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  4. Because mine is broken (the front panel audio jack doesn't recognize any inputs), and I can't find the cable anywhere online. It has a 9-pin male connector to the front panel and a 7-pin female connector to the motherboard (If I'm not mistaken).
  5. I not found in MasterPlus+ a option to configure ARGB Leds, its only able to configure the same as LED controller. And one of cooler has problem in four leds, come glow when set off, freeze in one color. I spend a ticket on warranty, but, at time, NOTHING.
  6. Hey guys, I posted this on the CM facebook page, but doubt it will get approved for public consumption there so am trying here as well. On 5/24 I submitted a support ticket (ticket # is 5834) in regard to my C700P LED's not working and inquiring about the availability of hard drive trays. 2 weeks later (6/11) I received a response stating that I would be sent a new PCB but was told the 9 pin PCB is out of stock. I have not received any updates since and my ticket is closed, also, when I go to the RMA support page, it does not list any active RMA's. Is there anyone I can contact to get this resolved? It is a pretty expensive case and to have the lights not work and have no ETA on a new part is really frustrating. Especially since the lights are one of the biggest reasons I bought it. Thanks in advance
  7. some one please solve this problem
  8. Guys, if i remove the Front the top LEDs stops working is this normal?
  9. Hi , i just got 4 of these fans, i have them all on separate sys fan headers, and also on the rgb header on my msi x570. I tried master+ and it doesn't recognise them and tried msi mystic light and it doesnt recognise them either. What software can i use to contol them thanks
  10. Good morning Community..... I have an old Cosmos case and I have just purchased a new 3900X Ryzen 9 + Asus ROG Strix X570 board. I need to find a cooler that will suit both the new CPU and my old Case. any advice will be appreicated I am looking for a liquid cooling solution if possible with my existing case
  11. Hi. As I have just bought this case I need an answer to a problem I am having. How to mount the Graphics card vertical in this case. I know you can turn the back plate around but do I need a bracket to hold the Graphics card with the riser cable or does the backplate hold the card and I only need a cable. If I need a Bracket and Cable which is cheapest. Thanks for any advice. Sometimes the most simple tasks are the hardest. LOL.
  12. Hi , i just got 4 of these fans, i have them all on separate sys fan headers, and also on the rgb header on my msi x570. I tried master+ and it doesn't recognise them and tried msi mystic light and it doesnt recognise them either. What software can i use to contol them thanks
  13. Hi, So I bought the Cooler master H500 case and I'm looking to upgrade the front 200mm case fans with ARGB ones, like the ones on the H500m. The problem that I'm having is I can't find them, so I'm wondering if I could order it from somewhere (I've checked Amazon, Newegg). The reason why is when all the lights sync up the front fan being regular RGB flash when all the others are doing the animations.
  14. I would like to see CM make a case that is similar to a test bench design with 1 200mm RGB fan at the front a 140mm RGB fan at the rear of the case, glass top and sides and some where to place the power supply and of course the usual power on button panel etc at the top front. Also to accommodate ATX boards or a smaller one to accommodate mATX motherboards etc. I ask this because my current case H500M white mesh case cannot support my GTX1070 properly as it sags over time and will eventually die I imagine, and so if the GPU was vertical like in a test bench scenario with the motherboard under it it will probably last a lot longer imao. Patent that one CM, hope to see it soon cheers;)…. update: there is of course the H500M case which came with a GPU support brace nice one, But I cannot buy the brace on it's own as I have already inquired.
  15. Recently bought a Masterbox lite 5 for my build. The front microphone port is not working. People on the other end of a discord call can only hear a loud high pitched static noise. Its not the headset as it will work through discord mobile. Does anyone have any suggestions that may help? Thanks.
  16. Last week
  17. I would like to reuse Hyper T4 fan for new mother board z390 and new Core i7 9700. Does it compatible? It supported socket Intel LGA 1150 and I was so happy about it and I still want to use it for my new PC
  18. Jim Kase


    Will the COSMOS C700P case fit a 165 mm Cooler Master MasterAir MA410M TUF CPU cooler
  19. Hi, Can anybody tell me where I can buy replacement screws from please? I have some in my spares but they are too big. If anybody knows what size I need that would be great. Cheers
  20. I found the solution here: basically you need to switch the keyboard to another mode called 6KRO you can only do that in windows by pressing fn+6+esc. it the keyboard will turn off for a second and then turn back on again. after that all the keys should work fine in macos (atleast it did for me)
  21. same problem i expected alot after buying an expensive and a good branded aio and sets of fans only to be set to spectrum and a bunch of default schemes.
  22. Hello, I opened a ticket on the 11th July (8537) for my MLX-D24M-A20PC-R1 with a fan issue. Support responded on the 12th asking for more info. I provided the info almost immediately after the notification and noted with a few more responses that the file attachment was not working. I would like to get an update since there has been no response since the 12th. I attach the images here no problem but can't attach it to the ticket. The issue is the fan is spinning erratically sometimes almost stopping and causing a vibration through the entire case. The second fan has no issue and spins with a consistent speed. This is a new system built in December 2018. Please let me know if this can be escalated as I need this cooling system working.
  23. I come from Indonesia. I really need it. I have searched for it in all online stores in my country, but I did not find it. I also asked the Cooler Master distributor in my country. They said that this product had been stopped. I can't afford it overseas. I am very sad.
  24. I just got mine, and same wobble problem. I have also seen Youtube reviews where you can clearly see the wobble, looks a production error.
  25. Hey everone, Does anyone know how to type the At sign on a nordic layout of the SK621 keyboard? i can't find anything suggesting how to do it. Thx!
  26. I have the same problem. Got the keyboard less than an year ago. The function key stopped working once and then I reset the device several times but didn't solve the issue. Then the whole keyboard stopped working for a day, and then started working again after a while with no problems. Function key stopped working again today and I'm not sure if it's safe to reset the keyboard anymore.
  27. Hi Stan, sorry i can't check when North America will have this kit available. I would suggest to contact the US Store:
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