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  2. Just about done on the out side. Now has a gloss coat over the top and some custom color tint side panels.
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  4. Hello again!! We are counting the days until this beautiful event comes to an end, i am counting the days until i finish!! So lets get down to the last week and start it with finalizing the acrylic logos!! What was done is unstick the pieces clean them and stick them back together using some liquid fiberglass!! Here is the process!! Here are the pieces glued together with the fiberglass!! The re allign was tricky enough as i had to be cautious and watch the outline of the logos!! More to come this week!! Until next update, Peace Brothers!!
  5. The last days have been really good, in means of getting things done- now the assembly can start. I am happy to show you my case- the case, the Maker Theater will be sitting on:
  6. el chavo

    Completed project. At the Campus party Brazil event. This photo was very special. Reporting team of the SBT brazilian Broadcasting Station, where it transmits the series of CHAVES of the SBT Brazilian television. Muito obrigado às empresas que apóiam o projeto.
  7. "PROJECT TECHNIX" SCRATCH BUILD SPECS: *HARDWARE* CPU: Intel Core i7 3770 MOBO: Asus Sabertooth z77 GPU: MSI Geforce GTX 960 2gb PSU: Seasonic M12II Evo 520 STORAGE: Crucial MX 256gb SSD RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16gb(4x4gb) DDR3 1600mhz SWITCH: Silverstone ES01 *COOLING KIT* COOLERMASTER EXCALIBUR 120mm (x3) EK Supremacy Evo EK Ram Monarch x4 Modules EK VGA Supreme HF EK Bay Spin Res DDC Barrow Pump Res Combo Aquacomputer Airplex 360 Rad Barrow PETG Tubes & Fittings Deepcool Z9 *LIGHTINGS* Deepcool RGB LED Strips I joined this event not to compete but to share what i've got.I learned a lot from modders all around the world who are in this competition and you guys motivate not only me but other people who wants to be in this hobby..Being here in COOLER MASTER CASEMOD WORLD SERIES 2017 is enough for me and I felt the intense of it. GOODLUCK TO ALL OF US AND GOD BLESS! Thank you guys specially who viewed and followed my build until it's done...Hope you guys like it though it is simple and minimalist.(sorry it's my first time on such competition like i said eariler) MOD ON!!! THANKS A BUNCH COOLER MASTER FOR THE OPPORTUNITY
  8. a little teaser before i wrap up everythings..
  9. Here's the final video, I hope you'll enjoy it
  10. and it's UP and running on my triple monitor setup
  12. damn this is masterpiece from mastercraft . really enjoy ur posting . i wish i had own landed house to put all the machine and start crafting haha
  13. Me and my friend faced the same issue when building on the am4 asus b350 prime board with the cooler master hyper 212 led turbo. The bracket is too tight and it doesn't fit. We were scared we might have damaged the cpu when trying to lock the cooler in place. We loosened the plastic brackets on the motherboard and clipped the retention clip. Then screwed the plastic bracket in tight to a level we were comfortable with. This was ofcourse not the default height the plastic brackets on the motherboard were at. Scary stuff. Luckily no damage was done with our earlier shenanigans and the board posted. This shouldn't be happening to us especially with a reliable brand like cooler master. The retention clip was obviously a few mm shorter. Luckily we opted out of using brute force midway after we found this thread and learnt we weren't the only ones facing the issue.
  14. Thank you for the recognition words! And stay on the subject of polishing: The CPU has also been discharged, followed by the corresponding water cooling parts.The drainage of many cables caused some puzzles, but I managed to solve that. After the VGA was installed, the water system could be charged. Pharmacy distilled water + antifreeze 10% + red color additive, approx. Total quantity 3dl. The filling is very simple through the filling hole on the balancing tank, using an external power supply. Perfect! After the RAM kit and the HDD built-in it could be a sharp test! Everything works well!Writing this post is already being written using the new machine. Even a few smaller parts are glued back and the final photos can come.
  15. PSU & HDD Placement..
  16. Just did a test with the panel on. Unfortunately I fried the circuit that charges the battery for the power button. Going to need to replace the Arduino Fio board that controls it. I made the stupid mistake of plugging the molex while the power was on and I plugged it in reverse (5v <->12v... X_X). On the + side, everything else seems OK. Since animated lights aren't the best to pick up with a cellphone camera, your not seeing it all, but it gives you an idea.
  17. Got my LEDs in the system
  18. Main body of work on the pulley system got finished today. I started off by 3d printing, separating, and hand finishing a few sets of timing pulleys. Some metal work followed. I cut up some aluminium pipe and steel threaded rod. Assembled the pulley system using a bucket load of nuts and screws.
  19. The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 has arrived!!
  20. mastercase 5

    Hello, S.PiC, your Project Vega is fantastic to me. Great construction- The shapes and lines are for me so tastefully set, really a desirable design. Best of success to you at the finals- bjpc
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