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  3. Hi my name is Andy and I am from China. I am glad to be participating this year for the first time and will be entering my mod called Fading Time. The inspiration for the creation stems from all the time I feel just passes through us without realizing and much of this time feels wasted. I have moved the mod studio to Dalian, China for a year and want to use this mod to remind myself to be more productive. For the mod I am going for a more vintage look for the case with bronze finishing, and after I finished painting the case I will be thinking about how to do the water cooling, as I’ll need this to fit the general outlook of the vintage look of the mod. The moving clock will be a consistent feature of the mod, with a clock fixed to the front panel and a rotating look on the side panel to indicate the constant moving of time when people look at the mod, reminding you that the clock is always ticking.
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  5. Please can someone help, I'm very new to building pc and I'm confused how the fans are controlled using the fan controller that's inside. So I have my 3 front fans connected to that fan controller box thing inside. The case has 3 presets to control the speed. But what if I want to set the rpm myself. Is it possible to set rpm when the fans are connected to that fan controller box ?.
  6. Hi, I have the same case...MB530P. It's a beautiful case. My situation is the same as Specialitik. These fan seem to be operating properly however the fans just have a faint/low blue glow to the top and bottom. So far service ticket hasn't got it worked out yet. If anyone has an update, please advise. Thanks
  7. I am also having the same issue. Keyboard works when connected via USB cable but cant turn on backlight, also bluetooth funtionaliaty is not working . I am having this issue after failed firmware upgrade. Did you find any solution for this problem.
  8. Bought a bunch of ATC-101 in the early 2000s and still happily use them nowadays! Great stuff. However, today I'd like to inverse the floppy (!) part and the USB front panel (at the bottom) [ which is now USB 3! ]. And I can't manage to open the front panel [front aluminium plate]... Removed the 4 screws front, but that front aluminium plate remains stuck. Would there be a manual? Or maybe someone has some experience with that? Thank you.
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  10. I have the same problem, immediately following installation the software opened once and sense then i get the same image on my screen. a new problem also is the lights on my pump are completely off now as well, the fans work and the cooling is good just absolutely no lighting control.
  11. tdx79


    This is just the best ever mod... simply an artwork.
  12. Drive bay covers. More specifically 5.25" drive bay covers. Having much the same problem and no better luck.
  13. I really would like to find a forum online for HAF-912 fans. I have loved my 912 since I got in on a super great deal through Newegg (like I got it with free shipping and a rebate for less than 40.00). While I was out on the road as an OTR trucker I "gave" my desktop to my daughter in law. And, after 4 years back in town I finally got the case back. However. And this is where my pain starts. It came back minus every part I had put in it. No fans, no drives, nothing. Umkay, fine, love the kid and well...whatever. But, I now don't have the 3.5" bay cover for the 5.25" drive bay which I had twist tied to the back side of the cage when I installed a CD-Rom...which, given the state of current tech I don't need an optical drive in there. Giant hole (missing drive bay cover). I finally found a China supply for the drive rails so I could properly install the 1T drive and have a couple of spares so I can load in some more drives for storage. What I can not find, no matter how much I search is a replacement for that drive bay cover and it is driving me crazy. So, wondering, does anyone on here have either a regular 5.25" or the 5.25w/3.5" drive bay covers or, even better, a link to anyone that sells these after market?
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