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  2. Hello, not sure if you solved your issue or not, but I just went through similar issues with a new H500m and the MSI Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard. I did eventually get the front fans to be connected in the Mystic Light software. The case should come with a 3-1 fan splitter already connected and that plugs into a normal fan header on the MB to run the fans. The two RGB cables from the fans get combined into the RGB controller. To get it to work with MSI Mystic Light, I connected the front panel reset switch to the controller, the micro-usb cable to a usb 2.0 header on the MB, the aRGB output cable to JRAINBOW on the MB, and the SATA power cable from my power supply. If that's all connected, open up Mystic Light and select JRAINBOW. Set it to Steady and pick a unique color that stands out. Now, use the reset button to cycle through the rgb controller pre-sets until you find the steady color you picked. Now you've selected the JRAINBOW channel and anything you set to it in ML will show on the front fans. Hope this helps ~Von
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  4. I have a problem with rgb cosmos c700m the case for what it costs shouldn't have these problems I really don't know where to turn to There is no support number, I'm in Italy help meeee
  5. After a few days, I have the problem again despite the new pcb and new parts ...
  6. I got a hyper 212 Evo as a Christmas present a while back and am currently planning on upgrading to a Ryzen CPU, how would I go about getting an AM4 upgrade kit? Thanks in advance!
  7. im using the cooler master master set ms121 (which was not an option so i chose the ms120) and i wasn't able to change zones
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  9. Guys I am sorry this was my mistake, support did answer to my issue the day after I 've put it, but I didn't knew I have to check on my ticket status, I thought that they would sent me an email.... Anyway I've provided my address and they are sending me replacement fans. Thank you!
  10. nice piece of montage the two iron things u use as a clamp should be mounted with 2 little screws on the cooler itself then mount it on the mainboard
  11. this one should work
  12. that one worked for my mini controller
  13. Yes please! Same problem buddy, i own 4 xornets now with broken wheels... I can't find a proper replacment for this mouse, they've made a great design but thrown the shittiest possible mouse wheel. I really hope theyll return xornet, MM 520 feels worse, larger, heavier (you have to remove weight inside), and build quality feels worse aswell, none of my xornet buttons fly but MM 520 did straight out of the box
  14. This is my first Hyper 212 LED (and first aftermarket/non-stock Intel cooler since I've been running AMD for nearly 2 decades) and when I put the brackets on I expected them to stay flat but it looks by the cut holes in the bracket where the screws are being almost like 3 times it got drilled that maybe this is intended for the brackets to curl when getting screwed down. I only did them thumb tight by hand then went back and tightened with a screw driver a couple more turns in the 1-2-3-4 pattern but it was already doing this angling before I got the screwdriver so I snapped this picture: So far CPU (i9-9900k 3.6gHz-5gHz boost) looks fine in Bios at 29C, I'm not planning to overclock this is to replace my old AMD FX-8320 based vmware server. It will have some moderate to heavy workload but I wanted it for the cores/threads not the Hz, everything in Bios is set to Auto. Thanks for looking and any responses :)
  15. Hey there, Any chance to reupload the firmware since the coolermaster link is dead? Thanks really appreciate it.
  16. Hey there, Any chance to reupload the firmware since the coolermaster link is dead? Thanks really appreciate it.
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  18. Hi i have a Cm storm stryker case with a mpg gaming plus motherboard z390 and when i put the motherboard on those standoff screws the io shield wont hit the top connectors. Please help me
  19. Hello everyone! I'm having recently problems with my keyboard flickering it's lights as well as not receiving any input during the flickering time. There is ~30 min delay between them and they are really annoying especially in games. I have tried reinstalling my motherboard USB drivers and switching USB ports. My other keyboard is working perfectly fine so I doubt it's a port issue. Maybe software or cable/keyboard? I was wondering if anyone had that issue and/or if anyone would be wiling to help! Here is a direct link for a GIF of the problem since I can't seem to be able to upload it in my post.
  20. I am a pleased customer! My Seidon 120 Series Pump is finally getting tired. I looked up the purchase date 1/14/2014. 5 years and 3 months. An it was running if the PC wasn't sleeping. Until recently. It is making noise but the temps are not bad. No oc going on but I only turn it on now if I need something off it. or if company comes over and wants to browse. I know and understand that this was sealed from the factory. I would like to get a quote for a new cpu block and pump. If you sell them? I usually and the guy that has a part break 1 month out of warranty. Guys Thanks for making a durable quality product. You all should be proud. 5 years that pump lasted.
  21. I have ARGB headers on the fans but only a normal RGB header on the mobo so i have to use the controller. Thanks for the reply anyway.
  22. I'm looking for buying a MK730 italy layout with cherry mx blue , is this avaible in my country?
  23. Hi Andrew, That will be no problem at all, there is enough space left for the modular cables When you don't have to use the HDD cage, then you can remove the HDD cage or route the modular cables through the HDD cage
  24. Hi C0dly, There are some 200mm fans available on our CM store EU what do fit in the HAF XB EVO Below a link to a standard 200mm Fan black what fits in the HAF XB EVO top. Certain new 200mm fans (RGB) we released are having different measurements and therefore don't line up with older case models what support 200mm fans. The 200mm Megaflow fans are also compatible with the HAF XB EVO
  25. I'm looking for buying a MK730 italy layout with cherry mx blue , is this avaible in my country?
  26. Hello! My motherboard - MSI B150M - does not support 12V RGB connections, so I have to use the controller included in the cooler package. The problem is that LED does not work. I tried connecting it to 3 different molex ports. Fans are working perfectly, however. Searched for solutions on the web, inc. forums, but did not find a working one. By the way, PC case's LED lighting is also connected to the same molex (after the ma610p controller) and work without any issues.
  27. Is there any documentation available for how to use the different On-the-Fly software keys on the SK630 keyboard? The SK630 has a different set of software keys than other Cooler Master keyboards that I can find documentation for, so I'd like to know how to take advantage of this feature on my keyboard. Thanks!
  28. Hello Neno Thanks a lot for your return! It's great to have answer clearly explain David
  29. For more then six fan you need to use y-splitter because there are only six fan connectors. But you should pay attention to the fan wattage. I believe you can connect MAX 4.8 Watts PER CHANNEL. And yes, for the bottom fans you need to use the same bracket as for the top and front fans, only you need to buy that separately 'cause you get only two included with the case. Currently cmstore in EU is out of stock for the bracket, and he next stock should arrive in about 2 months.
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