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  3. Yes, the Hyper T4 is compatible with AM4 out of the the package. The AM4 mounting system is the same as used for the AM3. However for AMD sockets you can only mount the CPU cooler vertically: fo
  4. The regular Hyper 212 Evo like the previous releases uses the X-bracket mounting system. That makes the installation a bit difficult and trick. The new mounting system is a breeze to install, much easier then the old releases. According to the below review both perform about the same but the SF120R is quieter then the Xtraflo:
  5. Hi guys, i'm sort of new here, but the question is: I've got an older Hyper T4 cooler that only supports up to AM3+ socket, but i'm upgrading my old i7 920 (yes is about 12yo, it's starting to have beard and the hormones are making it a little bit unpredictable) to a much needed ryzen 2600 (AM4 socket) Is it possible to get only the hardware to mont it on the AM4 socket? and if it is, where can i get it? (I'm from Portugal, so EU stores are a much appreciated plus) Thanks in advance, all the best to you all, Carlos Ribeiro
  6. Anyone have issues with the CM Storm Inferno application software not actually saving your DPI settings? It seems to always revert back to 500 regardless of the value that is entered. Weird thing is that it shows settings 1 and 2 are at 500, but its obvious that they are different when actually using the mouse. Please help!
  7. I bought it from my local retailer. The issue happened to my 1st case after 3 months. After I get a brand new replacement, it happened again after another 2 months. So I stopped wasting my time and got a refund.
  8. Hello I have a masterkeys Lite l combo and my left side of my keyboard keys was lately locked. I tried connecting the keyboard to another pc and same problem exists. I tried the FN + esc to reset the keyboard same prob. The thing is when i press FN + the keys it actually writes another letter so the keys are not broken. for example : FN + s + d writes the letter n.
  9. Good morning community, this weekend I installed my Wraith Ripper for ThreadRipper cooling. It is spinning, but no light :/ CM Rgb Software says; 'Plug in your cm device to get started' (SATA connected to PSU, fan to the correct port, USB also connected) Would be great if anyone has an idea whats wrong! Thanks, Daniel
  10. Yes it's like the communication with the controller stop so they basically stay on the last color requested. I think it's what it does in my case.
  11. I spend a lot of money to buy a complete Cooler Master Cooling Solution to my PC and the SCREEN FOLLOWER, LIGHTING MAKER and LIGHTING CLOUD do not works ! I´d buy because I want the Screen Follower! There is not any way to dimm the LEDs (a just can flash my block with the ligths) and the volocity adjustment is a joke ! I´m feeling scammed by Cooler Master ! I should spend some few bucks more and installed everything from Corsair ICUE... It´s works ! This wath is promissed And this what I got !
  12. What model fans does the NR600 come with?
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  14. Yes, it,s normal on low loads. Zero/ rpm mode. but on higher loads or temps it runs.
  15. Hello everyoneI have question pleaseI am looking for aftermarket cooler for my Ryzen 5 1600 af ( stock wraith Stealth) it's really unusable for overclockAnd as you know these days and during COVID19 the shop is limited because the stores are limited items soI have limited choicesI have found the cooler master hyper 212 RGB Phhantom edition ( the only cooler I have found in reasonable price) in local store I know the 212 is one of most popular cooler in term of performance and price rangeBut I don't know about the phantom edition? I just checked the cooler master Web site and only different found is fan type ( the regular 212 use xtraflow 120 fan 600-1600rpmFan air flow: 66cfm fan air pressure: 1.7 ---&---And the RGB phantom edition isSF 120 600-2000rpmFan air flow: 57cfm fan air pressure: 2.0 I don't know. Is the phantom edition really as good as the regular hyper 212? even the CFM different about 9CFM for the regular 212 ?
  16. Where can i get the chocolate / brown version of the N200 ? The Model number is: NSE-200-KWN1
  17. What's your motherboard? The pump fan header must operate at full speed. You may need to disable fan control on the pump header in your motherboard’s BIOS.
  18. Artack


    HI, i need a cpu far cooler for my AM4 socket HIGH MAX 125mm for my HTPC case. Any idea?
  19. I would like to buy the Rotatable PCI bracket, I want to know how I can buy it Thank you.
  20. On the 19th I purchased the n200 case from Micro Center. I was using the case head phone ports and everything was fine until late today (May 24th) when it started acting wonky. Basically what is happening is the head phone jack only works on one side when fully plugged in and when it is half plugged in both the headphones speakers work but the audio quality is bad. This is my first time building a PC and I am so frustrated right now because I spent a lot of money on this computer and now after only like a week the headphone jack is already screwed up. Please ease my pain and say there is a remedy!
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  22. I recently got a masterliquid ML360R RGB and was using the MasterPlus software to choose the color and noticed it was pretty bad. I saw that other people rolled back to a previous version and had better luck. Currently I am trying to get it to just be a solid color. Attached is a snipping of the software and its inability to have a solid color mode. I would very much like some help thanks!
  23. My PC has been making ticking noises recently and I'm 90% sure it is the AIO. It only makes the noise when CPU temp goes above ~62C as that's when CPU fan 1 goes from 0 rpm to around 700 rpm. Once it cools down, CPU fan 1 goes back to 0 rpm and the noise stops. The AIO is plugged in as fan 1. Link to noise - Is the AIO making th noise and if so how do I fix it? Thanks.
  24. I noticed something If you set static colors to red, green and blue, there is no problem. But the colors would mix if you set them in other 4 static colors.
  25. Did you bought the case on the CM store or somewhere else to get the refund? Is it fast to get the money back on your bank account by CM? Despite the led problem I like this case, but I think I'll ask for a refund if repairs don't work.
  26. Hi ! I hope spare parts will fix the problem... Don't want to send my case because I don't have one as replacement... Good luck man!
  27. Hi, I hope new spare parts will fix my case and get back faith in Cooler Master... Instead of this, I'm not sure I'll buy again an expensive case with Cooler Master, or definitely it will be a case without any led haha !
  28. I'm stuck in an upgrade and hoping a reader on this subreddit can bail me out. I have a CoolerMaster MasterLiquid 240, and I'm upgrading from an AM3+ socket to an AM4. Unfortunately, I finally cleaned out my ancient box of spare parts this week, and too late realized I tossed the AM4 mounting brackets. I've tried contacting Cooler Master directly, but it seems like their North American store might be down for the pandemic? I know this is a longshot, but I'm hoping one of the Intel Brethren might also have the MasterLiquid 120 or 240 (or 120/240L, or 120/240R) and kept the unused brackets. If so, I'd be happy to pay for the parts and any shipping costs. My upgrade is so close to being finished, and these two stupid little parts are all that stand in the way. Thank you!
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