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  2. I liked having the GPU vertical but I thought the original design made it too close to the window so i wanted to remake the panel to move it closer to the center. I used plywood to make a mockup of the replacement panel: From there I needed to make something for the GPU to attach to. I modeled something up and made a mockup out of plywood: Simple yet effective: Together they look like this:
  3. I wanted to incorporate a fan grill design that used the motifs from my inspiration photos. This was harder than I thought at first to get the design to look balanced. I also wanted to make a design on the main case window so that is what I started with. I sketched out my ideas, then cut them out of cardboard: I refined the cardboard version and made a model in Fusion 360 which my cnc router could cut out. I needed several fan grille designs. One for the 200mm fans on the floor, one for the triple 120mm fans on the top, then a few iterations for other panels in the case. Once I had the designs sketched out, I made models of them and cut them out in thin MDF or plywood to act as test pieces. Once I had my templates I could start mocking them up in the case and see how they go together: I also made a practice panel of the top grill design but mounting it would have to wait until later: The top fans would be the Cooler Master SF360R ARGB to simplify wiring: I later refined the side panel design to incorporate the lines of the legs. This would make the panel more cohesive:
  4. I liked the design of the case feet but I planned on remaking them out of walnut wood. It also helped that the rear feet got damaged in shipping which made the choice easier. I sketched out different foot designs and then made a practice profile: The first profile I made is on the right but I needed more space on the top of it to attach the case so I needed to make it wider. Also, with all the aluminum I'd be putting into the case, it will be pretty heavy. Once I was happy with the base design of the feet, I cut them out of the final walnut material: I glued the sides to the base with biscuits and glue an then cut the back profile on the table saw: Front and rear feet together. The front feet took a bit more work trying to match the compound angle where the front panel meets the feet. Later I will be doing more carving in the feet to slim down the design.
  5. To start with, here a picture of my messy workshop. Its about 11 x 17 feet but it has most of the things I need including my relatively new cnc router. I started out the case with materials testing. I wanted to use both acrylic, aluminum and wood in the case but as the cnc router was new to me and I would me machining it all myself, I wanted to make sure I did not mess up on the real pieces. Acrylic machining test: Aluminum Machining Test: A little rough but a nice start. Getting feeds and speeds dialed for aluminum important.
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  7. Continuing I modified the logo of the power button and put it next to the source on the PSU cover
  8. Continuing the project. The back of the cabinet will be modified. Instead of Fan 14, it's going to be a reservoir. In place of the PCI of the cabinet, will be the place of the Fan 12. I will make a reservoir finish the shape of the release flag of Formula 1. Coolermaster Logo in front of the reservoir. All manual work. Acrylic 10mm Collage Cardboard mould
  9. Hi, I bought Cooler Master ML240R 7 months ago. My ARGB Controller stop working and I called Cooler Master Turkey technical service. They sent me a new controller and they were very interested, I am very grateful for this. I got new argb controller 3 days ago but it stopped working again. So I am thinking this problem is about latest firmware ?
  10. I got the same mouse a while back. I downloaded the Cooler Master Masterplus (per. only) v1.8.2 software as directed in the CM downloads section of the mouse. Installed, started the software and got some firmware updates for the mouse. After that starting the software does nothing but spin the hourglass icon for a few seconds. I think the software is supposed to provide a graphical user interface where you can set up the DPI and maybe do some macros or something, but it isn't happening.
  11. Timpelay


    18: CABLES Good cable management starts with proper planning. With this project I have transparent side panels on both sides of the case and no PSU-shroud to hide cables in. This means all cables will be fully visible. Very nice if they are properly done but requires alot more effort. The market today offers you a large variety of custom made cables. Pre-sleeved universal extensions and even custom cables for most of the power supplies out there. This is awesome for everyone who doesn't want or can't make their own cables. But something that that won't work for me in my tiny SL600Mi. I will go with another solution making my own custom cables. PSU located underneath the motherboard is not a very common layout. But it makes for a very short 24 pin almost directly down into the PSU. To manage my cables in a good looking and strategic way I designed my own comb for a 24 pin 180 degree turn and a spaced holder for 8+6 pin GPU cables. This design will allow the comb use the cables themselves for stability. It's fun to use alot of different techincs for this project. Mixing oldschool cutting and welding with this kind stuff. I had to print a couple of prototypes tweaking my tolerance to match cables perfect. The comb has to be just tight enough to hold everything in place but also allow me to actually pass through the cables. Testing a bit thinner prototype before final design and better quality. I decided to make my cables actually by starting with Cablemod extensions in their Carbon sleeve that I love. The benefit from buying extension and rip apart is that you get one side of the cable to use. The other side is reaarranged according to my PSU pin out style and crimped with new terminals and connectors. My style of combination cable comb makes it a bit more complicated as every cable must be checked and made according to the right length inside the case. The number of cables and a very short 24 pin also makes it nessesary to attach one cable at the time to get the route right. Time consuming and requires patience when the cables has to be +-5 mm to look perfect together. But yeah, worth it! This view almost want me to ditch the top radiator and put a window up here!
  12. Heit

    how to remove DVD

    i have masterbox e500 and i want to remove the DVD slot and the whole thing but dont know how
  13. Time for another batch of crystals, this time for the front piece that used to have I/O ports on it. I cut everything that was visible when mounted, and filled the void with pipe cleaners, so that when the piece gets dipped in the borax solution, crystals will grow on them. I had to adjust the crystals a bit with a file because they grew too much in some area and the two panels wouldn't fit Since the shape of the pipe cleaners was still a bit too visible, and I wanted some bigger crystal, I grabbed some of the single crystals left from the first batch, and super glued them on the new geode The painted and the result was beautiful imho! Then I went to finally put the front panel together! This whole panel took a whole lot of work and different techniques applied, but I think it was well worth it. Also painted the top mesh, after having stripped the black paint off it, so that when going over with the metallic red, which is slightly translucent, some of the shine from the metal would pop up Bonus pic: I finally finished polishing the resin panel. Man it does take quite a lot of work to get a nice result!
  14. TORU MOD


    Hello, This project theme is Red Dead Redemption 2. with COSMOS C700M. Below is the specs
  15. this is a perfect ITALIAN job!!
  16. Link to the video below: Cable Management was a nightmare with this build. Not a lot of space to work with. I already suck with cable management on most builds. Go modular when using a PSU for this case to help with cable management. It was extremely hard to plug in almost everything into the motherboard. I recommend plugging in as much as you can into the motherboard OUTSIDE the case. I use the G100M with a 2600x CPU and it runs warmish in my opinion (40C). This build took me so long just because I was plugging everything in. Once everything is said and done, everything looks really pretty. Part list is below: Ryzen 5 2600X: Cooler Master G100M Air Cooler (CPU): Cooler Master MasterCase H100: Gigabyte GTX 1650 Mini: ROG STRIX ASUS B450-I Pro Wifi: Patriot Viper Blackout Edition 3000Mhz: Cooler Master 500 MWE Bronze, 80+:
  17. So, I have hooked up everything correctly. Fans light up and change between colors. BUT I am unable to locate the correct software due to the vague directions. The one piece of software that does work cannot find any Coolermaster products installed on my pc and closes. The controller is connected to my usb header and I followed the instructions to a t... I am not sure what the problem is and I am rather aggravated. Thanks!
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  19. Milling the Asus Republic of gamers logo I'm going to integrate the ROG logo with RGB lighting in front panel. So for this i need machining the logo in polycarbonate 12mm thickness. This material looks like acrylic but he is less hardness than him and more flexible. The machining is also hardest because it heats and melts more easily than the acrylic in contact of the tool, he need more feed rate. So the acrylic would have been better but i don't have it in this thick. The movie is also available in English version with subtitle and description. The process who i have follow : 1/ Design the 3D model - I have used the CAD software Topsolid 7. 2/ Making the toolpath and machining - For FAO part the same software have been used, Topsolid 7. I have proceeded in 4 steps, u can see them and their cuttings conditions in the next screen : Roughing of the surface with Ø8 end mill because i need only 2,4mm of final surface thickness. With this large end mill the time of this step is quick. I have keep a reserve of 0,5mm for remove the cuttings marks due to the finishing step with the ball nose. The cuttings conditions: vf= 2000min/min at 24000tr/min, Z feed : 4mm Roughing the rest of material and the logo in different step of 2 mm with a Ø4 mm end mill. The cutting conditions : vf=2000mm/min at 24000tr/min with Z feed of 2 mm. Finishing step - For this i have used a 3D parallel finishing toolpath using a 0.3mm(10% of tool radius) step over and a Ø6 mm ball nose end mill. The cuttings conditions : vf=1500mm/min at 28000tr/min. Finishing surfacing - For remove the marks that were left by the ball nose that u have seen on the last screen i finish by surfacing the 0.5mm who rest with the Ø4 mm end mill at high speed. Cuttings conditions : vf=3500mm/min at 28000tr/min, Z feed=0.5mm. Before start milling i have make an other step, i work with a milling CNC machine who use vacuum pump for fixing the part by aspiration. This system is very convenient but not with small part because she can move a little bit due to small surface of aspiration.So for fix it, i have used double face tap. The result :
  20. finally they dent me a tracking number BUT, dowsnt appear on fedex page xD they mark my case as *closed case*, mayybe the power supply will arrive someday? they wont pay me the send fee, are they? this company is a COMPLETE JOKE, they dont even have a worth contact button xD
  21. finally they dent me a tracking number BUT, dowsnt appear on fedex page xD they mark my case as *closed case*, mayybe the power supply will arrive someday? they wont pay me the send fee, are they? this company is a COMPLETE JOKE, they dont even have a worth contact button xD
  22. AK Mod


    D5 water pump bracket, using aluminum 22mm CNC, no extra fancy, keep simple design concept.
  23. AK Mod


    Grinding and polishing The water tank section, using sandpaper #400 to start grinding. In order #600 #800 #1000 #1200 #1500 #2000 #3000 #5000 #7000 To the surface is completely transparent. Need a lot of time and patience. After polishing, spray HS shine paint.
  24. AK Mod


    I made another group wire holders walnut.
  25. AK Mod


    Internal Keep a simple design concept, perspective. The cable will be a big problem, so it took a lot of time here.
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