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  2. The second project, I want to present for this competition in another scratch build. Used hardware: Mobo: MSI Z370M Gaming Pro AC CPU: Intel I7 8700K GPU: MSI RTX 580 Gaming 8G Memory: TeamGroup Delta R 4x4GB PSU: Coolermaster V700 AiO: Thermaltake Water 3.0 Fans: 2x 60mm Coolermaster (they really have no name on it) It will be the computer called WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) from the 1983 movie WarGames. I will change the scale factor to fit it on a desk. Should be something about 75 cm in length. The LED effects will also be included, but not as many as in the original To start the project, I made a 3D model in the scale factor I want to build later on. The 3D model will also function as some kind of template later on.
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  4. Next up, I was working on the wings. Started by sanding down all the flat surfaces. To recreate the sharp edges on the lines, I used a needle file. This step was necessary to make all gaps the same size. Then all parts of the wings were glued together. Again, I used short steel rods to make the connection really strong. This will be needed later for the moving mechanism, cause I am not trusting glue alone. In addition, I included a ribbon cable for the LEDs. Better to do it now, cause later would be a bit tricky to get the cable all the way through. After I filled some smaller gaps, all 4 wings got one quick wet sanding. And then dry before the next step. A layer of spray filler was applied to see were some more spots needs additional attention.
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  6. Support tickets aren't being answered so here are my issue. There is an intermittent clicking on one of the rbg fans (not diagnosed which one yet) would like a replacement fan sent out as since case is now populated, an RMA is out of the question. Anyway, to the question.....Hard drive sound deadening....I can now hear every bit of data being crunched on the drive as opposed to none at all in by aerocool cube...How can I cushion the drive cage on the chassis?
  7. Currently I am running the 3x 140mm stock fans as intake with a single 120mm exhaust fan. I was thinking of getting a set of the MF140R Airflow fans, but at the same time wonder if there would be a better solution. Personally I would love fans that can inter-connect so I only have 1 header to go from the fans to my MB. The only 140mm set I have found to offer this are the InWin Crown ARGB fans. Anyway, the major reason behind this is my temps spike high while ASRock RX 590 hitting 75C and Ryzen 5 2600X hitting 60C within minutes. I believe the lack of airflow (exhaust wise) could be the culprit. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  8. body coloring with primer and top coat paint. Do not forget to include weathering and battle damage effects. the finishing process is still not done until now
  9. hi there. I would like to know if you can buy replacement part for the headset cover as mine are starting to pull out from the headset and thats all thats wrong with the headset and I would love to continue to use the headset thanx viking
  10. a modder doesn't think about the warranty of an item, so do it if it can make it better. upgrade 120mm radiator to 280mm for better performance and appearance.
  11. discard the power pin, and make the function only as a cpu block. rotate the words "cooler master" as needed.
  12. make the legs look attractive, to change the appearance of the case so it's not monotone.
  13. Timpelay


    16: RADIATOR GRILLS - RGB In the world of LED RGB I though I should try something else! Both grills is painted on the backside with a semi gloss translucent paint with fine holographic glitter particles. On top of that I applied a second layer with pure black to act as the background for the hologram. The result is astonishing an all depending on the applied light and angle of view. Without any direct light or very dimmed down the grills appear just plain deep glossy black.
  14. I need help with my Silencio 352, one of the feets is broken and I need a new one but can't find one in the spare part shop. Is the any feet that fit on my case?
  15. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    It remains to be cleaned and ready to photo shooting
  16. paint the parts during the hot sun is a good. Next, create a texture with Tamiya color.
  17. AK Mod


    metal processing Stainless steel appearance 4mm test. Subsequent nickel plating.
  18. I know this is an old post, but can you tell me know I can remove that metal pin? It seems to fit snugly. Do I need any special tool to do that? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi, what to setup in bios for properly work fans with MB, if i let it Avto all the time is full speed and no see RPM in program,...thx
  20. hi yes I tried directly and work...
  21. Work is almost done. Running test has been done. One of them is adjusting the lighting and color of the lights that will be used. Thanks God, everything went smoothly.
  22. a lot of work is not documented in detail. Maybe because I was too busy doing. I attach work whose details are not documented
  23. - ACQUIRING THE TOOLS NEEDED!! There was a few tools I knew I didn’t have. For example a heat gun , rotary tool, acrylic bender, working table for acrylic ( ended up making one ).
  24. Posting build logs a bit late, but have been focused on modding. ( each reply will be different days of work ) - PAINT TIME !! Figured i would start off with with a color for the case and begin with taking the case apart and prepping for paint and painting it. -Prepped, adhesion promoter, sealer, basecoat, clearcoat, dry time.
  25. U tried your gpu directly? Else just rma but this cable is the worst riser cable i have ever seen. It cause lot of latency issues. I bought another one its working great. This one is cheap
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  27. I installed this cooler in a new rig with an i7-9700k and MSI motherboard. It is not overclocked. Lights are on for the fan and the block, and they change via the control. However when the system is stressed heavily (7-Zip, Handbrake,...) All 4 cores show in the high 90's and up to 100 via RealTemp!! This is not good; my previous (albeit slower) system with a non-liquid cooling CM block would max out in the 70s. Any tips of things I can do to diagnose? How do I know if the liquid is actually circulating? I've build many systems in the past, so putting a fan on the processor is not a new concept. Any ideas greatly appreciated! Thanks, Lou
  28. AK Mod


    Walnut This big challenge, using walnut to make water tank, need to be processed twice, using epoxy resin as the first layer of waterproof treatment! There are also side panels. Cutting and smoothing. First time CNC, water tank shape. Epoxy resin filling. Second CNC processing. The result is not bad! Then it needs to be polished to completely transparent to see the wood inside, and then spray the transparent paint. Side panel finish.
  29. GDMODS


    Задняя боковая крышка для укладки кабелей тоже не осталась в стороне
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