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    Hello, looking to purchase two of this power wupply RS-550-PCAR-E3. Can I still get them? If not, is there a direct replacement? Thanks
  4. E ai Marcelo! Tive problemas no meu mais foi na aste de levantar e abaixar o microfone veja se não é lá tbm Hey Marcelo! I had problems in my most was on the raise and lower the microphone see if it's not there too
  5. Muito obrigado! Procurei muito isso ai! Thank you! I tried this a lot!
  6. hi i have nepton 120xl with i7 6700k and asus z270e motherboard strix cpu always come fan error any help ?
  7. Last week
  8. Hey, y'all! I just sent in a service request for my MK730 keyboard, and I'm still waiting on the status of it... it's saying "Sending", and I'm trying to figure out whether that's referring to me sending it out myself or whether a box is being sent to me to be sent back. Should I be waiting for a box to be sent back for shipping, or do I have to handle the shipping myself (and which address should I send it to)? BTW, I haven't gotten any confirmation email since account creation, so I don't know any information other than what's on the portal.
  9. same thing goes for me, any luck now buddy?
  10. I am having the same problem with my new SK650. What can I do?
  11. I purchased a CM MasterBox MB520 RGB ATX midtower that came with 3 front fans regular RGB. All the connections are four pins. I purchased the CM RGB LED controller with software with additional 3 fans for top and rear and a control with software. Everything hooked up nicely and the software allowed me to set some nice color schemes. Then the problem came. I purchased the CM Master liquid ml240r RGB cooler with 2 fans and a different controller. The whole thing comes with 3 pin connectors. I can't find a way to connect them to the already setup controller. Something to do with voltage and addressable compatibility. It seems that I have two choices 1. Keep the non addressable RGB cooler that comes with 3 pin connectors and replace 6 fans (the 3 that came with the case and the 3 plus controller I bought). Then repurchase all of them with ARGB 3 pin connectors. 2. Find a cooler that has the regular RGB 4 pin connectors.0 I want to know if ARGB is the way to go because is a better lighting system or if there is a better option. I can't get anyone at CM to help me.
  12. 1. Is the DPI button behind the mousewheel rebindable in software to be used as a normal mouse button, or to a keyboard binding? I use a single DPI and don't change it but I use the DPI button as an extra mouse button on my current mouse. 2. Does the mouse save and retain the settings that I set through software or do i have to load up the software every time to use the same mouse settings?
  13. Cjug

    Bottom HDD Cage

    Hello, i just baught a cosmos 2 case and i want to know where i can buy a bottom HDD cage. thanks Christophe
  14. Or, does anyone have the support email for coolermaster?
  15. Bought my case 2 years ago, slowly purchasing products to upgrade and finally build rig. It truly is an amazing, beautiful case, completely able to customize. My issue is with the front grill to protect dust from going into the 3 fans. There's the honeycomb base with a fine mesh overlay. While building, my MB temp was 28c and PCH 35c. When i put on the front mesh dust cover those temps went up 8c! While still in an acceptable range, that is a significant increase. Yes the mesh can be taken off the honeycomb, but then dust will just be pouring into the system, large dog hairs, etc. Any suggestions to improve air flow while still having some good dust protection on the front fans?
  16. LAN-Party RGB Case Mod 2020 ( Wood Edition ) Worklog - Part 20 By Coolone s. Case Mod Finished Running: Pictures of the running finished case mod. .
  17. Lift distance low\high is less than a 1mm difference between the two. Normally you would want low. If its on a high setting itll track the mousepad if u lift it over 1mm maybe? The only use case i see is if you attach both mouse feet for some reason. USB response time. Probably polling rate. 1000hz means 1000 refresh per second. 125hz would only refresh at 1\8th of 1000hz. It's especially noticeable at 240hz monitors where 125hz has a few cursors in a circle and 1000hz has a constant trail like a snake. Use 1000hz no reason not to other than using 1% more cpu maybe.
  18. Should i uninstall mouse drivers in device manager or something? I previously used razer adder 3.5g, maybe there are some conflicts? I dont mind if it stays 0000 firmware dont have any issues with the mouse. its perfect.
  19. can try glorious o model or some other equally large mouse. But i went from adder 3.5g to ultralight pro and finally mm710. mm710 being by far best suited for my grip and hand size. which is around 18 x 8.5 cm. Combination of fingertip claw and palm, I guess its a hybrid. Less taxing than finger tip while just as accurate. If u watch rocketjumpninja mouse reviews my grip is exactly the same as his, even the mouse tilt if he does one, that i got from deathadder shape.
  20. Does anyone know if this, or will be, available in the US/EU? It's a pretty slick looking RGB cooler for SFF builds.
  21. Hello! Anyone can help me with this? Thanks
  22. Timpelay


    After the deadline I actually decided to improve some parts that I don't think is perfect. The 3D-printed cable comb is now changed to a 4mm thick laser cut acrylic comb which looks 1000% better!
  23. Same problem here with ML360R. What I ended doing is. Just install the firmware (forget the MasterPlus+) and the using the buttons of the ARGB Controller I choose the colour I like. If you don't ever install the MasterPlus (at least till version V831) the controller works fine. I'm still waiting for the AURA sync working.... I have a program installed called Aurora (free) and it can sync all my devices (motherboard leds, my logitech mouse and my razer blackwidow keyboard) but it's impossible to sync with this cooler. I hope they find a solution soon.
  24. Hi, As long as you connect the ARGB of the ML360R into a ARGB header it should work (just check that you connect corretly the 3 wires). I'm not sure if the motherboard will have enough power to light up all the leds with just one pin (I think it should) So maybe you need 2 headers. Do the test :). By the way, the ARGB controller it breaks when you install MasterPlus+ software (you have to reinstall the firmware everytime you turn off the pc) so actually connecting directly to the motherboard its the best solution for now. I hope I helped you, Cheers.
  25. Hello, i have a full coolermaster custom pc that i have built i've had it since late june this year every time i plug in my pc it pops one one of my fuses it started around 5 days ago and i can't even turn on the pc without the fuse popping ive tried at other plugs and i have tried with extended cables aswell just as soon as i plug it in, it just pops immediately help please Just for context i was i was just watching youtube and hear a pop and the fuse popped and the pc turned off so yeah and i'm not able to try out another Power Supply at the moment and i can't buy a new one specs: GPU : GTX 1070 Asus Strix CPU : Amd Ryzen 7 2700x PSU : Cooler Master mwe Gold 750 Fully modular Ram : Corsair vengeance RGB PRO light 16 gb Motherboard : ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Cooler : Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition Case/chassi : Cooler Master, MasterBox 500k
  26. Hello again! Not much done since the major update. I thought though, to enhance a bit the ageing by adding some ash on the top panel and the other side panel. I used ash from the ashtray, yes I smoke! what I want to do, is to gather some sand and stick it with glue where rust isn't much, so this would happen on the top panel and the right panel!
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