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  3. I have a Quick Fire XT, and at times I would get random input lag/non-registering key presses at all. Then yesterday, the issue jumped to a whole new level. Sometimes it doesn't detect the keyboard at all, and when it does, there is almost no response to typing. Maybe 1/20 key presses register. I bought the keyboard brand new, 5 months ago. Tested all the USB ports on my PC, nothing changed. Plugged in a logitech G105 into my machine and it works fine (typing on it now). I have a pretty good idea that there is a driver or firmware issue with the keyboard. CM doesn't seem to release their own drivers, and I think it's catching up to them. I've tried uninstalled and reinstalling drivers, and it hasn't helped. Just submitted a ticket and hoping they'll give me a keyboard that 100% works. I'd blame Microsoft, but I don't see the majority of other high end keyboards having these types of issues without legitimate fixes, so I hesitate to do so. Wish I could help you, but looks like we're in the same boat. I'd try uninstalling drivers and reinstalling. Maybe try turning on/off filter keys. Otherwise, I'm not sure what can be done.
  4. Method 3 worked for me! *Note: If you attempted Method 1 before Method 3... Make sure to uninstall the Setup_Devastator MB24.msi. THE TWO METHODS CONFLICT WITH ONE ANOTHER.
  5. Vertical HDD Accessory Idea

    I had an idea while putting together a new PC with a MasterCase Maker 5, I noticed there was a lot of blank space to the right of the motherboard and I know Cooler Master offers Hard Drive Cages but what if we prefer our Hard Drives to be cageless and free range? I see that CM offers a vertical SSD tray that does exactly what I'm looking for but its obviously a bit small for a HDD and screw holes. CM should think about adding that accessory to the lineup. What does everyone think? Good idea or have I gone insane again?
  6. Hi, i registered to cm fan zone in order to check my keyboard warranty status. Everytime i put my serial number it doesn't read it and i don't know why. I purchased it on amazon but cm website doesn't recognize it. I found that that my serial number has a pipe in the middle of it, for examble SGK9999GK1|XDXDXD . Don't know if it's a pipe or an l, but it doesn't work either way.
  7. MasterFan Pro RGB not 100% compatible with Gigabyte RGB Fusion

    I also have similar problems. I purchased two Masterfan 140 AF RGB for my Giga Gaming 5 AX370. I can't get a full range of colors in sync with the motherboard. I can't get red or green. Red looks pale pink and green looks pale blue. There is do dimming control. From what I've read about the Giga Aorus motherboards they are able to change the function of the pin headers in software but that doesn't help me. I invested in two Coolermaster masterfan 140 and the coolermaster 1 to 3 RGB splitter cable but it's a waste of money because it's clear there isn't full compatibility. Solution is either to buy coolermaster RGB lighting controller or ditch the fans. Since the fans are promoted on Giga website as compatible I don't see why I should be forced to buy a coolermaster lighting controller. I'm supposed to do a video review of the fans on my youtube channel but need to find out what's going on before I go ahead with that.
  8. Will Seidon 120m Fit in my case?

    you save man , if you able mount the radiator but when i check you chassis specs is there no place to mount the radiator ( correct me ) and i`m agree with you if you get low profile air cooling + can you share detail about you current system ?
  9. Will Seidon 120m Fit in my case?

    Yeh I was thinking I might be able to mount on the back or the ceiling of the case but might just be a safer bet to get a low profile air cooler
  10. Will Seidon 120m Fit in my case?

    Hi Patrick , Where you mount the radiator ? Recommend you to get Air Cooling instead Water Cooling . The answer is Not Fit .
  11. Weird Trickling noise

    Nice and just issue ticket to customer services if you still having this problem .
  12. Weird Trickling noise

    Great but if you still facing same issue , please touch customer services for the next step .
  13. Weird Trickling noise

    Yes there was no noise before doing maintenance but after it was making the noise i did not try to re-install the rad i just simply put the block back on. Since i have uploaded this post though the noise has stopped as far as i could tell i was only hearing the noise when the side panel was off but since i have put the side panel back on i haven't heard it so i think it may have been a bubble or something that got out or for some reason the pump was getting filled back up with water.
  14. Will Seidon 120m Fit in my case?

    Hey guys I have a Silverstone SG11 case and no GFX Card I want to know if this CPU cooler will fit in there? I have 75mm clearance in height from the base of the CPU to the top of the PSU I dont have a GFX card so that wouldnt get in the way
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  16. CM Vertical GPU Mount

    Thanks for the update, I'll keep my eyes open!
  17. CM Vertical GPU Mount

    I submitted a ticket and the support personnel said it could be back in stock by early December.
  18. Why use scroll lock?

    Well it's been nearly SIX MONTHS since I asked the question. Nobody has answered. I cannot use certain applications with this keyboard. (unless my environment is really bright) I advise anyone to NOT buy this crap because - Coolermaster don't give a :)? - It impinges on application functionality - Is it that hard to add a button (separate to the keyboard) that switches the light on? Please advise Omni
  19. Pump Malfunction?

    Having some issues with my 240. Bouht it last year and it has relatively low hours on the rig maybe 150 to 200 hours. I'm starting to have intermittent problems with the pump at least I think it's the pump. Basically I'll power up the computer and within a minutes fans spin up to high and temps rise, near as I can tell the pump is not powering on. I have watched ir in the bios and on AIDA64 and where ever I plug in the pump I get random 0rpm readings on that sensor. Tried new bios and motherboard drivers. Tried different monitoring software and no software' Seems the only fix is to usually power off and the start rig again. Rarely will a restart fix the issue. When the pump is working my cooling is awesome. I'm wondering if this issue has been a problem in the past. Hard to believe this pump is flakey. System specs. Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H i7 4770K 2x8 gigs G Skill Trident X F3-2400C10 GTX690 Samsung's 950 pro M.2 SSD 256GB. Corsair RM850watt Coolermaster Nepton 240M WIN.10 64bit.
  20. CM Vertical GPU Mount

    I'm in the same boat, I'm really wanting to get this, but nobody has it. Can't find it on the egg, or Amazon or anywhere even on CM USA site. Anybody have a clue when it'll be in stock, or when the factory will send them out. My upgrade / watercooling touches are on hold till I can get my GPU mounted vertically. Release them soon
  21. Hi, Do you have the parts to make it possible to customize the MasterCase 5 pro to a right sided window case with 90° turned motherboard? Like for example the Silverstone Raven RV02-E, with the cable connections, outtake and IO-shield on the top side of the case and with a right side view in the case. Regards, Jos
  22. Hi I bought my masterkeys pbt Keycaps but i have a problem with mine I tried the shortcut to reset it and or but i doesn't work could you please help me ?
  23. Weird Trickling noise

    Hi there Correct me , mean you ML 240 before you doing maintenance all in good condition , no noise right ? but after you done doing maintenance your ML 240 having this noise right ? Did you try to reinstall again ? can you share some picture and record the noise ?
  24. Weird Trickling noise

    Hi, so i have a master liquid 240 (not the lite version it wouldn't let me use the Mater Liquid forum) and i just put my PC back together after having to do some motherboard maintenance i put my cooler back on and when i first turned on my PC i heard this trickling noise coming from the block/pump area and it hasn't gone away its really concerning too. So what should i do? Should i just RMA it?
  25. Update : HQ team has fixed the problem , please try it again . Any error you get please take some picture , i will forward it to HQ team . Thanks
  26. @CoolerMasterUSA blocking people who complain about H500P

    Just a heads up the bad air flow is not caused by the design of the case! It is because the included 200mm fans are no good. I would say it is because they are too close to the front but that is not the case I removed the front of the case, and they still moved almost no air! I have replaced them with 3 140mm corsair LL fans, and my air flow increased by a crap ton, and I have the corsair fans running at 800-900 rpm so they are silent!
  27. Problem with LED and system fans

    Okay so i found this cable hanging around, nowhere to call home. Its a four pin Molex, but only has two physical pins. What is it and where does to go? I connected it to the power supply. The usb lights went on... Nothing else
  28. Hey I just finished my PC build, but there is no light at front panel (beside the red light in the power button). I can´t turn the big red metal bar inside the case on, either. My fan controller button at the front panel, is also out of function. The last thing is, that my system fans wont spin. Both the two intake and the exhaust. I new to this PC building universe, so only noob friendly answers. I may be doing something wrong....
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