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  3. PCGUY

    H500 Case Modification

    I will continue to update once my mods and build is completed..
  4. Heimdal

    Does HAF XB EVO support EATX board ?

    Hi I would like to install the following motherboard within a HAF XB EVO case (not purchased yet): The above board is a "strange" EATX board whose dimensions are 290*265mm. Thank you in advance for any support. Bye, Niko
  5. PCGUY

    H500 Case Modification

    I just got the H500 case and noticed the openings for the 200mm fans are restricted.You loose about 50% cooling from those 200mm fans. The case is made for 3 120 fans without any opening loss..I will open up the full 200mm openings by cutting away the case material...Since I will place my 240 liquid cooler at the top of the case I don’t require the front for any other fans. Also I will shorten the PS shroud just enough to hide the PS. I also removed the HDD tray since I use m.2 drives , and might cut another 140mm fan hole in that location to help cool the GPU card. Cooler Master should modify the case so by default the case is optimized for the 200mm fans, and a separate plate can be fitted for use of the 3 120 fans or Liquid cooler. Thanks....I would like your opinions...The PCGUY...
  6. Did this happened to someone ( picture attached ) , driver is not stable for ARGB box , windows recognized it and sometimes not ( moste of the time not ). I trued with new firmware from CM site , didn't worked. my installation is Windows 10 64 bit latest version ( 1809). Manually I delite driver from device manager (since driver is not recognized ) and do scanning after couple time is all right eventually windows accept driver for box . When I want to restart windows same thing all over . Also software Master plus , don't want to open, it take sometime , or want to open at all . I was writing to support for this problem , no replays . Please help
  7. S Will

    fan not bolt up

    haf xb lan box states top 200mm fan size.. purchased mf200f rgb but will not bolt up.. why?
  8. Mac

    customer support

    I've tried to submit a ticket several time, each time it fails, it displays some green text code below the failed message. Also it wont allow me to enter the serial number in the forms serial number text box.
  9. RR-212E-16PK-R1 NB: SN: RR212E16PKR1A160204786 After tightening the 4 screws as far as they will go, on item B, into the studs on the mobo, the ends of item B are about halfway down the screw a, with about half of the spring above item B, and half of the spring below item B. So is this correct, or should ALL of the spring be above item B ? Please see the attached image.
  10. Angelllus

    support - does it exist?

    Sounds like me and many others. My issues relate to rgb light on the c700m though but same no reply or response from support.
  11. I messaged you Mohd Noh? 9 hours ago you read it and no reply? Copy and paste below. "Hello Mohd Noh, I havent had a reply for my support ticket as of it (Ticket Number 792) . I read your the one to contact to move this along. Top left RGB Strip won't work have fully removed all connections and re-plugged all in which didn't resolve issue. All others working fine around the case. C700M. " I also added my frustration to the following thread This seems a wide spread issue? Can I please get a replacement? Fix or my issue resolved outside of having to stripping out my whole build and sending the case back?
  12. Angelllus

    C700M Front LED Problem

    So Mohd read my message sent directly to him 9 hours ago? No reply from him or my support ticket. I just spent 6k nz on a new system i custom built. I'm a certified microsoft, google, mikrotik i.t engineer. Mainly an On site technican whos known as "The hardware" expert of the company. Reason I bring this up at all is id have to not recommend to my collegues , clients any cooler master cases going forward if support is this long or bad. Come on guys wheres the support? Guess im going to have to pull out my asus rog XI motherboard, i9900k, gskill memory (Cooler Master ML360R AllinOne Watercooler), etc and sent the case back and hope (which seems like a lottery as replacements have same issue) for replacement or refund. This sucks as its such a nice product and case outside this frustrating issue?
  13. the cords on my front I/O panel (power button,ect) where cut by accident while building does anyone know where can buy a new panel or new cords?,
  14. Last week
  15. Josh

    Front fans not spinning, faulty controller?

    Hi, I've got the same problem. My front fans only light up but do not spin. Did you end up finding a fix for this?
  16. NickRalph


    I have a 120mm CPU liquid cooler and the fan which was supplied with the unit is 2000rpm. However the fan has broken and i am trying to replace it but can only find fans which go up to 1500rpm. Has anyone had this issue before?. If so what was your outcome Thanks
  17. razvan

    HELP PLs

    Hello. i have the case cooler master trooper SE, and i do not know where to connect a plug. Mother board is gigabyte z390 aorus elite
  18. Sharmaine Regisford

    MK750 Double Input

    Same thing happening to me with my M and Enter keys. I've submmitted a help ticket as suggested above.
  19. juniormaxx

    support - does it exist?

    I've made 3 requests for support for one of the USB's not working on my front panel on my new CM500M case and I've still not heard anything from Coolermaster. the tickets were submitted Jan 24, 2019, Feb 1, 2019 and Feb 11, 2019. thanks J
  20. Willy Creemers

    How many aRBG fans on 1 Asus aura connector?

    hi the terminal is connected tru usb (comes with external and internal connectors aura software will find it tru the usb no need to hook it up on the mainboard connector i have 1 argb (led strip in aura) connector and one rgb connector both connected and controllable within aura. in aura on the top you can sync all the controllers or set them sepperatly ,the terminal i have came with 3 ledstrips 2x 30 cm 1x 60 cm and i already owned a 60 cm rog argb led strip (connected to terminal) 2x 120 argb hd coolers(on mb strip header) also have 3x 140 rgb coolers ,cm610 cpu cooler,and a 200 front rgb 120 front rgb cooler connected to the rgb connector on mb (Asus Prime X299-deluxe) al work nice in my 25th an cosmos II tower
  21. Wouter

    How many aRBG fans on 1 Asus aura connector?

    Hi Willy, Do you have 1 or 2 aRBG headers on your board? You connected the asus terminal to 1 aRGB header on the board and the mf120 r argb set to another argb header on the board?
  22. raacampbell

    RMA form does not work

    Never mind, I found the *other* RMA form. Your website is very confusing
  23. raacampbell

    RMA form does not work

    I am trying to submit an RMA request for a PSU but the RMA form does not work (see below). I'm in the UK. Is there a direct e-mail or phone number I can use?
  24. neSSa

    ZOROG project

    Powder coating is finished, parts are ready for assembling
  25. Angelllus

    C700M Front LED Problem

    Thanks for your advice, I have messaged him including with my case number and details. Ill post if I get a reply from Mohd Noh , Or support.
  26. John michael olayres

    Is ma610p compatible with case q300L ??

    Please help me i buy q300L case and ma610p but im not sure if they fit with each other pls help me thank you
  27. Is Devastator 3 Keyboard and Mouse works perfectly on Macbook pro 2016? Also the RGB lighting function in it.
  28. Willy Creemers

    How many aRBG fans on 1 Asus aura connector?

    I am not shure about that but i have the asus terminal hooked up to 4 rog ligtstrips. 2 x 15 2 x 30 and a dual set op mf120 r argb coolers (15 leds each) connected to mainboard argb port can all be controlled by the asus software individual or all togheter. so lets say 11 coolers with 15 leds per cooler must be possible
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