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  2. Pentium4 Prescott

    Hello You can read this :
  3. Contacted customer service, never got a response. Why can't someone from Cooler Master just give me an answer here???????
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  5. Project AXE-R [scratch build]

    Almoste done
  6. Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB

    Please refer picture as below and correct me if i am wrong On the left is RGB connector on the right is fan connector May i know your chassis model ?
  7. Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB

    yes i got it and i know that i can remove the 3 to 1 splitter cable header pin to make it trasnfer from male to female but when im trying to install it to my motherboard it's being a little small or i don't know what happend (can't be install )
  8. Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB

    Hello May i know if you get this from the chassis > The RGB Connector Splitter and 4 pin male to male adapters are included ?
  9. Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB

    i bought a new Cooler Master MasterBox Pro 5 RGB .. but when im trying to collecting things all was good just the 3 RGB LED Fans i didn't find how to connect it to mother board (GIGABYTE GA-AB350-Gaming) the 4 pins of fans was male and the 4 pins in mother board was also male so i can't install it .. what should i do? + i didn't found a female splitter or somthing to solve it.. the picture here in cataluge shows that it should be a female spillter to both of sides ( fans + motherboard ) but it's not included with my case??
  10. Pentium4 Prescott

    Hi! Can I use an ISBV73 AERO4 with an overclocked P4 3.0GHz Prescott? I think to overclock the P4 3.0GHz up to 3.3-3.4GHz. Motherboard: ABIT IC-7 MAX3. Greetings from Italy!
  11. MasterBox Pro 5 RGB - No Fan illumination

    case solved.
  12. oh push n pull for the radiator, yea air doesn't pass by much due to the blockage I can try that. still got 2 led fan spare and 1 back one, I might put them at the back of the radiator if I can find some screws to go on it. they only gave me 8 screws to mount the fan. should I take 4 out, use only 2 screws to mount each fan? is that safe Im also confused which fan is better, idk how to tell. The rgb from the cpu watercooler fans says 650-2000 rpm while stock case fans say are 1200 + 200 rpm which is better?
  13. Honestly ,You have a tight space for this , unless you downgrade to 120 size radiator and allocate it at the back ( can setup push and pull ) like in the picture below . then you save to install 3 fans at the front . If You still concerned , please contact our customer services and they will assist you .
  14. Do u think there is a possible way to mount 3 fans and use the radiator or using wire to mount those fans.
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  16. Extremely slow RMA 3 months+

    Hello , I will share this issue to the HQ team so can you pm me your ticket number ?
  17. Extremely slow RMA 3 months+

    So, I started 2 separate RMAs sent both on november 22nd 2017. I still have 0 news about, no wherabouts tried calling every week, no one answers no one calls back very dissatisfied awful customer support. AVOID at all cost.
  18. Fan/case questions

    I know that but all in your hand to decide which one is good for you
  19. Fan/case questions

    Thank you. My case has a flat top and isn't raised like yours The only fans I have are the two at the front blowing thru the radiator and the one at the back that evacs that case.
  20. Hello , I will forward this issue to the related team at HQ on next Monday so can you pm me your ticket number?
  21. Greetings. I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right forum, but here goes; it is a part replacement issue, as mentioned in the title. Long story short, here’s what up : I sent to CM support on 2018-02-07 a replacement request because one of my Trooper’s (original 200mm fan) fan blade came loose and flew out of the computer. Whole computer shakes as a result with this broken fan, so unusable. Still no update from them as of now. Read further. I was already in other (multiple) parts replacement process at the time; I feel like I got very unlucky on the Quality Control.They sent me a top panel, an X-Tray logic board, a fan controller; all of that in a month and half. Plus a 200mm fan if they allow it. Anyway, I really appreciate the fact that CM USA honored all the way their 2 years warranty, They always notified me when there was an update and always used federal tranport so everything always shipped in less than 5 business days every single time. (for reference, I live in Quebec, CAN. USPS and Canada Post worked together really well) But, with everything that happened in such a short amount of time, I can’t help but feel like this wonderful computer case won’t last very long after the warranty ends. As I mentioned earlier, I feel like my Trooper had a very bad QC. Has anyone of you fellow Stryker and Trooper owners felt like they also ran into QC issues ? Thank you, Karl
  22. V750 RMA process....

    Hello Can you pm me your ticket number ? Next Monday i will ask someone at HQ
  23. V750 RMA process....

    Wrote to CM 3 days ago, no one has answered me yet on my RMA request.. V750 died on me, I have no computer and i'm starting to rethink my choice of psu! I went with the 750 because of its stellar reviews... it died after 2yrs, not impressed. I have a very average build, nothing crazy, this sucks! I might go for Supernova 850 instead and just say screw this..
  24. V750 - Feedback, Suggestions & Improvements Thread

    To Chan: I had the same issue. Now after 2yrs, my V750 just died, a slow death. Been waiting 3 days for a RMA feedback, but CM just put my status on pending and aren't being helpful at all... I hope yours won't go the same way!
  25. RMA Time

    Correct, my new keyboard has been shipped and my issue has been solved.
  26. RMA Time

    well now this issue has been solved right ?
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