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  3. Dear, From a few months ago the fans of my liquid cooler have a buzz, regulate the RPM but the buzz does not disappear. When I'm playing videogames it increases considerably. Disassemble the fans on suspicion of dirt, clean their blades but it did not work. I hope you can help me.
  4. J Lee


    I have been calling Cooler Master 800 number. Left my contact as well as set up a support ticket and RMA ticket. NO ONE has called or responds. It seems COOLER MASTER has bad support and product warranty. I can’t believe they are totally close because of COVID 19 when they are still selling. Can anyone tell me if they are providing support during this Pandemic. I am tempted to file a consumer complain and write to Amazon a negative comment and complain.
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  6. Same boat, honestly would just love to hear anything.
  7. My RMA request for my MWE fully modular PSU was accepted two days ago. What do I need to send over to Cooler Master besides the PSU box? Do I need to send the cables from the PSU as well? Do I need to have the original box? Do I need to pay for a box if I do not have one? How long should I expect to wait for a replacement PSU? Thank you.
  8. Update: I was accepted for a RMA two days ago.
  9. i didnt find the software can anyone help me ?
  10. During system boot the keyboard's lights are on and working fine, but once booted into windows they switch off. I have to press fn+1 to switch to profile 1 to turn them back on. What's the issue?
  11. I would also like an answer to this. I have one fans in which the ball bearings are failing.
  12. i need some new covers for CD drives and floppy where can i find thanks
  13. Has anyone installed a vertical GPU Mount in this case? If so did you use a kit or was it custom? and last could you post pictures of the mod? Thank you.
  14. Dutch H

    Standoff Problem

    Hey, I purchased a Cooler Master K501L. It appears there are issues with the standoffs and mounting the motherboard. Please see attached picture. I looked online and others have said it appears to be an issue with the standoffs that are raised to be used to guide the motherboard into place. As you can see though it causes the motherboard to be out of place and not lined up with the IO shield. Could anyone please advise how to fix? Would replacing the raised standoffs with standard ones work? I have checked all standoffs and they are in the right position and tightened to the case. I can't remove raised standoffs due to having none extra. It I can't rectify I'll return the item via Amazon. I contacted support and am waiting their reply.
  15. Welcome back, Modh Noh! What is going on with Cooler Master USA? Why no responses to tickets, the unreasonable wait for RMA warranty service? Why are they closing the forums? Do you feel all alone?
  16. They acknowledged that they received my RMA PSU on 5/19. Since then, no response to any of my inquiries. Last week, I bought a new PSU from a manufacturer who does advance RMA and allows transfer of warranty to a second-hand buyer. I appreciate the sounds of the sea. If you need your computer, don't expect to get a replacement PSU anytime soon. I wish I would have just gotten a new one earlier, knowing now CM's history with RMA service.
  17. Hi everyone, I would like to find out does the old Cosmos S casing can fit any new motherboard that's currently on the market? I bought it 12 years ago and would like to use back some old parts rather than throw it away and waste it.
  18. I was sold instead of the model in v2, model MPE-5501-ACAAB. What is the difference between these models ?! Must be MPE-5501-ACAAB-EU. I do not understand anything
  19. I just moved my system to another room and when I turned on my PC the AIO pump suddenly started making noise, it stopped cooling, there were no leaks, fans and the pump both seems to run fine as checked in the bios. pls help The temps on idle goes to 100° eventually and shut down
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  21. Hi... is there any chance to get frontal panel for replacement... or another options maybe..?
  22. Right now i just send a product ticket to have some feedback. Didn't know i was the only one it's a shame :(
  23. Update. I finally received an acknowledgment of my RMA last week and shipped it today. I'm wondering how many months before I get it back. And since I already replaced it, what papers to hold down with it.
  24. I have a mb520, I want to know how to clean it
  25. Same here, RMA was created 3 weks ago (I just need a replacement screw+bolt for faulty parts on a 212EVO) and I've had no response. I know they mentioned increased delays due to covid, and I want to be understanding, but this is getting somewhat absurd.
  26. Good luck with your request....have just joined and have rapidly realised that Coolermaster Support = absolutely sucks!! Over a year since you posted your question...and like most other posters here on this Coolermaster Community Forum...S.F.A. from Coolermaster...very disappointing!!
  27. Hi guys I have all from CoolerMaster, watercolor, fans, case. And I have a wired adressable controller, where I have all connected, my question is, I want to buy adressable ledstrips, will this controller recognize it? And on masterplus we don’t have led strips to link. What should I do? many thanks
  28. it doesn't matter for these 2...they simply complete a momentary on cycle and start, or restart the PC...polarity isn't an issue! The +ve terminals on the HDD and Power LED leads; both of those are connected to the outer terminal on the terminal block [i.e. = away furthest away from the Power On and Restart is your friend]...
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