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  2. More Options in the CoolerMaster Software, the Keyboard Shortcuts are nice, that requires familiarity which many new users might not understand, the software its self is too barebones and doesn't tap into any of the better functions of the keyboard, I've seen the youtube videos but even then they aren't very long and don't go too much detail. Options to set macros, repeat rates and other advertised functions natively in the software would go along the way for ease of use. I had a problem, where when I press the 'W' key my character would not sprint, instead walks in stop starts and only found a solution on another forum and youtube channel's comments, funnily about a master key keyboard. nice RGB is cool but if the rest of the product is not as nice whats the point. I was planning to go back to an old keyboard had the issue persisted.
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  4. Willie Riles

    Closed loop radiator

    found it sorry 240mm and 360mm radiators
  5. Willie Riles

    Closed loop radiator

    What size of radiator loop will fit in a cooler master 932 haf case. looking to keep it nice and cool Cpu i7-4790k
  6. Keyboard resets after around 5 10 min everytime. and esc and F5 keys keep blinking. then all the other function keys also don't work. eg:0 I set keybpard brightness to something after 5 mins it resets to full brightness and nothing else works. I have to plug in again for the brightness keys to work. It's a new keyboard whats wrong in this? Can't raise a damn ticket because the website errors out everytime I submit. Pathetic service can't even maintain a freaking website. Can someone help? Is this a faulty keyboard?
  7. hi my power supply is auto shut down when load or gaming.shut down max. after 5 sec.please help me my power supply warranty is finshing in 2019.another ps 700-750 no problem working fine.and ı cant find any support from turkey i cant find service.
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  9. neSSa

    "Monarch" project - finished

    Let's revive this project, every part is prepare for powder coating, now we go to BLACK
  10. Hello friends, I am reusing my old Enforcer for the new rig. And was curious if I can use these NF-A20 200mm fans at the front and top side sides of the case. The NF-A20 has mounting holes at 154x154 or 110x180 or 170x170 mm. Would this fit the case? Thank you all.
  11. Nir


  12. I bought the c700p from amazon back in march of 2018. Brand new computer from top to bottom. Put everything together turn it on to find that the top I/O is not functioning properly. I can't get Asus aura sync to work, notice the HDD LED light is not working and setting the fans to High, turns of the other lights on the panel. I contacted support the first few days via website support (Ticket#00117546) and was told that the I/O panel was defective and it was going to be replaced, but the part was out of stock. I opted to replace the part myself instead of sending back to amazon for a replacement. I also own a Cosmos 2 case since it came out and never had issues getting support/parts for that case. A few weeks go by and the system automatically closes the ticket. No e-mail from Customer service and no parts mailed to me. I opened another ticket a few months later (ticket # 00125214) and mentioned first ticket, and was told this time that a part will be shipped right away as soon as the Parts warehouse is finished moving and inventory is done. Well guess what, ticket got closed again by the system. no e-mail from customer service or parts shipped. Opened an RMA request (RMA No.:CUSCA1810006) on october 5th. the RMA is still under verification. No contact from Customer service. Here is a video of what the case is doing I'm also trying to get the spare HDD caddys for this case and I can't buy any in north america. EU has it in stock...whats up with that? Are you guys closing shop or what? This unacceptable !!
  13. Also having this issue on the Asus Prime x299 Deluxe. LED's turn red when system is powered off, no option to disable this feature in current software.
  14. Simon P

    Storm Trooper / Stryker - Wiring

    I've had my Storm Trooper case for years and finally want to use the 2.5" drive bay above the 5.25" bays. I have connected power to the Molex socket on the board behind it and the black SATA cable that comes from the board to a socket on the motherboard but I can't get it to work. Is that SATA cable for the drive bay or the eSATA socket? Any help would be much appreciated as I can't get either to work. Thanks.
  15. Droman Gaming

    [Build Log] Custom PC (Computer inside Desk) #ProjectD

    It's been a while, Finally the desk is painted and upholstery done! (:
  16. Nir


    Hey Guys, I just finished building up my rig and I have some sort of a noob question - For some reason, My case fans don't work. What am I missing here? Is it supposed to work out of the box or do I need to connect some cable? Thanks!
  17. Li G Cai

    Can MasterCase H500M add more Hdd cage

    no, only 1 cage can fit under the psu cover. but they are 6 more spots for ssd. plus whatever m.2 you mobo have. 1tb ssd now just about to hit $100 mark.
  18. Richard Smith

    Blue Light Not Working

    UPDATE: I saw the blue light for a couple of minutes a few weeks ago. According to every bit of monitoring software I can find, the pump is still running at full pace. However, I'm now seeing a slow but unstoppable temperature rise while I work or play games. A handbrake encode will cause thermal throttling in a minute or two. Is the Ryzen 2700x too much heat for the Seidon 240? Is mine just not getting the heat away well enough? Whatever, I'm pretty sure that the best I can do is put off thermal throttling, the 240 doesn't seem to be enough of a cooler to stop it happening all together.
  19. I purchased this cooler for a build a few weeks ago based on the fact that it was "Certified" to work with the asus aura software. Unfortunately my motherboard only has the RGB headers and not the ARGB headers. No matter I thought, I can use the software to sync them up. It has now been many months on and CM has not replied to any requests for updates. Until this is resolved, I will not purchase any CM products and will be telling everyone I know to do the same. Horrible experience.
  20. It would be nice if the masterliquid 240 came with the TR4 bracket. Having to order one and then wait is annoying, particularly when you have just done a new build, and when the new bracket has existed for a year, and press articles at the time made it sound like the ordering of a separate bracket was temporary. Some people seem to think that it is possible to fit the masterliquid 240 with the bracket that now comes with the threadrippers; this is not the case.
  21. Hello I bought this pack and mount the fans on a EKWB radiator for watercooling purpose . The fans are kind of noisy when the mahcine boots up and really noisy when at max speed ............. I try to disconnect some of them while their were running to see if the reason could be one of them being defective but they all seems to do the same kind of noise . I bougt those fans because they were suppose to be silent .... Is this normal ? thanks
  22. Hello boys yesterday i bought new keyboard the full pack from CM devastator 3 with the mouse and keyboard the mouse is working fine but the keyboard only led are lighting on i restarted my pc a lot of times i removed all keyboards from device manager and i restarted and same problem i try it the usb 2.0 and usb 3.0 and same problem pls i need help about this problem i dont know should i reset my computer also i try it on sec pc but same problem but led not working and the sec pc showing error cant work properly every time i plug it into pc it show that installi g drivers and nothing happen my pc is but im running on 2015 win 10 cause i have some issues with intel hd graphics i have a sec keyboard too is working fine when i enbale caps lock with my old keyboard it enbale too on the new keyboard im trying to upgrade to the last windows 10 version and idk it will work or no any help or any ideas pls and thanks or should i back the keyboard and request new one or no
  23. Jason Hermanowski

    Fans makes noise in top position :(

    As the Op has posted i am using the same cooler and dealing with a rattling noise from the fans when pwm has fans at full throttle. I can reproduce this with system off and lightly flicking the fans into movement. The other issue I am having with this AIO is upon cold boot or wake up from sleep the fans go to full speed and stay at full speed making the above rattle noise. The fix i have to perform each and every time is boot into the bios save settings and wait for reboot and speed drop to normal speeds. The fans sound like they are about to achieve low earth orbit. We will be making a TechNitWit video for youtube of this issue!
  24. On yesterday, I try to switch my mouse RGB lightning in the software , but suddenly the software close and can't open anymore.I try to reinstall the mouse also can't open the software, so anyone can tell me how to fix it?Thanks.
  25. Kosta

    Suggestions for the upcoming SL600M

    The SL600M could be a real breath of fresh air for the acoustics oriented PC building community that has gone largely ignored lately due to the RGB/tempered glass frenzy. Super stoked about the release and seeing the initial reviews as I'm ready to replace my aging FT02. One request I'd have is to make the bottom section compatible with slightly taller fans. None of the 200mm CoolerMaster fans are PWM controllable, and if that will apply to the fans that will ship with this case, I'd consider replacing them with 200mm Noctua PWM ones which are 5mm taller. Would be a real bummer if the bottom shroud was non-removable and therefore fan replacements would not be an option. Finally, the word at Computex was that this case would be out in October. It's October, is that still the plan?
  26. Darkdracul

    MasterLiquid ML360 RGB TR4 Edition Release Date?

    Just ordered mine for the 139$ price! Looking forward to this new cooler.
  27. Sasori

    MasterAir MA410M Lighting Issues

    'I'm also dealing the same problem as you, whatever i do is always white. Second problem the screws are too small , i had to switch them all. And third It has some problem with power supply.
  28. So i just got a new keyboard from coolermaster and i wanted to get lights on it so i downloaded a driver on my desktop from coolermaster then i open it and it says that i dont have a cooler master device on? what do i do
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