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  2. Can you key bind to the mouse itself or do you need to run software, I have disabilities and have to use a M&K on xbox thru XIM, the D pad would be very very useful for my particular issue - thanks
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  4. I have a MB520 case, I'm thinking of replacing the non-RGB fan on the back to a RGB one, which Fans are the same as the 3 in the front? I'm looking for the same as the 3 in the front.
  5. Bonjour J'aimerais savoir si on peut contrôler plusieurs contrôleurs dans la même tour Je possède une tour h500 M avec un contrôleur intégré et j'aimerais installer également un deuxième contrôleur ml240r pour le contrôle de tous les ventilateurs RGB avec le logiciel masterplus est ce que les deux contrôleurs seront reconnus dans le logiciel de gestion masterplus pour pouvoir contrôler tous les ventilateurs individuellement avec 4 sorties du contrôleur H 500 m et 4 sorties du contrôleur ml240l merci
  6. Hy guys, Anyone knows where to buy a secondary fan for the HYPER 212 RGB BLACK EDITION? I can't find this kind of fan on the net, anyone knows where? Thanks in advice.
  7. A question about MasterCase SL600M. Is it possible to turn the cooler 90 degrees (fans are directed upwards) on the Board with AM4 socket? If Yes, what coolers are suitable?
  8. i have a 1000w gold plus80 pcu and stoped working. i dont have any papers of the item because some months ago i moved from another area to another. I took the item to an electrician and he said that the problem is on the mainboard. Because the item is in exelent contition i wonder where can i send it for check and repair . This was the question and the main shop in greece told me to contact with you. BRegs and i wait for your answer. SEmm, Heraklion, Krete, Greece
  9. Can you let me know if you find a solution to this please? I have the exact same issue. Thanks
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  11. Hello i buy the ml360r cooler i install and connect it to my pc just one fan swing and is without rgb light i try to connect it alone and no sucess can someone tell me please how to fix it? when i connect this fan to the cable spliiter all the fans stop to work so i think this fan is defective and make short circuit
  12. I have the HAF 932 Advanced case and I want to install the wheels on it but I don't have the screws. Does anyone know the type & size needed? Much appreciated.
  13. There is no long I bought the MASTERBOX MB500 my son would like to know how changed the LEDs of the case in red Thanks for helping me as soon as I do not happen no longer to download the given software. Sachant Que j'ai perdu la boite du boitier pas moyen d'avoir le nom de serie
  14. Hello, I want to buy the Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L. My question is, does a CPU cooler from bequiet Dark Rock 3 fit in there?
  15. Hello i bought a while ago the ML360R RGB sadly one of the fans doesn't light up with RGB but is still spining. i tryed swapping the connections with the other fans on the controller and this is defenetly a faulty fan. what fans are compatible so i know what to buy? the eintire Masterfan pro series are compatible? i bought it through Amazon and their service only wants me to return the entire kit and get a partial refund...this is a good cooling and i dont want to be left without cooling for a month+ so i'm willing to forget about the warrenty and just replace the fan myself. when opened a ticket with you guys i was told to return the product to where i bought it
  16. i am using the above mentioned case for my build. motherboard is Aorus z390 Ultra. RAM is four GSkillz trident sticks. and i'm trying to install a kraken x62 or x52. the x62 won't fit on top mount. i'm wondering if i can front mount it. however, the case already has 2 preinstalled front fans so i don't even know if it's possible to mount on the front or if that's stupid. please help!!!
  17. Hello All, For months now without any good leads I have tried hard to find the front and side 230mmx30mm replacement fans for my HAF X case. Does anyone know where I can get the CoolerMaster replacements or has anyone used another good fan that works in their place? Please let me know,
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  19. I've got everything plugged into where it needs to go on my MB The USB ports work fine on the front panel the power button turns it on and off, but no proximity lights. Also, The case fans don't work. I've tried plugging hem into several fans slots on my motherboard, and nothing. Is there a separate power supply i need to connect to them? The manual isn't very thorough. It doesn't show anything about the case connectors Can someone help me out? The case is all kinds of slick other than a few technical issues
  20. Hi, I have Dell inspiron 15 5580, here is link which give information about it. My question is which Cooler/Cooling Pad is recommended for it?
  21. I have a MasterBox 5 case and I want to add an additional SSD in it, but I am confused as to what type of SSD cage/tray I need. The online store features several items which state that they are designed for the MasterCase Series and fit into cases with "FreeForm Modular System technology." Does the MasterBox 5 have this? If not, can you direct me to the appropriate items that will allow me to install additional SSDs? Thanks.
  22. Hi Luqianopagoti, Probably the fan LED's are faulty. Did you double checked the RGB connections? You can contact our support team to get replacement fans Submit a support ticket on our CM Fanzone:
  23. Hi Electrik7, Try to reset your keyboard first to see if that might solve the issue
  24. Hi Lesle LaDuke, You can connect the RGB fans to the included RGB LED controller from the case and connect the reset switch from the case to the LED controller so you can control the RGB lightning with the reset switch on top of the case I have checked your motherboard and your motherboard has also a RGB header. This means you can connect the RGB fans with the RGB splitter cable directly to the motherboard RGB header without having to use the included RGB led controller from the case. When you have connect the RGB fans to the motherboard RGB header, you can control the RGB LED's with the Ausus Aura software. RGB header on your motherboard: Let me know if you have any other question.
  25. Hi Robert Banister, Check the link below for the 3 pin and 4 pin Fan wire diagrams
  26. I just finished my build, I'm kind of a novice at this but have everything working except the case fans do not light up. These are the 3 fans that came with the case. Case did not have any instructions so we aren't sure if we have plugged everything in correctly. It has a little switch controller that looks like a SATA connection. We tried hooking that up and still nothing. Really not sure where on the mobo the fans are supposed to be connected etc... I have an Asus ROG Strix Crosshair VII motherboard. Any instructions would be helpful. I've been searching half the night for answers.
  27. and i'm sorry in advance because i'm sure this is a dumb, dumb question. but my h500 mid case didn't come with any instructions or any detail about what each pre-installed cable is for and where to connect it on my motherboard (aorus z390 ultra). some i can figure out because they are vaguely labeled, but there are a couple that i just am not sure about and don't want to make a mistake. i've attached pictures of the cables. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  28. Ok im not english speaker but ill try my best you to understand me :) My keyboard magically is locked and i cant unliock this, the letter G now is turned on and i "Fn + F11" doesnt work, so i dont know what to do, i need help, the lights works, windows recognize the keyboard but this is locked and i cant unlock this, i really need help :'c
  29. Hi i buildt my first pc bought some very good parts worked ok for around a week then both radiator mounted fan RGB just dont want to work anymore Does this happen often ?? Please help !!!!!!!!
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