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  3. WTB HAF Stacker Storage Kit

    already file a support ticket no reply yet....
  4. WTB HAF Stacker Storage Kit

    Hi Mr Fong would be nice if you just contact customer service maybe they have some solution regarding this issue
  5. Ordering Cooler Master Online Store

    Hi Pare Ku musta? Please contact Customer service, they will assist you.
  6. Keyboard LEDs broken

    You can using this :
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  8. Keyboard LEDs broken

    Cant see your signature
  9. Change front fan in an older Praetorian case

    Sorry to bump such an old topic but I am having exactly the same problem as the OP. Unfortunately Kevin's image is no longer there. Can anyone help with how to remove the front fan? I've been puzzling over this for more than an hour, no luck as yet.
  10. WTB HAF Stacker Storage Kit

    Hi all, moving house has cause me to lose 2 of the hardisk cage(HAF Stacker Storage Kit ) for my coolermaster haf stacker , i cant seem to find replacement store selling this, im in dire need of help, please any idea, suggestion and help is HIGHLY appreciated .
  11. Can i order online even in closing days? the website says it is close on Saturday and Sunday. I believe that the store is located at Taiwan. Here is the store. Im Buying this model Im from Philippines. Please reply ASAP
  12. Last week
  13. Vertical GPU Bracket

    Hi, Does the CoolerMaster Vertical GPU Bracket fit in the C700P without case modification? If not, has anyone done a vertical GPU mount in his or her build yet? Looking for ideas if the CM product doesn't work. Thanks!
  14. First post:). So I just finished a Ryzen 7 Build, using the Gigabyte Arorus X370 Gaming 5 board, latest bios too. I'm using the Ryzen Wraith Cooler, and that is plugged into the LED Header 1. It works fine, I can adjust the LED colors through the Gigabyte Fusion Software that runs on Win 10. I just added 2 Cooler Master RGB fans to the case. I am using the 1 to 3 cable (that also has connections to spin the fans). I have attached the cable to my LED Header 2 on the mobo, but I am NOT getting any lighting ... the fans spin, but no lights. I have tested the LED Header 1, also no lighting. I can't quite figure out what I am doing wrong. Help me please! I did recall reading that my mobo is on the list of compatible ones too. -Adam
  15. Hi, i am interested to buy the MasterAir Pro 3 for my dell Inspiron 580 computer and cool my Xeon x3470. Will that cooler work on my pc with that cpu? I found this review on Tom's Hardware that were found issues with the shape of its contact surface possibly not fitting certain chips. Waiting for a reply.
  16. MasterFan Pro RGB LEDs dim/not working

    For anyone having this same issue looking for answers... if your fan speeds are controlled by the BIOS to adjust speed as needed, or if they are set to a quiet mode, the fans spin slower and the LED is dimmer, or off. When powering on the system you might get a bright flash as the computer POST. In Windows, using the ASUS Ai utility for Fan XPert, if I click "full speed" I get the full brightness... if I click "quiet" mode the LED dims a lot. The LED power for these fans is provided by the power connector, NOT the RGB wire.
  17. Aura RGB not working with splitter?

    Just an FYI for you and anyone else reading your post... the whole point of RGB headers and AURA is that you can set any fan to a specific colour. So if you have 1 on each header on your motherboard, you can set them both to the same colour in the AURA application.
  18. Website blokcing IDM

    When I try to download a file or a manual, IDM tries to capture the file. But CM site does not allow that. And after that, the web site blocks my browser! I have to use Edge or some other browser to reach the web site. What is this, really?
  19. Hello! I have a computer with an i7-6700k using cooler master neptune 240m as the CPU cooling. The pump is on fanheader while the radiator fans are connected to another CPU opt fan connector on the motherboard. I have an idle temp of 29-30 degrees celsius when the room temp is on about 24-25 degrees. When I run it on max load for extended periods the temp keeps around 65+ degrees. Is this normal? So far I have not adjusted any settings on the CPU or the fan setup. No overclocks having the CPU on 4,0Ghz. I'm not sure about voltage setting but I will check later. I think it is on stock settings. I'm just wondering if these temps are normal for this cooler + this CPU? The 65+ degrees appear when the CPU is used 100% by rendering softwares which I do occasionally. I installed the cooler causally watching several instructions to do it properly. The temps never go above 70 degrees as I know of. Maybe 65-68 but not more. I'm new to watercoolers in general. I just want to be sure if I did something wrong or not. And if these are nominal normal temps. And what kind of tweaks and settings I should do. This is in general how the whole installation looks like if it can help the case. The fans are set as outake on top of my system. I have 2 intakes on front behind dustfilter. And another corsair blue LED outake. All the non radiator fans are 140mm and the system runs cool in general. I also have a question regarding the installation location. I remember being really careful while installing this cooler. (as they said in several videos before) and noticed a few people have managed to brick their motherboard installing it. I'm not sure if I have damaged or not even though being very careful while installing. The computer has worked flawlessly since last December when I did the installation/upgrade. I have an example in the images that makes me worry. The one of the pump with a red arrow. Should I worry? I have moved the computer around several times for installing smaller new fans or gadgets in the several months since last december and to show my systems guts to friends. Not noticed anything wrong system wise and no errors at all. I'm just not sure what that looks like.
  20. Installation Hyper 212x with MasterFans

    I still have a Hyper 212 Plus, I use it for reviews a lot of the time and still think its a great cooler. Its just a shame about the way the cooler must be mounted if you use it with the AM4 bracket. I never used the Hyper with any MasterFans but have used it with Sickleflow fans, lots of air and air pressure with a couple sickleflows.
  21. I wrote a review for the Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240, you can check it out HERE :)
  22. H500p verticle gpu mount

    Hi Jim , Share you issue with someone at HQ The answer is nope , the GPU will be secured in place by 2 screws
  23. Keyboard LEDs broken

    Hi MMS21 , please contact customer services as in my signature , they will help you .
  24. Hi Gil , i think better you direct contact customer services , might they have solution regarding this issue You refer as in my signature .
  25. Hi Guys, just wanna know if any one of you tried replacing the mouse click switch on your cm storm alcor gaming mice. Currently, my left and right click isn't that kind of tactile enough when it comes to playing online games. I also want to know what kind of switch does it use(omron vs cherry) and if possible some instructions on how to disassemble it including the replacement of parts. Thanks!
  26. rma status

    Nice ......
  27. Fully program keys

    I just bought a MasterKeys Pro S PBT on sale and saw the size of the On board Memory in the spec so I thought that it was fully programmable but I was mistaken. Is it possible to flash the cortex m0 from usb and could you release the source code for the keyboard?
  28. rma status

    Finnaly got the package im gonna install it tonight
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