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    01: COMING FROM SOMETHING ELSE This SL600M has been used by me doing some OC and VRM temps testing together with AORUS, Noctua and EK Waterblocks. It is now time for this two-stage project to donate the case to something completely different. I will begin with a tear down of the previous system to get the case all set for proper planning! With the case totally apart I can start measuring how much to remove and still be able to fit everything I want.
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  4. Title says it all. Will the Vertical GPU Holder fit in my Meshify C?
  5. Timpelay


    In love with the design and premium material used, there should be a smaller version of this case. Okey, I'll make it. My mission is to create a SL600Mi featuring mITX and full size VGA support. Nuff said, game on. #CMWS19 here go! Specs: CM SL600M ASUS ROG Z390i STRIX ASUS ROG RTX2070 STRIX ASUS ROG THOR 850W PLATINUM Intel Core i7 8086k Limited Edition Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 2x16GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500Gb Water cooling: To come Great thanks to my sponsors Asus, EK Waterblocks and Inet
  6. Hello, I am considering getting a MA410M air cooler. It has a thermal sensor on it. If I plug the cooler and RGB into the motherboard headers, where does the thermal sensor plug into? Motherboard is a MSI X470 Gaming Carbon Pro. Thanks for any help.
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  8. Does your controller has Molex connector as power supply?
  9. when i start my computer the fan just dont dont want to start they just move 1sec and stop. i got this fan when i buy my cpu so what do i do ?
  10. I'm also missing this, how can I just purchase this accessory instead of going through a lengthy RMA process? I can't seem to find it available anywhere on the product pages.
  11. Hi, How do I fit a DVD Player?
  12. Cooler Master K500L Cabinet Power Button not working, Hence i am not able to start my pc, please help.
  13. I recently bought a MasterLiquid ML240R RGB and it all installed perfectly. I have no problems with the cooling or noises. I installed the controller and it worked for like 2 min the turned off. I didn't short it or anything. When i plug it back in after disconnecting it, it turns off then goes to one light mode then completely shuts off again. Idk what to do weather I claim it on warranty or if i can get a replacement part. Any help would be amazing. Thanks
  14. If i want to set 360mm liquid cooler, then should i remove the stock front fans forever? or they can work together?
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  16. Thats weird. When my old controller broke they've sent me the old version again so probably it's got something to do with the new controller PCB layout.
  17. Press fn and the mode button at the top of the keyboard
  18. sub

    line out

    Hi, this seems like a pretty basic question but.. I've been using the line out (green 3.5mm) on the top of my cooler master. Now I want to use the one on the back (ie, off the mother board) but it has no signal on it. Maybe I jumped something inside when I set it up, but I don't remember doing that. The only other sound options on the mixer app are S/PDIF and HDMI. Anybody? Cheers, Sub
  19. I have a QuickFire XT keyboard. For a long time, I had noticed that when pressing some keys together may cause the computer to restart(macOS) or sleep(Windows 10). After a series of tests, I find out it's caused by the left CTRL+WIN keys. When I press CTRL+WIN together, the computer will halt. That's SO WEIRED? Is it a bug of the keyboard hardware or firmware? Need help.
  20. snehal

    mwe old vs v2

    Was just wondering the difference between old gen and v2 for cooler master 650w. Is it the noise and life of fan running? (v2 uses HDB and older uses LDB) or are there better quality components?
  21. I've had some issues using the Portal to change my keyboard, and I somehow appear to have deleted some files. I was wondering if someone can upload the file "uninsSK650.exe", so that I can uninstall and reinstall in the Portal app.
  22. I apologize for the English. I am writing from Google translator. I have a problem, the CoolerMaster MasterSet MS120 Combo has broken. 1/3 of the keys on the keyboard do not work. 1/3 prints 3 characters per keystroke, 1/3 works fine! And the LED backlight does not turn on. What could be the reason? I have been using the keyboard for only 3 months.
  23. In my case I wasnt able to fully screw in all the 3 fans without the making sounds like they are hitting something and I ended up removing a couple of screws and loosing up another 1 or 2 of them in order for them to stop bumping into the plastic and allowing them to run 100% freely. After finding that this is an issue now I also submitted a ticket, hopefully I can get replacement aswell without having to pay in the end for aftermarket solutions.
  24. Hi, Can I install Cooler Master Master Liquid ML240L (RGB1.0) CPU Liquid Cooler in Cooler Master FOR-500-KKN1 cabinet? Regards Vikas
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