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  2. Hi So the app not open at all < the strange things the the app work yesterday but now nothing i restart the PC , I remove the app ind install it , again and the show me this error ? so what the solution this problem ? my system win 10 last update
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  4. weisss ada yutuber kahot. . nuhuun supportnyah yaaaaa
  5. Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2019 - New Frame Build Hello to all, Time for another case build for Cooler Master’s Case Mod World Series 2019. I am planning of a scratch dual system build of a small size supporting full ATX and ITX board and custom liquid cooling in an open frame type case. Basic idea and layout and build so fare. Started working on the build. Motherboard tray and front PSU mount done. Sponsor support from Cooler Master and ASUS Colouring of case under progress Paint job almost done. Trying test fit of PSU. Started hardware installation and cable routing. Waiting for some parts to arrive. Added analog ‘rpm’ meter for pump speed monitoring. Also started doing hard tubbing. ASUS STRIX H270I Gaming mini-ITX board arrived from ASUS India. Also purchased CPU and nvme storage for this ITX board. A CPU block and some memory installed. Tried some test fits. Update Cooler Master #CMWS2019 case mod. Late Saturday night working on the build. Waiting for some storage hardware to arrive.
  6. It's just to awesome.... jangan lupa kopi nya master... #Sungkem
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  8. Hi, I just got this case and I have been playing around with the RGB lights and I was wondering if it is possible to have all three of the fans on the front display different color cycles. I tried using the multilayer option to do this, but they still show the same color cycle in the same order. It would be nice to have all three of them on color cycle mode but not synced up if that makes sense.
  9. По моему в правилах было написано использовать только охлаждение от Coolermaster
  10. Building a new computer and would like to keep my HAF X case...Will the ML 120R fit where my rear fan is? (140 mm stock but appears to have screw holes for 120mm fans.) Also will be running a 3700X...will the ML 120R be sufficient (don't want to have to remove my tops two fans for a 240mm radiator unless it will be a sufficient difference, I never overclock) Any advice would be appreciated. I love this case and don't want to have to replace it for updated hardware.
  11. check your cables it should be 2 connected to your cooler goin to your board
  12. you need to make sure that 2 cables are connected to the cooler
  13. Can you create one of these? I purchased a X570 ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero and a MasterAir Maker 8. The AM4 bracket doesn't fit and rests on the capacitors on the left side. I am 15 days out of my 30 day return window and there is nothing I can do. I want to use this cooler and I am not sure who is more to blame here. Asus or CM? I certainly didn't see this coming when I spec'd out the size and made sure it had the compatible AM4 bracket. Is this something you are aware of and working on a possible fix? I have submitted a ticket but this is more for public consumption so people don't make the same mistake I did by combining these two products. Please create one of these lists to prevent issues for other customers. At least some good can come from this possibly.
  14. Prepare for painting : Sanding and protect before painting The painting : And the first fail ! : Due to over long time between layers of paint i have had withdrawal.
  15. The disassembly : After some hours the case is disassembly and screws are identified.
  16. Showcase intro : Hi, this is my first build. I'm going to mod a Cooler Master Cosmos 2 on the theme ROG : Republic Of Gamer but not in red who is the usual color. So this is a little case for a big mod... More seriously i will use RGB, custom loop and homemade parts for the loop. The project : For this project i want to watercooled as many parts as possible. The colors pattern is Green & White for the case and RGB for the lightings. The Hardware : CM : Asus ROG RAMPAGE V + OC Panel CPU : Intel Core i7 5820k GPU : Kfa2 980 ti HOF RAM : 8 x ? GO (Coming as soon) PSU : Corsair AX1500i SSD 1 : Asus ROG RAIDR PCIexpress 240 Go SSD 2 : M.2 PNY CS2030 480 Go HDD : 3 x Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 To The loop : Water block CPU : Bykski CPU-XPR-A-V3 Water block RAM : 2 x Bykski Bykski B-RAM-X Water block GPU : Bykski N-GY98TIHOF-X Waterblock Southbridge & Mosfets : EK waterblock with homemade top Radiators 480mm : Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 480 MP Radiators 360mm : Bykski B-RD360-TK 38 mm Radiators 120mm : Bykski B-RD120-TK 38 mm Temp meter : AquaComputer Flow meter : AquaComputer Highflow Bay : AquaComputer aquaero 6 XT Pump : EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM Reservoirs : 1 x 250mm & 2 x Bitspower Water Tank Z 150 Fans : 9 x Corsair HD120 RGB + Commander Pro + RGB LED Lightning PRO The all in a Cooler Master Cosmos II case !
  17. Introduction As an amateur modder,am from Indonesia,I will participate in the league master, I will bring a theme that is unique to my country in the Cooler Master K500 case. Even this ivent is a place for me to hone my modding skills, especially in international classes. Part 1. Ryzen 5 1600 2. Asrock X370 Taichi 3. DDR4 RAM 4. PSU CM MASTERWATT 550 5. ASUS RX 480 DUAL 6. WD M.2 SSD 120GB+ VGEN SSD 240GB 7. MASTERLIQUID ML120L RGB 8. MASTERFAN PRO 140 9. COOLER MASTER EXTENSION CABLE 10. CASE CM K500
  18. || THE BAT PC || ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY || Custom RGB Controller ''THE GOD KILLER'' Build Log : Imagine having a new themed PC every week or maybe every day,INFINITY MOD is focused on user theme for every occasion. Its not something mind blowing or spectacular invention,I like to keep things simple and futuristic. PC Specs : Procc : AMD FX6300 4.5GHz (OC) Mobo : ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 Memory : STARLITE 4x4GB 1333mHz Cooling : Corsair H11Oi GTX Storage : Kingstone 240GB SSD + 1TB WD Green Power Supply : CM Master Watt 750 Total cost of the project including table setup : INR 75,000 (Approx) [Without any hardware]
  19. The front of the Oscilloscope had a red light that turned on when you powered on the scope. I wanted to retain this functionality and have the Oscilloscope's Power Light be the Computer's Power Light as well. I didn't want to simply wire a light to the panel, I wanted it to truly be power light, so I wired an LED to the motherboard's power light headers, and ran the LED into the Oscilloscope's red power light housing.
  20. I originally had a CPU Air Cooler in this mod, and fairly recently I decided to upgrade to the MASTERLIQUID ML120L RGB All-in-One CPU Cooler. For the rear exhaust, I cut a hole in the rear of the Oscilloscope and used a CaseLabs FlexBay Fan/Radiator Mount to match the front intake color and grill pattern. I mounted the Radiator on the inside of the case and the fan inside the FlexBay assembly. This was the only configuration that would allow me to add-in this great looking AIO. However, the yellow on the fan that came with the AIO did not match my color scheme, and I did not want an LED fan in the rear of the case, so I purchased a JETFLO 120 Black Fan to use in its place.
  21. On the side of the case I added a "Big Red Button" that serves as the Power Button for the PC. I also added 2 industrial On/Off switches that control the lighting. The left switch turns on and off the white interior light of the power gauge. The right switch turns on and off the UV lighting inside the case. The red button and the switches were all brand new and very shiny. I used clear matte medium (paint) to dull the surfaces, and made various tones of gray using black chalk paint and white chalk paint to distress the button and switches even further. I found that having multiple tones of the same color makes a distress job look much more real than a single color.
  22. I did all custom wiring, even for the lighting. I used 3 Nanoxia UV Rigid Light Strips, cut off the ends, wired them together and then used my own wire to power them from a single SATA power source routed through the toggle switch on the side of the case. The UV Lights charge up the glow-in-the-dark paint, which looks really great when you turn them off. Picture 1: UV Lights Off Picture 2: UV Lights On Picture 3: UV Lights Off after they have charged the glow-in-the-dark paint
  23. I used a CaseLabs FlexBay Fan/Radiator Mount for the fan intake in the front. The gunmetal gray and the grill pattern matched the look and feel of the mod perfectly.
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