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  3. Benchmark tests: Prime95 for cpu and 3DMark at 5120x2160 resolution for gpus.
  4. if i'd do any restoration, that would be vw ghia muscle style, small v8 block, bumpers fited into the body, hydaulic disc brakes, modern suspension, some chip foose wheels and modern custom control panel
  5. Yes, and even more rare is the Two door version. We did find one in local yard here,
  6. Hello, I wanted to change the colors of my leds on the front today but I have this issue. All seem properly plugued and it was working before Thanks
  7. I've got a bit further, it seems to works better without connecting the sata cable. Not sure why you need to plug that in.
  8. I'm in the same boat as you. Took me ages to update the firmware. Now i'm having to run the firmware program to get the ARGB controller to turn on the lights, then run masterplus software to update it again to use the controller. The ARGB controller seems to lose the firmware as soon as you turn off your computer. Hope this gets sorted soon.
  9. Hi Ales, I purchased the same model ML240R and installed and it worked for 8 days. Then the controller RGB lights stopping working but at least the pump and fans were still working to protect my new CPU. After several tests with my own PC and at the store the RGB controller fried itself. so I have RMA it ASAP! Also you can try and upgrade the firmware in the controller via the Master Plus software, but I would RMA it before it stops altogether. I do like this product even after the break down and have purchased 2 other Cooler master CPU coolers in the past and this is the first faulty one. Thanks.
  10. Even razer death adder is to small for my hand, i hold it just with fingertips and anything above 100g is useless for competetive games. Also bigger mice are usually laser... It would be nice if there was larger mouse 140mm length and 80+ mm width. Which would weight like 70-80. I have to large hands and i have no grip and control in games...
  11. I cannot possibly detach all keycaps like every 1 month or so, it takes to much time and also not to mention dust and garbage gets into switches. Dismantling switches would be even more difficult, it is not a thing you can do that often. I found out washing keyboard in water helps, but keyboard started not working sometimes and i had to reconnect it, so i gave up this method. Air duster i read it can pressure dust into keyboard and even make it worse. There is some thingy which you stick in keyboard, but that doesn't work that well and either and doesn't clean switches. I have cooler master nova touch pro and when i first got it, it was even better than cherry mx red, it was like mind reading, i had feeling actions happen even before i pressed the key, but already after couple months performance decreased a lot and i am not a billionaire to afford new keyboard every month or so. I don't know how much garbage gets inside switches. Even if i cleaned it, same problem would arise quickly and you can't do that every month or so... I don't see how would i clean it. Probably not much i can do here, but do you know some other methods not mentioned here ? Or if i clean switches i don't even know how to dismantle them and how hard it is , question is how long it would last and would it even change a thing. problem also you shouldn't ever take out spacebar and if you can't take it out, how are you supposed to clean it. There is to much dust, even if you clean, it is in a hour there again and i don't even live in that dusty area... You would need little nanorobots, which would go into your keyboard and pick out every little piece of garbage...
  12. Sonle


    Can u share stl file for 3d print?! :3
  13. My 3 RGB fans that were included with my Masterbox Lite 5 RGB case and the 3 RGB fans that came in my 3 high air flow fan + controller kit (MFY-F2DC-113PC-R1) colors don't always match in static mode and are out of sync in color cycle mode. The video makes it less obvious than it really is but maybe you can see from it. The first two fans on the front of the case and the CPU cooler are the high air flow fans that came with the kit and the bottom front of the case, top of the case and rear exhaust are the 3 RGB fans that were included with the case. The two pics below are of all the fans in static mode.
  14. Reassembling Reassembling without distro plate. I encountered lot of problem that put me late but i'm coming to the end... The french version of my worklog is available here.
  15. Painting last part HDD rack. 200mm original fan of case. Right side panel.
  16. Bykski's parts DDR4 Waterblock and radiators. The RGB flow indicator. The rgb CPU waterblock .
  17. DDR4 The 64Go of DDR4 are arrived ! 8 x 8 Go Patriot viper steel 4133MHz !
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  19. FN + F4 does nothing. The ESC and F5 blink when I press FN then while holding the FN key down and press F4 nothing happens.
  20. I love this mouse otherwise but mouse button 2 has way too much side movement. is there a way to fix this or is my unit defective?
  21. Cooler Master's website claims that this case can take up to 4 120mm fans . I can only install 3 - 2 at the front and the stock fan at the rear. Or am I missing something here? I am annoyed as I have an extra ARCTIC F12 PWM PST fan that I bought and cannot fit! Secondly has anyone else had trouble registering products on their website? I've been trying for the past week which is really poor! Thanks in advance
  22. Rkmodz


    loved it....such an amazing work indeed....:)
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  24. I got my MM710 on October 11th and downloaded the MasterPlus software to change DPI levels and rebind a key to the DPI button instead of it being the DPI switcher. Whenever I go to rebind and hit the keyboard selection in the dropdown menu and then hit what key I want it to be rebound to and hit apply it will say it's saved on the diagram of the mouse. The issue is when I hit apply to actually save the changes I've made. Nothing happens. Somehow I got the app to unbind the DPI button but it won't save something to that button. Sometimes when I hit apply it just straight up crashes. I'm perfectly happy with this mouse but the software is awful and I haven't gotten a word from support except a "what's up?" tweet at 3am my time. I've put in a support ticket and nothing, they aren't replying to emails or tweets. Am I doing something wrong in the software? Should the mouse combo option be enabled? Why does it say all my other mouse buttons are unbound when I turn mouse combo off? WHAT IS MOUSE COMBO??? Also, there's no MM710 option under the peripheral tab when going to start a discussion in these forums so I'm posting in general hardware. Step it up, CoolerMaster.
  25. for ekwb?....i wish that jetta is rare even for europe
  26. Youre up late... Do you work for EK as well? I talk to Eddy often. also owned mk1 GLI,
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