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  2. Anyone know where to find the UPC/product barcode on case packaging (C700M)? CM had a rebate offer going, and I need to send that in, but I don't see it on the box anywhere. I've got a ticket in with support, but based on complaints I see on the forum, I'm betting I'm going to get bugger all out of them.
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  4. You think that's bad? I submitted an RMA back in June of 2019 and never heard back. RMA No.:CUSUS1906076 (RS650AMAAG11154100480)
  5. hi i have an old CM690 case. I am now planning to upgrade to i7 9700k with a z390 Mob GTX1660game X My Q will it fit the old Case ...?
  6. Hi, I have found two models on the web that seems to be similar except the ending. The first one has " EU "at the last two letters and the other one "RE" , one of them goes under model name "MWE "and second one as "Rector". It seems to be the same one but maybe Cooler master can answer this better or does anyone know if there is any differences ? Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm quite interested in the Caliber X1. I'm 70kg and 6'1 however I've seen countless chairs with those fake leathers that peel off after half a year of use and it only gets worse. I don't do any maintenance on these and I realise that proper leather would be ideal but of course it's super expensive so I googled a bunch and saw that: 1. PU Leather is supposed to be quite resistant to peeling 2. Bonded leather is actually what peels most So questions: 1. Does the Caliber X1 exclusively use PU Leather or also Bonded leather? 2. What is the recommended maintenance routine and frequency to keep it in top shape. 3. Are the cushions memory foam types? Washable? I would ideally want the chair to last 3-4years at least, I've never purchased a chair this expensive before forgive me. Thank you for your time!
  8. Hi guys, I have a NR400 Case without ODD and I was wondering how I would install a second 140mm fan to my case. I have used the four E type screws provided with the case to hold my first 140mm fan to the case and it holds it well. However I don't have any E type screws left for the second 140mm fan and have to tried to screw it in with the other screws provided as shown in the manual but none are able to hold it on to the case. What do I do? Thanks
  9. Can somebody help a 11 year old find out where the 4th mouse button is on the Cooler Master MM830? Anything would be helpful. Thank you!
  10. Anybody there? Electrical engineers in particular?
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  12. I have the same issue with my new TD500 Meshify case. Cooler Master's customer support has not replied to me in over a week. I would prefer to not have to return my case but it seems like my only solution since Cooler Master support is so unresponsive.
  13. Try this : go to your BIOS and change the type of supply power for the Pump from PWM to DC.
  14. Is there any actual information on this? I sent in my package a few weeks back and the RMA is just on "received". I've tried calling as well and absolutely nothing. Is there no statement from the company or anything?
  15. I've repaired my case with spare parts, until now everything is working.
  16. Hey guys, how are we supposed to get support for our CM products during this time? No one is answering phones and the ticketing system is broken for a while. kinda feel out in the dark here. cheers
  17. ok , couple of questions to start. What temps are you hitting? Is your system set to over clock for the game? Is the bios of the mother board over riding the fan setting? Some boards can do that. Mine did. (intel board for the i7 920 cpu). is the pump at speed? CPU_FAN1/ PUMP_FAN1 connection is right for the pump. Do you have a second CPU_FAN1 header as well? z390 mother boards do. In any case double check connections for start. Then run hwmonitor Look for fans cpu. That will tell you your pump speed. You have to check with support to find out what the pump should be running at. Also those I-9 do run really really hot. A 240 may not be enough. May have to go bigger if your case can fit it. Or do a custom loop with double radiators. Wish you luck.
  18. You can use converter 2'5 => 3'5 like this one (Aliexpress, manufacture Orico):
  19. Hi, Does anybody know if or when the CM694 would be available in UK or Europe? Seems to be only available in asia , australia and russia.
  20. Same question, I can't find any store selling it, it's not on amazon either. I'm watching low profiles tkl reviews since some days, the 630 seems quite good, but the wireless feature on the 631 makes it way more interesting and practical, especially for a tkl. Thanks
  21. Hi Joey, do you know which plug on the motherboard you plugged into ? I'm having issues controlling the fans. RGB Fusion doesn't appear to be working. But I could be just plugged into the wrong part of the mb.
  22. Hi there,I am having trouble with the RGBFusion software and managing the 3 x RGB fans that came with my Coolermaster Masterbox Lite 5 ( you tell me what plug on the motherboard (Gigabyte B450M Aorus Elite) I plug into with the adapter that comes with the case ? It has the 3 fans , going into one 4-pin plug.Would really appreciate some help on this as it doesn't seem to want to work.FYI, I have the fans plugged in and working, but they only stay Blue and I cannot seem to control it in the RGBFusion software. So perhaps I've plugged into the wrong part of the motherboard ?cheers, Adam
  23. I submitted an RMA request for a power supply on 5/23. I have not received an email that it has even been acknowledged much less any info on where to send the power supply. Status page still says verification. I would PREFER to set up an advance return so I'm not waiting forever to use my PC again. At this point, I'm ready to kiss my $80 goodbye and vow never to buy another Cooler Master product. My RMA number is CUSUS2005191. I would very much appreciate someone from Cooler Master replying and explaining why there has been no response for over a week and half. Based on the other messages I've seen regarding RMAs in this forum alone, I don't have a lot of faith, but I'm willing to be proven wrong. Thank you!
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  25. I bought a Hyper 212 LED but have no AM4 bracket, How do I go about getting one? Thanks
  26. hello everyone, i am new to this forum, need suggestions for many days i was thinking of upgrading my old INSPIRON 3647 with a new powerSupply. i know its oniginal PSU is 220 W. but if i keep the powerSupply outside the and run the cables, will it work? if so which powerSupply should i buy, such that it wont fry up my motherboard what sort of converters do i need, if any. I know you all have a tons of information, please share
  27. I have the same problem, just one fan, the other doesnt make the crlackling :(. Im sad, because is beauty the AIO.
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