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  2. I am a pleased customer! My Seidon 120 Series Pump is finally getting tired. I looked up the purchase date 1/14/2014. 5 years and 3 months. An it was running if the PC wasn't sleeping. Until recently. It is making noise but the temps are not bad. No oc going on but I only turn it on now if I need something off it. or if company comes over and wants to browse. I know and understand that this was sealed from the factory. I would like to get a quote for a new cpu block and pump. If you sell them? I usually and the guy that has a part break 1 month out of warranty. Guys Thanks for making a durable quality product. You all should be proud. 5 years that pump lasted.
  3. I have ARGB headers on the fans but only a normal RGB header on the mobo so i have to use the controller. Thanks for the reply anyway.
  4. I'm looking for buying a MK730 italy layout with cherry mx blue , is this avaible in my country?
  5. Hi Andrew, That will be no problem at all, there is enough space left for the modular cables When you don't have to use the HDD cage, then you can remove the HDD cage or route the modular cables through the HDD cage
  6. Hi C0dly, There are some 200mm fans available on our CM store EU what do fit in the HAF XB EVO Below a link to a standard 200mm Fan black what fits in the HAF XB EVO top. Certain new 200mm fans (RGB) we released are having different measurements and therefore don't line up with older case models what support 200mm fans. The 200mm Megaflow fans are also compatible with the HAF XB EVO
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  8. I'm looking for buying a MK730 italy layout with cherry mx blue , is this avaible in my country?
  9. Hello! My motherboard - MSI B150M - does not support 12V RGB connections, so I have to use the controller included in the cooler package. The problem is that LED does not work. I tried connecting it to 3 different molex ports. Fans are working perfectly, however. Searched for solutions on the web, inc. forums, but did not find a working one. By the way, PC case's LED lighting is also connected to the same molex (after the ma610p controller) and work without any issues.
  10. Is there any documentation available for how to use the different On-the-Fly software keys on the SK630 keyboard? The SK630 has a different set of software keys than other Cooler Master keyboards that I can find documentation for, so I'd like to know how to take advantage of this feature on my keyboard. Thanks!
  11. Hello Neno Thanks a lot for your return! It's great to have answer clearly explain David
  12. For more then six fan you need to use y-splitter because there are only six fan connectors. But you should pay attention to the fan wattage. I believe you can connect MAX 4.8 Watts PER CHANNEL. And yes, for the bottom fans you need to use the same bracket as for the top and front fans, only you need to buy that separately 'cause you get only two included with the case. Currently cmstore in EU is out of stock for the bracket, and he next stock should arrive in about 2 months.
  13. I landed on this forum because I noticed that my WIN LK light was on and this means that my windows key shortcuts have been disabled, it's great letting your kids use your PC at times . I searched all over the microsoft community trying to find a way to disable it in the registry to find either outdated or broken links. I tried at least 100 different key combinations, long key presses to try and resolve it with no luck. I then came across an article that said to fix it on a laptop they were using they needed to press FN + the WIN key! But my FN key is also my WIN KEY!!! Well then I realized I have TWO FN keys, one with a WIN LOCK symbol under it. *Lightbulb begins to warm up and radiate a brilliant glow* To turn off the win lock: Press the FN key WITHOUT the WIN LK symbol and while holding it press the FN key WITH the WIN LK symbol and tadaa, magic. Sometimes the most simple of problems can be a headache to resolve. I hope this manages to save someone else a bit of a headache. CHEERS!
  14. Hello, same problem here I have 4 BROKEN xornet 2 mouses, all of thm have scroll wheel broken, unfortunaly i've bought mm 520 aswell, and it feels much cheaper and unnecessarily large (i've also removed the weight inside, cause it was too heavy), i've tried g102 but it's too long and not wide enough. Nothing i've found comes close to xornet, either they are much heavier or look like xornet but scaled in size which is not good for me. Funnily enough my hand is very large, but i only move my wrist, i'm really hoping they'll refresh it properly
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  16. Dear all, I would like to put following settings for cooling: Top: 3 x 140 Fans Front: 3 x 140 Fans Rear: 1 x 140 Fans Bottom: 3 or 2 x 140 Fans (?) But I saw only 6 places on the hub. Where is the 7th? If I would like to set bottom fans how could I put the fans on the hub? Should I use Y cable in order put 2 fans on 1 place? In order to put bottom fans must I use the same bracket than top bracket? Thanks in advance for your help David
  17. have the same mouse not even 4 months old and the scroll wheel super loud and squeky
  18. On the Website says the door is compatible with the Silencio 652. Now this seems obvious, but is the compatible with the CM Enforcer? Doesn't say on the website. Reason I'm asking is I'd love to buy the Silencio 652 door for my enforcer to add another Noctua NF A20 Fan
  19. You can slightly Mod the Front Panel for the Fan to Fit, I just did mine. The door has 6 Slits and Holes to Hold the Door on. I used a Mini Demmel Saw to cut the bottom 2 off as the fan impeded them going back on. Easy Job. Door now stays on with latches on middle and top.
  20. I Had to RMA my keyboard and they got it about 2 weeks ago and said they would send me out a new keyboard and its not been sent yet? is it normal to take this long seems like a really long time I had to RMA stuff before and its always been really fast to get it back the place is only like a 1.5 hour drive from me too its weird?
  21. Does anyone know if the Seasonic SSR-TR850 PSU will easily fit into the Master Case h500? I see that the PSU is 170mm and that the case supports 180mm, but what I'm wondering is, will it still fit in this case when you consider the PSU modular cables, when attached to the back of the PSU, will stick out further than 180mm. Will there be enough room so that I can still attach the PSU cables? I don't plan to use one of slots in the HD cage, so I'm wondering if it will be possible, or necessary to pass the PSU cables though that cage and then somehow get to the back of the m/b, or is any of this even an issue. Perhaps I'm over thinking this?
  22. Hi i need the frontal mesh white of mastercase h500p mesh because is broken But in the store there is only gun metal. where i can found it?
  23. Hi Nathan, Did you also connected the power supply molex cable to the RGB controller so the controller receives power?
  24. Hi Ali, Yeah that's normal The Pump RPM of MasterLiquid PRO Q: I get 9600 rpm reading in BIOS for the water pump and I not sure if this is normal or inaccurate reading from the pump. A: Since the MasterLiquid series pump is using new technology, the speed signal is not interpreted correctly by the PC, or that divider is not applied. The correct RPM would need to apply a divider of 3, so the real RPM would be 9600/3=3200 RPM, which is 3000RPM+/- 10%.
  25. Hi Zapatinas, I am going to send you a dm
  26. hi my pump speed every time is 9100 ~9183 it is normal ?
  27. I just ordered this cpu cooler off of newegg and can't get the colors to change. I tried plugging in the separate controller instead of connecting it straight to the motherboard but then didn't get any lights at all?
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