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  3. Hey, this may or may not be an interesting question. But what exactly happens if your MasterLiquid 240L RGB destroys your other components with a leak? Im wondering about this, since i just saw that Arctic and Corsair will replace the Parts that died and so im just asking myself if you guys from Cooler Master do the same, since i just got my ML240L RGB Going! Would be interesting to know, and thanks for coming awnsers
  4. So I bought a Hyper 212 EVO, installed it and everything. I went to go turn my pc on to make sure that it all worked before I put the side back on, and when I did this, the computer would turn on for about a second, then turn off, then turn on, then turn off. So I decided to take it off, and put the Intel stock one back in to see what would happen, and it worked. And yes, I plugged the fan into the CPU fan header on the mobo for the 212 and I saw the fan spin. Any ideas on what would cause this? I really want to fix this and not have to return it, and I opened a support ticket a whle agao but never heard anything back, and I'd like to get my PC running again. Thanks, noobguy
  5. Cooling My Tower Further

    Hello All in your hand Cant compare stock and after market cooling air or aio IF me i will go take like an Hyper 212 EVO also potential on OC mode . If you want RGB theme you can go check Cooler Master Official Website ( you can contact customer services via ticket for more detail ) By the way i live in hot country with ML 240 L RGB i still can get 26c idle and load 40-60c
  6. Hi, I recently purchased a CoolerMaster H500P and I must say i'm pretty impressed, It knocks the socks off any case I have ever purchased. To get to the point of the thread: I am using the 2 stock 200mm fans and the rear 140mm fan along with a HUGE CPU cooler block (Be quiet Dark rock unit), when I max the CPU out it is exceeding 85 Degrees In temperature and keeps rising. (I am using a i7-8700k Not Overclocked). I know that running this hardware at these temperatures isn't a big deal but i want this system to last me along time since I have a lot of plans for it down the line in terms of upgrades and changes, And as far as I am aware you want hardware below 82 Degree's for longer term health. I am using Intel's XTU for the bulk of temperature information. My aim is to have the computer run near max CPU at as low a temperature as possible for reasonable lengths of time. (I live in Scotland if that helps so its usually reasonably cold). I have looked at top mounted fans but am unsure if i can support more RGB fans without buying the Coolermaster Fan hub and what would be better 2x200mm vr 3x140mm, or should I stop being a peasant and go for a water cooler if I expect to reach some temperatures. I am not made of money but If the performance result is worth it I am In. How can i keep this thing cool, ideally without changing the CPU cooler ? Any help greatly appreciated ! Full specs below: CPU: i7-8700k (Intel) GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 (ASUS TURBO) RAM: 16GB 3000MHz (CORSAIR VENGENCE) CPU-C: Be Quiet dark rock cooler I PSU: Corsair VS-650 (650w) Case: Coolermaster H500P STR: Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD (1TB) MBOD: Z-370 ASUS TUF PLUS
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  8. CM C700P With Vertical Display

    Stumbled across this post and immediately order one thanks for the info I had no idea this was an option for my C700p - Stable and sturdy metal frame - Far away enough from your side case surface to allow for open gpu case fans to do their job http://. http://
  9. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    In this episode, my brother Nemanja explains which additional electronics we will put into the project (translation is in CC)
  10. Achromodic - by Boddaker

    Well I didn't get the resin poured over the weekend (turns out I need a scale to accurately measure out the two-part mixture), so instead I worked on the cabling layout, access holes, and SSD placement. Mocking things up, I ran the motherboard cabling down to the floor and marked where they would pass thru to the psu. On the other side under the mobo, I'll be needing an access hole for two USB3.0 cables & ethernet from the IO, as well as an SSD data cable and the HDMI cable from the video card. Luckily both USB and ethernet are located in the same place, so I just need to make one hole. Here's the video card hanging temporarily in place to see how much space is needed between it and the webbing. It also gives me an idea of what shape the mounting bracket will need to be. With everything marked, I could tear it all down again, and start drilling holes in the bottom light panel. I wanted to get the look of individual holes for the sleeved cables, but still have one main hole for each group of cables. For the Zadak SSD, I couldn't find any good place to mount it on the webbing, so I tried placing it right on the floor... but it sticks out too much because it's so thick. So I decided to flush mount it into the floor. Using the scroll saw, I cut a gigantic hole in the bottom light panel. Next, I needed to rout out some extra material at one end to make room for the cables. After some filing, the SSD fits nice and snug. Digging thru my closet o' spare parts, I came across an adata SSD mounting bracket. So I used that to support the SSD underneath. Here it is from the top. Now the SSD sits flush with the top of the light panel, and the cabling is hidden below. An overall shot of the bottom light panel with all the access holes drilled, ready for the sleeved cables!
  11. Help

    A few months ago I bought a combo of cooler master devastator ii, everything was fine a few weeks ago it started to deactivate itself, I thought it was the cable but it is not in excellent condition, whenever the PC was turned on twice it was deactivated and it did not respond but afterwards of those two times, it responded well, about three days ago it started to deactivate and I did not answer again I had to connect another mouse and it still responds little but it is deactivated just a while, I do not know if there is something to solve this, please answer me !! PD: The windows when disconnected does not recognize it but follow the mouse with the led light on.
  12. Elvis Best

  13. H500P Front Fans no RGB

    I purchased an H500P case. I have connected the fans to 2 different RGB headers, first i had all of my RGB devices connected to a single header, using a series of splitters. Then I attached the H500P front fans and my CPU cooler to an unused RGB header (different header from above). The front fans work thru the fan headers, but the lighting to the RGB header doesnt. Im assuming this should work without any controller if the board has RGB headers correct? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
  14. Yeah you are looking for 'new' ideas. But what good are those if you cannot support them once available? The C700P case is beautiful but you cannot get the accessories for it. Looking over some of the other cases, there are similar stories. The lack of support is troubling. So new idea? Stand by what you are selling now. Make sure parts and accessories are available.
  15. A little P.O. about this case

    Wish I saw these posts before I ordered one. It's April 2018, no trays available anywhere.
  16. HDD Cages

    April 2018, still cannot find HDD trays ( MCA-C700R-KOCC00 ) anywhere from the USA. Strongly considering returning the C700P case. It's a nice solid case but without the support of these accessories, it just is not going to work for me. Two trays is not enough. Yeah I should have checked on the HDD tray situation before I ordered it. That's not really a solid excuse for the lack of product tho.
  17. Hello! I'm really interested in the headset CmStorm Ceres 500 and i tried to buy it some times already, but all the stores seem to say they don't have the headset. The stores that said that had it, i bought it but some time later, they told me it wasn't available. Afterwards, i called a guy in another store, to see if they had it, and he told me the headset was discontinued, he told me the headset wasn't being produced anymore. I'm so sad about it, i really wanted a headset like that one, especially because of the price and the things that it offers. I'm not sure if i wanna buy a headset if it's not ceres 500. So, i'm here to ask, is ceres 500 still available? Thanks for the attention. Also, sorry if my english isn't that good.
  18. Recently purchased the Cooler Master LED controller for my masterbox pro 5 RGB case fans and on the first day everything was working fine, but now (the second day) when I try to change the colours they are all wrong. The only colour that works is light blue and everything else i try just turns out as a different variation of some crappy greenish yellow colour. It is as if I have lost all red functionality so instead of RGB its just GB haha. Seriously though, what's up with this piece of junk?
  19. Safety Regulatory

    Wondering is that any download link for the safety regulatory certifications defined in the specfications of RSC00-AFBAG1-XX? Thanks.
  20. Masterkeys MK750 gets warm on the bottom

    Anyone from Cooler Master around here? I'd appreciate if someone could at least let me know if this behavior is normal. I don't want to spend my hard earned money on something that's going to fail in next couple of weeks, without a possibility to exchange it or return it. Thank you in advance!
  21. Last week
  22. I'm wondering about the internal device bays for the Stryker SE. When I compare pictures of the Stryker and the Stryker SE, they look like they have the same amount of space for internal drive bays. However, the Stryker SE's specs list a smaller number of available internal device bays. If I need room for one 5.25" drive, one 2.5" SSD drive, and three 3.5" drives, will I have enough room in the Stryker SE? The specs for the Stryker make it clear that I would, but since the Stryker SE specs list one 5.25" bay, two 2.5"/3.5" bays, and 4 + 1 (X-Dock) 2.5" SSD bays, I'm a little confused. Also, does anyone know if the Stryker is no longer being made, or if it has been replaced entirely by the Stryker SE? Thank you!
  23. H500M Release Date

    I sent Cooler master a support request asking when the H500m would be released and they sent this reply: Hello, Thank you for contacting us. The release date for the H500M is currently set on May 22, 2018. Have a great day. Regards, CMUSA Support
  24. Hi, I've had my Masterkeys MK750 for a week now. I haven't noticed it until last night. Portion of the keyboard under the cursor keys, INS, HOME, PGUP, DEL, END, PGDN towards the numerical part of the keyboard, gets warm after some time when RGB lights are fully on (any color). While I do understand there must be a chip or something right below, I am not sure if it should warm up like that. I am just worried some parts could overheat at some point, causing LEDs to start failing, and even worse, whole keyboard to malfunction at some point. I have never had problems with CM Storm in the past, nor with Masterkeys Pro L and S, but this new MK750 worries me a little bit now. Can someone confirm this is normal with MK750, or should I simply return and exchange it at the store where I purchased it. I have limited time to return/exchange, and I don't want it to expire leaving me with defective keyboard that I can't exchange anymore. Thanks to anyone who try to help here. Cheers!
  25. Support

    Apa Khabar Please check your PM If you from MY > im also from < MY
  26. Support

    Good Afternoon, assuming that I've read through several forum post, may i know the ETA time taken for the support team to respond to support ticket? Besides that, I would also like to inquire regarding my situation in which I've read the RMA process dealing with different country in which *Malaysia* have to return the product to claim RMA back to the retailer in which i brought the PSU from, however, the retailer that I purchased the good was closed down in which i had to submit the ticket to the support team. Please send help. Ticket Number: 00119469
  27. "OdySSey" project

    Fuel for Cosmos
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