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  2. I think the original manual for the C700M came with instructions on how to remove the top and front panels, it shouldn't be that hard. As for the controller, let us know how your new controller functions. I bought my C700M a few months ago and came with the controller that has 2 SATA power ports as described in that letter of yours, unfortunately that very same controller has the same issues.
  3. I got this box on 1/24/20. In it is the entire front panel the exterior part that you can swing open and remove and its full length backer housing with a new connector & wiring harness for both. Also recieved was another top panel with wiring harness and the newer PCB as pictured. Odd the bottom LED strips were not mentioned or replaced. Since the newer PCB & the front / top panels will have 7 pins how will the connector from the bottom be able to plug in? See these are all variants that make me very cautious on diving into this and since they never answer their phones rarely how can I get proper answers? No install instructions on what to do in what order. The only info is the page I uploaded. When trying to contact CM after 50 tries I got ahold of someone from their retail option as he finally picked up. He said they are in the process of trying to hire 1 more phone person... That was then this is now. In that I am NO PC builder, so my trying to take humpty dumpty apart and put back together again, well I am not sure I can as I am an older person. Especially without any instructions. This hot potato was just dropped into my lap with a basic "good luck dude"! Of course those that have done builds will say oh c'mon it's easy. But I know how things can go bad really fast if someone gets inside an expensive PC moving things around, as they can actually make it worse or not even work at all. Even the PC builders who build this custom PC November 2018 were screwing up BIG time which I had to hound them to do it right and research tons of info online for hours to days to prove to them various MOBO connectors they had wrong. I was like really? A multiple thousand dollar PC and the builders are proven untrained kids who don't know what they are doing? WTF? Do I want to be forced to spend hours again learning again & try to do it myself possibly voiding my warranty with AVA or take a chance to ship this huge PC back to AVADIRECT to install the parts which they may not even do right based upon initial build and re-ships back to them already 2 times already + the FEDEX dudes we all know damage things all the time as it is not theirs. What to do I am not sure. Just to unhook the PC and box it up properly will honestly take me all day being an older person if I go that route. CM should never have released the c700M without proper field testing obviously. Customers put into this unexpected bind that purchased a 400 dollar case should never have to go through this. They cannot even be reached to support my trying to correct their bad design. If they gave me tech phone support how to do the replacement parts which would take me hours if not days then maybe I could try myself who knows... But even if then a CM tech would have to be familiar with all MOBO connections and the wiring etc. My PC was already wired by their professional wiring guy which he did do well, so would my removing the old CM wiring harness and replacing it degrade the look as well? What a mess. Jeesh, maybe I'll have to take a chance & ship it to AVA and just hope whoever works on it is better than the prior kids. In rainbow mode it works fine btw, just the static white & red are off... (eye roll) Summary: Confused.
  4. Hey there! I don't have an answer for you, I actually came here just because i was about to post literally the exact same question! My calculator says that the recommended wattage PSU for my build is 514 watts, but when I press the power button i hear the overload relay click and shut it down. I have to use a second PSU to power my mother board and stuff and it looks hella janky and unsafe. I haven't even owned the cooler master PSU for 6 months! I hope someone can help. My problem started about a month ago and became a real problem when i started to do some screen recording for a tutorial video. I thought it was my used cpu and motherboard because it couldn't be my PSU. After rebuilding the system with a newer motherboard and cpu, i still have the same problem.
  5. I have a coolermaster case, the mastercase H500M, I have the controller installed in it, so I can change the color of the fans with the small button on the front panel. However, the software says, "nessun dispositivo coolermaster trovato", no coolermaster devices found. Why??
  6. Hi, so i ve been having this weird issue with my build lately, it s been running fine and good for the last 6months, but a week or so, i ve started noticing some weir issue, so when I start my desktop in the morning a cold start it starts as expected and do my work as usual but whenever I shut down my computer then try to turn it back on after few minutes it just wont, i have to wait like for 2-3 hours till i can turn it back on so what would be the problem you guys? any thoughts? PS: mobo seems fine i even cleared the cmos and everything ,switched the battery too, but sill same problem I have checked everything from loose cables to the whole build but everything is ok, i m having doubts that my PSU started to fail
  7. I am looking for fans which are compatible with my Masterliquid LC240E RGB cooling block controller. I am running a Linux system, so I cannot use the CM RGB controlling software. I'm looking for 120mm or 140mm fans that I can connect to the 4-pin controller which came with my water cooling block. I accidentally bought two 120mm Masterfan series, and they are 3-pin, so I know they won't work.
  8. Can you update the software to add colour cycle with breathing effects.
  9. I recently purchased the 3-pack MF120R ARGB fans. While attempting to connect the ARGB 3-pin I have discovered my ASUS Prime x470 Pro does not have the appropriate 3-pin ARGB header. The manual included even shows it should be a 4-pin for ASUS however the cable is a 3-pin. Any ideas? Can I connect the controller via usb to the motherboard and still control the rgb through software?
  10. I am looking for the plastic on/off bracket for the Silencio 652S I have the switches and led's but not the plastik bracket that holds these.
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  12. кулер Master V8 GTS. вы также можете добавить несколько труб... это позволит значительно увеличить охлаждение... четыре трубки на боковых радиаторах, нижняя их часть может быть расширена как четыре основных до верхней...
  13. Hello, 1. I bought an H500M. Now I wanted to connect the RGB controller to my "Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X" mainboard. Coolmaster provides a cable for the case. Unfortunately, the cable only has a 3 pin connector (V, D, G). My mainboard has a 4pin connector (12V, G, R, B). How can I now connect the RGB controller to the mainboard? Is there an adapter? 2. How can I control the fan speed? With which software? The bios does not recognize the fans. Tried out software: SmartFan, LightingControl, MasterPlus Thank you for your help
  14. hi guys im trying to figure out how to control my fan speed on my cooler master tower. please help
  15. So my keyboard has just died & I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them? It is only 2 months old and worked perfectly up to this point. I am very disappointed and am not looking forward to trying to get this fixed.
  16. Hey people. I've got a couple of questions. 1. I have a Hyper 212 Evo bought a long time ago, and the stock fan it came with recently stopped working. So, bought new ones. I also only had one fan on the heatsink till now, but want to use these new fans in a push/pull setup, which we'll talk about later. The problem I have now is, I have changed my place of living, during this time, and the retail box that had the accessories is abroad, in a different country and frankly I don't even remember where I kept it. So, checked online to only find the accessory kit that CM store used to sell is out of stock and probably phased out / not sold anymore. Here's the link to the product in question - Could you guys link me to a working listing or perhaps even a different 120MM set of fan brackets, to hold the fan with the heatsink? I couldn't find any online. There are folks online who advised to use zipties to hold the fan. I have lots of them lying around, but how to do this? Is it even safe? 2. About that push/pull setup now, I've seen stories of most setups dropping only around 2-5C in push/pull. So, is push/pull, in your opinion, worth it? Or perhaps buy an enthusiast TIM solution like the Arctic Silver 5, instead of push/pull, and use the extra fan I have for the case (CM 690 II Advanced) ? Thanks for reading, and probably replying. Happy belated new year, folks!
  17. Long time since u wrote, but i could really need SATA cable to this PSU. Do you still sell or do you know where i can buy?
  18. Well that’s embarrassing my dad just pushed it out in one go! So all sorted.
  19. Hi, this might be dumb but... I’m trying to install a 5.25 disc drive into the s400 drive bay. There’s a cover over the slot hiding the 5.25 bay. All normal there. On other cases I’ve done in past you just push it out, this one doesn’t seem to budge. Am I not pushing hard enough (in or out?). Or is it I have to remove the entire front panel to get access to remove it. I’ve started trying to remove front panel but finding it hard to do so cause the screws don’t seem to budge, (I’ve tried various screw drivers they all seem to slip), so reluctant to keep trying to take off front panel if don’t need to. The instructions aren’t very clear on this. Any one done this? Thanks regards
  20. Is there ever going to be availability of replacement fans *snap and lock*? Over the years have accumulated 5 fans with bearing failures (two more probable in near future). Two U3 models and four U2 models. I have already modified one Note Pal PLUS with AC Infinity 120mm fans (qty: 3 w/ speed controller). Ball bearings no less. For about $39. Grill holes line up perfectly w the 120mm's BTW.
  21. this is my gpu and im wondering if it will fit in this case, im new to pc building and am dong a mini build and dont know if this case will work or if i need to find another.
  22. Hola, buenos dia. El problema que tengo con mi teclado es el siguiente, cuando conecto el cable USB a cualquier PC o Notebook me aparece el siguiente mensaje, lo que me impide usarlo. Espero su respuesta y gracias por la atencion.
  23. Did you ever get anything for this? Mine says action done "product received" and i got a UPS shipping notification from Newegg and im really hoping thats not my PSU cause we are having TONS of problems with UPS right now.
  24. Grabbed thw c700m. Great case as far as being so large and modular. Big complaint about the quality. Would of liked to see a little more metal and less plastic. Many of the predrilled screw holes were not done properly resulting in stripped screws. 1 screw even snapped preventing me from removing the hard drive panel. I will figure that out though. Question is now that ive replaced all the fans with corsair LL120s and LL140s. How do i hook them up? Do I need a corsair light node jist to sync everything? If so does that make the prexisting fan controller that came with the case redundant? Do I use both?
  25. Hello, For my first build i am going to use the Master case H500. I am probably over thinking this, but I know that i want a positive pressure system and the whole thing is going to be air cooled. It comes with 2x200mm front intake fans and 1x120mm rear exhaust fan. Is this enough fans to keep the ambient temperature inside the case around 100 degrees Fahrenheit? I tried to do the math for the problem (but i don't know Calculus) and assuming the 200mm intake fans are both at 90 CFM at max RPM and i add another 90 CFM 200mm fan as exhaust on the top of the case then the ambient temp should be around 226 F. Is this correct? How many case fans are normal for a complete air cooled rig. Also for hardware specs and math checks i,m going to be using a Intel I7-9700K with a Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler, MSI gaming x 1080TI, MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon ATX motherboard, a Corsair RMx 850 WATT PSU. Bolded is what i think is correct.... I think the lower ambient temp numbers, the higher {1}CFM/RPM?, and the higher average temp drop offs are the most accurate numbers.......... here is my math break down Intel I7-9700K adverage max temp 70 degrees celcius (158 F) MSI gaming x 1080TI adverage max temp also 70 degrees celcius (158 F) Total of 316 F ambient temp inside case with out fans (excluding all other components) 3x200mm fans @ 90 CFM each 3*90=270 Cfm total (180 CFM on intake and 90 CFM at exhast) {but we loose half, because all fans at same CFM?} [Noctua NH-D15 @ 82.52 CFM] total CFM with CPU cooler @ 352.52 CFM (352.52/2=176.26) or half air loss @ 217.52 CFM (270/2=135+82.52=217.52) Case Measurments equal in cubic feet= 2 CFT3 (20.6"*9"*19"=3522.6"/1728=2.0) Movment of Air Per MIN=45 ({1}) CFM or RPM?) (90/2=45) or (90/3{number of fans) 30 {1} With CPU cooler 112.52 {CFM/RPM?} (90+82.52/3=112.52) number of fans total 105.02 (90+82.52/4=105.02) Temp drop off with number of fans and total CFM {1} RPM/CFM?=140 F (45*3=135 316/135=2.34*60=140.4 F drop per min) or is the more accurate number 90 F (30*3=90 316/90=3.51*60=210.6 F drop per min) So total ambient temp of the CPU and GPU is 106 F (316-210) or is my first thought right at 176 F (316-140) Before CPU cooler Im gonna say the math works at 106F -176 F but this number is with out a CPU cooler on it and with half the air being taken out of the case if all fans equal 90 CFM. so with the CPU cooler we are looking at around 168.5 F ambient temp drop off. right? (90/3=30+82.52=112.52. 316/112.52=2.8*60=168.5) With CPU cooler average ambient temp around 147 F or 63.8 C (316-168.5) In the worst case scenario if we loose half CFM/Airflow if we don't loose and Air flow were looking at roughly 255 F Please help me figure this out. If any of you are using this case what's your case fan set-up.
  26. yo! i bought this: Cooler Master MF120R 3 in 1 pack (comes with a hub/controller). my mobo only has 4 pin 12v rgb headers (msi z390 gaming plus). are they compatible? tyia ;) why can't rgb be standardized :(
  27. Same, bought MWE gold 550 but it has only 1 PCIE 8+6 daisy chain, but I need 2 separate cables to support rx 5700, looking for another one
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