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  3. Hola, buenos dia. El problema que tengo con mi teclado es el siguiente, cuando conecto el cable USB a cualquier PC o Notebook me aparece el siguiente mensaje, lo que me impide usarlo. Espero su respuesta y gracias por la atencion.
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  5. Did you ever get anything for this? Mine says action done "product received" and i got a UPS shipping notification from Newegg and im really hoping thats not my PSU cause we are having TONS of problems with UPS right now.
  6. Grabbed thw c700m. Great case as far as being so large and modular. Big complaint about the quality. Would of liked to see a little more metal and less plastic. Many of the predrilled screw holes were not done properly resulting in stripped screws. 1 screw even snapped preventing me from removing the hard drive panel. I will figure that out though. Question is now that ive replaced all the fans with corsair LL120s and LL140s. How do i hook them up? Do I need a corsair light node jist to sync everything? If so does that make the prexisting fan controller that came with the case redundant? Do I use both?
  7. Hello, For my first build i am going to use the Master case H500. I am probably over thinking this, but I know that i want a positive pressure system and the whole thing is going to be air cooled. It comes with 2x200mm front intake fans and 1x120mm rear exhaust fan. Is this enough fans to keep the ambient temperature inside the case around 100 degrees Fahrenheit? I tried to do the math for the problem (but i don't know Calculus) and assuming the 200mm intake fans are both at 90 CFM at max RPM and i add another 90 CFM 200mm fan as exhaust on the top of the case then the ambient temp should be around 226 F. Is this correct? How many case fans are normal for a complete air cooled rig. Also for hardware specs and math checks i,m going to be using a Intel I7-9700K with a Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler, MSI gaming x 1080TI, MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon ATX motherboard, a Corsair RMx 850 WATT PSU. Bolded is what i think is correct.... I think the lower ambient temp numbers, the higher {1}CFM/RPM?, and the higher average temp drop offs are the most accurate numbers.......... here is my math break down Intel I7-9700K adverage max temp 70 degrees celcius (158 F) MSI gaming x 1080TI adverage max temp also 70 degrees celcius (158 F) Total of 316 F ambient temp inside case with out fans (excluding all other components) 3x200mm fans @ 90 CFM each 3*90=270 Cfm total (180 CFM on intake and 90 CFM at exhast) {but we loose half, because all fans at same CFM?} [Noctua NH-D15 @ 82.52 CFM] total CFM with CPU cooler @ 352.52 CFM (352.52/2=176.26) or half air loss @ 217.52 CFM (270/2=135+82.52=217.52) Case Measurments equal in cubic feet= 2 CFT3 (20.6"*9"*19"=3522.6"/1728=2.0) Movment of Air Per MIN=45 ({1}) CFM or RPM?) (90/2=45) or (90/3{number of fans) 30 {1} With CPU cooler 112.52 {CFM/RPM?} (90+82.52/3=112.52) number of fans total 105.02 (90+82.52/4=105.02) Temp drop off with number of fans and total CFM {1} RPM/CFM?=140 F (45*3=135 316/135=2.34*60=140.4 F drop per min) or is the more accurate number 90 F (30*3=90 316/90=3.51*60=210.6 F drop per min) So total ambient temp of the CPU and GPU is 106 F (316-210) or is my first thought right at 176 F (316-140) Before CPU cooler Im gonna say the math works at 106F -176 F but this number is with out a CPU cooler on it and with half the air being taken out of the case if all fans equal 90 CFM. so with the CPU cooler we are looking at around 168.5 F ambient temp drop off. right? (90/3=30+82.52=112.52. 316/112.52=2.8*60=168.5) With CPU cooler average ambient temp around 147 F or 63.8 C (316-168.5) In the worst case scenario if we loose half CFM/Airflow if we don't loose and Air flow were looking at roughly 255 F Please help me figure this out. If any of you are using this case what's your case fan set-up.
  8. yo! i bought this: Cooler Master MF120R 3 in 1 pack (comes with a hub/controller). my mobo only has 4 pin 12v rgb headers (msi z390 gaming plus). are they compatible? tyia ;) why can't rgb be standardized :(
  9. Same, bought MWE gold 550 but it has only 1 PCIE 8+6 daisy chain, but I need 2 separate cables to support rx 5700, looking for another one
  10. TempTag

    MA620M Install

    I have the same question - did you get an answer? I am installing the 620M on an AM4 motherboard and the backplate is very loose - which is really strange as the original backplate was tight and I’ve never encountered a design with a loose backplate. If this is an intentional design decision CM should make it clear in the manual.
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  12. Hi guys, Tried to search for the answer to my question, but didn't find any answer. Is it possible to connect the MasterLiquid 240 Lite pump to a molex-to-3pin fan adapter to power it and that way having it running on 100% at all times?
  13. Sonjoy

    V750 RMA

    A few days back I’ve sent my PSU to the retailers for RMA. Today they called me & told me that they don’t have the model specifically. So they’re offering lower models and some refunds or, a higher model with extra paying. Is this according to CM policies??
  14. Hi :) I have purchased an ML360R (comes with 3 aRGB fans and an RGB/aRGB controller. I use it on an Asus MB that is Aura compatible but only has 12V RGB headers and no 5V aRGB headers. I know that if the motherboard had any aRGB header I wouldn't need the controller bundled with the AIO. I want to connect the 3 aRGB fans to the CoolerMaster controller, connect the controller to the Mb (via USB?) and then control the aRGBs via software. Now, I read the manual for the CoolerMaster RGB/aRGB controller and some things are not very clear to me. - On the bottom of the controller there are 3 ports for connecting the controller to the MB: 1) RGB (I guess I won't be using this one), 2) USB (I guess that's the one I need to use), 3) aRGB ( I cannot use this one since my MB doesn't have any aRGB header. One would never need to use more than 1 of these ports simultaneously, right? In my case, I would need the USB connection, right? - If I connect the aRGB fans to the CoolerMaster controler and then the controller to the MBvia USB, Is there any way I can control the lights using Aura sync? Or am I forced to use CoolerMaster software (MasterPlus+?)? Or can I use it without any additional software (just using the buttons on the controller)? - How should I use MasterPlus+? The web page says to update the firmmware first, which one? how? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Best, -a-
  15. My MH751 INLINE controller got faulty and messes up my audio. I tried to use other 4pole 3.5mm AUX but it's not working Because of the headset's Locking mechanism. Tried to buy MH752's NO INLINE cable from the CM store, but the "ADD TO CART" option is not available even though the product is there with the price tag on it. Can anyone help with this issue?
  16. Hi guys, Could someone help me with the internal measurements (Cm or inches) from the PSU shroud to the ceiling of the case? Thanks for the help
  17. 99.9% sure it is. I am installing mine. Can you say "Over-engineered much"?
  18. Same exact thing with mine. I have double/triple checked all wiring. Same motherboard too (Asus Z390).
  19. I have the same issue with my MK730 under CM Portal; I have the Italian layout but the program shows me the US layout which prevents me from customizing keys specific to this layout.
  20. Hi Gianni, yes you can have macros that involve both keyboard key strokes and mouse button presses. I have the MK730 and I have just tested this. I hope this helps your decision. It's a very pretty keyboard and I love working and playing with it.
  21. I have the same keyboard (with the Italian layout...) and I've never experienced this kind of issue; it sounds odd to me as well that a keyboard suffers from any kind of coil whine. You should open a ticket to the CM support staff, or even better contact Scan for an RMA if you still can.
  22. Hello, I'd like to upgrade my rig with a MP750 mousepad, and I've read it requires "CM Masterplus (PER. Only)" to configure the LEDs. For the sake of trying that out, I've downloaded the software and tried to install it... for it to attempt to remove my original CM Portal settings? Can the two pieces of software be installed at the same time? Can I just ditch CM Portal "classic" and use the new Masterplus application for everything instead? I just LOVE Coolermaster's hardware, but I wish that its software was a little more unified and intercompatible across the board...
  23. Probably with the CM hub you can control the LED strips using your MB aRGB software, the C700M front panel control would be useless because you can't connect it anywhere on the hub. Also I'm not so sure I would trust them with this controller because even when they did redesigned the C700M controller they didn't do a great job. Mine is starting to act funny again so I'm waiting until it goes completely crazy ( it won't be long ) before I ask for a new one ( still got about 1 year warranty left ).
  24. Tenho uma dúvida, é necessário trocar o fluido do Masterliquid ML120L?
  25. I just got this keyboard today and the media controls do not seem to work with or without the fn key held down... Any suggestions as to why this is? (Fn key)
  26. Cooler Master does have this thing but idk if it's fully compatible with the C700M. Also I wonder what would happen if a third party fan/RGB controller would be installed. I mean, Corsair and NZXT and many other have comparable products, but nobody really knows how it works with the C700M.
  27. Sounds like it's time for a class action lawsuit.
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