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  2. Mohd Noh

    Fan Setup

    Hello May i know what kind specs you have and temp ? Share some info : Own this case over like 2 year + Current setup 4690k with 16gb rams 140mm x3 fans at the front as intake 120mm x1 fan at the rear or back 240m radiator on the top Run in full speed and lowest temp i get is 28-31c ( idle ) load at 50c
  3. For portal the answer is no and for more detail you can contact customer service via ticket and they will assist you . Below is picture for your reference
  4. Obi_Wan

    Fan Setup

    Hello, my setup is; 3x140mm intake fans at front, 1x120mm exhaust fan at rear, 1x120mm fan+Radiator at top.. is it a good setup or what should i do to improve it? Thanks.
  5. MnM

    Sentinel Advance Issue

    Greetings. I have the "Sentinel Advance" (SGM-6000-KLLW1-GP) Mouse and it stopped working due to unknown reasons. First, it is not recognized as USB device, not even in Safe-Mode. Not detected by app, "NO MOUSE" error; drivers re-install not work. Tried several methods via device manager but all of them failed. All I can see is the LEDs constantly ON but instead of one, all 3 colors are powered. In the meanwhile I wanted to Re-solder the chip and the oscillator to see if there's any change, but never did, since I will be waiting for further instruction. All I can hope is that there's software-ish malfunction. Help? Best Regards, Steff / MnM
  6. eugenio spagnesi

    ML240R RGB

    someone know if the ML240R RGB is compatible whit Gigabyte RGB Fusion software?
  7. Mohd Noh

    H500M Malaysia Launch Date?

    Kena sabar sikit but you can contact customer service via ticket and they will assist you.
  8. JatXas Tan

    H500M Malaysia Launch Date?

    Ask already~ they said around July/August~ All my parts has arrived. Left the casing only~ Hope to get it sooner~~~
  9. So I got a master case H500P and the Front RGB fans are stuck on blue! When i use Asus Aura(which is compatible with all my other RGB stuff) to change it to red, it turns everything red, as it should, except for the fans, they just turn to a purplish hue, but if i set it to any other color, the fans are blue! I've made sure they're plugged in correctly(Arrow to Arrow) and i cant figure it out, i just dropped $1300 on this rig and it's bothering the heck out of me!!!!
  10. khensational

    ML240R RGB Controller

    Sorry for double posting just wondering what if I put the ARGB splitter port to the fan port? I tried it and there is some weird electrical sound. Is the argb port on the controller 5v only and the fan port 12v?
  11. Yesterday
  12. Mohd Noh

    I can't install the firmware for my PRO M

    Hello Can you share some pic regarding the error msg ?
  13. I can't install the firmware in the keyboard, he keeps showing the message "profile not found", and the keyboard is connect, shows in the windows, its not some wrong with the windows because i test the sdk to control the keyboard and works. My PRO M is the white version swichs brown. My windows 10 6GB of ram I3 second generation I have restart the windows to know if wasen't something wrong with my windows but the problem keeped. (restart that i say is not restart the windows is delete all the things and the windows and install again). Someone know how to fix this? Or i should call the RMA and ask for one new
  14. Francis o sullivan

    Masterbox Pro 5 RGB

    not meaning to insult you, but have you a) plugged in the usb adapter onto your mobo b) used a sata power cable as it doesnt run of the usb
  15. khensational

    ML240R RGB Issue

    Is there anyway to control the rgb fans via Aura Sync? I do have an x370 Crosshair VI and I only have 2 4 pin RGB headers. I do not have 3 pin headers which I know the one that I need. Is there any splitter or conversion to make it aura sync in? I really like this product if I could not aura sync this I might have to just change it to a different aio cooler
  16. Mohd Noh

    Noise of bubbles from the pump

    As i mentioned above try check after 72h if the noise still there you can contact cooler master customer services via ticket and they will assist you . Share some story , owner ML 240 for long period first installation i am also get noise and what i am doing is : 1, uninstall and install back 2, after 72h the noise is gone please take note : please touch customer services if the cooling still have problem .
  17. Mohd Noh

    H500M Malaysia Launch Date?

    Hello Bro You can direct ask > Cooler Master Malaysia via FB
  18. JatXas Tan

    H500M Malaysia Launch Date?

    Right now only saw Newegg have pre-order option, and it will launch at 25th June, but what about the rest of the world? We NEED this case! Please let us know about the global launch date~ <3
  19. lembu

    SN Tag on fan power cable.

    In requesting time were you speaking in human or geological spans?
  20. KevinR

    Noise of bubbles from the pump

    Thanks for answer to rpm question, I use MSI Command Center than I can set the speed of Fan's and Pump, actually the pump run at 100% and the radiator fan run 40°-50% / 55°-70% / 70°-90% and 85°-100% In a moment, today for 1 time, I heard a noise similar to a pipe that leaks water but there were no losses. I've check the voltage in the bios and set to 12v constant.
  21. Mohd Noh

    Noise of bubbles from the pump

    Hello The ML 120 or 240 should silent during operation , but when i read your statement above that could bubbles trapped ( Normal + try run 72H at least ) Before i move to RGB stuff that RPM should be fine 2000 - 2500 and recommend speed and how to adjust the speed > you can check your bios system and set it to Speed or software which is coming from your board for an example my board have own software and allow me to monitor my pump speed
  22. Last week
  23. Mohd Noh

    Silent Pro Gold 1200w connector

    Hello Try touch customer services via ticket and they will assist you.
  24. Robert Casey

    Silent Pro Gold 1200w connector

    Help! My power supply had the wires for pin 13 (+3.3v) come out of the connecter. Unfortunately the unit’s warranty expired 2 months ago and I need to get this fixed. Does anyone know how to remove this pin and what do I need to get a new pin attached and inserted into the connector. Thanks.
  25. I bought a Masterliquid 120, I noticed that, when it is running, there is a slight noise of bubbles from the pump, is this normal? Can it be solved? I also noticed that the pump speed remains from 2438 to 2481 rpm, what should be the normal or recommended speed? And how can I adjust it? Temperatures travel from 33°/37° in idle to a maximum of 52°/55° Celsius in stress. The pump is connected on PUMP_FAN1 and the Radiator fan is connected in CPU_FAN1 both is PWN pin MB: MSI H270 Gaming M3 CPU: Intel i5 7400
  26. Jacques

    MC500M LED Controller & RGB Fusion

    Does anyone know if this case is RGB fusion compatible? I could have sworn they had the logo on the packaging, however I am having trouble getting the built in RGB controller with the MC500M case to respond to the RGB Fusion software. Has anyone else had this issue? I have the digital LED header on the Aorus Gaming 7 board connected to the RGB M/B IN on the rgb control board and it seems like they aren't interfacing.
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