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  3. Mohd Noh

    AM4 Compatibility

    Hello You can check this link : 2ND GENERATION AMD RYZEN
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  5. Brett Hartley

    AM4 Compatibility

    I currently have the Seidon 240M cooler on an AM3+ motherboard, and am considering upgrading the motherboard to an AM4 board that will hold a Ryzen 2 1700x processor. Will my Seidon 240M be usable for this new configuration?
  6. Valecapib6

    Cooler Master CM310

    Help me please!!! Afer 2/3 weeks after buy, I'm plug the mouse, it up, all the rgb lighting light up, the scroll wheel works perfectly and the left and the rigth buttons work respectively. But whenever I move the mouse it's not tracking whatsoever. I think it's the optical laser. I would like to know what to do, and if anyone can help me !!! Thanks.
  7. A faster macro execution speed is appreciated. As others have pointed out on other threads. The speed of the macro is dependent on how fast it was recorded. Defeats the purpose of having a macro doesn't it? LED timeout during inactivity is also welcome.
  8. Ricson Chua

    MasterKeys Keyboards modifications

    I finally got around getting a used Cooler Master Pro S RGB at a cheaper price. I'll continue to do update my progress here in the forums. Goals I have in mind are as follows. - Change switch to zealiostotles. - Migrate Masterkeys PCB to Lambo TKL case. Work that needs to be done. 1. Retrofit a CM Storm QuickFire Rapid plate onto Masterkeys PCB. - Problems so far. QuickFire Rapid's PCB is slightly smaller than Masterkeys S - Force fit QuickFire plate or 3D print a new keyboard plate that will also double as a spacer so that I have enough space inside the aluminum case for all other components. 2. Get extension cables and re-order USB port pins on the Lambo TKL case. - Reordering tested to be working. 3. Install bluetooth using Handheld Scientific BT-500. 4. Install battery charge controller. I will be using an Adafruit powerboost 500c. Questions I have. 1. Does the other CN pinouts on the PCB work? I am trying to avoid soldering parallel wires on the JST USB connection port. As seen in image below there are a few connectors available. CN2 and CN4 are circles. I am also curious to know what SEL1 and SEL2 does.My motherboard version can be seen on the following image after the photo with ports. IMAGE 1: CN4, CN2, SEL1 and SEL2 IMAGE 2: PCB model number.
  9. Bhernard Bhe Escala

    Mastercase Pro 6 Covers

    Ayos lang Pare. =) Ticket number is 00130148 .. They said that they do not offer or sell separate covers for the mastercase pro 6. =(. Any chance where can i get those.?
  10. Tiago Rodrigues

    Switched colors on RGB Fusion

    Hi, I just installed my new ML240 on a gigabyte mobo, when I change the leds color on fusion (or on bios) i get the wrong color: RED = OK GREEN > BLUE BLUE > GREEN So, Purple > Yellow Yellow > Purple The connections are ok, the triangle is on the 12v on all cables. Anyone having the same problem?
  11. I've bought a ML240R Liquid Cooler and i want to install 3 MF140R ARGB Fans into the front of the Case. Are these Compatible with the ML240R Controller? or will i need to plug these into it's own Controller? From what I've gathered the MF140R Fans are 4 Pin, but i'm pretty sure the ML240R controller for ARGB is 3 Pin.
  12. I have a cooler master RGB led controller that i use to control 6 fans on my case. Is there a way to use thta to control the rgb of the Masterliquid ML240? I know it comes with a controller but i wanna know if there is a way to use only one controller
  13. Just wondering if anyone has a mesh front for this case. When i take off the front panel temps drop about 5-10 degrees. I have the three fans up front, a 240 mlrgb aio push pull on the top ( top and middle fans). If no one has a front mesh cover, would it be better to just take the aio off and go air cooled for the cpu? Would that give me better air flow? I prefer staying with the AIO if i can get a front mesh cover. Thank you.
  14. Last week

    RGB problem

    I just installed a LC240E RGB, when I first installed in yesterday it showed white, green, yellow, blue and red. Day two the red and the dark blue are gone? Did you find a solution yet?
  16. Mohd Noh

    Mastercase Pro 6 Covers

    Hello Pare . Musta ? By the way , Can you pm me your ticket number ?
  17. Mohd Noh

    Coolermaster customer service is horrible

    Hello You can ask customer services via ticket for more detail .
  18. Adrián Palmero Moreno

    Coolermaster customer service is horrible

    Hello, i recently be the order for AMD AM4 Upgrade kit (RR-AM4B-MAM8-R1) How many days do I have to wait for the product to arrive? Thanks.
  19. Bhernard Bhe Escala

    Mastercase Pro 6 Covers

    I just got a reply though they said they don't sell separate covers. anyone who could help me with this? im from Asia Pacific Region (Philippines.)
  20. How can i connect my "cooler master masterliquid ML120 RGB to my motherboard without a CPU OPT? I have the Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 motherboard. It have only one CPU fan header.
  21. so as said in title ! this mouse is not working for me since yesterday ! it actually is working but cant control the settings anymore cause the its software isn't detecting it ! i even tried reinstalling its driver ! noting changed ... i'm so disappointed to be back to my oldscool laser mouse :'( ! im waiting for help from you guys ! thanks!
  22. I've been thinking about getting new case fans recently and did some looking around at various fans from various manufacturers. I don't know how you come by your dBA ratings, but I can't understand how the MasterFan Pro 120 Air Flow, Air Pressure, Air Balance and MasterFan Pro 140 Air Flow and Air Pressure all have EXACTLY the same Noise Levels listed despite wildly different RPM/CFM/Air Pressure. It makes me think you skipped that part.
  23. TyGuy223

    MasterKeys MK750 Not Working

    I literally just had the same problem. Eventually though I realized I had just locked my keyboard by pressing FN+F9. First time you press it you lock the windows keys, second time you lock the keyboard, and third time unlocks everything. Hopefully this helps prevent any more face palms.
  24. Mirza Telli

    Need help with RGB Fan Installation.

    Hey everyone,So I'm currently building my pc and have 3 Cooler Master sickleflow red 120mm fans that I bought. Each fan comes with one 3 pin adaptor that is meant to be plugged in to the PSU cables. I have a 1 to 3 splitter cable aswell as the CM RGB Controller which I bought as it was recommended.My motherboard is a B350 Tomahawk (MSI) which has 1 JLED1 port. Btw my case Is a CM Masterbox Lite 5 (Non RGB)If anyone could help me out here I would be very happy.
  25. Most people aren't using the pci slots below the graphics card and there is a golden opportunity to increase GPU cooling by mounting a 120mm fan under the third from the top pci slot cover. I've done this externally on an H500 but I had to make an adapter plate. This could just mean tapping 4 holes on the back of a well ventilated PCIe area and letting the user mount an optional fan or the case could actually have the rear extended to allow for internal mounting - if this was done it could also allow for the fan by the IO shield to be moved farther back from large CPU coolers as well making everything flush except for the IO shield and GPU ports which would probably have to be recessed.
  26. Mohd Noh

    Mastercase Pro 6 Covers

    Hello , Can you pm me your ticket number ?
  27. Mohd Noh

    Hyper evo 212 Cooler

    Hello, For this issue , i would like suggest by contacting customer services via ticket for more detail .
  28. Davinci44


    Sweet build, have any updates?
  29. David Hensley

    RGB Connection question

    I have the same case I just built a rig and the fans are spinning but no rgb, it was hard for me to understand the mess of the fan controller setup. Could you show me what wire exactly goes where? It would be a huge help.
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