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  3. Hi, I've just bought a Devastator 3 Plus Keyboard+mouse set. They work fine most of the time, but, randomly, the keyboard disconnects and reconnects itself (accompanied with a popping sound from the speakers, and the disconnect/connect chime from windows. The keyboard gets unresponsive for one or two seconds, but it's light doesn't turn off at all (nor blinks) during this. Tried connecting them to other ports: USB 2.0, 3.1, 3.2, rear, and front, and the problem persist. Windows, drivers and bios are up to date. No RGB lighting in my system, no other USB ports in use. Any ideas what may be happening, and how to solve it? Mainboard: ASUS Prime X570-P CPU: Ryzen 3600 RAM: 1 x 16 Gb HyperX DDR4 3200MHx Video: Asus Tuf Gaming GTX 1650 Super OC Disks: NVMe 512Gb + 2 x 1Tb Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM PSU: Coolmaster 600W 80+ Bronze Peripherals: Devastator 3 Plus Mouse and Keyboard Speakers: Creative Inspire T5400 5.1, connected to the audio output jacks No lightning, no Leds, no RGB.
  4. I've had this power supply for probably around a decade by now and I've had no problems. I've gone through about 3 separate upgrades (motherboard, gpu, cpu, ram all together) and have had seemingly no problems. Until recently, I left my window in the room where my pc is, open as I went to sleep. It was a really cold night, and when I went into the room the next day, the PC was very cold. There wasn't any condensation or anything of the sort, just cold. So i tried booting my PC, and it would boot loop. After about 7 or 8 seconds after the PC starts booting, it would immediately turn off, then turn back on again. I let it do that probably about 10 or 15 times and it wouldn't seem to properly fully boot. (I also noticed, that once the PC started revving up a bit or seemingly start to use more power/make more noise, it would boot loop again) At this point, the only part that isn't new in my computer, is the power supply. So me being me, decides to grab a hair dryer and slowly heat up specifically the power supply for about 10-15 seconds on all sides without heating up any other part of my computer. I finish doing that, press the power button and the PC turned on in 5 seconds like it normally does. I tried the same thing the next day, PC was cold, boot looped a couple of times till I forcefully turned it off. Used my hair dryer to heat up the PSU and it worked again. When it did boot up, I tried stress testing with OCCT (Memtest/Power etc.) for a couple of hours and everything worked perfectly as it did before. What I wanted to ask was why this even occurs and if anyone's ever seen anything like this before? Like, is there a direct reason or is it just showing signs of dying after long-time use?
  5. Yep same problem here. About a week after the install my pump started making awful rattling noises. Terrible QC. Thankfully I ordered through amazon so I will be returning through them. Last dollar CoolerMaster will ever get from me. Should've just splurged for the corsair. Live and learn.
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  7. Whoever runs their facebook account told me that there were some delays. Apparently there were a lot more donations than originally thought. The lack of communication is sort of lame though. I hope they are faster with getting that money donated to the correct people.
  8. Casefans you should take the Bequiet Pure Wings 2 PWM (BL037 - 80mm PWM 1900 URPM) Noctua NF-A8 PWM (NF-A8-PWM - 80mm PWM 2200 URPM) or when you modded a bigger one... Do you need only the electric switch? -> LINK 1 to electric Power Switch and Link 2 for exactly the same switch in my Case. Or you need the Cover for the Switch? that is not reparable. No Parts on the market. Jan
  9. Same here, set up a RMA request CUSUS2007093 and a support ticket 36201. I have not gotten a reply at all. Try calling and leaving a message is the same. I am will never buy any Cooler Master product with this kind of support. I will chat with Amazon about this problem and give them a bad review. I encourage other customer to give a review too so none of us or new customer fall into the same experience.
  10. Anyone knows when we will get support for MF120 Halo in masterplus? I wanted to set separate color for the ring and the fan.
  11. Hello! Does anyone know if you can swap the tempered glass panel on the SL600M Black Edition with a non-window panel? To clarify - just get another of the opposite side's panel and flip it. Thanks!
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  13. u guys can watch clearly in my video file
  14. as you guys can see i cant change the mode on hub by mode buttion . the led is not working right . how i can fix it pls help me 106848534_821613588370210_712454224946164933_n.rar
  15. I have purchased new MWE 450 fan not working but everything motherboard everything works well
  16. Dear I need modular cables 6pin to 8pin of v 1000 power this time it is tough to find at local need modular cables help where to purchase them. Thanks & regards
  17. Hello, I was wondering if there is a place other than the 6 page browsing page where I can find more custom SDK files to use? Thanks!
  18. I have MK730 working fine until I recently purchased a KVM (the ATEN CS1942DP) This KVM has a designated keyboard slot as well as couple USB 3.1 slots. Behind the KVM I have macbook. My keyboard doesn't work through any of these slots. The LED's don't light up and no input shows up. In the process of debugging it I've tried putting a PC behind the KVM and also tried going through usb hubs. I get better results there with the keyboard working occasionally but not consistently. Once it fails I need to plug it back directly to the PC and reset it to get it to work. Finally I tried going from the KVM's 3.1 output to an extra monitors built in USB hub and it works! My hypothesis is the monitor usb hub works because it provides enough power to charge a laptop (90 Watts) and most of the other ports are nowhere near that. The usb hub I have I think is 5V/2.1A (10.5 Watts). I don't know the amperage from the KVM's USB outs but I assume it doesn't pass enough power. I can't guess why it partially works for my PC but not for MacOS. I'd like to move the keyboard off my monitor onto a smaller hub so that I don't have to have this extra monitor on all the time. Is there a minimum amperage the keyboard needs? Is there some other incompatibility I don't know about?
  19. My RMA request for my MWE fully modular PSU was accepted two days ago. What do I need to send over to Cooler Master besides the PSU box? Do I need to send the cables from the PSU as well? Do I need to have the original box? Do I need to pay for a box if I do not have one? How long should I expect to wait for a replacement PSU? Thank you.
  20. Hi Guys, I am looking for a pair of fan bracket Hyper 212x as mine broke as I was removing it for dusting. Where can I get that? I am from Malaysia, by the way. Thanks. Alex.
  21. USA here, same question, except for the ceiling of my H500 which could use one more :)
  22. Dear, From a few months ago the fans of my liquid cooler have a buzz, regulate the RPM but the buzz does not disappear. When I'm playing videogames it increases considerably. Disassemble the fans on suspicion of dirt, clean their blades but it did not work. I hope you can help me.
  23. J Lee


    I have been calling Cooler Master 800 number. Left my contact as well as set up a support ticket and RMA ticket. NO ONE has called or responds. It seems COOLER MASTER has bad support and product warranty. I can’t believe they are totally close because of COVID 19 when they are still selling. Can anyone tell me if they are providing support during this Pandemic. I am tempted to file a consumer complain and write to Amazon a negative comment and complain.
  24. Same boat, honestly would just love to hear anything.
  25. My RMA request for my MWE fully modular PSU was accepted two days ago. What do I need to send over to Cooler Master besides the PSU box? Do I need to send the cables from the PSU as well? Do I need to have the original box? Do I need to pay for a box if I do not have one? How long should I expect to wait for a replacement PSU? Thank you.
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