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  2. - Motherboard mod’s !! - Dissemble MB to paint the armor. Actually painted it the first time and the matte paint I used was just a hue different then the matte paint I usually use, But was able to repaint it a second time. - Added the waterblock while I was at it. - Added a little bit of detail by replacing factory logos with black brushed aluminum.
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  4. Looking good bro! Keep up the good work
  5. terimakasih apresiasinya Abdi. Semoga lungsur langsar kelahiran anak pertama nya yaaaa
  6. - Waterblock’o’clock - Decided to put a Barrow waterblock on my EVGA RTX 2060 XC Ultra ( my first waterblock install ever & nothing to go off of, have not seen other’s liquid cool this card yet )
  7. - Painting Reservoir filler panel & assembly of both ( Added my logo for a little TermudaSquare flare )
  8. - Reservoir came and it was the wrong size and had to wait for replacement. -After replacement arrived I decided to make a filler plate and assemble pump-res combo ( actually remade this filler panel 2 times to get it perfect )
  9. i need help fixing my keyboard as the start buttons aren't working anymore
  10. - nothing wrong with a little more cutting!! Decided to cut the mid plate lip to make room for a one piece power supply cover. - can’t forget a little paint on the cut edge as well.
  11. - Paint hold up !! Had a little issue the paint I was using was discontinued !! Luckily through my paint supplier I was able to get the last two cases in the country to finish this project. - Paint arrived, Painted cuts for top radiator.
  12. Yesterday
  13. - Making more room for more cooling !! Had to cut the frame a bit more to get 280mm radiator from EKWB to fit in the top as well.
  14. - Frame Cutting Time !! Figured id need to make some room in the front of this case mastercase 5 for a 400mm radiator from EKWB. - After cutting I made sure to file edges and paint cuts.
  15. do the panel cover with the main body using DIY hinges
  16. I took the engine cover of a porsche cayenne and used it to fix the plexiglass
  17. I made the support to fix the radiators behind the mobotray and intstall the fans, and join the cables to make them custom-made
  18. then I created the cover for the psu cables with plexyglass. and after i cut de front panel of the case CoolerMaster Sl600M
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