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  2. Hi there, so I bought this keyboard 1 week ago and I'm really happy with this, even tho 1 LED is dead. But since this morning I can't use it anymore. It just doesn't work. I tried to shutdown my computer and to plug the USB into a different port but there is no reaction. I kinda smashed randomly on the keyboard and the LED flashed for 1 second and went off again. I have no idea what to do. Can someone help me?
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  4. My cooler master lite mouse middle button at top near scroll wheel used to change the sensitivity when I clicked it but now it doesn't do anything. It can still change the light settings just not the sensitivity of the mouse. This has happened over night and I have no idea why. Please help?
  5. Super Fan SU1

    Hi, I have been searching for the Cooler Master R4-S9D-19AK-GP also known as Super Fan SU1 online to no avail. Has anyone used this fan and can you suggest where it can be purchased? I am located in the USA. Any input on its usage experience would be helpful too.
  6. Mastermouse S software problem

    Hi I had the exact same problem a few months ago when I purchased a CoolerMaster MasterMouse S. First thing to do is return it to where you bought it and get a new one. Then make sure you download the LATEST software for your mouse from the Cooler Master website (select your mouse then go to Download). Now this is the important part: Make sure that when you open the software, right-click and choose "Run as Administrator" do everything as administrator. It should work, hopefully. Good luck! (This advice is from personal experience and is what worked for me)
  7. Lite 5 RGB won't light up

    Hi There , Yes you need an RGB controller like in this link : Cooler Master RGB Controller Please touch our customer services , they will help you .
  8. Coolermaster masterbox lite 5 rgb

    Hello , Please contact customer services , they will assist you .
  9. Hyper T4 doesn't fit on LGA-2011v3

    Thanks + please touch our customer services too , they will assist you .
  10. Storm Enforcer I/O Front Panel

    Please patient , can you pm me your ticket number ?
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  12. Lite 5 RGB won't light up

    I have to thanks for your time for reading this post So i have done a bit research, i am using a MSI z270 gaming plus, and a MSI z170 SLI, bought a tower Lite 5 RGB on newegg. I didn't find the port labelled "12v g r b" on both motherboard, the only thing i find i can plug it in is port JFP2. Does this mean my mobo don't support the rgb fans? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  13. I purchased this keyboard and mouse. But I am not sure how to configure the special buttons on them. For instance, the volume buttons on the upper right of the keyboard, the play/stop/forward/rewind buttons on the top left of the keyboard, or the buttons on the left side of the mouse. I am running Windows 10. Do I have to install one of the MasterKeys installer to configure these keys? Or is that only for LED light configuration? If so, where do I get the correct installer for my particular keyboard and mouse.
  14. Hello, Randomly today my Alt and Windows keys have switched around without me knowing how/why - any idea how I accidentally did this and how to reset it? I've tried unplugging, resetting my keyboard layout (UK to US etc), uninstalling the keyboard driver and restarting, but nothing works. I've made sure this is exactly what is happening by opening the on screen keyboard and pressing the buttons to see it visually to see that it has indeed switched around. This is really annoying because if I'm full screen in a game and I press alt I'll get minimized or thrown into the Windows menu and I use alt in all the games I play. I just want it reset to default somehow, or not repeat the same mistake again.
  15. Computer noob, help please...I'm so sorry

    i cant get a i7 cuz the motherboard aint compatible with it thanks again anyway
  16. Storm Enforcer I/O Front Panel

    Thanks! I have called and sent emails but they have not responded! Oh well!
  17. Hyper T4 doesn't fit on LGA-2011v3

    Hi there, thanks for replying! I will be onsite Saturday, then I'll be able to take a photo.
  18. Clean the front filters

    Is there a recommended way to clean the fluff off the front filters that are obscured from reaching by the sliding front panel? Thanks
  19. problem installing hyper 212 evo am4

    trying to install the hyper 212 evo on a asrock ab350m pro4 mobo. a-series amd processor. the included cm backplate doesn't line up at all, and the standoffs won't fit in the mobo backplate holes. can i install the cooler by screwing the x-bracket directly into the mobo backplate without the standoffs? at this point, that's the only way i can get anything to line up.
  20. Hyper T4 doesn't fit on LGA-2011v3

    Hi can you share some picture regarding your installation ? want to see the error part .
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  22. Hyper T4 doesn't fit on LGA-2011v3

    Hi there, I recently bought a Hyper T4 to cool an LGA-2011v3 socket of a Supermicro X10SRi-F motherboard. The base of the retention plate doesn't fit in any way however (see picture). They are way too long when I try to put them on the screws and I'm following the manual exactly... What am I missing? This cooler is advertised to be compatible with LGA-2011 (so LGA-2011v3 will definitely work as well), but it just doesn't fit... Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated!
  23. I watched many unboxing videos and tried to find in manual but i couldn't found that standoffs and other screw like stuff comes with case or not.
  24. Sorry if its not correct sections i was not able to find the correct section for my topic i have RGB Fans and RGB Led Controller The Fans are connected to the motherboard with PWM mode i think and the led headers are connected with the Cooler master LED controller but what i want to ask is if fans work at lower RPM the fans led are too DIM ?? why is That? i thought they are powered by led controllers for the LED saperately? Asus Maximus VII Ranger Motherboard and Cooler Master LED controllers IS connected with the USB on the motherboard header and is powered by SATA so it should power the LED of fans? even when the fans are stopped correct me if i am wrong? are other LED fans and LED boards works same? led Brightness work according to the Fan RPM?
  25. Dear CM, please sell me TG side for MasterBox Lite 3.1

    Hi , Please touch our customer services via ticket , maybe they can help you .
  26. (W.I.P) Project: OverDrive

    Hey Guys! It's been a while since I started this project and I think its time for some update. A month ago, I started to do the front custom front panel for the project. First off, acrylic sheet! By the way, you will see a lot of "Blue" color on this update since I was using a painter's tape to draw my cut on the acrylic and aluminum sheets. After drawing out the cut that I wanted, I headed down to our "creepy" basement and started the cutting procedure. After cutting and trimming off, it was time to use my DIY acrylic sheet bender. And while I was down in the creepy basement, I decided to do the side cover for the project. A couple of week after I did the acrylic cuts, I then moved on to the aluminum cutting part of the custom front panel and side cover. I was using a 2mm and 2.5mm aluminum sheet. The same process was done here. Sketch out the design/cut on the painter's tape covered aluminum sheet and start the ear-destroying cutting. My first tool of choice to use was my Dremel Motosaw. But...... With all the vibrations that the motosaw is producing plus a not-so-stready hands of mine, I ended up snapping 5-6 blades. So I decided to go with the more "louder" of cutting method.... JIGSAW! Time to bend this baby up! While I was at it, I decided to do the other 2 small parts of the front panel which will basically cover both sides of the front panel. Test fit! I was using double sided tape to mount the custom front panel. After the aluminum front panel part, a week after I finished it, I moved on to doing the side cover aluminum cut. All of these aluminum cuts will be overlaid on top of the acrylic. Same process, I drew in the design that I wanted, and I added the logo of Zadak511. First attempt of cutting this out using the motosaw was a fail. I was going to try it again but then I realized....... I RAN OUT OF DAMN MOTOSAW BLADES! So instead of doing it manually, I ended up throwing it to the CNC after some minor design changes to get this to fit into the CNC bed. A week ago, I stared to do some small test with the paint job since I live on the "Frozen Tundra" side of the earth, The weather temperature when I tried the paint job was -5c. The paint job somehow worked (using some tips from pro modders which is basically warming up the part that you will be painting and soaking your spray can into lukewarm water before using it), and I am just waiting for the paint to completely cure (in this kind of case, I usually wait for a week or a bit more before I attempt to handle the painted parts). Next update will be the result of the paint job and will be the custom PSU shroud that I was planning on doing. Next update will be next week, and give it a week or 2 more, and this project will be done! See you in the next update! Ciao!
  27. I recently switched my case to MasterBox Lite 3.1... I love this case, amazing looking case at $40, size is perfect for my small desk. But, why do you do this to me CM? You just released TG version of same case? With price difference of only $10, I would have waited, had I known, there will be TG side version!!! Case still looks amazing even with plexiglass but I already have hair line scratches in less than a week. I hope I can buy TG side panel from your parts store, or have it available at retail stores. Thank you!
  28. Computer noob, help please...I'm so sorry

    If me i will go take an intel Proc i7 instead AM4 Proc and minimize the graphic to GTX 1070TI + MasterCase Series , since im playing noob game World of Tank Blitz and surfing internet and about the SSD i`m totally agreed with capacity 120GB pretty good for OS + 1 TB WD Green
  29. Achromodic - by Boddaker

    Decided to make a window in the front panel of the case to view the reservoir, which will be filled with Primochill's amazing new Vue fluid. So the first thing I did was draw up a cutting template. I basically let the shape of the CM logo define the opening. After using the cutting wheel for the straight lines, I drilled out the remaining curved areas with a small bit. Once the hole was cut, I deburred and sanded the opening so I could add a strip of ABS around the edges for a nice clean finish, and give thickness to the panel. A view from the front so far.. And then after rounding the edges and sanding the entire panel.. Finally, a shot with the reservoir. Now that I know where it needs to be, I can fabricate a nifty mounting bracket for it. And thanks to the C700P's interchangeability, there's no shortage of screw holes to utilize! Hopefully I can wrap up the res mounting this week, as well as a slight modification to the PSU mounting area. (the PSU is in the same place, just set a bit lower to maximize the space.)
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