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  3. Hello I'm having a problem setting up my ARGB. CM TD500 mesh case CM ML360R ARGB AIO 3x CM ARGB fans (that came preinstalled with the case) 1x CM MF120R ARGB fan 1x Deepcool 200mm ARGB light strip (all are brand new as of 05/21/2020) The AIO fans and rad are installed in the front while the preinstalled fans are installed along the top with the MF120R at the back. I have: The 3 AIO fans, AIO pump and MF120R connected to A1 on the controller via the 5 way splitter supplied with the AIO. The 3 preinstalled ARGB fans connected to A2 on the controller via a 3 way CM splitter The Deepcool light strip connected to A3 on the controller The controller is plugged in via Micro USB from a USB header on the MB No matter how I configure the controller, for the top fans (channel A2), only 1 of the 3 fans lights up but it is addressable through the software. The Deepcool light strip (channel A3) is also addressable through the software and is synced with channel A2. Now with channel A1, Only 1 of the 3 (front) fans are working and it looks like only half the lights in that fan are actually working, (the fan above it seems to have one blue led light - very very dim). That one fan is the same colour as the AIO and rear fan but when I addressable them through the software it changes in the app but nothing on that channel actually changes in the case. Please help Build Specs: ASUS ROG Strix B360-G mobo Intel I5 8500 CPU Gigabyte GTX 1070TI GPU 16gb HyperX 2666 ram Corsair RM750x PSU CM ML360R AIO CM TD500 Mesh Case
  4. Too bad to hear about your H110i. It's a nice stuff. The CM unlike Corsair doesn't offer pump speed profile through software. The pump only operates at full speed. Generally the fans are powered into cpu fan/cpu opt fan headers for speed control. But if you want you can power the pump into cpu fan header. In the bios goto the Q-Fan control: You can set the pump header as full speed or PWM. Both settings the fan header will provide full 12V. I'm not sure but I guess that the cpu fan and cpu opt fan headers share the same speed control. So if the pump and the fans are powered into cpu fan and cpu opt fan headers set the cpu fan control as PWM. The 4-pin fans will operate with speed control and pump as full speed.
  5. I just bought the cooler mentioned in this thread. I want to be able to set the pump speed to 100%. Is it possible to do this somehow? I have the pump plugged into a cpu fan header of a asus x99 pro usb3.1 motherboard. I bought this cooler because my Corsair h110i gtx 280's pump got blocked with a ton of crud. almost cooked my cpu. But with that cooler, I was able to control the pump speed through the corsair software. Hoping I can do the same with this pump.
  6. I have the HAF XB EVO (RC-902XB-KKN2 and love the case, but I would like to order spare parts. Items are: -2 x Internal 2.5" HDD Track (installing 2.5" HDD) -4 x X-dock caddies (holds HDD)# Who do I need to contact?
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  8. I don't own the ML240R but I will share my finds. The fans and the pump are powered in two motherboard fan headers. Mind that the pump header must provide 12V. You may need to disable fan control on the pump header in your motherboard’s BIOS. Alternatively, if your motherboard does not support ARGB lighting, the packaging includes a dedicated ARGB controller for the pump and the fans. The controller has two connectors, the sata cable for power and the motherboard micro USB for software control. Well you will have some fun doing the cable management though: Cooler Master made a video about the controller set up: The below review shows features about the software for the lights:
  9. fix it, sorry i`m tomato, if forgot to power the Control Module......oh well...
  10. May I suggest that you create a programmable gameboard such as the Logitech G13 (now discontinued) ... the ergonomics on that product is perfect IMHO. I would change it's designation to "Function Board" as it could be used for a variety of applications. I'm still using this device to this day, I use it for everything (Windows 10, Games, Adobe Lightroom, C# programming, etc) ... much easier to use than remembering a bunch of keypress combinations in various games, software packages (or Windows keyboard commands). I would love a more modern version ... ie.: add some Cherry MX switches on it (with individually lighted keys) like on your excellent keyboards. The software would automatically recognize when a software/game is started (like the Logitech G13) and it would let you customize programmable keypresses (and assign a color to it). Anyway ... here's to dreaming . :o) Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard EDIT: I just noticed that you are already selling the ControlPad ... I guess you were ahead of me on that one.
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  12. Hello, i just bought the case and just moved all my stuff from the old case, i have a ASUS® H97I-PLUS: Mini-ITX, LG1150, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBs. The problem is that the coolers(all 4) and the RGB light is not working. Does anybody thinks that my motherboard is not "good" enough? If so, can someone suggest a 1150 motherboard .
  13. Hi. I acquired a used PC from a house sale. I plan to brake it down and sell it for parts. However, I have been unable to identify the model number of the Cooler Master case. I am posting some pics of the case and would appreciate it if someone on here would be able to identify the case model. Thanks in advance.
  14. are there still drivers out there for this heatset i really like this headset but i lost my drivers so i cant use it anymore can maybe someone help me with this thanks!:D
  15. I would like some suggestions I recently purchased a hp omen 30l with a 500 watt power supply. Iam upgrading graphics card and wanted to upgrade my power supply to a 700-750watt psu any help on this matter would greatly be appreciated.
  16. Can anyone please tell me what is the main requirements in a motherboard to install this cooler. And is it okay to not have an addressable rgb port in my mb.
  17. Can someone send me the AP for Windows10.rar or make a new link for download please
  18. Hello. Is it possible to completely omit the controller from the C700M, and connect its ice to the board and control them with RGB Fusion? And what's in charge of that wide 10 fiber front panel cable?
  19. Hi guys , I have my favorite headphones MH530 and my earbuds is complitely dead , the coverage of earbuds is gone but it not the bigest problem, now whole material comes off from the earbuds, I even dont have no idea how to fix this , glue not will help im sure, cuz material is to thin. Maybe I can buy earbuds from Coller Master or you guys can help me figured ot this situation ? Also I want buy same model for my wife, but white color, is the option to buy it now ? Thank you and sorry for my bad english.
  20. Well, I'm not familiar with the 9900K but I will share my finds. First just make sure if the pump is powered at 12V. I would say yes that temperatures seems fine under Prime95. Mind that the latest releases uses AVX instructions which tipically produces unrealistically high temperatures. And temperatures may vary according to the silicon lottery. Look at page 4 to 6 for temperatures under 240 and 360 radiators: This is another temperature comparison: According to another owner H150i (360 radiator) stock settings 84 C under Prime95 (source here).
  21. Thanks Cenevit! It seems that i'll be able to keep my CPU cool instead of using the crappy stock cooler. I was able to take about 10ºC on my load temps with this cooler on my current setup (i think that it mostly benefited from the air flow of my CM 690 and the 120 mm stock fan) and i really wanted to take advantage of this in my new setup. Cheers, Carlos Ribeiro
  22. Hey folks, Mainly just inquiring about the return policy on Cooler Master PSUs. I purchased this unit on May 16th, received on May 23rd, has been in use since the 24th. Given that the store page seems to be shut down, I'm unable to check on return information myself. I've already submitted an RMA request, but would highly prefer to return the unit for a refund rather than receive a replacement. I need my computer for work and as such absolutely can not wait for the RMA process and will likely pick up a new unit locally. So, anybody know what the return policy is? Thank you ahead of time.
  23. I have had a whirring radiator fan (Included with the ML240R) for a couple weeks now and have been back and forth with the support team because the fan is less than 6 months old and still under warranty and I'd like to get it replaced. I thought this would be quite an easy process, send them some videos of the fan whirring and they'd send me a new one or perhaps send me to a store to swap my current one... It's now been over two weeks of this back and forth and I've made zero progress... the person that reviewed the video somehow failed to notice the (very obvious) grinding and rattling noise in the video and told me that the fan was set too high and that was air blow... (A bit of context, I sent this specific video to show that the noise would go away at high fan speeds, but obviously i dont want my fans spinning at high all the time. The video starts at a low speed with the grinding noise and then i change the fan speed and the the fans spin up and obviously make the noise that fans spinning fast do) Their advice, 'adjust the fan speed'... seriously? I mean you can literally hear me adjusting the fan speed on my keyboard in the video... In my very first message I told them that I thought it was an issue with the bearings because I HAD adjusted the fan speed multiple times to try and fix the issue, they then told me to unmount because it was probably a mounting issue, so I did, I tested it unmounted and it wasn't the issue. Now I send video evidence of the fan both mounted and unmounted and they tell me 'adjust the fan speed'... this is the most roundabout useless support I've ever gotten. I just want the WORKING fan that I paid for.
  24. Your 4 pin header is made for RGB not ARGB I believe. You may have fried the fan's LEDs. Did you try that before or after the controller?
  25. I'm sorry to say but I'd look for the screws elsewhere. My fans were DOA and it's been since mid April when I put my ticket in. They aren't back at work in CA so they told me I'm on the list but they can't send a replacement out till things open back up.
  26. Somebody can explain me how to change the top panel? I get my spare part tomorrow but I would like to know if there are things that I should do or shouldn't. And the steps would be nice too... Thank you !
  27. i am also in the same situation... just tried reaching out to customer support
  28. Dude I been going through the same thing and it's frustrating...
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