. PSU CABLE SLEEVING I used pink,gray and black combination of sleeves on the FSP PTM+ 850w power supply to match the color scheme of my build.
  8. Front & Custom Grills: I wanted to give all the grills a custom look so I took some of the large nickel plated grills from Watercool and cut them down to custom fit each grill found throughout the case. It's one of those small details that really :) bring it all together. Custom GPU Extension Cover: I didnt want people to see the ugly cable coming out the bottom of the GPU so I made a custom shroud out of acrylic; custom painted and made a ONYX badge to complete it. Top Of The H500M: I could have easily left the top of the Cooler Master H500M as it came stock which looked great. I decided this mod needed to be custom from not only 360 degrees but, on top as well. It took quite a while to come up with a design that didn't detract from the major features but still looked great. More small details like the Envious Mods EM logo on the power button bring it all together.
  9. Сегодня сделал кожух. Вырезал, согнул, приклеил наклейку после покрасил и убрал наклейку с помощью пинцета. После спаял ленту RGB 5 для подсветки надписей.
  10. necesito ayuda por si alguien ya le paso y sabe la solucion mi raton dejo de funcionar a ratos y nose como solucionarlo necesito ayuda porfavor
  11. i downloaded the file (cooler master portal v1.01) but then when i try to launch it says that there is not any app to open the file, what app do i need?
  12. If I use an 3 rgb splitter with the rgb led controller can I then custize all the fans different?
  13. Picked up the Cooler Master LED RGB Controller today. works amazing with my CM ML240L AIO. Was able to use the splitter and have it control not only the LED's on the fans, but the LED on the CPU pump as well. I also like how it has a magnet on the bottom of it for mounting it to anywhere that is metallic on the case. Software is pretty easy to use as well. Really well made.
  14. Use broken monitor parts to create frames for hardware pvc part cover
  15. What case and what power supply do you have? Perhaps it is choking. have you checked that it is getting enough air? Perhaps the bottom dust filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned? `
  16. Last week
  17. There you have it final build. Spec: Intel i7 7700K at 4.5 GHz Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 ti MSI B250 Gaming M3 32 gb (2x16) HyperX Fury 2400 MHz 15-15-15-35 Cooler Master H500M Cooler Master Masterwatt Maker 1500 2x Seagate 4 tb hdd Samsung 860 evo m.2 500 gb Samsung 970 evo plus m.2 nvme 1 tb Kingston 240 gb ssd 7x Cooler Master Masterfan MF140R RGB 6x EK-Vardar EVO 120ER RGB (500-2200 rpm) 2x EK-CoolStream SE 360 (Slim Triple) EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 RGB PWM (incl. sl. pump) EK-Velocity RGB - Nickel + Plexi EK-Vector RTX 2080 Ti RGB - Nickel + Plexi EK-Vector RTX Backplate - Nickel EK-CryoFuel Acid Green (Premix 1000mL)
  18. The last mod I did and the most painful one was to resleeved all the green wire from my cablemods extension. I ordered light green thinking it would be like the nvidia green but it wasn't. I selected paracord instead of nylon. Since these extension are quite expensive I ordered some Teleios NV green from mainframe custom wich is really close to nvidia green. The cablemods light green was way to pale. The teleios nv green is on the right and the cablemods light green is on the left.
  19. I had to drill some holes on the top fans tray because 3 140 mm would not fit correctly with my 360 mm rad. I have a push/pull configuration both on top and front with ek Vardar rgb inside the case and cooler master pro 140 mm fan outside the case. I didn't really like the 2 huge 200 mm fan a the front and 3 120 mm fan would have been a bit small to fill all the space at top and front.
  20. I had this Nvidia Geforce 2080 ti since launch in 2018. It was hot and loud while gaming. This is why I wanted a custom loop in the first place. So I opened it up and installed the ek block on it.
  21. It was my first time doing a custom loop. I didn't wanted to have multiple angled fitting in my build, just to get the level of difficulty a bit higher. I used the nice EK kit to cut and bend my tube. I took my time and think I did pretty good for a first time. I only had 6 pieces of 500 mm and still got one untouched. I did the triple bend on the first try. The one from the front rad to the reservoir. I was really nervous while doing the tube cause I didn't have a lot of play with only 6 tube and a lot of 90 degrees angled to do and no angled fitting. The S shaped tube wasn't easy but I managed it the second try. I think the S shape one from the pump to the drain valve is the one I'm most proud of.
  22. I had this computer for almost one year. I really love the H500M case. I had an AIO cooler master ML 240 RGB. I had a dream of making a custom water cooled loop in it. Finally had the money to do so. I ordered everything from EK water block. While I was waiting for the parts to arrive, I relocated my 2,5 inch SSD to the back. I fabricated a mount for the reservoir with pieces of metal. Then I received the shippement from EK. So I had Everything I needed to build my dream machine.
  23. Также были вырезаны наклейки для второго кожуха
  24. Также был вырезан кожух для блока питания и бэкплэйт для видеокарты. После покрыл детали грунтом и покрасил в белый цвет. После чего сделал аквапечать
  25. After a restart of the computer, everything was OK.
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