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    MH 751-752

    Hello, i really want to buy one of those two but lots of reviews said that after 2 months a screw in the right earpiece goes loose and you lose sound in the right, is there a way to prevent this ? If not will i get remplaced or refunded ?
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  5. Hello, please tell me, is it possible to connect two splitter wires together? That . I need to get 7 RGB connectors to connect to the motherboard to the RGB connector and control with Asus aura. Many thanks for the answers, sorry if a similar topic already exists.
  6. Hello everyone I am planning to mount a PC with CM RGB, as I have been looking on internet I can't mount 2 CM controllers so the solution should be splitters. So, I make this topic to make sure my idea can work. There are 3 front fans (MasterBox MB530P) 2 front fans splitted = 1 connector for Controller The connector explained above splitted to the third front fan = 1+1 connector, total 2 Split those 2 splitted connectors making it a total of 1 connector to the controller 2 CPU fans splitted = 1 connector for controller, total 2 2 top fans splitted = 1 connector for controller, total 3 Rear fan, making it a total of 4. Can it work? I assume the splitted fans will work equally Thank you
  7. With lighting, the rendering is more fun . I thank you for your support. I spent a lot of time on this project, I do not regret my investment in tools, materials, components and various accessories for a result that satisfies me fully. I wanted to do something clean, rather sober but classy and efficient in cooling, with a custom cable management. I hope you enjoyed my work, that you liked the project and that it gives you ideas for your own realization. Now it's up to you to play, vote! French traduction : Avec de l'éclairage, le rendu est plus sympa Je vous remercie pour votre soutien. J'ai passé beaucoup de temps sur ce projet, je ne regrette pas mon investissement en outillage, matériaux, composants et divers accessoires pour un résultat qui me satisfait pleinement. J'ai voulu faire quelque chose de propre, plutôt sobre mais classe et efficace en refroidissement, avec un câble management sur mesure. J'espère que vous avez apprécié mon travail, que le projet vous a plu et que cela vous donne des idées pour votre propre réalisation. Maintenant, c'est à vous de jouer, voter !
  8. Hey everyone, after unboxing the C700M, I noticed that on the control board's A-RGB Lighting connecter, there was one wire which wasn't connected to anything, while the other three wires were. So, my question is, are all three wires from the A-RGB Lighting connector on the module supposed to be connected to other things right out of the box? Just wondering because hopefully I didn't accidentally disconnect it, if it was plugged into something else. I can't seem to find anywhere to connect it though, so maybe it's just like that out of the box. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks in advance!
  9. yodap1

    MH 752

    Does It have Mic Monitoring
  10. My masterkeys pro L loses its RGB profiles every time my computer is booted up, or resumed from a sleep/hibernation state. After windows loads the keyboard functions to a degree- it shows the red RGB channel and I'm able to type- however I cannot edit RGB using keyboard shortcuts, change profile etc. Ive been getting around the problem by loading the Cooler Master Portal to flash my profiles back to the keyboard, but this is irritating as I have to do it every time my computer resumes from sleep. I've tried hard reseting the keyboard, deleting and reloading keyboard profiles, updating keyboard firmware and reinstalling the latest version of coolermaster portal all to no avail. Any ideas?
  11. Hi Guys, here are some more developments of the IRON MAIDEN. I finally almost finsished the base pillars made of beer bottles. Thr GPU Shroud is also monuted now. The monitor lift electromech is working fine and now I can finish the front between the monitor oand the combores. alos I will finish the water loops to get the first liquid in. All my concentration is on the front and top now. Tehn She will be lit up and fired up fior the first time.
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  13. Harold J Neiper


    Will the Cooler Master Elite V3 400W fit in the Masterbox Q300L case?
  14. Last week
  15. After connecting everything and plugging i all necessary cables - i push the switch and hear two clicks. it powers up leds on the mobo but wont let the pc to turn on. Any thoughts?
  16. Hey guys! New here, I had a CM MWE 650 80+bronze which used to make a fairly loud grunting sound ONLY on startup and made a few clicking sounds now and then, I had that sent for RMA, got upgraded to a MWE 650 80+ Gold which makes exactly the same sound. 1.My PSU fan is facing down as my case only allows for this orientation 2. haven't checked in the new PSU but the previous one stooped making that sound when flipped upside down (fan facing up). 2.Again it only makes that sound on startup or when my system gets off of sleep mode. 3. No grinding noise after and the fan is working have checked the airflow. I wasted 30 days getting the previous RMA, can't afford to waste more time, do you guys think this is a serious issue if not is there some precautions I can take to either solve or ensure that this dose not get any worse. TBH this terrifies me, any and all help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  17. Inony


    Thank you for all the comments. I'm glad many people like my work . And apologize to the persons who asked to share the work file I can't give it to you. Because the design is the only thing Which tells of who I am This job is a prototype, I think it is strong to a certain extent. But still not good enough for what I intended. In order not to break the rules in the contest. I will wait until the end of the contest decision and announce the results. In red color, I will strengthen the main structure that must support the weight with iron. According to my intention that I was unable to do so within the contest time. It is the final version that is stronger in a gentle overview of the original.
  18. Same issues here. Is there a solution? Pretty big disappointment from Cooler Master, for a keyboard in this price range. Someone responsible care to answer ... ?
  19. Hi, I just finished my build with this case as well and like OP I'm not well versed in the RGB part of this at all. I believe I have everything connected right to the splitter/controller however I'm getting fan spin but no lights at all. I currently have a gigabyte X570 elite wifi mobo and am at a loss as to what to do. I have the gigabyte fusion software downloaded which doesn't detect the fans and the coolermaster software just tells me to 'Plug in my CM device to get started' Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  20. There was a new firmware that came out today. I updated when I opened up my Masterplus software. Too bad it doesn't fix the Aura Sync issue
  21. don't know if the MysticLight is compatible with the ML240L but if the MB doesn't have an ARGB header, you can't sync with MysticLight. You'll be in the same boat as I am with Aura Sync. You'll have to connect the controller to a USB header to your MB and control the lighting through their Masterplus software. So you'll have to use separate software to control multiple devices. It BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWS!
  22. Try disconnecting the controller while the PC is on and reconnect. You should see lights on the controller when it's powered on. Once the Masterplus software is installed, you should be able to make changes to the lighting if you're using the USB header to connect it.
  23. I asked customer support about this and they have no idea what I was talking about since i'm having an Aura Sync/Masterplus sync issue with their fans/ARGB controller via USB connection. They told me that I should be able to control the Aura Sync through Masterplus but no means to be able to accomplish this.
  24. So update on my situation: I contacted Customer Support and they gave me the run around about how the ARGB Controller is not able to be controlled by Aura through the USB header. I explained that doesn't make any sense since I can control it through Masterplus software this way and it' guessed it, connected to the motherboard! They also said that we should be able to control the ASUS Aura sync through the Masterplus software but there is no .SDK file available to do this and it was removed from the forums a while ago to be updated and they haven't said anything about it since. No updates, no nothing. Personally, I think CM messed up somewhere with their software/firmware and isn't trying to take responsibility for the issue for their ARGB/RGB controller and software. So now i'm using Aura Sync for my MB and DMM, Masterplus for the water cooler & fans, and EVGA X1 Precision for the 1080Ti lighting. Ridiculous!!! The first company to make a all inclusive, no strings attached, open source ARGB/RGB controller software is going to make a KILLING!!!
  25. Hi my name is Andy and I am from China. I am glad to be participating this year for the first time and will be entering my mod called Fading Time. The inspiration for the creation stems from all the time I feel just passes through us without realizing and much of this time feels wasted. I have moved the mod studio to Dalian, China for a year and want to use this mod to remind myself to be more productive. For the mod I am going for a more vintage look for the case with bronze finishing, and after I finished painting the case I will be thinking about how to do the water cooling, as I’ll need this to fit the general outlook of the vintage look of the mod. The moving clock will be a consistent feature of the mod, with a clock fixed to the front panel and a rotating look on the side panel to indicate the constant moving of time when people look at the mod, reminding you that the clock is always ticking.
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