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  3. I when my old system was stolen recently I started looking for my next one. I have never used Cooler Master, my previous case being a personally modified Thermaltake Overseer, so was going in blind. The case I chose, the MC500P, was a great choice for me because of the options it supports. My new build is very clean, with this case giving excellent cable management right out of the box. My first issue is I had originally wanted to mount my two Team Group Vulcan Z SSDs in view so that the RBG lighting would reflect off their chrome trim. I found this difficult, however, due to the positioning of the SSD trays on the PSU shroud. The PSU and SATA cables end up touching my motherboard when I tried to mount them in view, so I opted in the end to mound them behind the MB Tray. It would've been nicer to have a little more room, however, this is still a wonderful case. The second issue I have is one that any builder expects...the stock fans are okay but not great. I am still deciding on what I want to replace them with...the MF120R or the SF120R. I have the Hyper 212 Phantom Gaming with the SF120R and like the look...but they are difficult to find compared to the MF120R RGB kits. Not a big deal right now, just thinking about the future. So my rating on it is a definite 10/10. It has the functionality and looks I want.
  4. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    Red color for liquid is perfectly fit
  5. I had CM Spawn years ago and it was the best mouse that I had in my life. Sadly after almost 7 years, right button starts to show double clicking. So I bought MM520 and... Well. It's a good mouse, but somehow the Spawn shape fits much better for me. MM520 is too fat for claw purposes.
  6. I'm having this problem with this mouse. It's odd since my old Logitech I could program the same thing and it works fine. But on MM520 I'm having this. When I assign Scroll to volume control on TactX, everytime that I need to use scroll, even without TactX function, just to scroll pages on browser for example, it lags like I :)! Is there a way to fix it or there's notthing to do about? I would love to use this feature on scroll. It was the best thing I had on Logitech mouse. English is obviously not my native language, so tell me if it's too hard to understand what i'm saying.
  7. Timpelay


    02: CUT IT The mission is to go down hard in size, but still able to fit 2x 240 mm rads, full size VGA and ATX size PSU. This together with proper air flow and good looking LxH ratio of the external case. As this is a casemod and rules says 80% of original case to be intact/used in the finished build, I'm doing the shrink using only parts from the case itself. The most time efficient way would be to make a new frame and the just attach the front and top panel to it. But I'm not going down the easy path this time! My idea is to keep the edges of the frame and remove a section somwhere in between where most suitable. This gives me the original frame in a smaller format with same attachments at the edges. I'm also planning my removal of sections to be able to use original mounting mechanisms for the panels! The frame itself is made of steel which suits me, angle grinder and later on welding all pieces back together!
  8. Hi all! Just curious to see if anyone knows the CFM ratings of one of those pre-installed 140mm fans (2 on the front, one on the rear) on the MC500MT case. I can't seem to locate the specs of them anywhere. Thanks in advance
  9. Well27, I wonder if you can help. What cables exactly do I need to get the aRGB to be compatible with Aura Sync? I have ml360R, so likely the same controller box. It is connected to an Asus crosshair viii hero motherboard via the USB header. Am I missing something? You said 'That is connected to the mobo with the included cable in the cooler and also with a usb 2.0 cable that was also included.' Should there be another cable connected to maybe an RGB or aRGB header? Can you describe this cable in detail for me. Would love to get the 9 cooler master fans + CPU cooler working with Aura Sync :-)
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  11. Recently opened a support ticket and got a response from the support team but I can't seem to reply on add "New comment" or "Attach file/s" on support ticket. Please help!
  12. Timpelay


    01: COMING FROM SOMETHING ELSE This SL600M has been used by me doing some OC and VRM temps testing together with AORUS, Noctua and EK Waterblocks. It is now time for this two-stage project to donate the case to something completely different. I will begin with a tear down of the previous system to get the case all set for proper planning! With the case totally apart I can start measuring how much to remove and still be able to fit everything I want.
  13. Title says it all. Will the Vertical GPU Holder fit in my Meshify C?
  14. Timpelay


    In love with the design and premium material used, there should be a smaller version of this case. Okey, I'll make it. My mission is to create a SL600Mi featuring mITX and full size VGA support. Nuff said, game on. #CMWS19 here go! Specs: CM SL600M ASUS ROG Z390i STRIX ASUS ROG RTX2070 STRIX ASUS ROG THOR 850W PLATINUM Intel Core i7 8086k Limited Edition Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 2x16GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500Gb Water cooling: To come Great thanks to my sponsors Asus, EK Waterblocks and Inet
  15. Hello, I am considering getting a MA410M air cooler. It has a thermal sensor on it. If I plug the cooler and RGB into the motherboard headers, where does the thermal sensor plug into? Motherboard is a MSI X470 Gaming Carbon Pro. Thanks for any help.
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  17. Does your controller has Molex connector as power supply?
  18. when i start my computer the fan just dont dont want to start they just move 1sec and stop. i got this fan when i buy my cpu so what do i do ?
  19. I'm also missing this, how can I just purchase this accessory instead of going through a lengthy RMA process? I can't seem to find it available anywhere on the product pages.
  20. Hi, How do I fit a DVD Player?
  21. Cooler Master K500L Cabinet Power Button not working, Hence i am not able to start my pc, please help.
  22. I recently bought a MasterLiquid ML240R RGB and it all installed perfectly. I have no problems with the cooling or noises. I installed the controller and it worked for like 2 min the turned off. I didn't short it or anything. When i plug it back in after disconnecting it, it turns off then goes to one light mode then completely shuts off again. Idk what to do weather I claim it on warranty or if i can get a replacement part. Any help would be amazing. Thanks
  23. If i want to set 360mm liquid cooler, then should i remove the stock front fans forever? or they can work together?
  24. Thats weird. When my old controller broke they've sent me the old version again so probably it's got something to do with the new controller PCB layout.
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