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  3. Why when I change the X/Y DPI to 450 it resets to 400, anyone know how I can change the dpi to 450 please sos.
  4. Hi, I just placed an order on the Cosmos C700M. But then I learned that the GPU holder would only fit for a 2 slots GPU. I had a EVGA 3 Slots GPU but I really want to utilize that feature. Any sugguest? Or is there any accessary for 3 slots card? Ken
  5. Line voltage is small, the 2 images are part of the same video
  6. I don't know if im just blind or Cooler Master Didn't provide an instruction or even an address to send back the PSU. I received an email today that my RMA has been approved for morethan 2 weeks and it'll be expired in 10 days. i have zero idea where to send it back.
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  8. Just got my sk630 delivered today to replace my MK Pro L RGB to reduce some space. I plugged it in and the lights came on and i was able to type immediatly. I opened up the CM program and see the new keyboard under my old keyboard and installed the software so i can customize the lights via the software. After I installed the software, it asked me to update the firmware, which i did. The Lights then went out and will not turn back on (except for caps lock and scroll lock when i press them). when i try to start the keyboard inside the cm software, it asks me for me to plug in the keyboard (which is still plugged in). Even unplugging and replugging keyboard does nothing. uninstall/reinstall software does nothing as well. ive tried the fn+r.
  9. NO one is helping me wheni have problems i am very frustrated first of all i get rgb fan fan hub i just got it and i connect it to the power supply it all sudden breaks i request a new one and been 1 yr and no one answers me . and now i need Fron 1/0 plate for the front of my tower ... i need a replacement because the usb 3.0 connector is broken i need to order a new one ... I am getting to point i am not happy with this service and never answer my calls or emails.
  10. Hello All, I would like some help selecting a laptop cooling pad for my gaming notebook. The gaming lap top is a Alienware 15 R3 Height 25.40 mm (1 in) Width 389 mm (15.31 in) Depth 305 mm (12 in) Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks
  11. I opened a ticket on CM support. All we can do now is wait...
  12. I received my MasterAir MA410M today and I ran into the same problem as you. Searching the internet I found that there is a DeepCool RBG converter that works with the main light control programs. The bad thing is that it is an unexpected addition and it annoys me on the part of the manufacturers that they do not make a standard so as not to be going through this nonsense when buying or configuring a product.I received my MasterAir MA410M today and I ran into the same problem as you. Searching the internet I found that there is a DeepCool RBG converter that works with the main light control programs. The bad thing is that it is an unexpected addition and it annoys me on the part of the manufacturers that they do not make a standard so as not to be going through this nonsense when buying or configuring a product. I have the same mb so... let's see if anyone can help us with this annoying situation.
  13. Hello, i`ve searched everywhere for this product, but unfortunatly OUT OF STOCK. Does anybody knows when this item will be available, or if i can find it somewhere? It`s bad that for the money we pay for this case, they didn`t put 3x Cooling Brackets. Thanks.
  14. It looks like I need a 15 pin SATA power connector. My power supply doesn't have one. I have a CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold power supply. Will I need a 15 pin female adapter to either a 6 pin SATA or PCI-e 6 pin?
  15. Do I need to take up one of my mother board's SATA slots to power the Cosmos C700P Control Board and all its fans and RGB or does it get it's power though one of the other connections? Seems crazy to use up a SATA slot. Any other options to power the Control Board and all of its connections? Al Donn
  16. Hi, what RGB strips would you like to connect? my advice is you should go for some corsair RGB strips and buy a iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller. I`ve bought myself 6 RGB 140mm fans + the controller(you can`t use them without the controller). The controller has aswell 2 slots for RGB strips and with the ICU driver from Corsair you will be able to controll your fans + strips. PS: the controller has 6x fan ports +2 strips ports + 2 other stuff, might worth having a look
  17. Hi CoolerMaster, is the MasterBox MB511 Front Cover compatible with the MB530p case? If so, is there any downside to purchasing one and using it on the MasterBox MB530p as an alternative?
  18. I recently purchased the Cooler Master Q300l case and a MSI MPG Z390m Gaming Edge AC motherboard. I noticed when I plug the USB3.0 header cable into either the jusb3 or jusb4 port on the motherboard the front panel USB3.0 port just next to the power button will not work, while the other port coming from the same header cable works with no issue. I've made sure the pins on the motherboards jusb3 and jusb4 ports are not bent, and the header cable is seated properly. I've checked through and made sure the chipset driver and the USB controller drivers are up to date, but no change. I've also gone through my BIOS and made sure all related USB functions are enabled, but no change either. Any suggestions?
  19. I want this case so bad! Please send me a message if anyone can sell this mentioned case! - WORLDWIDE -
  20. I purchased Silencio S600 ATX Mid-Tower case. Case doesn't look bad and would function for my needs. Now, if I wasn't in situation that I can't use any other case due to the size this would go back to Newegg. Reason it's not a product but more Cooler Master as a brand and their not responding RMA system when people has a problem. 1. Problem number one , case came with missing top filter cover. It should come with both hard cover and filter cover if you install fans on top. File RMA for this - no answer for 2 week. 2. Problem with serial number not recognized by CM system. You will get also auto response on this matter and autoresponder email ask you to submit labels. I did that again 2 weeks no response. So my product is not under warranty according to this. 3. Misleading advertising. On Newegg site show that Hard Drive case is removable or can be moved. No that is not true. Only right side bracket can be removed and moved but since left side riveted in you can't move the left side so you will lose 3.5in drive capability. This is a major flaw of this case also major flaw is almost no room for wire management. I wish my desk allow dipper case I would when with a real case manufacturer, not this joke brand with total ignorance of customers, no phone support (sorry I try to call, leave messages - say call later we are busy helping other fellow. No email to contact.) My advise if you are searching for any hardware for your computer just avoid Cooler Master all together. Cooler Master is not even be on my brand list any longer. If I could copy and paste this on every site they sell product I would just do so, so people stay away from them.
  21. Mco maybe bro .......... Covid 19 now attacking the world . I got some parcel from over sea but still pending delivery .........
  22. So the RMA for my PSU was approved. I sent it to Cooler Master and it arrived on the 7th of May. From my understanding, it should have been shipped 7 to 10 days after. My RMA status says it has been received, but it still hasn't even been shipped back and it's been over three weeks since it's arrived. Is there anything I can do? I understand they have a number I can call, but last I tried, literally no one was responding no matter how many times I called and it seems like others had a similar issue.
  23. I have the same issue so i opened a support ticket. Is there anyone come up with a solution? I don't want to connect my fans to another fan header rather than cpu_fan header. And there is also a clear instruction about where to connect the cooler fans on cooler master's site. Here; By the way my motherboard is MSI TOMAHAWK Z270
  24. Last week
  25. I am looking to purchase some black anodized aluminum replacements. Does anyone know the size/thread pitch, length?
  26. I have a WaterCooler ML240RS and the CoolerMaster TD500 MESH ARGB case. I'm trying to synchronize the lights connected to the RGB Controller with the four-pin 12v cable (because my MOBO does not have an addressable cable slot (3-pin, it should synchronize with aura). But when opening the MasterPlus or Aura (Asus) none of them identifies the WaterCooler or the case fans. Only using the USB connector on the RGB Controller and connecting to the motherboard does the MasterPlus Software identify but the Aura software cannot. Sorry for my english
  27. Hello Support - attempting to install the above mentioned software for first time however I am receiving the below error message. In my set up I am not utilizing "C" as a drive letter. Even though I direct the install path to another directory it results in this error. Is there a workaround? Thanks
  28. Dear Experts, I have a Cooler Master case: HAF 932 with, what has been a working computer inside. Lately, it won't boot. When I unplug, or turn off, the power supply, lights on the motherboard extinguish. When I turn the power back on, the green lights come back. So, I think the power supply is still good. When I hit the power switch, the computer does not boot at all not even to the BIOS. And the fans do not turn, as they always did. ... Sometimes, after turning off the power, then turning it on again, then hitting the power switch I will see a light flash in the case the top fan turn 1/8th of a turn Then the fan stops and the light extinguishes --- This is different from what I've seen in the past, when power supplies fail. Then, there were no lights at all on the motherboard --- One of my ideas is that the cause is a failed power switch. It's been turned on and off for over 10 years now. If the power switch is the problem: How does one test the switch? Is a replacement switch available? How to access the switch to replace it? ---- Any other ideas? What do you think is the cause and solution to this problem? Thanks
  29. Have you thought of an aftermarket front panel? You might need a computer card for the motherboard also.
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