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  3. Hi Vincent , Please contact CM customer services , they will assist you . you can request ticket as in my signature below .
  4. Hyper 212 Evo Backplate not fitting

    Hey guys, the Hyper 212 Evo backplate did not fit my Gigabyte Gaming 3 AB350 motherboard so I installed the standoffs to the original backplate and the rest of installation went smooth. Is there anyway this could damage my system? Thanks
  5. @Ben Willis, what CPU are you using by the way?
  6. Replace Hyper 212 fan with Master Fan pro?

    Hi Vwood , Please contact CM customer services , they will advice you
  7. Hyper 212 evo broken

    Hi Griff , The Hyper Evo 212 should be come when you open the box ( refer as below ) instead like what you already attached . Please contact your dealer or shop where you bought this cooling and at the same time please Cooler Mastercontact customer services, they will assist you .
  8. @Ben Willis, same issues he has. I agree with you are saying.
  9. Yesterday
  10. @knud, he has the the MasterCase Maker 5t. But you shouldn't have to do that.There should be ample airflow while the front panel is in place.
  11. Cosmos II windowed side panel

    Just curious if there is any further information on a tempered glass side panel for the Cosmos II series.
  12. Hyper 212 evo broken

    Hi all I removed my new hyper 212 evo from its box and the aluminium block that is attached to the copper heatpipes came off. Is this normal or will the cooler not work correctly. thanks.
  13. So yesterday I was trying to change the static light on my mouse that came with the Master Key Lite L Combo, and it wouldn't change. I was able to change the color setting, make it go from static to cycle, and to breathing, I was able to change the speed and all that, but I was unable to change the static light. Can anyone help me ?
  14. Hi, If I can make a suggestion it would be to give a clearer idea about which fans work best for which type of restriction. The data graphs on the Master Fan series showing their performance at different pressure levels is great but it is only really useful if we know what kind of pressure is required to overcome specific barriers. For example: I might have a case that has a hard drive bay that has 5 openings of about 1cm wide each between the bays. Which fan would be best suited to this situation? The air-balance fan has dramatically better performance at most pressure ratings than the air-pressure variant, it is only above 3mmH2O pressure that the air-pressure fan starts to pull ahead. So which would be better suited for this situation? Does it count as a 3mmH2O or above restriction? I would suggest that you show actual examples of fans being tested with different restrictions and the airflow achieved. Also, use different combinations of restrictions like a HDD drive bay in front of the fan and simultaneously a dust filter at the fan's intake etc. This will lead to far more informed purchasing decisions and would make those charts that you show for the fans more useful. Thank you.
  15. Hi, I have a Hyper 212 led and the fan specs show that the fan has a maximum airflow of 66.3 CFM and a maximum pressure of 1.7 mmH2O all achieved at 1600rpm. So it appears to be a low power Xtraflow fan. I have two questions: 1. How big a difference would it make if I replaced the stock Xtraflow fan with a Master Fan pro air-balance which has 83.1 CFM and 3.63 mmH2O at 2500rpm? 2. Why did Cooler Master put a low power Xtraflow fan on the Hyper 212? Why not the full speed one that they advertise in store? Thank you for any advice.
  16. I've got the Masterbox 5 Lite RGB too, just arrived yesterday, and same issue. If I remove the front panel the temps drop about 9 degrees C cooler on my CPU and 7 degrees C cooler on my M2 SSD that sits next to it, and GPU is down about 5 degrees C. These are all idle temps too. When I install the front panel cover, temps rise within about 3-5 minutes. It's really, really, really poor design with the extremely limited front intake space and the front shroud sitting so close to the case fans leaving no breathing room. This is all with the front fans running at full speed, because although CM remembered to include an RGB splitter, the apparent focus on form over function made them think it was okay to include extremely short fan cables and think it okay to have them run off molex power thus permanently at 100%. The ever present hum of maxed fans which provide terrible airflow is going to drive me nuts. I'm definitely thinking of returning the case and going with something from Fractal or Corsair instead. CM should be shipping out replacement front panels that are larger in dimension and allow for proper airflow and at least a 3pin fan splitter that allows the fans to spin up/down via motherboard (or fan controller/hub) to customers who thought they were buying a higher tiered product. I would forgo RGB and tempered glass panels to get a case which is quieter under desktop operation and actually allows airflow, although the competition manages to offer many/most/all of these things no problem.
  17. For some weird reason the software for my rgb controller software will not update it just keeps looping around to needing install the update over and over again.
  18. Ordering Cooler Master Online Store

    I just ordered since Saturday night and still my item is on processing. I even email their support still no response. I also Pm their facebook page no response but always on seen only. Please help me.
  19. WTB HAF Stacker Storage Kit

    dah ler bro i pm fb page HQ, dia orang macam lantak ask me post here file ticket, very sad their service support this time... as a fan hati dah la sakit and disappointed sikit kalo brand lain dah awal awal tolong i , macam thermalright, dia orang send replacement part foc lagi, thermaltake jugak, itu memang fan orientated support. when pm FB cm malaysia lagi GG, dia orang reply then never tried to help or say anything else, talk about after sales support attitude bro
  20. WTB HAF Stacker Storage Kit

    Oh ye ke , if like this just direct contact CM MY FB at here : master malaysia Maybe he have solution
  21. WTB HAF Stacker Storage Kit

    nope they havent reply me yet, still waiting .... Im from malaysia like u hehe... long time coolermaster user, i still have my first Cm stacker 810 with full custom car body paint jobs haha...
  22. Vertical GPU Bracket

    Yes, it will fit, without any modifications required.
  23. Can you create a support ticket @ Our support colleagues can take a look at it.
  24. Does he have the MasterBox 5t or the MasterCase Maker 5t? If the latter, he can always open the front door. Box 5t, not much that can be done on the front intake, besides upgrading the fans to pressure fans.
  25. front usb cable won't go into mobo

    Is this the USB 2 or USB 3 plug? USB 3 plug can quite easily have a bent pin on the M/B. (Or even half bended only..)
  26. front usb cable won't go into mobo

    COOLERMASTER N600 MID TOWER front usb cable will only go in half way onto motherboard. Is this normal? I'm leaving it unplugged as I can't get it to seat all the way. I've looked closely to the cable and mobo and don't see any damaged pins or anything.
  27. h500p stock exhaust fan

    Hello Demon , When we look between these fans , for stock fans the RPM only can reach up to 1200 RPM and for the Pro RGB 140 has 650 - 1,550 ± 10% RPM If you still concerned please touch customer services , they will give you more detail regarding this issue .
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