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  3. Why do you never see cable that's just straight and flat! I'm putting my PC together into a new case, it has slide brackets (one in front of case where it display, and two in the back) that ssd drives only screws in on one side of the bracket. The cable from power supply to the SSD isn't flat! Rather than like Here and how the SSD is mounted it's fully against the case back and there is no room or space to plug the cable in I'm after a cable that will do the job but the connection to the SSD is flat! other then as shown in the image above but the wire comes fully out as in straight so that it goes towards out rather then inwards. EDIT, I'm after THIS My Item is RSC00-AFBAG1
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    Hyper 212 evo

    Wondering if the Hyper 212 Evo will work with I7-9700K that is not going to be overclocked.
  5. hi there, i would like to know, how long do i have to wait to get an answer for an RMA request?, it's been since september since i had opened a ticket, and i still haven't get an answer from coolermaster, when i tried calling tech support they won't even answer the line even after 1hr waiting, and when they do answer they said call us back later ( like WTF! ) lately had to resort to reddit to get some INFO or help and still nothing (but atleast the one that asked me for info saids something like, i'll let tech support know the issue) . it's a shame i placed my trust in this company and i'm already regretting it ( with only 6 months from purchased and 5 year warranty) , should i keep waiting for a response or give up and move along and forget this company for my future items?
  6. good question, i had open a ticket since september and i still waiting for an answer by the time, not even a hello from them
  7. Hello, I have to send a V1000 warranty psu for repairs to the technical service in the Netherlands. I would like to know if I have to send the psu in the original box with all the accessories or if I only have to send the psu well packed without the original box and nothing else. Thanks in advance for any clarifications.
  8. Can't help you but mine is doing exactly the same. I have to hold the power button down for 20 seconds then it will work normally. I'm waiting to hear from CM, I put a ticket in.
  9. I just got the mm710 and its amazing. Its really good to see esports level mice coming from CM. I would love to see a design like the popular logitech g303 which has been discontinued for a while. The mice community has been missing the shape for years and I believe it would be a good idea for CM to dip its toes in wireless tech for mice too. Thanks.
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  11. Hello again! It's been quite a while since 2017s cmws! So now, I have moved on, new everything! So let's get started! I wanted to do a carmageddon case mod but then, it came up as mad Max one! So then I decided to see the movie! The project is called war rig. The case is an old heroichi I got from a friend, which I custom painted that a few years ago. what my plans are, is to recreate some saw blades which are stuck on the war rig and make it look like it destroyed the surrounding area and be more realistic! So then I made some templates, one out of paper.... ....and one out of cardboard for more durability for when I decide to make the blade. Came along pretty nice I must say as a first step. So, next step, is to create the saw blade out of acrylic and fit it on the case with the aforementioned steps! See you in a jiffy - Alyx Vance
  12. Hi, my keycap "f" broke down and I want to buy a new one, where can I get it?
  13. i have used the masterkeys lit l for about 3 weeks and suddenly i cant change colors or turn them off . everything else works perfectly. any suggestions?
  14. Dear friends, I have a out of warranty Nepton 280L which I would refill. I have noticed a sealed plug on the radiator, but I'm wondering about how to open the cap and to close it again. There seems to be something plastic on the top of the seal, but I'm not sure how to remove it and, in particular, how to close. I now it is absolutely not recommended, but it is an operation I want to do. Any suggestions?.
  15. Hey, So I have the ML240R. Been using it for a while now but I decided today to deepclean my PC. That included removing everything from the case and all that. Have been getting some high temp's on my CPU when gaming, to be fair it's an I9 9900k, supposedly runs on high temps. But still. I was looking through some installation guides for this cooler when I was putting everything back together. To be sure I hadn't done anything the wrong way the first time and since I've never really been able to control the lighting. Made the mistake of not buying an A/RGB motherboard so I don't have the 5v 3pin header for the ARGB. Mystic Lighting (I have a MSI motherboard) never recognized the cooler. Found Master+ though. Gives me at least some control. What I was looking for a question for though, to get to the point. The Cpu1 just shows 0rpm. Pump fan is running at 24xx rpm's though. I connected the fan y-splitter to the CPU header on the motherboard and those fans are definitely spinning. I connected the pump itself to Pump_Fan1 but that's the one showing rpm's. Anyone have any ideas why this is like this? And could this be reason for high temps?
  16. I have the same issue here in Brazil. I'm in need for a cage for my Masterbox 5 and I can't find it anywhere. I even try to search on ebay to import it but no luck.
  17. It's been a month since I started the RMA process for my MWE Gold 650W. And it's been 10 days since CM updated my RMA to product received and nothing has happened.
  18. I used to be able to program colors for individual fans, length of time, fade in and out etc... everything the video shows. The click down menu shows "multilayer" which is supposed to do that in the newer software, 826.0121....mine does not have that in menu. Very irritating to get a whole new setup, buy another 3pack of larger fans for larger case and have less functionality than before...
  19. I'm currently typing this message on an old IBM Model F 84-key keyboard. There are things that I really like about it, and there are things that I hate. I hate the ringing and the pinging; I hate the space bar. I hate the non standard location (by modern standards) of some of the keys, especially the enter key - being used to more standard layouts, I often miss the enter key. What I like is the great feel (except for the space bar) and also, the layout of the numpad. I need a narrow keyboard for work for reasons too long to explain but I don't like the TKL layout as I do use the numpad on occasion. This brings me to the Pro M which is to me a genius layout - I keep my numpad, in a very Model F type layout, but the nav layer is not the old IBM layout but the missing nav cluster toggled by the Num Lock key. Brilliant! Which brings me to my question. Since this is a unique but awesome layout, custom keycaps I am guessing are going to be near nonexistent. I'm damn hard on keycaps. I can destroy a set of ABS caps in a year at work. I am currently using a Filco 104 board at work which I modified to have Cherry Clears many years ago, with some dye sub PBT caps. It's damn near perfect for me for a work board except if it were narrower I would have more mousing space which I'd really appreciate. So, what material *are* the stock keycaps on the Pro M? Please tell me they're PBT or POM...
  20. hello, i have the same problem with a msi meg x570 ace, your usb 3.1 gen 2 cable from i.o. panel is too short it should be 20cm longer, now gentlemen how can you help us greeting I
  21. The newish Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER Motherboard has RGB Fusion 2.0. Can the LEDs on case and fans be linked to this instead of the COSMOS C700P controller
  22. So this will mean that you will lose the use of 2 PCIe slots on a 3 PCIe board. Obviously the third is used by the Riser cable.
  23. im having problems installing the hyper 212 black edition fan onto the heatsink i dont know how to use the wire brackets to connect the fan to the heatsink and there are no videos to be found usually the videos are on the rgb version and the installation for that part is different and none of the other ones dont show the installation so maybe if i could get like a video or something that would help me a lot
  24. So i contacted them and the only explnation they had for this enormous delay is that the RMA center doesn't have a replacement for my cooler at the moment, wish honnestly makes no sence. I realy love cooler master's products. but because of this nightmare of an RMA service, im doubting buying anymore of their products!
  25. What does it mean and what are the following features included in the MM710 mouse software? Lift distance (high / low) USB response time Kind regards
  26. I too am looking for the mounting kit for my 212 evo and can’t find anything please help!
  27. Hello, I have a question regarding CK350 Firmware Upgrade - ONLY FOR 104 Keys? I recently bought this keyboard and I wanted to ask what exactly this firmware upgrade does? What exactly it updates? Thanks Best Regards
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