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  2. Can anybody confirm that it is normal to have a dim white power and hard drive activity light that doesn't blink with hard drive activity? I've attached a picture thank you.
  3. Hello This hard to say man , but id like suggest you by contacting customer services via ticket for further action and details.
  4. Mohd Noh

    Hyper 212 Evo Fan Replacement

    Hello So far i love evo 212 with Jetflo And if you need assist , id like suggest you by contacting customer services via ticket . Also you can read this :
  5. Mohd Noh

    My First PC Build HELP Please! C700P

    you welcome man , but if you still need assist > pls contact customer services via ticket .
  6. Mohd Noh

    Can't install portal

    Can you print screen the error or issue as you mentioned above?
  7. Sergio Rodriguez

    Can't install portal

    i can't even download it every time i try to open it, it resets and asks me to reopen it.
  8. Yesterday
  9. baodang01

    Thermal paste questions.

    Sorry sir. Can i ask you a questions. I recently buy coolermaster Hyper 212x from you and inside the box, i have thermal paste masterGel pro. After that, i have a mistake, thermal paste drop into motherboard and phase, other places in motherboard, im used kapok to clean it, but it still have a bit. So, whether it will kill my motherboard? It's conductive? Thanks so much. P/s: in The place where i live, i cant buy a alcohol to lean it, so if i still leave it there, will hve problem with my motherboard?
  10. I've had my 212 evo for a few years now and the fan is finally dying. I was curious which fans I would get to replace it. I would probably buy 2 fans so I can have the push/pull airflow. This is the model:
  11. Hey guys, I had a besilent dark rock pro 4 in my case but I decided to change it up because the air cooler was so huge it hid my gskill trizentz. After a bunch of research I found that the new corsair h115i is a solid AIO water cooling solution. I have a mounting question though. Could I top mount the h115i and put the fans on one side of the metal-piece at the top pf the case and the radiator on the bottom of it? I feel like this isn't possible because there are only enough holes to mount the radiator but no extra holes for the fans to attach into the radiator through the metal-piece itself? If i were to mount the fans on the bottom of the radiator, i run into an issue of them bumping into a piece of the motherboard that sticks out (Taichi Ultimate) near the top. Could I mount this vertically in the front of the case? I feel like that could possibly lead to issues with the big fans not cooling the case properly. I don't know if I am explaining this well as I am totally new to liquid cooling. Any mounting help.suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I could provide some pictures later if needed. Thanks!
  12. Daniel Evitt

    My First PC Build HELP Please! C700P

    I should of not tried to build this PC with a Noctua D15. I managed to do it, and my CPU is fine. Everything worked out well in the end. PHEW! This case has is awesome, just has bad airflow and sadly is more for water builds. Thank you Mohd Noh for your reply. Take care. The case also was a bit tricky for me at first as I accidentally unplugged the cables from the board itself that comes with the case to light it. II had all these cables and I didn't know where the 3 little ones went and it drove me insane lol. I finally figured it out, and it was easier than I thought. Love the case. I may say goodbye to my D15 and go under the water, but I have grown attached to my d15.
  13. Hello, First time poster here. I bought the MasterLiquid Lite 240 about a month ago for my LGA775 Q9550 processor. Was very happy about it as it is one of the few liquid coolers that supported that socket. Well I just upgraded my mobo/cpu to a Supermicro X10SRi-F mobo and an E5-2620 processor. I figured 'hey, this should still work since it supports the 2011-3 socket'. Unfortunately it does not support narrow ILM sockets So atm, my server is just a paperweight. Does anyone know if Cooler Master has narrow ILM brackets, or has anyone been able to use a third party bracket with this unit? Would love to keep this cooler as I got it for pretty cheap on Newegg. Thanks for any info/options you can provide.
  14. RGBLunatic

    i7 8700k liquid cooling

    240 / 280 / 360 all work fine. If you're going to do any high overclock I would recommend a delid too. I have the same chip cooling it in a C700M and I setup push pull on the top and get about 30c idle and make load about 60c. I'm leveraging the ML360R cooler and love it, also have a 240 in a different case but same chip. My oc is only like 4.8 GHZ so it's a mild one, 5.0 + I don't like the voltage.
  15. RGBLunatic

    ML360 RGB TR4 high Temperature

    Did you make sure you peeled off the plastic sticky thingy on the cold plate before mounting?
  16. Hello everyone, I'm new to PC building and that's why I wanted to clarify one question - regarding to Cooler Master Hyper 212 turbo cooling system. Recently I ordered my Ryzen 5 build and I was wondering if my PC cooler was installed properly (I mean position)? Could someone please shed some light on this? Have a look at the picture attached.
  17. Mohd Noh

    My First PC Build HELP Please! C700P

    Hello Bro , please get the customer services via ticket for assist .
  18. Mohd Noh

    firmware update

    Hello Cant count how many time i delete my folder and uninstall this part. . So far i get best result > please as pic attached below . Please get customer services via ticket for further action .
  19. sebvaldivia

    ARGB Mini controller USB connection

    According to my research, the mini argb controller can't be controlled via software. I would to get more info as well.
  20. garony

    firmware update

    I couldnt contact with you at facebook. After 2 hours of problems, i created an account to use it for the forums. First i couldnt get an email confirm and then when i tried to do it with google + this happened. ANYWAYS. i can not DO THE FUCKIGN FIRMWARE UPDATE. I had my rgbs and all, but now my keyboard has no RBGS AND CANT OPEN THE PORTAL TO FIRMWARE UPDATE. the wierd thing is. CANT IT WORK WITH A EARLIER VERSION? who desinged it. he clearly did his worst. Also when i open the computer sometimes after the password screen i cant use the keyboard anymore. After all these problems what would you recommend? Dont recommend me another cm product cause i wont be buying it.

    200mm ARGB fan

    I searched but they are not selling the ARGB 200mm fans yet. I am with H500M. The fans are great and you can set individual lighting on each LED but they are limited in terms of functionality ( if you set custom LED lights they are only static you cannot add any additional lighting effects on them until Cooler Master upgrade their software). I have detailed everything in their reddit page in the following post:

    H500M Top Mount 280mm AIO Rad wont fit!!!

    Why are you mounting the AIO like this. Just mount the radiator fans on top of the radiator (on the other side of the case chassis)

    Are the h500m's fans asus aura sync compatible?

    It doesn't work for me either. I use CoolerMaster MasterPlus software to manage my fans RGB lights. Even after installing all latest firmware I was not able to get them to work with Aura Sync. You might be able to get them to work if you plug in the addressable RGB fans directly into the ARGB header of the motherboard instead of the RGB fan controller (I haven't tested that yet but it should work).
  24. theanalyzer

    MF121L RGB with Cooler Master RGB Controller?

    in my opinion the controller should work with the fans. just make sure you get the right controller. there is RGB and Addressable RGB (mini one). get the RGB controller for your fans.
  25. theanalyzer

    ARGB Mini controller USB connection

    I got the Coolermaster ARGB 3 fan pack with the mini ARGB controller. Then later I found out my motherboard does not have the ARGB header (lol). But there is a mini-usb port which the controller video shows : This wire is not included in the box, and the video shows the guy connecting the mini-USB to USB and then the USB to the motherboard USB header. Question is - if I set this up, will the Masterplus software detect it? And why wasnt this cable included in the first place?
  26. Steven


    Please make a white version of your H500M and fix the fan mod on top for thicker fans. also please adjust the holes beside motherboard for cable management. I wrote this because of your exceptional workmanship and listening to consumers like me. I hope for the fast action for you case thanks cooler master.. you are the best!
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