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      AM4 Socket Support   04/24/2017

      Due to technical issues, the topic on "AM4 Socket Support" has disappeared. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we are trying our best to have this topic back up as soon as possible.   As we read in the topic, there is a lot of discussion going on when the new brackets will be arriving. We can tell you now that the brackets will be ready for pre-order on our CM Store EU tomorrow and will be ready for shipment around the 16th of May.   You can continue the discussion in this newly created topic:     

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  2. My son came over, plopped the cooler down on the CPU and screwed it in with much more force than I was willing to do and said, "It just wants to be tight." What a wuss I must be, sigh. :-)
  3. Hi I have acquired a second hand Elite 430 Black case. It didn't come with standard screws or standoffs. I really want to find out what size standoffs and screws I should order, before I begin my build. Please help, I need to know the sizes ASAP P.S. I'm going to use a mATX board
  4. Masterbox Q Series

    Measured from the CPU: 161-162mm until the sidepanel is hit. (so, it is going to be quite close for you.)
  5. like i said , please contact customer services for more detail
  6. so to conclude the red fan in front of the rad (in this picture) = intake ? the other red one (the rarely seenable part , behind I would say) = exhaust ?
  7. Great if you live at thailand , you can ask customer services with directly via live chat at here : https://account.coolermaster.com/Modules/eRMA/Member/AnnouncementNew.aspx If me i will wait until the local store restock MLP 120 Share about my seidon 120v with dual fans blow in and out at the back
  8. Thanks , by the way the v3 is installed in 2 fan right? (one in front of radiator and another in back of the radiator) , so it's front fan that intakes air in and the back fan exhaust the air out right or not? got worry about the airflow of it (the front intake fan is 120mm with around 50.44 CFM Max Airflow while the V3 i'm gonna replaced is 36-86 CFM Max Airflow) From what I know the fan that exhaust the air out should be more than intaking it? OR BOTH Fans that coming with 120v v3 are both EXHAUST? also , ML Pro120 was somehow out of stock at the Local PC Store (I live in Thailand) and the only remaining was Seidon V2+ and V3+ so I go with the V3+
  9. Key sometimes "hangs"

    Soon i will owner this KB what i can say right now is try reset your MKL P if this can solve current issue And like i say please contact customer services , because they more more know regarding this issue You can contact at here : https://account.coolermaster.com/LogOn.aspx
  10. Welcome to CM forum . Hi Rinaldo , This state is very clear , No issue for 240 size radiator now 280 radiator size , what we see ( as below ) COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition will fit with 280 radiator as long not over than 320mm 1, MLP 280 Specs : Dimension (L x W x H) 311 x 138 x 27 mm (12.24 x 5.43 x 1.06") 2, Cosmos Specs : Liquid Cooling Support on the Top is 240mm/280mm radiator (max 320mm radiator) If this still make you concerned i would like suggest you to contacting customer services , they will help you more .
  11. Welcome to CM forum . Subzidite Hi . Share some story , Im owner seidon 120v from 2014 until today serving me with very well but sometimes i have problem like noise but after reapplied thermal paste and reseat the Pump&Fans my seidon back to normal and run Full Speed , So as the owner i like to say seidon 120v is silent operation . Back to you question its about before and after , Before this you didnt hear anything ( maybe have noise but less ) and now ( referring your video ) the sound not bad at all My suggestion ( Double confirm ) try open your chassis might this noise coming from you fan ? if still not solve try reseating your pump & reapplied thermal paste . And at the same times , please contact customer services and they will assist you . Regarding Seidon 120 V3 wow this one also great ..But If me i will GRAB this MasterLiquid Pro 120 ?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Masterbox Q Series

    That sounds like somewhere between 160mm or 165mm for cpu clearance from your description. Thanks, I will be waiting patiently for further updates.
  14. Mouse wheel slipping

    hi, I got my MasterMouse Pro L on March 16th and now the wheel has started to slip. Its the scroll wheel between left and right click. It feels like the bumps have disappeared or the wheel squeezes through when it shouldn't. Its the only problem I have had with the mouse but it really takes away from the lovely browsing experience I had. Is it a product defect or is there something I can do to fix it ?
  15. Key sometimes "hangs"

    Thanks for your answer and sorry for not replying any sooner. I haven't tried that yet, what does it do? I've upgraded the keyboard firmware to the newest version now. I"ll see if it worked. Otherwise I'll contact customer services.
  16. Thanks! My son, who also has a fair amount of build experience will be coming by today to look at this problem. If we don't resolve it I will contact customer service. Great minds think alike!
  17. Hyper 212 LED Turbo not fitting correctly on AM4 board

    i have the Exact same problem,on an am4(Asrock x370) board you can only have up/down airflow, and you can not use all Dimms(alu to close to dimm even on low profile rams)... i have contacted customer servive..CM needs to produce brackets, like the ones to am3/am3+/intel..(needs to be a longer one,) that will allow left/right airflow...like all other CPU fans... up/down will result in poor airflow in normal case without topfans.
  18. Hi a question, I want to order one of the cooling kits. Either MasterLiquid Pro 280 or MasterLiquid Pro 240. One article a little while ago and also one of the reviews says the 280 is compatible with my case others say it is not. If you check the manual / specs on both products it is possible to fit. Maybe anyone can clarify why it would not fit? MasterLiquid Pro 280:(radiator) 311 x 138 x 27 mm Cosmos II : I now run 3 fans with 140 mm size each on top frame. Liquid Cooling Support Top 240mm/280mm radiator (max 320mm radiator)
  19. So I've been Using Seidon 120V (the original first version) since March 2015 when I build this PC - still almost 2.5 years later it still works fine , temp is solidly cool though. It was a very great run of it however I found that it has occured a weird noise since the day I got this. No Overheating or Leakage happened so I ignore it until couple weeks ago I did switch my CPU Fan Profile in Bios to Silent and this noise is more audible (likely because the loud fan sound from Normal CPU Fan profile hinders this noise , the Fan Noise greatly reduced but the RPM still same - 2350-2400 for FANIN0 and 1380-1460 for FANIN1 << I Assume IN0 is the Fan and IN1 is Pump?) I scrambled through other threads and find similar issues. Mostly says this is the pump block - and it may defect. Some says this is normal I did clearing some dust that hovers around the sides of the block and the fan at top rear of the case (exhaust fan) CPU : AMD FX8320E (no OC) MOBO : GA 970A D3P Rev2.0 Cooler CPU : Seidon 120V So I'm about to replaced it with the Seidon 120V V3 (the red FAN) soon , To Sum up what i'm asking is 1.The Noise in that video - Is it normal like it should be or not? 2.what's the noticeable upgrades in term of efficiency , durable usage & noise level (from Seidon 120V Original to 120V V3 Plus) only thing I know is the max RPM of V3 Plus is around 2200 , original is 2400 so it should be less audible? In the end I hope I'll be having a good run again for the new Seidon V3 Plus (good run here means , 2 years of usage and no issue)
  20. Devastator 3 -

    Ok, based on the first picture (in the first post), you can apply RMA for it.
  21. Masterbox Q Series

    I just got the sample and without M/B (but on the standoffs) there is ~170mm of space. I'll need to install a M/B to make a more accurate measurement. (But I don't think the CPU+MB will take 10mm, however the sidepanel also takes some space) Tomorrow I can do a more accurate measurement.
  22. Welcome to CM forum . Dwight Hi , Please contact customer regarding this issue and i love share some picture for your reference as below . Remember if you still facing same issue please contact customer services, they will assist you .
  23. Last week
  24. New build: ASUS Prime Z270-A; i7-7700K; Phanteks Ethnoo Luxe case; Hyper EVO 212, etc. Inserted CPU, attached CM back plate, applied thermal paste, removed protective strip, tested X-connector fit, placed cooler on CPU, placed X-plate with center pin and outset pin, attempted to screw in corner screws, too much space ... afraid to bend something with amount of pressure required. Standoff screws are the larger ones as called out in instructions. X-connector oriented as called out in instructions. There is just too much clearance between the cooler and mounting screws.
  25. Masterbox Q Series

    Has the sample case arrived yet? I'm really trying to wait for the Q300 series to be released but the Define Mini C with tempered glass is making things difficult.
  26. Vertical Graphic holder.

    Dual slot cards will work, but you cannot install multiple graphics cards in this bracket.
  27. Hyper T4 burned thermal paste damaged my computer

    Welcome to CM forum . Welcome to CM forum . Hi Jamie , Please to TRY again Regarding issue Your Hyper T4 i love suggest you to contacting customer services and they will assist you .
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