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  2. Hi, I just bought my masterliquid 360r along with a c700m case and I am very disappointed with the fans' noise. Beyond 800 RPM they start to make a very loud vibration or kind of humming sound. I noticed that if I push my finger on them, the noise is gone. Two fans out of three are louder, and if I push with force on the fans' plastic case, a buzzing sound goes away. I encountered this problem with other AeroCool shark fans that cost 5€ and I was really not expecting this from CoolerMaster, as I am buying their products since 2009. From own experience, this is the sound of a bad fan bearing. I also submitted 2 tickets 2 days ago but nobody answered yet. I need help, as I am the type of person that isn't happy about noise caused by fans, especially a loud bearing.
  3. Bought a 212 black for a build a few months back, installed it, discovered it wasnt compatible with the case, took it apart, put the mounting kit down somewhere and now, as i try to install it again I cant find the hardware. Is there anywhere I can go to find a replacement mounting kit for it? Id love to be able to actually use it without having to buy an entirely new cooler. Thanks in advance!
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  5. thank you sir, is an honor btw, those white glowing vents are coolermasters jet flows, and i work as a CNC programer and operater, from CNC to bending machine etc PSU is coolermasters v1300 and yes, they are 3d printed petg translucent and that was idea but didnt have enough time
  6. You appear to have the skills to make that a reality btw, I featured your build on our site, with link to your project log,
  7. So I recently installed linux on my computer and I wasn't really able to game much on it because it would keep on crashing, they kept on getting worse and worse. I saw that my mobo had a temp on it that was rather hot, so I went to take off that cooler and had to take off my CPU cooler at the same time. Then I noticed that one of the traces on my motherboard were broken, from my CPU cooler. I don't know what to do because I couldn't really find a support page other than here. I'm just somewhat lost because I built my PC with budget in mind, but that seems to have bit me in the butt. Pics will show stuff. PC Specs posted below too Motherboard - x58m from MSI (LGA 1366) RAM - 12gb DDr3 (mix and matched stuff) CPU - xeon x5667 (Supported by most x58 motherboards with a BIOS update) GPU - R9 290 (I also tried a GTX 780 which also didn't work, but that was before I found out the traces on my motherboard broke) SSD - OCZ 128GB SATA 3 HDD - 500GB HGST Branded 7200 RPM, old but works Case - Cooler Master Masterbox Lite 3.1 CPU Cooler - Hyper 212 LED Few tings that I'd like to toss down here is that I know I'm running really old stuff, but it serves me well so I haven't updated yet, I'm not dumb with computers at all, I have my A+, PC Pro and Client Pro certifications, along with way too much class time working on real PC's along with Macs. If anyone has tips for me or anything like that, feel free to let me know. I just don't know what to do because I don't have the money to get a new motherboard or something similar to that right now. In the pictures it the top right mounting point of the cooler, next to the RAM.
  8. I recently bought the MK850 keyboard. I was excited to start playing Forza Horizon 4 but when I tried, it didn't work. WASD wasn't working with any of the selected profiles. I did a bit of testing with other games such as overwatch and came to the conclusion that none of the games are detecting the input of WASD that was set to the left analog stick and RT and LT. If anyone knows how to resolve this issue please tell me.
  9. Is there any glass side panels for the MASTERBOX LITE 5?
  10. Hey guys, I had this problem after getting my new MLR360R 5 days a go,Yesterday I installed Masterplus software and I woke up today and boom! no lights at all! I was going crazy just like the rest of you, with no useful answer anywhere, but I think I was lucky to find the solution and I'm here to share it with you. The problem happens when you install MasterPlus without updating the firmware first. It's all because of the ARGB LED Controller Firmware update, follow these steps to get it to work again: Uninstall Masterplus software. Download the ARGB LED Controller Firmware from this link. Run the ARGB LED Controller Firmware update tool. Remove all the cables from the controller. Plug ONLY the USB cable to the controller. The ARGB LED Controller Firmware update software will update and the Controller will start working. Finally add all the cables back and the LED will work fine. These are the steps that I followed to get it to work again, after doing the firmware update now you can safely install the Masterplus Software to control the lights, also you will find that the Mirage effect will work (I have to admit that I don't like it). I agree with you that it's all because of the lack of documentations and no usage instructions provided by CM. But to be honest they said just that in the Masterplus Download page It's just that we rush to control it using Masterplus and we forget to update the firmware first, I hope they provide better instruction about it in the future. Anyway I hope I helped you fix this problem.
  11. I got almost the same problem. When I try to update the h500m firmware through musterplus, it fails and write me it's unable to recognize the case Bu it seems nobody knows how to solve the problem
  12. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a MB520 this weekend. I was wondering if it's possible to control the rgb fans using the cooler master master fan rgb software if I were to connect them to my motherboard as I have read many bad feedback on using the rgb fusion 2.0 software for my gigabyte motherboard. I have just submitted a ticket to coolermaster but since the weekends are just a few days away, I figured any help would be great asap. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  13. I'm about to get my mb520 this weekend. Apparently the mb520 should come with a 1 to 3 splitter and a rgb controller for you to connect from 3 fans to your reset button. The same goes for your motherboard but your motherboard would need to have a rgb header for you to control the fans through software. At least that's what I've researched.
  14. Hi all, So I have plan for the following fan in my system with an Aorus X470 Gaming 7 motherboard 2x MasterFan MF120ARGB 3 in one (6 fans in total) 1x MasterFan MF140 ARGB 1x MasterFan MF140 RGB The 140mm fan will be the standalone and plug straight into the mobo. That aside I am struggling to figure out the arrangement for the remaining 7 fans. I am considering the two options below: Option 1: Using the small ARGB hub included in MF ARGB kit: The drawback of this is that it can only support up to 6 fans so the MF140 ARGB will have to be wired directly to the motherboard. I cannot use two controller as the Masterplus software does not support 2 hub at once Option 2: Using the bigger ARGB hub: I contact Cooler Master Rep and they said this will be released towards the end of the year as a standalone unit With this I can wired all my fans to one hub and control it from the MasterPLus software. The drawback is that I have to wait till some indefinite time in the future I have some questions as below: Which option should I go for? What cable is required to connect the controller to the motherboard through the micro usb header connection and where to buy it? I was searching for that everywhere and have yet to find an answer. Can I plug all 7 fans daisy chain to one small argb hub? what happen when I plug an RGB fan to an ARGB hub?
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  16. I thought you might be interested to know if your large graphics card will work with CM's Vertical Graphics Card Bracket. The answer is "maybe", it depends on what memory you have (and potentially your air cooler?). Attached are images of an MSI 2080 Ti Trio in a H500M case. Unfortunately OOTB the graphics card clashed with my RGB RAM. I dropped the GPU holder to the bottom of the H500M case instead of it's as-designed position, but it still didn't clear the RAM. So I had to modify the bracket to lower it further by bending the bottom edge by about 3mm (don't cut it, it's required for structural integrity, and yes I need to paint it). This gave me about 2-3 mm clearance on the RAM. Then because it wasn't sitting in the as-designed position, I had to trim back the bracket where it is meant to fit into the removable cover slots and also drill some new holes. This change leaves a space of about 1cm at the top of the bracket because there's not enough room to put a standard removable cover back in (I might need to cut one down). So the net result is that it does fit with some modification, but only just - and with taller RAM it probably wouldn't fit. Temperature for CPU/GPU don't seem to have been affected. Hope this helps. Spec: CM H500M Case CM MasterLiquid ML240R RGB MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC MSI RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro
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    드라이버에서 버튼 응답 시간을 1ms펌웨어로 업그레이드좀 해주세요 요즘 시대에 4MS 라니요 ....
  18. LAN-Party RGB Case Mod 2020 ( Wood Edition ) Worklog - Part 13 By Coolone l. Thanks for taking a look at my case modding project. The Modular Build Module 2 fits into Module 1 - Position Down - For safe transportation - Ready to Go The Modular Build Module 2 fits on top of Module 1 - Position On Top Of - Using it like a Test Bench - Portable High-end Gaming Case Mod .
  19. Recently my scroll wheel on my Devastator II mouse has stopped functioning. I only had this problem once before, 2 years ago. The rubber in the center had come off and it was replaced under warranty. Now the whole kit is out of warranty and I'm having a similar issue, only the wheel spins freely and won't scroll at all. What can I do? Can I get the mouse replaced, can I open it up somehow?
  20. LAN-Party RGB Case Mod 2020 ( Wood Edition ) Worklog - Part 12 By Coolone k. NPF 2019: Pictures from NPF. ( Click on picture for large picture ) 700x336 to 1400x672 ( Click on picture for large picture ) 700x336 to 2800x1344 .
  21. LAN-Party RGB Case Mod 2020 ( Wood Edition ) Worklog - Part 11 By Coolone j. Case Mod Finished Running at NPF 2019: Pictures of the running finished case mod. .
  22. I'm trying to update the firmware of my H500M because MasterPlus+ notify me the version 001 is available and I've the v 000. When I start the update process, compare a window that say me to unplug all the cables from the case (usb, Sata, mobo, etc) the to plus the usb. After that it's unable to start the update. I've tried to update the firmware from the CM website, but same problem? I know the some other guys had this problem? Does anybody know how to solve it? Thanks a lot
  23. Benchmark tests: Prime95 for cpu and 3DMark at 5120x2160 resolution for gpus.
  24. if i'd do any restoration, that would be vw ghia muscle style, small v8 block, bumpers fited into the body, hydaulic disc brakes, modern suspension, some chip foose wheels and modern custom control panel
  25. Yes, and even more rare is the Two door version. We did find one in local yard here,
  26. Hello, I wanted to change the colors of my leds on the front today but I have this issue. All seem properly plugued and it was working before Thanks
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