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  2. Same question, I can't find any store selling it, it's not on amazon either. I'm watching low profiles tkl reviews since some days, the 630 seems quite good, but the wireless feature on the 631 makes it way more interesting and practical, especially for a tkl. Thanks
  3. Hi Joey, do you know which plug on the motherboard you plugged into ? I'm having issues controlling the fans. RGB Fusion doesn't appear to be working. But I could be just plugged into the wrong part of the mb.
  4. Hi there,I am having trouble with the RGBFusion software and managing the 3 x RGB fans that came with my Coolermaster Masterbox Lite 5 ( you tell me what plug on the motherboard (Gigabyte B450M Aorus Elite) I plug into with the adapter that comes with the case ? It has the 3 fans , going into one 4-pin plug.Would really appreciate some help on this as it doesn't seem to want to work.FYI, I have the fans plugged in and working, but they only stay Blue and I cannot seem to control it in the RGBFusion software. So perhaps I've plugged into the wrong part of the motherboard ?cheers, Adam
  5. I submitted an RMA request for a power supply on 5/23. I have not received an email that it has even been acknowledged much less any info on where to send the power supply. Status page still says verification. I would PREFER to set up an advance return so I'm not waiting forever to use my PC again. At this point, I'm ready to kiss my $80 goodbye and vow never to buy another Cooler Master product. My RMA number is CUSUS2005191. I would very much appreciate someone from Cooler Master replying and explaining why there has been no response for over a week and half. Based on the other messages I've seen regarding RMAs in this forum alone, I don't have a lot of faith, but I'm willing to be proven wrong. Thank you!
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  7. I bought a Hyper 212 LED but have no AM4 bracket, How do I go about getting one? Thanks
  8. hello everyone, i am new to this forum, need suggestions for many days i was thinking of upgrading my old INSPIRON 3647 with a new powerSupply. i know its oniginal PSU is 220 W. but if i keep the powerSupply outside the and run the cables, will it work? if so which powerSupply should i buy, such that it wont fry up my motherboard what sort of converters do i need, if any. I know you all have a tons of information, please share
  9. I have the same problem, just one fan, the other doesnt make the crlackling :(. Im sad, because is beauty the AIO.
  10. I purchased and received a female 15 pin SATA connector to 4 pin male Molex connector. That should do the job getting power to the Cosmos C700P Control Board.
  11. Hey, I'm looking for where I might be able to purchase a replacement Power Supply Bracket for a MasterBox Q300L. Thanks in advance!
  12. Unfortunately, the support service of this case and also the case itself are awful.
  13. Yet another RMA thread. No one picking up the phone at Cooler Master. I know inventories were low, but they should have stock by now. Add me to the long list of former customers. RMA CUSUS2005079 Submitted on 5/8/20, PSU received by Cooler Master on 5/14/20. No word since. Thanks a lot.
  14. matthew

    water cooling

    can i put a freezemaster water cooling kit in my haf912
  15. Hello my cooler master v10 mounting bracket screws(the ones that are going from front to the back of the motherboard) are broken And need replacement..Where can I find them?
  16. HI All. Need help asap. Just received MH751 headset. Mic is recognized by Windows, not the audio mic. Cannot hear audio. check the dongle and volume is up and not on mute. How do i get sound to come through headphones? Doesnt appear to be drivers. Urgent request as I have an online interview and need this. Thank you
  17. Same issue here - BT dropouts Just bought this keyboard, as it looks great. Been after a 60% keyboard and finally this came in stock at my local retailer got it in stock after pandemic lockdown levels reduced. On windows 10, 1903 - seems to drop connection frequently and sometimes randomly. Also when the RGB is cycling near the end, it just stops registering any input or keystrokes until the cycle restarts from the beginning, which is really annoying. I am telling myself to live with it, as it is a damn pretty keyboard and something that I actually like (I don't tend to like the brown switches yet) but am having doubts whether to give up on this. I hope a software update fixes this soon - and I agree their software is quite bad as well. Let's not talk about how hard it is to change the lighting on the fly wirelessly even though it's touted as one of its main features. Wow, and I spent $200 on this.
  18. Why when I change the X/Y DPI to 450 it resets to 400, anyone know how I can change the dpi to 450 please sos.
  19. Hi, I just placed an order on the Cosmos C700M. But then I learned that the GPU holder would only fit for a 2 slots GPU. I had a EVGA 3 Slots GPU but I really want to utilize that feature. Any sugguest? Or is there any accessary for 3 slots card? Ken
  20. Line voltage is small, the 2 images are part of the same video
  21. I don't know if im just blind or Cooler Master Didn't provide an instruction or even an address to send back the PSU. I received an email today that my RMA has been approved for morethan 2 weeks and it'll be expired in 10 days. i have zero idea where to send it back.
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  23. Just got my sk630 delivered today to replace my MK Pro L RGB to reduce some space. I plugged it in and the lights came on and i was able to type immediatly. I opened up the CM program and see the new keyboard under my old keyboard and installed the software so i can customize the lights via the software. After I installed the software, it asked me to update the firmware, which i did. The Lights then went out and will not turn back on (except for caps lock and scroll lock when i press them). when i try to start the keyboard inside the cm software, it asks me for me to plug in the keyboard (which is still plugged in). Even unplugging and replugging keyboard does nothing. uninstall/reinstall software does nothing as well. ive tried the fn+r.
  24. NO one is helping me wheni have problems i am very frustrated first of all i get rgb fan fan hub i just got it and i connect it to the power supply it all sudden breaks i request a new one and been 1 yr and no one answers me . and now i need Fron 1/0 plate for the front of my tower ... i need a replacement because the usb 3.0 connector is broken i need to order a new one ... I am getting to point i am not happy with this service and never answer my calls or emails.
  25. Hello All, I would like some help selecting a laptop cooling pad for my gaming notebook. The gaming lap top is a Alienware 15 R3 Height 25.40 mm (1 in) Width 389 mm (15.31 in) Depth 305 mm (12 in) Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks
  26. I opened a ticket on CM support. All we can do now is wait...
  27. I received my MasterAir MA410M today and I ran into the same problem as you. Searching the internet I found that there is a DeepCool RBG converter that works with the main light control programs. The bad thing is that it is an unexpected addition and it annoys me on the part of the manufacturers that they do not make a standard so as not to be going through this nonsense when buying or configuring a product.I received my MasterAir MA410M today and I ran into the same problem as you. Searching the internet I found that there is a DeepCool RBG converter that works with the main light control programs. The bad thing is that it is an unexpected addition and it annoys me on the part of the manufacturers that they do not make a standard so as not to be going through this nonsense when buying or configuring a product. I have the same mb so... let's see if anyone can help us with this annoying situation.
  28. Hello, i`ve searched everywhere for this product, but unfortunatly OUT OF STOCK. Does anybody knows when this item will be available, or if i can find it somewhere? It`s bad that for the money we pay for this case, they didn`t put 3x Cooling Brackets. Thanks.
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