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  3. The pump doesn't showing up means there likely was a failure at the pump or at the conector wires. There is nothing you can do about this. I would recommend avoid to keep using it and look for a replacement.
  4. I've got the Silent Pro M600 and I came here with the exact same question! I found this but for some reason shipping is €21??
  5. Hello. I have problem with Cooler Master MasterLiquid240 I instal Radiator, fans and pump....Connect fans and Pump to socket "pump fan" and still pump doesn't light up and it's not working.... I have to say that i plug in pump to other sockets and doesn't even show in bios that is connected. motherboard is MSi z390-A-Pro with i7-9700k Please help
  6. I need to buy 1 argb hub to control 4 argb devices, but there is only MASTERFAN ARGB AND PWM HUB (attached in uploaded images) that is available in my area. so i wanted a clarification whether this device is compatible with cm rgb software or not. thank you.
  7. Hello everyone. Got the case yesterday.There suppose to be 4 light on each fan and I only got one light on middle fan working, bottom fan right light barely visiable(blue),other than that I got no light at all. My motherboard doesn't have the argb header, but the controller is included so I connect it to the power supply.(also tried connecting to motherboard 4pin headers got the same result). Any idea what is wrong? Thank you!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Connect the fans into cpu fan/cpu fan opt header. Connect the pump into W_pump. In the bios you find the Q-Fan Control. Just let the cpu fan in the standard mode and pwm:
  10. Me too, im buying corsair tbh. im sick of seeing spectrum, its the only good one lmao. need a audio visualizer or something!
  11. Hi! Can anyone help me with finding a Modular cable to go directly from the Powersupply to SATA? I can't seem to figure it out? Looks like it's 5 pins on the PSU end. Cheers, Phil
  12. No you can't cut the protruded heatpipes. The heatipes contains a fluid or gas inside wich evaporate easily. This is a picture of a damaged 212 Evo heatpipes:
  13. Hi Everyone! I purchased a ML360R for my i9 9900K (stock speed, not overclocked). It is top mounted, and there are 6 additional temperature controlled 120mm intake fans. The case is a spacious lian li case. I would expect lower temperatures than I am seeing and am wondering if my expectations are off or my temperatures are high. Idle temps are 35-45 C.Starting Prime95 temps jump to 70-75 C and then settle at 58-61 C. Any one with a similar configuration that can share what they see would really be helpful. Thanks!
  14. I installed an aorus liquid 280 and I have the same problem despite being a full tower case does not comply with what is indicated and they should remove the 280mm support as it does not fully support it based on the location of the fans you want
  15. My Lian Li case only has room for 155mm CPU fan, but the 212X is 158mm tall. Can I safely grind down the heat pipes 3mm to get the clearance needed?
  16. I have the same problem on my new build, only 2 weeks old. (rad top mounted) Has anyone come up with a solultion ? or do I need to send it back already ? Also I can lean my computer over and the noise competely disappears. Whats strange is that I have the exact same cooler top mounted on another computer and it has been running perfectly fine for months no noise at all.
  17. Well, I can only help you here in the forum's thread. What is your motherboard and cpu?
  18. What is your disocrd? Add Jam#3913 I can send there
  19. I was wondering if anybody on here had a spare replacement or know where I could find one. They seem to be completely gone. This is my fault, I was supposed to order one of these two years ago and they actually were available. But I never bought it and now I'm paying the price. Would be nice to have front USB ports. I haven't had any since like 2012..
  20. Hello Cenevit, Thank for your answer. I thought results would be better than what I saw through your link. So I am going to keep my money
  21. What is your motherboard and cpu? Are the fans powered into the cpu fan header with speed control enabled? Please could you print with the HwMonitor showing the temperatures and the fans speed? I would like to see the processor temperature and the fan rpm under that noise.
  22. Last week
  23. I bought this CPU cooler few months ago and since the day I brought it and installed, its been incredibly noisey when playing games and just in general also. I use my PC for gaming and when im playing i can hear my CPU cooler noise more than my game and its really annoyingly noisy.i have heard it is not meant to be that noisy, so wondering has anyone on here had the same cooler and can give me some help. Thanks.
  24. Hello, I am looking to get top fan for my case and realized it is a odd sizing can anyone tell me if this fan would fit and if it doesn't let me know of a couple that would
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