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  2. I am also having the same issue, have to open the case up and use the controller to change the effects. Maybe coolermaster can send a service agent out and fix the issue for us :)
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  5. 20 days passed and I did not get any reply from support team, either by email or by forum
  6. Hey, Anyone know if Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo supports Intel Core i9-9900K Intel I9
  7. Someone please help! I've been all over the internet trying to figure out if I shot the ARGB controller or just set it up wrong!!
  8. Let the printing begin. For this model I am just starting at the front and make my way all the way to the back. So the first two parts were printed. Each took roughly 10-12 hours to print but I am sure some other parts will need longer, cause I still got some room on my print bed. After sanding, I glued both parts together. As you can see in the picture, I used small metal rods to strengthen up the connection. I just don trust crazy glue alone for such a big model. To hide the gaps and smoothen out some rough spots, I used some Miliput, a two part expoy putty. After sanding it down, I continued with some more bondo to really smooth out the surface. While bondo on the first parts dried, I printed out the next pieces. And sanding again. I really want to get the sufrace as smooth as possible, before priming. That way I have to use much less filler to fill in the deep spots.
  9. Hi everyone its RandomDesign. So now that we have a forum to post our logs, here we go. The concept: I am a huge fan of the Starwars films (Yes, including the prequels and the new ones) and for a long time now I got the idea stuck in my head to build a case mod related to that universe. There are many iconic machines out there in the Starwars universe like the Milenium Falcon, the Death Star or the AT-ATs and AT-STs, but I think the X-Wing is just above them all. Looking at some pictures, I thought it is totally doable to build one as a case mod. I think many people also noticed, that the X-Wing from the new movies (Force Awakins and Last Jedi) are a bit different in design then the old ones, not only in color. The new turbines are only on at each side split into two parts and not two on each side like in the old movies. I went for the new design, cause I think it looks more bad :). Mentioning all this, the question was were to start. Cause I make a detailed 3D model for all my case mods, I got the idea to use my 3D printers to help me with some of the work here. So here is my 3D model. To make everything fit my print bed, I split up the model into 152 individual parts.
  10. I recently bought the devastator 3 gaming combo and I dont know how to change the color for the keyboard sorry for the stupid question im new to PC
  11. Здравствуйте! Я стараюсь сделать свою работу не такой, как другие. Занимаюсь моддингом недавно. Мне нравится то, что я делаю. Я тоже надеюсь, вам тоже понравится. Этот проект готов. Скоро будет еще один.
  12. Take the theme of the human struggle against heat in the desert. just as a PC fights heat from itself.
  13. Project: "Compact" Inspired by my previous build "Fuschia", this project: "Compact" will be my 2nd project in this year's Cooler Master World Series 2019. Made out of a MasterCase Pro 6,this will be epic being an "all in one system unit" with special features soon to be revealed as I build this project.
  14. Beargguy P (Pretty) - The concept of this build is based on Gundam's Beargguy lineup,specifically the "Beargguy Pretty" and this will be my scratch build project for Master League category.
  15. Hello everyone!! The project that I will create in this competition Will be a sports car. SPEC : CPU : I5-6500 MB : Biostar B250GTN RAM : T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 4x2 Gb. GPU : Inno3D GTX 1060 PSU : Coolermaster V850 SSD : T-Force Delta RGB SSD 256Gb. SSD : Biostar M.2 M500-256GB LCS : Bitspower Fancase : MASTERFAN MF122R RGB
  16. Sean

    Dragon Den

    My build is AMD Ryzen 2700x, asus rog crosshair VII hero ( WIFI ), with 64 gig Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3000Mhz ram. With Samsung M.2 960 pro 250 gig, with Kingston 250 ssd and 3 times 2tb mechanical harddrives. Antech mercury 360 AIO. With Nvidia ASUS Rog RTX 2060 strix oc 6gig . With 2 times 24in Samsung LED screens at 60hz main screen is 144hz curved 23 in ViewSonic 1920*1080. With Rocat mouse and Red dragon mechanical keyboard and Logitech G633 headphones. And 3 120 ml Corsair rgb fans. All in a Fractal R6 gunmetal case.
  17. As I started to plan the mod, I decided that I wanted to have a wood base for the main housing. After spending some time at a home building store, I found the wood that would eventually be made into the base for the mod. The plan was to eventually make the box look weathered and old, which I achieved by using 2 different colors of Wood Stain and sanding in between coats.
  18. These are pictures of the Oscilloscope, fully functional, unmodded, the day I brought it up from the garage to start planning the mod.
  19. About 11 years ago I saw a vintage Oscilloscope in a flea market and I immediately fell in love with the design. I purchased one soon after, with the intent to build a mod, and it sat in my garage for over a decade. Last year this project finally came to life.
  20. huh I thought it wouldnt get any weirder. After changing mods with FN+F5 for example it seems to work fine! But if I change Mode using this Master Portal software for example Static, the backlight for Caps Lock is gone! And when I press it once to turn it On its back! Now If I set it to static mode using FN key, not the software, the backlight works fine when the Cpaslock is off, after pressing it once nothing happens, when before it would lose the backlight for a moment when set ON and it would come back in a moment. But thats what now happens when I press it 2nd time! after setting it Off the backlight is gone for a moment and comes back, before that was happening after setting it ON! Im not sure if anything I said here makes sense, but the point is that, the way backlight works under capslock and scr lk. is now reversed... o_o
  21. Hello everyone and welcome on the worklog for my main entry for this year's Case Mod World Series, Realgar Project, based on a Cooler Master SL600M with a mineral stone as theme, the Realgar. Special thanks go to MSI, Cooler Master, Adata XPG, Alphacool and Resin Pro, for providing materials and hardware for the project! So let's take a look at the case while I take it apart to start modding First thing to do: find a more optimal placement for the PSU, which will be more far into the front, with this custom brackets (after having done the necessary cuts on the case panel) Back panel is swapped with a 10mm acrylic panel which will house the 360 radiator. This aluminum profile on the sides will help squaring out the internals and will serve as covers and structure elements for the center panel Let's leave it at this huge acrylic panel, about to be sectioned
  22. Hello everyone and welcome to one of my entries for this year's Case Mod World Series! Project Sky Three is a mod that brings the concept of "stacking" to a new level: three cases, Q300P in particular, are modified to be unified into a single case, that's very tall and can house insane amount of cooling for its footprint. It's specifically themed after the Sky Tree, a beautiful tower in Tokyo. First of all, let's take a look at the three cases out of the box. Now, after having torn apart the cases to leave the frame alone, I started taking measurements for the L profile that will fix the cases together. I actually tried three different layout for the L profiles, the first was my original idea and it included four profiles on all angles, but it was way to squared and weird looking So I moved on to an alternate layout, two profiles connecting first and second case, and two connecting second and third. It looked even weirder to me, and probably not sturdy enough The third attempt was the successful, I really like this layout and will stick with this For the feet, I bought some furniture handles and adapted them As you saw, two angles will feature tubes between the cases, to allow a perfect alignment and stability. Two secure them, I use two little wooden bars for each tube, attached to the cases. This way, before I mount the case, I simply slide the tube in place and let it do the job After having the cases fixed, I started putting threaded rivets on the sides of the cases, which will secure panels with fans and some cool lighting pieces I salvaged from the front section of the Q300P's.
  23. Minimalistic mods inspired by classic japanese interior design, no PC parts were harmed during the process Component selection (for now) - Intel i7 8700 - Asus Z370-F Strix - Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2x8GB) 3200 mhz - Nvidia RTX 2060 FE - Samsung Evo 860 250GB + Adata SX8200 Pro 512GB - Cooler Master NR600 ODD version - Cooler Master ML240R cooler - Cooler Master MF120R fans x3 - Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans x3 - Cooler Master V650 PSU - Cooler Master white-black cable sleeve kit
  24. SPiC

    Simple Case

    Project TTX: Motherboard: Fatal1ty X470 Gaming-ITX/ac (courtesy of ASRock) Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X with box cooler. RAM: HyperX Predator 2x8Gb 3000Mhz. Power supply: Cooler Master MWE 750 GOLD Fully Modular (courtesy of Cooler Master Russia) Drive: Transcend 128Gb SSD NVMe 110S (courtesy of Transcend) Two drives: Transcend SSD220S 240Gb SATA (provided by Transcend) The 140mm cooler: Cooler Master MasterFan PRO c 140 native RGB controller (provided by Cooler Master Russia) Video card: nVidia GTX 1080Ti Founders Edition
  25. Me too. In my case I'm using asus z370-f strix, aura rgb software from Asus does not detecting this cooler (ML240R)
  26. Hi, I'm inquiring in regards of my Coolermaster Cosmos 700P Case. After installing my Maximus XI Motherboard I found that the front I/O has a 2X USB 3.0 Connectors. My Issue is that my Mother Board only has 1 USB 3.0 20 pin slot. my Question is .... do I need to plug in both connectors by using a 3rd Party splitter ??? Or no need and the 2nd cable is just redundant
  27. SPiC

    Simple Case

    Simple Case - final assembly video:
  28. SPiC

    Simple Case

    Drawings of the prototype of the 1st part were worked out, in particular increased space for thicker graphics cards, in particular ASUS Strix, MSI Gaming X. Changed the pattern on the body, which became easier to perceive, made several side covers, including glass. Mod made of 2mm aluminum, riveted assembly, side covers with 4 screws. The handle of the case serves for carrying and at the same time is the base of the case, allowing large productive fans to pump cold air up. After bending and assembling the mod was given in powder coating. The color is heavy blue.
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