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  3. Okay to use isopropyl alcohol on keycaps?

    Nice , hopefully you like this because is cheap and easy You can register and buy . if you not understand > google translate
  4. Awesome! I'll look into this.
  5. Asus B350-Plus no aura sync

    You need like this : RGB LED Controller Installation is great , im owner this RGB
  6. Okay to use isopropyl alcohol on keycaps?

    Hi there , you mean is how to cleaning your keyboard ? Just share how to clean my keyboard. i`m ordered it from china online You can check this link : keyboard cleaning
  7. Need new Trooper I/O Panel

    Hi , can you pm me your ticket number ? i will forward your ticket to someone who can help .
  8. Master Liquid Pro 280 on AM4 socket

    Hi You need an upgrade tool . please refer this link : Upgrade Kit Compatibility AM4 + at the same time please touch customer services , they will help you .
  9. Storm Enforcer I/O Front Panel

    Hi Roy . please touch customer services , maybe they have some or detail regarding you mentioned above .
  10. Computer noob, help please...I'm so sorry

    Hi Silencio 652s support up to ATX board < your board is ATX Graphic card support up to 423mm < your graphic card is 11.73 " x 5.28 " x 2.07 " Inch Support Cooling up to 168mm < your cooling is 160mm i would like suggest you to quote your list at here :
  11. Storm Enforcer I/O Front Panel

    Does anyone have a new or used I/O front panel for the CM Storm Enforcer case? My front panel audio input has become defective. I only receive audio from one channel on my headset. I have tried several headsets and conclude the input has broken. Please contact me at or (708) 609-0774 if you have one available. The CM store says that this part is not available from them. Thanks..... Roy Herman
  12. Strange issue with materkeys lite L RGB

    Please patient i will forward this issue to HQ team .
  13. Yesterday
  14. Strange issue with materkeys lite L RGB

    It totally doesnt work... It worked for 5 minutes then shut down and cant get it on again... Only the lights of the caps lock does work..
  15. So I intend on getting a silencio 652s (here's the link: So what I'm wondering is ,(because I'm a noob and you're all gonna hate me straight away) , will a gigabyte ga-ax370-gaming 5 motherboard, a ryzen 5 1600x, cryorig H5 universal cooler (link: and a gtx 1080ti rog strix (another link: work/fit in the silencio 650s, if not could you please recommend a better more capable case fr me please. Once again I'm a noob and I fully expect some people to hate me straight away, because that seems to be the trend these days when it comes to computers and games etc. Full build: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, ASUS ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-11G, Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB - DIMM - 2400, Western Digital Blue - 2 TB, Corsair VS650, gigabyte ga-ax370-gaming 5 motherboard, CRYORIG H5 Universal CPU Cooler and of course the case (silencio 652s..maybe). Thank you for helping me and I honestly couldn't care less if u want to insult me for being a computer noob.
  16. Strange issue with materkeys lite L RGB

    Jordy660, any word on the issue? got that issue as well. on mine the lights are working for maybe a total of 6hrs of usage. then shut down. when i unplugged re plug it again, i got only a very dim static lights. i hope someone could help us. as returning the product is not an option for me.
  17. Hi there. I've recently upgraded to the Master Liquid Pro 280, for cooling my FX 9590. Which i was very happy with, as it runs about 5-7 degrees celsius idle and 45-50 at maximum full load transcoding Plex server with 7 transcodings at the same time. However I've ordered the Ryzen 7, MSI B350 AM4 ATX motherboard and 16 GB 3200 MHz G. Skill Ripjaws. When i realized it might not support the AM4 without the upgradeable AM4 bracket kit? Although on the pictures shows the bracket is included, but I'm still not a 100% sure it will do. Is anyone of you familiar with this and might be able to confirm, that it will be able to fit with no fuss?? Best regards and thanks for taking your time.
  18. CM Vertical GPU Mount

    Whelp.... I have the Vertical GPU Kit after long last. And I regret to say that I'm unable to vertically fit the gpu (Strix 1080 TI) and use my CPU Cooler a Dark Rock TF from be quiet! As they are trying to occupy the same space at the same time. Learn from my mistake.
  19. Hi, I just bought myself an mastercooler keyboard (masterkeys lite l combo rgb) my RGB lighting worked 5minutes and it shutted down by itself? Is this an common issue with this keyboard? I tried everything to get it back on, but it wont.. i tried every key combination with FN+esc / F5 etc... I did everything i could ... Only the lights of the caps turns back on but nothing else.. and the keyboard by itselfs is working normally.. only the backlight is the problem.. does annyone knows how to fix it?
  20. Last week
  21. Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W fan not working....

    Hello, I have a question: is it possible to switch the power supply into auto mode without a fan controller?
  22. Hello, I have Silent Pro Hybrid GOLD 1050W Power Supply, but I miss the fan controller (I will not explain why :). And I have questions: Is there any option to switch the power supply into an automatic mode without a fun controller? A jump connection, or a simple electronics? Thanks for the answers
  23. I have a Quickfire Rapid-i and was wondering if I could use 70% isopropyl alcohol on the keycaps? I'm afraid of damaging the coating or lettering. Help! Thank you. J
  24. Hi there Where i can order new i/o panel for trooper? It seems that us cm store only offer panels for stryker This case cost me 200$ and now it useless without working i/o panel... p.s CM support not responding to my tickets and calls. I hope someone will help me. Thanks
  25. Asus B350-Plus no aura sync

    I just purchased this case with the above motherboard and learned that my mobo doesn't have an RGB connector for the three fans, but only for the CPU fan. Is there a solution to where I can still get the fan lights on?
  26. Achromodic - by Boddaker

    Making some corner braces to connect all the flanges together.. made a paper template, cut them out of some galvanized steel scrap, and bent them to fit. Using my spot welder, I tacked them in place while the flanges were on the case, so I was sure they will go back on after taking them off! Once all four sides were connected, I removed the flange assembly from the case and added more spot-welds. Love this thing.. it's quick and way better than using fasteners, if you're sure you won't be taking anything apart anytime soon lol. The corners will be smoothed over on the front side with body filler, then primed & painted. Work continues!
  27. FastPokeMap Pokemon Hunter

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  28. fastpokemap

    You heard writing articles is a great way to drive traffic to your site. So you have written several articles and posted them to dozens of article sites. Then you site FastPokeMap wait for the avalanche of traffic. And wait. Nothing is happening. What’s the deal?
  29. Hyper 212 Plus Bracket . When in the USA Store?

    Hi , please touch customer services for more details .
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