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  2. Hello, I recently found out i no longer have my Intel mounting brackets for my Hyper T2 . I was wondering if it is possible to purchase them from your store ?
  3. Hello everyone. I am a happy owner of a CM690 first version. Currently I have a good dissipation system provided from 2 fans of 140 on the top, 1 rear 120, 2 front (the original blue led) and another suitable with a 3d model in the 3.5 "bay. I have a Thermalright Macho heatsink , but I would like install liquid AIO system. Can I install 240 or 280 radiator (with fan) without modification? Thanks for all.
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  5. Hi. I just installed my new ML240L and I love it. Also, the lights sync very nicely with my Asus motherboard using the Aura RGB header. But I'd like to rotate the tubes at the waterblock. I applied some gentle pressure, but they seem tight. Are they supposed to rotate? Thanks.
  6. Florian Klarl

    3 in 1 RGB Air cooler and Aura Sync

    Hi, i recently bought your 3 in 1 Fan Package with the fan controler/hub. Aura Sync does not find those fans. However the MC LED Controller Software runs fine and i have full controll over the fans. Is there a way to sync up all of my light wit Aura Sync?. I think its because the Controller is connected by usb and not with the rgb Headers on the Motherboard and i only have 2 rgb connectors instead of 3 for all of the fans. Thanks for the help Btw. I cant send a request support ticket. It doesnt let me submit
  7. Hi, I'm upgrading my computer with Threadripper 2950x in few weeks. Any chance of support for TR4 socket in context of MasterLiquid Pro 280 ? Cheers, M
  8. Last week
  9. Kurt Hilgartner

    RMA CUSUS1805084

    Im sorry but Ive had it with this company and their apathy for honoring the warranty of the product I purchased. I submitted all the proper documentation for the notebook fans that stopped working back in May. Having been told these fans are on backorder for over two months now, your RMA stated "Once the part is back in stock, the requested part will be shipped and tracking info will be emailed". Now, almost three months later, after countless inquiries on this forum and FB, I get a change in status that they will send the part, but, that I first need to return the fan to Coolermaster. I could have done this back in May if requested, but it wasnt. No emails Ive received from your RMA dept ever mentioned me returning the part(I assume at my own expense) nor and address. So either CM RMA dept is guilty of poor communication with the customer, or they create an experience where the customer gives up due to getting the run-around, which I have. The chillpad was about $60--not too expensive. But now its simply the point of the matter. CM does not hold themselves accountable to their product warranties. CMs products carry a lot of shelf space at the MicroCenter where I and my IT director order supplies from. I will no longer consider CM products as a result of this experience. Keep your stuff
  10. neSSa

    ShadowS - project

    And the last render, followed by the action of making metal parts
  11. Ronnie Gill II

    Where to buy an extra HDD cage?

    Im in the exact same place, its sad that no one has responded to this post. BUMP.
  12. Nick

    PCIE power extension cable

    Hi, Solved it ! Screw in 4 threaded brass logic board spacers into the PSU fixing holes (shorten the threaded part otherwise they will hit the PCB by the power switch), then carefully wiggle the PSU in position and run the PCIe power cable the gap that Dell and Coolmaster have contrived to provide when using these spacers, see photos. Then use some "Y" pcie splitters or power distribution PCBs to power all 4 GPUs and the 4 PCIe risers. The PC door panel still works without modification as it mechanism and mount still clears the PSU. Here are some photos to explain:
  13. Bruno Jose Mendoza Serrano

    CM liquid cooling won't fit new CM Case

    So I just bought the Cm600p Mastarcase to be able to use the Coolermaster vertical gpu bracket , a micro itx (a b250-dsh3 gigabyte MB) and the cooler master masterliquid 120. Unfortunatley I cant find a way to fit the liquid cooling since this model has 2 fans on the cooling panel. The roof of the case can't close if the up-side fan of the liquid cooling it's installed and I cant figure out how to make this build work. Does someone has the same case/liquid cooling or knows how to help me? please :(
  14. Good evening, About a year ago I got Cooler Master Seidon 240M. my configuration is 4790K, ASRock Z97, 32GB DDR3 G.Skill, EVGA 1080. Radiator and fans are connected to the top of the tower. here's the link how it works right now Not sure what's going on but I noticed that computer acts like it's under some sort of heavy load (radiator fans are spinning fast) but when I looked in task manager -> performance, the cpu load (and other components) is nearly 0%. Fan is spinning pretty loud as you can see from the video. I turned on CPUID HWMonitor and found out that my CPU 100C. 1) I went to BIOS, updated it, and reset to default (it never was overclocked btw), didn't help. 2) I turned off the computer and changed compound paste and it gave me ~2-3C down so CPU was working between 97C and 100C. 3) I inspected CPU for any dust or any other problems and it's very clear, no defects or whatever. 4) I tried to diagnose the cooler condition: a) There's LED light is on and it's blue. b) I touched the cooler found that it's hot especially in the middle. c) tubes are a bit warm in the place where they are connecting to the cooler. d) tubes where they connected to the radiator are barely warm/cold. e) radiator is cold. Would be great to get some advice. My plan: open that white thing on the radiator (as I understand it's a bleeding screw, and try to refill the liquid. What else?..
  15. neSSa

    ShadowS - project

    Day for metal cutting
  16. There have been multiple posts on this forum regarding the controller for our AIO's. This company has neglected to comment on the problem, essentially spitting the faces of their customers. "Plug in your CM device to get started" I'm now going to spend a few hours leaving the worst reviews for their products across as many sites as possible. No one should buy coolmaster products with this level of neglect and contempt for their own customers. Garbage company. Garbage products. Garbage customer service. No clear stance on anything, it's always just "contact customer support"
  17. Nick

    PCIE power extension cable

    Hello, I have just installed a V550 in a Dell Optiplex 7010MT Minitower (it was a perfect fit) fitted with a NVIDIA 1050 TI and the power consumption went down from 160w to 140w at the wall socket under the same load (Nicehash). I now want to mount 4 NVIDIA 1060 GPUs on the wall behind the Dell to use with Nicehash. The data cable are "sorted" so I just need a PCIE power extension cable. for the V550. Can anyone tell me the name of the plugs that fit into the V550 for the PCIE power lead ? Can a pre made extension cable be purchased anywhere ? Thanks, Regards, Nick
  18. Edit: problem fixed; after installing Portal and updating firmware, everything works as it should. CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK are no longer inverted in any of the profiles and the one key that didn't work in my Portuguese layout is now working. Also, there are a handful of new modes. Original post, before edit: I just got this keyboard myself and I'm having the same problem. It's not consistent either, it varies according to illumination mode. CAPS and NUMLK are inverted in: - Reactive Fade - Stars - Rain - Ripple - Crosshair CAPS and NUMLK display correctly in: - Color Cycle - Breathing - Static - Rainbow Wave I haven't tried Custom. I also have one key that doesn't light up in Rainbow Wave mode. It's a specific key to the Portuguese layout, so it looks like they just forgot to program that one key for that one profile. This is all from changing setting on the keyboard. I haven't tried the software yet.
  19. I'm not sure why I can't get my 2 front fans in my H500P to display RGB. I've got an ASUS Maximus X Hero and have tried both the Aura RGB header and the Addressable RGB header. Aura is set to on in the BIOS and the motherboard, the H115i and the Ram have no trouble lighting up. I've never built a machine with RGB before so it very well could be something I missed. The manual that comes with the case is helpless. Thanks in advance for your help.
  20. Grogrocha

    How switch profiles?

    Press Fn + 1/2/3/4 depending of the profil
  21. Michel Deslauriers

    Push Pull Fan configuration on ML120R

    I am installing the ML120R into a cooler master H500P case. The radiator will be mounted on top. In a push pull configuration does it mean that I have to mount the top fan updside down? If so won’t that look wierd as you can see that fan through the top of the case and I will have another fan next to it? Am I missing something here?
  22. Tekmicro

    Another slow RMA

    So 3 months after i opened the thread they still didn't answer ? This RMA has been ongoing for almost 5 months at this point, what's even going on ????
  23. Mohd Noh

    Another slow RMA

    Hello Guys , For info : I just play my parts and share what i got in this forum to the related team . and i will share it back to you guys once i get some good news from them .
  24. I need a new usb 3.0 cable for N200 case if you can find me a Part # that would be great
  25. neSSa

    ShadowS - project

    Work on the cable management
  26. Really nice and quiet liquid AIO cooler. I installed it in push/pull config with a MasterFan Pro 120 AB on pull. Worked great...until... After cleaning it, I reinstalled the MasterFan Pro with the selector on P (performance mode) as ambient air is warmer(summer). Turned power on and it ate into the radiator fins and busted a fan blade. Thinking it was an install error (too tight) on my part, I installed a second MasterFan Pro in performance mode, rechecked everything, but same result. Gouged radiator and a 2nd broken fan. Then it clicked, the fan blades on the MasterFan Pro AB, change shape and will protrude further forward than its housing. So don't use the MasterFan Pro in performance mode (P) if it is on the pull side. Otherwise easy install and looks/works great for my rig.
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