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  2. Brad Burns

    Cooler Leaked all over components

    I've been through 3, yes 3 of these, they have ALL died the exact same way with liquid coming out of the radiator into the fan blades. I actually already sent one in for RMA and returned the other one to Amazon and now THIS AGAIN... Fortunate I was home at the time of this problem, Windows slowed to a halt crashed i restarted, gave me blue screens: "io1 initialization failed" then I saw the temps at 61C... I knew it was happening AGAIN... This is ridiculous, I have an i9-9820X a $900 CPU and if it's fried I'm going to be seriously pissed. I've had hundreds of liquid cooler AIOs in systems I've built for customers and friends and this defect rate is beyond pathetic..
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  4. Karson Bradley

    Help installing water cooler LC240E

    there is supposed to be these plastic brackets that come on the motherboard.
  5. Jon Daniel Summe

    Need HAF 932 Foot/Stand

    Hey if anyone has some old HAF 932 feet lying around I really need one as I don't think any retailers have any in stock anymore and CM doesn't produce them seeing as they're so old. If you have an old case you don't plan on using I would be forever in debted. HAF XM/932/ATCS 840/TROOPER/STRYKER feet are all compatible I believe.
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  7. Chameleon

    masterbox lite 5 rgb

    alot of idiots (like me) who are new to pc building bought this case forgetting to think about airflow. i just want to know if there are front panels that will fit my case with better airflow. thanks in advance
  8. Hey all, first time posting. TLDR; I’m looking to get the ML240R (or the ML240RS if it’s ever released in the U.S.) and I’m thinking of plugging the pump and radiator fans into a SATA-powered PWM fan hub, which would be plugged into my CPU_FAN header for PWM control. I have an ITX mobo (Asus ROG Z390I Gaming) and there are only three headers: CPU_FAN, CHA_FAN and AIO_PUMP. The CHA header has a splitter for two case fans and the AIO header has a splitter for a fan and an AIO pump on my GPU’s cooling kit. Those two headers are quite occupied. Since I don’t want to put too much power draw on my CPU header, and since the ML240R’s pump doesn’t have its own SATA cable, I was thinking I’d get a SATA-powered PWM fan hub, connect the pump and radiator fans to that, then connect the hub to the CPU header for PWM control. Thanks!
  9. I have a question, my motherboard is the ASUS B450 F Gaming, but this board only has a RGB pin (4 pin), but the fans of the ml240R are ARGB (3 pin) so I can not connect it directly to the board, I would need some kind of adapter (if it exists). From the technical service of ASUS they tell me that it can be synchronized to the board, but only from the UK market, I live in Spain and it is supposed that it is not compatible here. Do you believe it or are you trying to strain it so that it does not bother you? Any suggestions? Thank you.
  10. HL746

    ML360 Replacement Fans

    Anyone had a replacement fans sent by CoolerMaster? Mine came and it was a total different fan and now I can't even submit a ticket to see why the fans that were sent were different. Anyone Have had this? Far right fans were the replacement.
  11. Sertuğ FİDAN

    RMA progression stuck ?

    As of today I did get the confirmation e-mail and my RMA seems to be progressing.
  12. Ghostevent

    Can't open asio.sys (5)

    I keep getting this issue aswell but cant find a fix for it sadly
  13. I have a mb530p case with Ml240r argb and an asus b450 rog strix mobo and have the exact same issue as you...And cant find a fix for it anywhere...
  14. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    Like original "mat black"
  15. My Mastercase MC500M has two USB 3.0 Cables coming from the front panel & one USB 3.0 Header on the motherboard? What to do? One of the usb 3.0 cables is two cables coming into one 20 pin plug (one pin is blank). The other usb 3.0 cable is one cable coming into a 20 pin plug (one pin is blank). I plugged the double cabled one into the motherboards usb 3.0 connect ion and left the single cabled one hanging because I cannot find anywhere to plug it in. Help please.
  16. Hi Fanzone , my name is Freeman and i'm French! A silent pro 500 from 2009 on a config today is this possible? Or is it risky, because I'm waiting a bit to buy a MasterWatt 750 TUF Gaming Edition. Thanks!!
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  18. Contiusa

    Pump Speed

    To dont create the same topic, I would like to confirm if the MasterLiquid 240 (which I own and is being RMA'd) has the same pump speed of the Pro Series. According to this FAQ answer, the speed is of 3000 +/- 10%. Because I would like to check the pump speed once my new unit returns. If anyone has this information, I appreciate. Regards,
  19. Mweiler

    RGB of ML240RS not powering up

    Ah, definitely not a U.S. store. That explains why I can't find it anywhere. I should have asked earlier, but do you have an Asus motherboard? If so, Aura will probably be a lot more cooperative with the solution in my last comment. Sorry you're having a hard time with your cooler.
  20. Hi folks! I went to install my Hyper 212 RGB Black and found that there were only three (3) of part F in the bag, instead of the necessary four (4). I can't apparently request a part from the registered products page, only request an RMA. Am I overlooking something or am I really going to have to return the entire cooler just to get a single widget?
  21. Atorque

    Ml240 mounting kit

    We both need AMD AM4 UPGRADE KIT (RL-AM4B-MLPS-R1) and best of luck trying to get one. Coolermaster please help me fix my issue
  22. Thanks for trying to help but my Asus MB doesnt have RGB header so it won't support sync mode. That's fine for me as cycle and static should work. All I need now is to buy a Sata Cable to connect my Control Layout Board from C700P to my Power Supply ( why they didnt give us this cable when buying C700P case :D?! ... -.-").
  23. oZono


    it helped a lot, thanks vag mor
  24. Clifford

    RGB of ML240RS not powering up

    To answer your question on how I have an ML240RS, I ordered it online from Wootware, ZA. For now I have completely disconnected all RGB to the pump and fans.
  25. vortex31324

    C700M LED malfunction

    Yes please let us know, I'm on my second case too and I'm past the return window. I really don't want to pay shipping on this mammoth case for a RMA.
  26. Adam Cohen

    Help installing water cooler LC240E

    I have an AM3+ cpu and I can’t figure how to install in. This cooler is replacing my previous ones where the bracket mounted and fit perfectly to the motherboard. After looking online I found this is the piece I should be using for AM3+ correct? But it can’t attach to anything on the motherboard. Any help would be appreciated
  27. Rene Müller

    MH752 and PS4

    Hi, works the USB soundcard well with PS4, i heared on reddit and reviews that some one cant regulate the sound volume and the sound is to low ... i have seen there is an fw update (5003) to download, is this problem fixed with the latest FW update?
  28. Mweiler

    RGB of ML240RS not powering up

    My question is how you managed to get your hands on an ML240RS lol. It’s nowhere to be seen in any store and Cooler Master is dead silent on the release date. Anyway I think I remember one person saying to connect the CPU block’s RGB connector directly to the 3-pin 5V ADD header on the mobo (no control box or anything), download cooler master’s software as well as aura sync, then he somehow managed to get them to sync. Try that maybe?
  29. So I recently purchased a new PC, decided to go with the ML240RS RGB. I do a check build of all the components and everything is working. Fast-forward a day and I'm now attempting to sync the RGB of the ML240RS to the rest of my system which I had synced via Aura software. Another day passes with me only being able to change the RGB of the cooler via the RGB Controller and then on powerup the RGB no longer works. Iv had instances where one fan lights up or the CPU pup lights up, I then eventually found the software here . I installed MasterPlus and then installed the ARGB BOX Firmware and still nothing has changed. Any help or advice will be much appreciated as everything is perfect with the cooler except the RGB no longer functioning.
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