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  2. I found the solution here: basically you need to switch the keyboard to another mode called 6KRO you can only do that in windows by pressing fn+6+esc. it the keyboard will turn off for a second and then turn back on again. after that all the keys should work fine in macos (atleast it did for me)
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  4. same problem i expected alot after buying an expensive and a good branded aio and sets of fans only to be set to spectrum and a bunch of default schemes.
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  6. Hello, I opened a ticket on the 11th July (8537) for my MLX-D24M-A20PC-R1 with a fan issue. Support responded on the 12th asking for more info. I provided the info almost immediately after the notification and noted with a few more responses that the file attachment was not working. I would like to get an update since there has been no response since the 12th. I attach the images here no problem but can't attach it to the ticket. The issue is the fan is spinning erratically sometimes almost stopping and causing a vibration through the entire case. The second fan has no issue and spins with a consistent speed. This is a new system built in December 2018. Please let me know if this can be escalated as I need this cooling system working.
  7. I come from Indonesia. I really need it. I have searched for it in all online stores in my country, but I did not find it. I also asked the Cooler Master distributor in my country. They said that this product had been stopped. I can't afford it overseas. I am very sad.
  8. I just got mine, and same wobble problem. I have also seen Youtube reviews where you can clearly see the wobble, looks a production error.
  9. Hey everone, Does anyone know how to type the At sign on a nordic layout of the SK621 keyboard? i can't find anything suggesting how to do it. Thx!
  10. I have the same problem. Got the keyboard less than an year ago. The function key stopped working once and then I reset the device several times but didn't solve the issue. Then the whole keyboard stopped working for a day, and then started working again after a while with no problems. Function key stopped working again today and I'm not sure if it's safe to reset the keyboard anymore.
  11. Hi Stan, sorry i can't check when North America will have this kit available. I would suggest to contact the US Store:
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  13. Hello all, I'm recently built a new computer and have used the Masterbox Pro 5 ATX Mid Tower, but airflow isn't great as you know. I I'm trying to get a mesh front panel, but I can't seem to find one. This is the one I'm looking for And this is what I found However, I really don't want to have to buy the entire front panel because I don't need the entire thing with the frame, powerup button and whatnot. Do any of you know where I can find the mesh panel by itself? Do any of you have one for sale? It's ridiculous that they'd sell the full one, but not the separate panel. Also, side information, I live in the US. Additionally, the connections for the RGB fans are round and the pins on my mother board are square?? I use an ASRock - Z97 PRO4 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard , and I really wanted to connect the RGB, but couldn't. Is there some sort of cable adapter or something for this? If yes, could anyone point me in the right way to find one, please? Thank you!
  14. Hello! I just figured out how to update the firmware and now the headset software is detecting my MH752 headset. This link below is from the cooler master website - you download the firmware, install it on your computer - it may say that it's the same update as the one already installed, ignore that - just hit okay. Wait for it to update. When you open your Portal software, then your headset will be deteced and the 7.1 surround sound software will be open up. Master/2. Peripherals/Products/3. Audio/Over-Ear/MH Series/MH752/Software and Firmware Hope this helps! Yay, I figured it out on my own and now passing it along:)
  15. Hello, I have laptop cooler NotePal X3. The USB in got broken. Anyone knows where I can buy it?
  16. According to their site they are sold out of the adapter kits...they do have everything EXCEPT the back plate which pretty much makes it a no go...seems they only made a few of the things...not too smart in my book, what with every body jumping on the AM4 wagon. The new models (just got one yesterday) do have that back plate but the good news is I've seen back plate adapter kits on Reddit that work with both the AM3+ and the AM4. Just google am3+ vs am4 back plate adapters that's how I saw 'em....good luck.
  17. yeah I've always seen those things called the 'wire retention bracket for the fan'.... and they are hard to find. you'd think those things would be stockpiled but they're not. I too would love to have an extra set to add another fan to have the push/pull thing going on.
  18. I see no one has bothered to answer your question. You would think the powers that be would scan over the forum on questions about their products and parts. I found a link showing that 'X' retention bracket:
  19. Hello Try contact customer services via ticket maybe they home some spare regarding what you mentioned above .
  20. Hello Yahyeet Did you find an answer to your question? Wanted to know before I purchase, because is one of my doubts. Thank you
  21. The version i had was bought on 10 Dec 2018. It does not include an addition 8pin cpu connector like the newer versions. Does Cooler Master sells them or how can i request to get 1?
  22. Hi, everyone ! I would like to install a second SSD on my Mid Tower HAF 912 Advanced model RC-912A-KKN1 and I have a slot available but no more rails to fix the disk. Do you know product is compatible?
  23. Hi, the main site has been down for days now?! please investigate... just redirects to EDIT: works fine from a US IP, still can't load the page when connected to a VPN in Europe.
  24. Hello guys, can anyone tell me how to set my Cooler Master MA410M lighting to static color since I dont have an ARGB header on my Asus B450-F (For 2nd gen Ryzen) motherboard. How can I connect the Mini controller and make custom lighting profiles? Thanks
  25. Hey, i have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition, it comes with a small RGB controller but i have a problem. Controller has a connector for the fan, and 2 connectors for the power supply, but my power supply doesn't has that connectors, what can i do ? Should i buy an other controller, or i need to buy some type of converter 4pins to PCIe ? Just want to change my fan color
  26. So my brother broke my tempered glass window and i was wondering i buy this MasterCase/dp/B07MQP541T/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_147_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=7XCTCWDED59X827GV7K2 WILL IT FIT WITH THIS CASE? (caps so you notice lol its happen before where people havnt)
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