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  2. MasterBox 5

    Hi, thx for reply, how can i contact this service ? Edit : i found it sorry create ticket in my accompt
  3. C700P build

    Nice Job Bro And thanks for the picture .
  4. MasterBox 5

    Hello You can contact customer services and they will help you to get like you mentioned before .
  5. Mouse Effects Not Working

    I read that, but that thread is about how the lights won't stay on, mine are on, it's just the combinations won't work. My lights are on static white permanently, while his was completely off.
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  7. MasterBox 5

    Hi, first, sorry for my english, iam french and not really good with other languages. I have a single question, i have bought a MAsterbox5 ( ) and i have a probleme, in the description, they say we can have Four fans with use of optional front bracket. I have actually 3, 2 on front and 1 on back. I need this optional front bracket for the last one but i cant find it, so i come here Do you know where i can found /buy this front bracket ?? Thx for reading, sorry for my english
  8. C700P build

    I'm posting to help anyone that is wondering what parts can fit into this case. I had some extra radiators so i fit 2x420mm rads and 1x360mm rad, total overkill i know. I had to use a sfx-L psu to fit the second 420 at the bottom. I also used a master series vertical gpu mount without any modifications to the case. To fit the 360mm in the front I had to make minor case modifications. parts: delidded and liquid metal 8700K, titan xp, minitx asus mobo, EKWB mobo, ram, gpu blocks, silverstone 800W sfx-l psu. CPU temps are 20-50C idle and under load. here are the pics.
  9. MA620P and Q300L

    Hi. I wanna build in the Cooler Master Q300L which is a mATX case. I wonder if the Cooler Master MA620P/MA610P would fit inside that case. What other budget CPU coolers should I be looking at in case they're incompatible? The CPU will probably be a I7-8700 non K. I will be doing heavy workloads so need a good cooler. TIA.
  10. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    Work on electronics...
  11. Haf X and Haf X V2 Difference

    Hi. I recently bought a used Haf X V2 pc case, and it arrived today. How can I check that it is the V2 version of the case? I have a serial number that was written on the back of the tower: RC942KKN11103100660. The USB 3.0 on the front of the case weirdly connects to the USB port outside of the case... I thought it would connect directly to the motherboard. Also, what is the difference between the Haf X and the Haf X V2? Many Thanks.
  12. Parts

    Not sure if this is the right place. But i ordered a Hyper 212 Evo from Newegg and did not get the rubber stand off protectors. Essentially the rubber parts that protect the standoffs from contacting with the board. Was wondering where would be the best place to find it?
  13. Cavalier 4 Replacement Power Supply

    Summer days start and I need air conditioner but I am confused which type of air conditioner is better for the home like the split air conditioner or window air conditioner? When I was searching for it, I got a site pickeronline on which I found some relevant information.
  14. HDD Cages

    Clearly the U.S. market is not a priority.
  15. my new Master Keys Lite L color not working and your program needs to be updated and I can update it
  16. H500P Question

    Hello, does anyone know if i can buy a Mesh front to replace the perspex front i have on my H500P. I understand that the new Mesh version of this case, that the top and front MESH parts will fit the H500P, so are CM selling these separately? Thanks
  17. Fan weird noise and vibration

    I have the same issue, i have only had the install for about a week, one of my fans sounds like it's grinding, the other one sounds pretty loud (louder than it should) and led for the 1st one is not working, I have been a Coolermaster buyer for many years but feel like the quality recently is not what it used to be, this is not what I expected from a Coolermaster
  18. How to fix Cooler Master Portal?

    same issue here. Its also the same issue all over reddit for the past 3 months. Obviously its a Software issue not a user issue. Please stop telling us its working and fix the issue. I have 2 separate pc's both running windows 10 64 bit, both have same issues.
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  20. Mouse Effects Not Working

    Have you checked this thread? ::: LIGHTS NOT WORKING THREAD ::: Specifically post by NICDEPRO:
  21. HDD Cages

    It's strange the US Cooler Master online store nothing but the European Store has so much stuff
  22. Masterfan Pro 120, 4 weeks in

    I've had this product for about a month now and it looks great! Really liking the product. Some other products (that shall remain unnamed) take advantage of the addressing functions of LED strips. I notice that there is a function to update firmware. Will a future firmware update be able to have more advanced LED effects? It would be really cool to have LED effects that reflect CPU temperature or the like. Below are some pics of the box i'm using this product in.
  23. H500P Front Fans no RGB

    I'm having the same problem. Everything is hooked up properly(I think) and the machine is running fine, fans are spinning, but I'm not getting any lights. I also bought the cooler master MasterLiquid Lite ML240L, and the LEDs aren't firing on that either. I ALSO bought a cooler master stand alone fan for the rear vent, and that fan lit up when I first booted up. What do you think might be going wrong? Please help!
  24. proper fan ports to use???

    Hello, so, is there a specific rhyme or reason as to which fan headers my pump will connect to? I am using the ML120L self-contained CPU cooler. I have a Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 motherboard. I have 2 headers that are full speed (default), I have some that say sys_pmp, cpu_fan, cpu_op, etc... so I am not sure which ones I should be using. I have a intel 8700K, not overclocked, and my idle temps are around 32c...someone said those were high for idle temps. :/ thanks
  25. Can I install Cooler Master LED Partition Plate on Mastercase pro 6?
  26. Hi. I have a CM 690 II Advanced (USB 3) case and would like to add a water cooler to it. Which of the Masterliquid CM CPU liquid coolers will fit in this case and if so, where? Rear, Top, Front? Many thanks
  27. Is it possible to replace or add as an option in addition to the leather ear pads something like mesh fabric ear pads? I've been through 3 ear pads and the leather does not seem to hold up and falls apart. I get specks of it all over the side of my face and as you can imagine it's not fun to get rid of. Material that can be machine washable would be nice.
  28. When I install the portal , i get a message "Please make sure that you are connected to the internet when you launch/update CM Portal . I've been tryin for 5 hours , and i cant get it fixed . Can someone help me?
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