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  2. Hi there I have a K500L and the case is great but the power light around the power button has never worked the case is only 4 days old . I messaged the company i bought it from and they were like you have to send ity back to us... but my PC is built it all looks awesome.... how can i get this light to work
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  4. Garrett Boone

    650W 80 Bronze - overheating?

    Never mind, I have confirmed that it is overheating. Will pursue RMA.
  5. hello, somehow i got into this problem now by clicking something on the mouse and cant get it back to normal or reset it. the problem is that whenever i am clicking the dpi button the mouse is flickering/blinking and it is not static how it actually should be. please can somebody help me fix that?
  6. Simon Cordt

    RGB led Fan Controller software not updating

    I have the same problem Im guessing theirs still no fix?
  7. Garrett Boone

    650W 80 Bronze - overheating?

    I am having intermittent shutdowns and I have narrowed it down to a possible overheating situation with the power supply. The model is designed to be fanless until 15% load...but what does this mean? 15% of what? 650W? Currently, I am only using the 3.3v and 5v branch with 120W and am well under hitting the limit there. The fan on the power supply will briefly turn on at startup, and then has not run at all as I have laid the case open and on its side. However, right before the shutdowns, the fan will kick on, or sometimes not. How can I troubleshoot this? Does it have an ambient temp sensor? I have a thermocouple wire thermometer that can measure the surface temp of the power supply. Please assist, thanks.
  8. Li G Cai

    Ml240L RGB not cooling

    something didnt end up. if the water is moving, then heat will be transfer. and if the fans and water are working heat should leave the rad to air. so that leave the thermal interface. did you remove the plastic? did you apply thermal paste? give more details, like starting temp and how fast it move up?
  9. Robert

    CM Storm Devastator mouse functionality

    what is the button under the scroll wheel?
  10. Blagoja Stamatovski

    Coolermaster ml120l grinding noise

    please some one help me!!!. i just built my pc and its literally 11 days old and my water cooler (ml120l) is making weird grinding noises. they're coming from the water pump i think so or the cpu block anyone please help!
  11. Hi, how do I disable the rear light on this mouse? It's very bright at night. I've had a brief look in the BIOS but can't see how to disable from in there. I'm not referring to the light on the scroll wheel but on the light at the back. Here's my system's spec: Purchased from Chillblast UK. Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X CPU, 8 Cores, 3.4 - 3.8GHz Case: Corsair Carbide SPEC-01 Case - Black Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Graphics Card CPU Cooler: AMD Wraith Stock CPU Cooler Thermal Paste: Prolimatech PK-3 Nano Particle Thermal Paste Motherboard: Asus PRIME B350M-A Motherboard Memory: 16GB DDR4 2133MHz Memory (2 x 8GB Sticks) OS Drive: 250GB SK hynix SL301 Solid State Drive Secondary Hard Drive: Seagate 2TB BarraCuda 7200RPM Hard Disk Power Supply: Corsair CS650M 80 PLUS Gold 650W Modular PSU Windows 10. Thx.
  12. neSSa

    Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    At this year's CMWS2018 competition, the AXE-R project won 1st place in the Scratch build category, It also won the audience's award! Thank you all for support, thank the sponsors for the trust, we promise in future a lot of good projects! Sincerely yours SS PC modding / neSSa
  13. Mohd Noh

    Tech Support Response Time

    Hello Can you Pm me your ticket number ?
  14. I bought it about 2 days ago, and when i turned the lights off, it didn't glow, i closed every bit of light i had in my room, and it still didn't light up, does that mean it's somehow defective?
  15. Michael

    Tech Support Response Time

    How long does it take Cooler Master Tech Support to respond? I submitted something over two weeks ago...and nothing. Is that typical?
  16. luke johanson

    Ml240L RGB not cooling

    The LED and fans are fine. Water seems to be flowing through to the CPU but not completing the circuit. It is not cooling whatsoever. Plz help!
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  18. Li G Cai


    can someone post a pic of their ml120r/ml240r/ml360r? i just got mine ml240r today, got it installed and fire up, everything seem to be running and connected correctly, but the led on the pump head is extremely dim. if you look straight on, you almost didnt notice the led is on on the outside rim. the fans are fine, i switched the ports, seem to be the same, looks like the led within the pump head is the issue. as far as i can see from youtube and the cm ad, this is not even close to what i seen so far.
  19. Umberto Moretti

    Devastator 3 Led mouse Reset

    I ask you assistance for the mouse of the Devastator kit. The led on mouse do reset any time that reboot pc. the led go back ever on red colour. The keyboard is not have any problem. Thanks for your support.
  20. Hi everyone. I recently bought Masterkeys Pro S with white backlighting and it's great except for one thing. When I want to change the lighting on (for example) profile 3, the keyboard doesn't keep my settings. What I'm doing wrong? I hope, that video will explain my problem better: Thanks in advance. PS I tried to reset keyboard, but nothing changed (Fn + E and Fn + R).
  21. Hello, I have a problem with my master key lite l keyboard. As shown below on the picture attached, a white clamp in my spacebar is broken, It's tiny and I tried finding replacements and spare spacebar key with it. I have failed to find anything. Is there anyone that can help me with this problem, please? I would appreciate your help. thank you
  22. Recently built a new system using a MC500M case. My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z370 HD3P. After completing the build, I noticed that one of the front panel USB 3 ports was not functioning. I saw that there are two 19 pin USB 3 cables coming from the front of the case. I plugged the one USB 3 cable (with two cables attached to the connector) into the 19 pin USB 3 port on my motherboard. I'm assuming the second 19 pin USB 3 cable will power the first front panel USB port, but there is no additional 19 pin port to plug it in on my motherboard. I have two 9 pin USB 3 ports, but obviously those work work. How can I get my remaining front USB 3 port to work?
  23. Hi CM sent me a "new controller" "they had laying around". But it didn't fix the RGB LED failure. These things are complete rubbish. This will be the second time I've had to send back one of these junk coolers because of LED failures. Oh and the Pump LEDs have decided to go haywire now, not a one colour sort of blinking really fast and random. Really poor quality LEDS. I suggest buying a different brand as it's more than obvious that CM are making garbage when it comes to RGB LEDs on their coolers. I'll be sending mine back and if I get a replacement I'll sell that on ebay and get a brand like Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB. Very disappointed with CM.
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  25. Jimmy

    ML240r ARGB

    First post, I bought the ML120R RGb from Micro Center. The PUMP LEDs do not turn on anymore. It lit up the first time, but after cable management, it does not turn on anymore. What is up with the 3 pin connection and 1 blocked out? I have tried connecting the Pump rgb directly to the controller and using the given splitter. No lights at all. The fan works fine with and without splitter. Never buying cooler master again.
  26. Mohd Noh

    MK750 Double Input

    Hello You guys can contact customer services via ticket for more details .
  27. Mohd Noh

    Older CM690 which radiator can I mount?

    The best view or the Rear ( back PC ) As mentioned above only CM 693 able allocate 240 size of the radiator on top . 3 suggestion a, Get new chassis b, Get 120 mm size radiator . c, Please contact customer services via ticket for more details .
  28. MonsterFX

    Older CM690 which radiator can I mount?

    Thanks. Do you say to put it in place of the rear fan or the top? Because if it enters the top 120 also enters the 240. What "scares me" is the thickness of almost 6cm (2.7 of the radiator alone). Going to memory between the motherboard and the top are 4cm of free space(I have 2 x 140 NB XK2). You say I'll have to modify the case or change it?
  29. Hi everyone, I was searching for a notebook cooler thin and made of metal, and i found that cooler master shown a new model called Notepal U150R. The problem is that I'm not able to find it online, anyone knows if this product is already released or maybe we have to wait a little bit more? Thanks,
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